Aaron Rent To Ownreceived used furniture for new furniture!


Aarons have tried to rob me blind and given me rude customer service. I went into a contract with Aaron's on new merchandise and ended up receiving used furniture. Also on the day of delivery, the used furniture was damaged. I had to go back and forth with staff, convincing them that the furniture was not brand new. Finally the actually new sofa and loveseat arrived, but unfortunately the loveseat was damaged. Aarons was notified immediately and the best option from Aaron at that time was to leave the original used love seat, which did not sit with me well. The sales people were very rude as well as the general manager. He had even threaten to come get the merchandise and return my money, in a horrible tone. Being fully aware of the fact that his store screwed up. I eventually went over his head and complained to the regional manager. The regional manager was no help and he turned around and did what the gm had plans of doing. In which was unconvincing me the customer. He never addressed or apologize for the mistreatment I received from store #287. I would never purchase from Aarons again. They are the worst and they treat their customer like garbage.


  • Na
    Nan Mar 07, 2008

    I had a sectional delivered for my living room and the ###s who delivered it didn't even put the legs/feet on the bottom. The hardware scratched up my new laminate floors. It took them 2-3 weeks to realize the legs were under the bottom of the sofa in a bag. They only gave me 1/2 off on the next months payment.

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  • Fo
    Fonda Mar 19, 2008

    I bought a computer and sofa and chair from Aarons. When I signed my contract with them, I was asked if I wanted to keep my credit card number on file and it be charged every month, I said no. The second month I got a call from my bank saying that Aarons was trying to run my credit card, when I called Aarons to inquire about this, they said that they had my credit card number from the previous month and decided to charge my card 15 days before my payment was actually due. This caused all kinds of fees not only with my bank but with my apartment complex as well. When I went in furious at the amount of money they cost me, they just reply with giving me my monthly payment back on my card and paid for nothing else, then charged me 15 days later for the same amount. This happened 2 more times even when it was expressed to them not to. I ended up calling their regional manager who didn't seem to know what he was doing and offered no help. When asked who was above him and their number he said he would have someone call me, noone ever did.

    I now pay in cash every month!!!

    when i asked to see my file, they asked me why. I said that is my file and I want to see it. After having to get the store manager to get me my file, I opened it up and saw 3 different people's information in my file. As well as a credit card number that was not suppose to be on file with them. After three months my number of payments on my receipt had not gone down, they stayed the same, when I inquired about this they said that I hadn't paid. i thankfully had all of my receipts to prove I had indeed paid.

    After being late on my payment 1 time and 1 day, they came to my house to repo my computer and sofa and chair. I had the flu and when I answered the door they wanted to come inside to get those things. I called the store manager right then and he said because I was late on my monthly payment, they needed the merchandise back. I made my payment on the phone but was still very upset by it. I only owe 2 more months or else I would have told them to keep their crap.

    The customer service is the worst I have ever seen. I have filed complaints with the local police department for them charging my card without my permission on several occasions, I have also filed a complaint with the HIPPA board for them having other people's personal information in my file and for having my credit card number on file without permission. I will NEVER do business with this company again. If you are thinking about it DON'T!!!

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  • Ti
    Tina S May 05, 2008

    These ###s made me Sign a contract and lay out my money on a laptop. They called and confirmed all my references. They can verify my income as being well above what is needed to "lease" their crap and then 5 hours later they declined my SIGNED CONTRACT and want me to wait 10-14 days for a refund because I don't have a written lease. I am employed as a live-in and therefore there is no need for a lease.

    Their customer service SUX their "regional managers" are about as ignorant as their sales people and their cheap stuff that they sale is way over priced. NEVER do business with this scam company!

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  • An
    andyin137 Jun 04, 2008

