Aaron'sunethical behaviour

D Nov 08, 2019

My name is Deanna Cobb i have been renting from arrons stores between your somersworth nh and your biddeford store. I think i have be used very unfairly granted that i admit i did put my part into it but i think anyone would and now either store will rent to me. I have said sorry to them and still it has not work i would like to have something done if there is anything that can be done to be able to rent again it not like i have destored any of your items.

1. I rent a bed from your biddeford store which was supost to be new and when i received it it looked like it was till i had a bed bug problrm in my apt i contacted them about it which i understand that u couldn't take it back and ask what to do with it and no one could even be bothered with me when the find out about the problem. So i got rid of the bed because that is what i had to do because of where i lived.
I understand what they was say about no taken the bed back but they could have been a little more helpful. And then found out when i took the bed apart that it had been repaired so to me it was not new.

2. I called your somersworth nh store and rented a love seat from them i didnt have it very long when my aunt passed and i was given one from her so i turned it back they were very rude because i did that .

3 i called to rent a computer from your nh store and only had it for a short time and had them come pick it up because i ran into a money problem just because i had them come and get it they again was rude to me and giving me a hard time in renting again

I think as far as i go and again i admit i have been upset to about this that they will not rent anything to me and like i said it is not like i have destored anything of yours

I even called your nh store and talk to bill and said i was sorry for all the trouble and admitted that i was wrong to and should have not said things to.

So now i tried to call your biddeford store and was told they would not rent to me i think this is poor business on their part. I am sure i am not the first person that they have gone threw with this i could see if i had destored something but i haven't and i feel that i should be able to rent anything i want and if there comes a reason that it needs to go back i should be able to do that and not be treated the way i have been with both stores.

So if there is anything that anyone can do so i can rent again fine but if not at lease i can say i have tried

Thank you
Deanna cobb
Sanford maine [protected]
P.S please contact me as soon as possible thank you

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    hope u got this

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