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My name is Simo Mngadi id no.[protected].I had a contract with Absa Bank and i choose out of it by submitting to a voluntary vehilcle repossesion. The agent told me the car would be sold as it is and whatever balance due would be payable by myself, the only problem is that i did not put tabs on the case but took the agents promise that as soon the car is sold i would be contacted to be told how much do i have to pay as a balance.up until today no absa agent has spoken to me or wrote to me on sms or on e-mail that the car was sold for how much and how much i owe.until just recently i receive correspondence from absa attonerys regarding the money i owe absa vehicle finance about the same amount i was owing when the car was taken.i would like to know if the car was sold and that why was i not told how much i had to pay and make arragements with the bank of paying instead i have my name on ITC as a bad payer but i was not given a chance.

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