    I will never do business with Aarons ever again.I was in desparate need of a new bed(back problems)Went in picked out a Bed(rented from other RTO places in the past with no issues what so ever)filled out paperwork then waited for General Manager to come in and finalize .I could see her thru office window and she was taking her time coming to get papers to me, This should of been my first inkling of their incompetence.She brought paperwork to me with a higher price than advertised a 64 dollar bed was now over 100 a month, but I was desparate and figured if I didnt like I would return after 5 months (minimum time on contract)Well that day I just made a Cash deposit at my Bank and my bank takes 1 full day to show currect balance in yor account.But was told by bank as long as I use my PIN as a Debit it would go thru.I told this to GM at Aarons, but she still tried to process as Credit, Card was declined.So I wrote a check and then she proceded to tell me she couldnt get my Bed out to me until check clears, I can understand this at other type places but they had called 5 of my references plus my Job to verify employement plus I had brought in Bank Statement and check stub.
    Anyway after I went home I thought it over and called the store and asked for them not to deposit check and I would be in first thing in the morning to process Credit Card(it would be good by then)I told her this because I needed Bed ASAP.She said she couldnt do that as she already Posted check(this only took her 15 minutes to do)But she did say she would make conssession and have my order delivered on Wednesday a day earlier than originally told.I called Tuesday to make sure and was told no problem, called Wednesday morning to confirm also was told it would be out to me after 3 pm called back again at 530 to see where it was told its on truck, then at 6pm(had to be at work at 7pm)I called back and asked to speak to Manager, asked where was my order, she procede to tell your not scheduled till Thursday.So you mean all day your employees have been lyiing to me about it being delivered.I finally had it and got very angry and told them to cancel order, she finally apologized and said it would be here first thing in morning, I hesitantly said okay, but did tell her I have nothing to sleep on tonight as I got rid of old Bed today, thats why I kept calling to confirm.After careful consideration I have decided to cancel tommorrow as I dont want to deal with these ###s anymore.I am waiting to cancel tommorrow as I put a stop payment on the check and want to make sure money is not out of my account.Once I do that I will cancel.It costs me 18.00 to stop payment but worth it .;
    Does anyone know since I signed papers but never received order can they try to sue me.Email me with advice or even your RTO horror stories..
    Do you think I had the right to cancel..email me at ([email protected])

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  • An
    andyin137 Jun 07, 2008

    This is an additional comment on my Horror story with Aarons Furniture(andyin137s story )After cancelling on Thursday June 5th at 10 am in the morning .called and talked to Manager and she said she was closing account.Saturday morning June 7 2008 at 1035 am I receive a call from Aarons(mind you this is the only time this store has ever called me for anything, even when tgey knew I was waiting for delivery)The Salesperson (April) asking are you still wanting Mattress.Does anyone at this Lompoc California store have any brains.
    Also just a side note you can by law cancel your transaction with any RTO store, even after signing papers as long as you havent taken possesion of merchandise.At least here in California.

    Does anyone know how to contact Aarons Corporate office (phone number and address)I would like to submitte a letter with the details of what happenned at our store, to hopefully get some action taken to remove these Idiots at that store.

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  • Ka
    Karen Jun 12, 2008

    Im very suprised to read all these negative reports about Arons. I have been doing business with them over 2 yrs. and have never had any problems. Maybe its not the actual company, but the individuals in certain stores. The store in Seneca, SC is really great. Everything is exactly what they say, and everything is paid off when they say it will be, as long as I make my payments on time.

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  • St
    stephen radabaugh Jun 21, 2008

    this is in regards tothe store you have in findlay ohio 45840 and a salesman named ken we had an agreement worked out wiht another salesman named dan he went on vacation and ken called us and told us he was going to refuse the payment arrangement we had worked out and that they would be here to pick our stuff up we have dealt with aarons every since they came to findlay he goy very rude with my wife and would not give her a chance to taljk it was his wat or noway if this is the kind of people you arer hiring i can tell you now you will be losing a lot of business because he is very rude and will not work with anyone we got behind because i had to go on ssi and we did not have the mone to make full payments so we worked out a payment plan with dan and it actually mor e a month than our payments were but this guy got an attitude and they picked our stuff up it was almost paid for thank you stephen j radabaugh

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  • Al
    Allison Jul 21, 2008

    Aaron Rents, Inc.
    309 E. Paces Ferry Rd. NE
    Atlanta, GA 30305-2377
    GA Tel. 404-231-0011 <-- option 5
    Fax 678-402-3560

    I have had many issues as well. I will never rent from Aaron's again.

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  • Valerie Jul 23, 2008

    Ceregy has put information on our credit history that is not true. they said that we have a bounced check with Aaron’s rental, we are still paying Aarons rental for our computer, we never paid with a check who are these people, I will not stop I will call them day and night I am writing my congressman or woman I am writing every body I am tired of people like them missing up my credit report. I will contact a lawyer on this because I know I am not the only one. Enough is enough they messed with the wrong woman.

