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A Jul 17, 2019

Good day, after submitting a claim of hail damage which occurred in April 2019, we have not yet been able to get information if damages is going to be fixed or not. Claim number 3612425. Please attend to this complaint urgently.
Date of incident - 21 April 2019
Claim number - 3612425

After numerous calls to call centre, everytime there is something else that need to be done. At 1st we asked if we need to get quotation, and the reply we received was no, the assessor will come out. After weeks, we received an email stating we need to get our own quote. Quote with photos was send on 29 May 2019. End of June 2019, after phoning, we received a call that the assessor will come. Assessor did not visit the home but they send a contractor to do another quote, this was 4/5 July.
Up until today, we did not receive an answer as to will this damage be repaired or not.

I cannot pay insurance every month and not getting a service in return. What is taking up so much time.

I already ordered the material to start with damage repair, I cannot wait until the next rain come. I cannot stay in a house, paying insurance, and it look like a mess. Knotty Pine in dining room seems as if it is going to fall on us any moment.

Cannot stand a home looking like that anymore.

Please give us proper feedback, no more it was send to the next person. That is no longer acceptable.

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