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  • Ju
    juliana saenz Jul 25, 2008

    i been with aron a long time and never had a complain. i deal with the hobbs, new mexico aron compay and i love it. well we can't have it all in this life. somethimes we had to understand them cause there only worker and they are doing there job.

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  • Ro
    roberto robles Jul 25, 2008

    i deal with this company and never had any things wrong cause when i rent i make sure it's new. and when i get it i love it and i will go back

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  • Sh
    Sherry Newman Jul 29, 2008

    I rented a sofa and chair from Aarons rent to own also bed room furniture and a 73 inch TV when the furniture was delivered in oct or nov of 2007 and a friend was staying with me she was the only one there when they delivered my friend was sleeping on the sofa the first night it was there and woke up with a rash all over her body i thought she was alergic to my laundry soap but that was not the case after waking up like that for a month she replyed im sorry but i can not stay with you any more the rash is getting worse so about another month i was lying on the sofa and noticed that there was bugs in the sofa i freaked out called aarons and they told me that it would be a week before they could come and get the furniture so then i called there corparate office and they sent them out that evening and sent an exterminator out to my home and every thing was ok until i found a bug in my new sofa that i didnot get from no rental company so i threw the sofa in the trash and sprayed my self for the bug and now i have another sofa and it has bugs this has become a big mess because and a costly mess that should not be coming out my pocket to clean up aarons mess they know that they have had this problem before they think sending some one out for to spray one time would take care of the problem but it didn't aarons needs to contact me on this issue before i seek legal advise no one should have to dill with this .after reading the internet aarons has been sued for this before i need help getting rid of these bugs aarons has infested my home with aarons needs to in vest in a heated truck so this doesn't happen to any body else when the exterminator came to my home he did not find them any were else but in the sofa he found a nest one of the bugs crawled out of the sofa on to one of the men that was loading the sofa on the truck and he freaked out and the exterminator sprayed the sofa he only sprayed were the sofa was the sofa and chair that i rented was used i am still a customer of aarons i am still renting my 73 inch TV but the bed and the sofa went back to aarons i do not want furniture from them any more because the sofa that i rented went back in the store and was sold to some one else

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  • Jo
    JOSH JIMENEZ Jul 29, 2008

    I rented 2 televisions from aarons. When they first delivered tvs i had a watch on the side of where the tv was going to be placed. The next day I realized my watch was gone. My wife and I are the only ones in the house..a gift from her. When I called aarons they agreed to give me 2 months free. However, when I became late on the payment in june and july due to financial difficulties like everyone else they came to my house at least 20x. They left threatening notes and would bang on the door as if they were going to knock it down. The last stroke was a 9p knock on the door then turning into kicking my door in. It was my property and it was trespassing. I told him he had 20 minutes to leave the property before i contacted the police. The police finally arrived where he confronted me cursing and very unprofessional. The police advised him its a civil matter and I had all the right in the world to even shoot him and not get in trouble for it. Aarons was breaking the law especially using their own personal vehicles to come to my home. Its disturbing that a company of this magnitude would allow these type of rude people to work for them. To top it off he had a warrant for his arrest in the same town, Miami. The police didnt even arrest him for the warrant. I will never purchase anything from them again and am currently seeking an attorney for this situation.

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  • Ch
    christopher lambert Aug 25, 2008

    i recently got a 52 inch tv from Aarons when they delivered it the (RF) connector on the back was loose.. the delivery guy warned us to be careful and not to move the tv set. sure enough as soon as they left the damn thing fell off.i called the store the next day and after several attempts at it. they decided to send someone out to look at it... his solution a quick fix.. should do the trick.. hook up audio -video cables.and by-pass the (RF) connector..what a bunch of crap.. when i mentioned that the money we pay for the merchandise.. it should be repaired the right way..his answer the store dont have a loner of equal value... ###.. i have done a lot of businesswith Aarons and this is the first time i, ve been taken... does anyone know how to contact the corporate office.. if so please let me know..thanx..c.c kalamazoo mich.

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  • Pa
    patrick hill Aug 25, 2008

    AAron's national call center Phone number is 1-678-402-0015 option five.I am having major difficulties with this company as well.It seems to me that this company is strictly in it for the money and nothing will ever change that.Although some folks may have a delightfull experience leasing from them the facts still remain that the few nicities people have said about Aaron's don't compare to the amount of outwieghing complaints this company has recieved or otherwise been posted on forums such as this. Look it up people, there are litteraly countless complaints against Aaron's . I also have a simmilar complaint against them for a bait and swich that they are pulling on me. I refuse to give up. I am stubborn and I will fight with these people to the bitter end . I demand satisfaction For I am a paying customer and if it means calling them every day I will. If it means going in there on their bussiest day and raising hell by god i'm going to do it. I will treat them the same way they have treated me. I was late once on my payment and they called and called and called some more. All for a couple of days late. You see what my issue with them is that they leased me a t.v. that was brand spanking new rite out of the box I picked it I said that's what I want and that's what I got. Happy I was to recieve my television. So about a month goes by I get a new 5.1 surround sound stereo with optical hookups and procede to connect to my new T.V. much to my dissmay the optical out on the set I leased was broken, No problem Aaron's manager says we will send it in and have it fixed also we will give you a television as a loaner while the repairs are being made. So as planned the following week they came out and as they agreed took the malfuntioning set and gave me a loaner.Now this is where the trouble starts the Television they sent me was Scrached on the screen scuffed up and the resolution was not 1080p like the one I had leased.However I though hey it's just a loaner no big deal I'll keep it for three weeks wich is how long the manager said the repairs should take I'll get mine back everyones happy no big deal.Here it is the end of August and still no T.V. back from repairs I had it Sent in at the end of May Three months I have called and asked where it is numerous times
    I get the same answer every time we'll call the repair center find out where it is and we'll call you back . No one ever calls nothing, But god forbid I ever miss a payment.I was late One week and every day that week I was late I got a call or someone who was a referance of mine got a call From thes lovely folks at Aaron's asking me or them where their money was. Now I have been patient thus far with them as to the whereabouts of my T.V. NOMORE I will not relent until my issue is resolved like I said I will be calling them every day untill I get my t.v. back I will go there periodically And herrass them untill I'm a satisfied cutomer again and I've only gotten started.

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  • Je
    jennifer chadwick Aug 26, 2008

    i like too know how much do i still old on the bed

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  • Le
    Leslie, St. Louis MO. Aug 29, 2008

    Wow! I was searching the web to purchase furniture for my new home, and was thinking of giving AARON'S a try. After reading all these complaints of rip offs and lack of employability skills, i will surely take my money elsewhere. Thanks to all of you who posted because if we as the consumers don't look out for each other, and report these people, we're just as guilty as they are, and they will strike the next customer the same way. I really apreciate you guys.

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  • Va
    Van Oct 01, 2008

    I agree with all the complaints 100%. I went to the Aaron's store #C0072 in Atl, Ga. druing a time when I was having a lot of guess due to a family member having a terminal illness and I had people coming in from out of town. From the first moment I walked into the store, I should have turned around and went out. Every bedroom suit was torn or beat up with a very high price tag (on return furniture). Store was nasty and front staff was rude. One I finally got someone to stop talking to each other I got one price from sales person and then got another price from Manager. Finally I rented a living room suit from them. Still have not gotten the plugs for the bottom of the feet and its been since Dec. 07. I get calls every single month from them even though I make my payments on time, asking me when I am going to bring in my payment. Its always in by the 3rd because of where I work. Actually, I am paying over the monthly amount, but they still have me owing a late fee, but they can't tell me for which month. They call my home, cell and even at work. I have talked to the Regional manager who stated I will not get anymore phone calls. And like clock work, they call me each month. They even threatened to come and get my furniture because I asked them to stop calling. They are so rude and nasty to you, whether you pay on time or not. Please if you can help it, do not get anything from Aaron's Rent To Own!

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  • Valerie Oct 02, 2008

    I've dealt with Aaron's for a short time when I first went there they were very nice so I referred family members to them only to have a new lady take over managing the store and becoming a complete *** My family members returned the items and will not do business with them again. Know I've dealt with this lady and I feel the same way if I hadn't paid so much of my money for this item They could come take it and shove up there *** when this is paid off I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!!!

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  • Am
    amy Oct 08, 2008

    I have never bought anything from aaron's but my brother has and I don't think he had any trouble with them but he did not get furniture, he bought a TV. I do know I have run into trouble with companies and if you even mention reporting them the better business bureu (BBB) they most always change their tune and get things done the right way. Try this and see if it gets them moving and if not look the BBB up on the internt and let them have it!! Good Luck!

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  • Mi
    Michelle Jan 22, 2009

    I also will never deal with Aaron's again, I have 3 more payments until i'm done with them..I have dealt with easy home for atleast 10 yrs, and am sorry that i choose aaron's when they first came to Windsor, On..The service from them is not as satisfying as easy home..I have had staff that were rude..with 3 payments left, I disagreed with a staff member and was told to take my business elsewhere...They have lost sales as I was interested in purchasing more from them..ANYONE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING FURNITURE ON A RENT TO OWN BASIS..RUN DON'T GO TO AARON'S THEY ARE EAGER TO PLEASE UNTIL YOUR CONTRACT IS SIGNED.

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  • Ch
    Christy Huebner Feb 16, 2009

    On Monday 02/09/09, I set up a rental agreement w/Aaron's Sales & Leasng in Camden, SC. This was that they were to bring me a Queen size bed. When delivered it was a full size. My husband called on Saturday 02/14/09 and told them of this situation. They kept telling him that the lady was out of the office and would call back. When they did not return his call he called back there. The manger (Marcus)answered and was very rude, telling my husband to stop calling his d___ store. I think this is very un-professional and very poor business. I was so upset that I was ready to tell them to come get everything else that I was renting to own. The two young women that were there (Shannon & Brittnay) were very nice and tried hard to make things right.

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  • Sa
    samiyya Feb 17, 2009

    Well let me tell you that they are even worse to employees. I was hired by aarons as a customer service rep. and then less then a week after hire i was fired for a mistake that the general manager made. After that I was told that I would get my check the following friday at the store, but nothing. I have been waiting for my check for the last 2 months and still have received nothing. I urge everyone not to do any business with aarons rent to own. A company that cannot even keep a commitment to an employee definatly cannot offer anything good to it's customers. They are to high prized and they are rude and disrespectful people.

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  • Lo
    locagurl Feb 21, 2009

    arons workers are very rude, everytime we go to the store there are differant workers.I amit that sometimes were late on the payment !but it always get paid in full, if payment is due on the first they are calling the house by 5pm that same day, we make arrangements to pay with one employee five minutes later another employee calls.On day 2 they will call everyone on your (referance) list to hunt you down.day 3 they are at your house, day 4 they will call your job, Now dont forget we made arrangements already, , They know when we will be there.
    Now here is a new problem are new wide screen keeps going black, mind you that it aready been fixed once!!that took 2 months to get it back, not even a month after we got it back the same thing is happening, black with just sound, they made arrangements to pick up the tv, but never showed up, , , , , , its now two months later an we still have the brokin tv...Now we have a bigger problem ... eveything is paid todate, , now they are telling us the money i just gave them, , they are putting it to one item... an i am return the other item that i have.Or they will not give me a loaner to fix my tv...Not a chance, I will go all the way with ARRONs they came to my house threatening me.What about customer rights you have none when it come to arrons, , , They will harass you to no end, then they will tell you what they are doing with your money, , dont forget My TV is still broke, , There is much more to this, , , , , I thought this was kind of funny they also told me that i couldnt afford the monthly payments because i have a baby, , , lol thats funny i dont have any kids, , Good Luck Please dont ever be late, , , , they will hunt you down, , , , , , , , , lol, , , , , , , , , , , , , THANK GOD I AM ALMOST DONE, , 2 MORE PAYMENTS LEFT...THE NGHTMARE ENDS...

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  • Th
    Theresa A Mar 31, 2009

    Bought a RCA 52" projection tv 2 yrs ago, and my husband asked the delivery driver where the box and manual was ? The delivery driver said it was USED...
    Now... i've complained to no avail, I contacted my attorney/judge friend...
    and after 2 yrs of paying for this junk, it quit 4 mo. after i finished payments. RCA 52" tv's are a national problem with shutting themselves off and you go to turn on the power button, and it only blinks 3 times. All Brian could say in Des Moines, ia is to come in and buy another set. I've already purchasesd 3 tvs with aaron's and a bed, how cold is that? My phone # is 515-246-9838. I'm far from being through with this ordeal. He could of sent of service tech for all the frigin interest Aaron's charges in itself. This is not over...

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  • Tr
    Tristan Apr 17, 2009

    In October 2007 I purchased a 50" Philips DLP TV from Aarons in Troy, Ohio. In December 2007 the problems began. The TV began to blackout, then show the MUTE icon, then come back on - total about 15 seconds of down time. After replacing the cable box, thinking it was the problem, it began to do it occassionally with my XBOX 360. In January of 2008 I finally called Aarons about the problem. Within a couple of days a repairman was sent to the house. They said the light engine was bad and that they would order it and get back with us in 1 week. No problems.

    After 1 week and 1 day I called Aarons back because I hadn't heard from the repair company. They informed me that they were no longer using that repair company but since they ordered the part already they would finish my repairs with them. The part was on "backorder" though, so it would be approximately 10 more days. Ok, whatever I thought.

    12 days later. I called Aarons and they told me that they would have to send another repair service out because they weren't using that one anymore. Ok. I was given a line of crap I guess. They told me I would be contacted in a few days.

    1 week later I called Aarons again. They have no record of the repair request but they would get someone out to repair the TV ASAP. This time they were right. Within one week another service was out to my house to check my TV. Same diagnosis - bad light engine. 2 weeks later, they "fixed it."

    End of March 2008, now my TV is blacking out sometimes same as before, but a new problem arose. The screen would scroll vertically from left to right. There would literally be 8 copies of the screen displayed in equal spacing across my screen.

    June 2008, that problem was finally fixed after numerous complaints and calls to Aarons.

    My TV STILL black's out from time to time, whatever I guess. What can I do. Obviously nothing. Now, April 2009, the AV1, AV2 inputs which happen to be component inputs are malfunctioning. One has absobelutely no blue input. The other has all of the colors but the audio is garbled when the RED component video cable is plugged in.

    This time I've taken my complaints to higher echelons of help - corporate office. They gave me the telephone number to the local big shot. Funny to get his number, I spoke with him a week ago and he never returned my phone call like he told me he would.

    Bottom line, Aarons is a "customer no-service" company. Some people who never have a major problem are probably content with having used merchandise given to them to replace new merchandise. I am NOT that person. I bought it new, I want to keep it, or have it replaced with new merchandise. I even tried to get them to just give me an in-store credit for what I've paid, but they won't because after I picked out a different new TV, I would still have credit because the $1900.00 I have paid will more than pay for a replacement because it would be like I paid in cash.

    At this point, I would even take what I have paid, minus the taxes, back in cash to take my money elsewhere. I think that would be more than reasonable considering I have never paid late, it has always been right on time or early.

    To top it off I have my sons bedroom furniture from them and another item.

    On a side note, DO NOT PAY EXTRA. If you notice, the extra amount you pay goes mainly towards tax and doesn't change the amount owed. Once you pass the "same as cash" period, the payoff is the same as if you carried it out full term. You save NOTHING by paying more or paying it off after more than 90 days.

    Please be cautious with your purchases. If you have something now, keep it. Find out how much you would pay at Aarons, save that payment in a high interest yielding account every month. You will get your items a little later, but cheaper, higher quality, and less hassle when you spend your money somewhere else and pay cash.

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  • Mi
    michael Jun 05, 2009

    got a ps3 missing parts didnt wroke said they would fix it if i made a payment i made a pament nothing happened i wanted a xbox i.ve had it for over a month and still cant use it i think they should give my money back are at lest a month free where i could not use it like to have the xbox 360 i wanted.

    i hate to seek out other help because thats money for somthing i coud not use.

    get back to me soon as possible plz

    michael branch
    va 24301

    very angry

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  • Kr
    Kristel Jun 11, 2009

    Aaron's has a rude staff that does not know how to talk to people and when you have nothing to do with the merchandise they still call and harass you early in the morning using foul language and overall I am not impressed with their attitude. Quite the opposite the aaron's in Fall River, ma on Rhode Island Ave. has much to strive for with their work ethics and their attitude towards potential customers in general. Now I would never rent from them...NEVER!!!

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  • Au
    Austinite Jun 13, 2009

    I haven't have any problems with Aaron's. I made sure that the items I bought was "NEW". Sure they had the used items at a reduced monthly rate but I didn't think it was worth a few dollars savings for used items. I bought a "NEW" front load washer and dryer set ($110/mo) and added used pedestals (as they are only a storage drawers used was fine. I was also able to negotiate the prices for these, $50 each) I also purchased a "NEW" 7 piece bedroom package that included a 32" Sylvania LCD TV ($130/mo). During the order process they couldn't locate the TV so they delivered a 32" Panasonic Viera with IPOD dock instead. This alone was $250 quality difference -- good for me!! On the day of delivery I made sure each item brought off the truck was new. I inspected every item before I signed and allowed them to bring it into the house. This is what I told them when ordering and this is what I got. They came and assembled the bedroom set to include installing the headboard, rails, installed all the drawer knobs and foot pedestals, brought in and setup the washer and dryer. These are all the things I expected them to do and they did. The only thing they didn't do was setup the TV, they asked but I knew it would be fine for me to do that as it was still sealed in the box. I also ordered a queen set mattress at the time but I had them pick it back up after 2 weeks as I purchased a new set from a mattress wholesaler for $250, again, no problems, they picked it up the next day and I owed them nothing additional nor did they give me any hassle. They did ask why I'm choosing to return it and I replied that there is no need for me to pay $50 a month for 2 years when I can pay $250 for a similar item. The mattress was $599 cash price and $1200 entire lease price. I'm six months in to my contract I haven't had any dealings with them for anything. As long as I make my payment on time I didn't think I would have any issues with them. I guess I'm one of the few happy customers...

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  • Bu
    butterfly_gurl Jun 18, 2009

    I rented a bedroom set and tv from aaron's and due to my pregnancy was unable to quit working. I called aarons on the 11th and told them I would like them to come pick up their things because I was no longer able to keep up the payments. They told me I would have to talk to a manager and he wasn't in and that they would leave a note for the manager to call me with my name and number. I got no call on the 12th or 13th and they were closed on the 14th. So I called them on Monday the 15 (which is when the payment was due). I assumed by calling them a few days before monday they would be able to set up a time on monday to pick up the items. Again I explained I was trying to return merchandise and again they told me the manager wasn't in and would call me when he got back from lunch. I waited paitiently and still no call. So I called again on the 17th because we were out all day on the 16th and got the same story. I just called once again and they claim the manager was not there and he would call me back the next day. So I found the paperwork from them and went to call the corporate number they gave me and it is not a real number. Does anybody have the number to this place? I mean I know they are going to try to charge me for all this time I've had the items. I will dispute it and it will take so much time and work.

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  • In
    Insomniac1956 Jul 28, 2009

    I haven't had a problem with them yet, but my son and his wife have. A few months ago they rented a refrigerator from our local store in Garland, TX. My son listed me as one of the five references they had to provide during the store application process, I had no problem with that.

    Aaron's started calling me daily for the past few weeks, telling me that my son and his wife owe $10 (ten dollars). I laughed and told them to call my son's number. They informed me that I am the "Primary" contact on their list, so they have to call me. I told the gentleman that my son and his wife have gone to that store in person to sort out this ten dollar problem, but the man keeps insisting that I need to talk to them about it, which I'm not about to do, and I told him this, bluntly.

    Yesterday, somebody from Aaron's calls me again, same issue about the ten dollars. We are customers of that same store, we rent a TV from them. I said to the man, "Are you calling about MY account?"
    When he said 'No', I told him, "I don't care if I'm listed as a reference for the President of the United States, unless you have an issue about MY account, stop calling me about my son and the damned ten dollars".

    The point of my rant is that yes, while I agreed to be one of five references that my son and his wife needed to rent the refrigerator, Aaron's decides to take it upon themselves to call me every single day over a ten dollar issue. They don't bother to call my son's phone number to sort this out, my son said he has never received a call from them, period.

    So far, I have not had any problems with Aaron's here in Texas, with what I'm renting from them. A friend of mine in New York State has rented many items from her local store for years, with no problems. I'm beginning to think it's not Aaron's itself, but certain employees who work for the individual store that can't seem to get things straight.
    We shall see...

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  • Do
    dorre m Jul 31, 2009

    aarons is the worst furniture company and they sell old used stuff for new...

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  • Li
    LizzyC77 Aug 03, 2009

    Aaron's Rental in Palestine Texas is a rip off store!!! We were purchasing a bedroom suite, they were to hold the suite "sold' until we could pick it up but instead sold a piece of it right out from under us, and then would give us no discount on the remaining pieces even though now it was not a full set! They stated that the piece that they had sold was of no monetary value so therefore they could give us no further discount, then may I pose the question "Then how did you sale it if it were of no value?" Talk about a rip off, They have lost my business for good!! I hope they go under!!! I will tell everyone I know of how "Aaron's Rental" is a RIP OFF, and trust me word of mouth travels fast!

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  • An
    anotherdisgruntalcustomer Aug 21, 2009

    I agree with everyones complaints I was actually on the web searching for Aarons corporate office number or email. I think they are a sort of a pyrimad sceme type deal I rented a flat screen tv from the location in granite city il and paid on it for a year, I was about to move and the tv i was in contract on was 3000 dollars twice that if bought new and this one wasnt new by any means in the house i was moving in the tv would not fit in the area I had available. I called and spoke with Joe and Brian both the managers of the store they notified me that they were robbed the night before for all thier larger tvs and were willing to take my tv back and trade it for a smaller one and crediting what i have paid toward the tv they insured me that it wouldnt be a problem. So i took the tv there myself and brought the smaller one home I was told they would have all the paper work squared away. I called the next day and Brian informed me that he couldnt credit all my money but only about 20 percent of twelve hundered dollars so more or less they were taking about 900 dollars for no reason when i asked for an explanation as to why he nor anyone else could give me answer besides i would be close to paying off the new tv. They apparently did not think it was a good idea to pay off my agreement. So I told them pick the damn tv up here it is 1 month 1 week later and no one has shown they call all the time i keep telling them to come get thIer merchandise and they never show. Obviously they have no idea what good customer service is or how to stand behind thier agreements but they expect the common man to stand by and let them rob them its a shame that this company is even around they feed on the countries vunerablities by decieving the people that feed there childeren and families...

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  • Ro
    Rose Aug 28, 2009

    I found out why they want to move your rent to own furniture. I got a frigerator from them. The botton glass shelf plastic boarder chack and small pieces broke off. and some of the bottom and middle pull out shelfs started coming unglued. About when I had one more payment to make . I didn't learn my lesson then, I rented a dining room set. Had my nephew to help move, he bump the edge of the dinning room table. I found out it is made up of press pile wood sprayed painted in a cherry wood color. every time I wax it some of the red come off. I am going to call them tomorrow to come pick up this piece of ###.

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  • Rm
    rmer7 Aug 31, 2009

    i agree Arron's sucks

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  • Sa
    samantha77 Oct 07, 2009

    well well well, these comments do not suprise me one bit...i need someone to blame and aarons is the golden ticket. i had great customer service i have to admit..however as a american, a dilegent worker, a mother and wife...i feel used and abused and severly wronged. i had NO credit and needed a pc...so to build my credit or reestablish it, i had no choice but to go to aarons...i got a laptop...(not top of the line, bc that is undeard of there) and after a year, a year and a half to be exact...the motherboard is thrashed, gone and the repairs will cost me over 400...i dont think so...i bought crap and now i ended up with a big pile of useless crap... im not repairing a pc thats foundation is crap. i spent over 1000 on this...its never been dropped, shaked, used by children or even had heavy traffic on it, and ur telling me thats quality...i dont think so...thats CRAP... and theres no other words for it...so my point, other than the fact that i am mad as hell, is that if ur going to screw the american buyer, at least sell them a good product and not the ### of the line product. if u did business any kind of good and wholesome way, i would have a replaced lap top that isnt CRAP!!! i wish a aarons rep would call me and explain to me how they sleep at night knowing they are bending ppl over...

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  • Je
    Jennell Oct 08, 2009

    I was going to purchase at Aaron's until I read all of these complaints. I went to the Better Business Bureau's website and they have 556 complaints on file. If you need information about the company you should check it out there. Also file a complaint if you want to. Good Luck!

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  • Ta
    tatrotter Oct 29, 2009

    I have been a customer of Aaron Sales and Lease for about three years. How stupid can I be, they are the worst employees out there. They harass you even if you are one day late, but it doesnt matter to them if you are waiting for your tv to get fixed after three months with a smaller version of the one you have. They stand in the rain, waiting for you to come home, harrass you at work, and all I owe now is one payment left on my tv after paying two years on it. And they will not listen to why you are two days late, they want the merchandise back so they can start all over with the harrassment of another customer. I do advise people just go to the other rental places, not this one in Dickson, Tn. Cause you will have to speak with a very dishonest, rude, nasty man named Dave. If they try to harrass me again, they will get a shotgun shoved down their throat, they better not even think to come on my property.

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  • Br
    brittanyjo Oct 30, 2009

    Just started buisness with Aarons. I'm Renting a recliner chair for only $30/month. The employees at this particular store (louisville, kentucky) were very helpful and friendly. We told them our price range and they helped us find the right thing. She even took us to the stock room to find the perfect color etc. It was delievered the next day and even the delivery man was friendly! You people are complaining that the company is being rude to you because you missed a payment. Of course this is going to happen. You signed a contract agreeing to their terms.

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