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Aarons have tried to rob me blind and given me rude customer service. I went into a contract with Aaron's on new merchandise and ended up receiving used furniture. Also on the day of delivery, the used furniture was damaged. I had to go back and forth with staff, convincing them that the furniture was not brand new. Finally the actually new sofa and loveseat arrived, but unfortunately the loveseat was damaged. Aarons was notified immediately and the best option from Aaron at that time was to leave the original used love seat, which did not sit with me well. The sales people were very rude as well as the general manager. He had even threaten to come get the merchandise and return my money, in a horrible tone. Being fully aware of the fact that his store screwed up. I eventually went over his head and complained to the regional manager. The regional manager was no help and he turned around and did what the gm had plans of doing. In which was unconvincing me the customer. He never addressed or apologize for the mistreatment I received from store #287. I would never purchase from Aarons again. They are the worst and they treat their customer like garbage.


  • Ni
    Niquita Aug 12, 2015

    I worked at Aarons for two week. The first week was training, where they teach you words to deceive people, like telling the customer it's time to 'renew their lease', instead of 'bill' or 'gently refurbished' instead of 'used'. They take advantage of the most vulnerable in our communities. We had roaches, bed bugs and rats. I told a friend of mine that I was working at Aaron's and she told me about getting furniture there and when the delivery men came to her house, one of them kept flirting with her and getting in her personal space to the point that she called her mom and asked her to stay on the phone with her until they left. A week later, she was attacked at her apartment. We never found out who it was but it gives me chills. I had to quit. I'll NAVER step foot in another Aaron's. PLEASE women, think twice before you 'lease' from these people. Also, they expected me to go out even at night alone and collect money or merchandise. I was barked at and lunged at by pit bulls on chains.

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  • Ki
    kilbaraberry Jan 15, 2015

    I have rented from arrons for at least 7different things paid them all off and then got a bed well 1st off it wasnt what i was supposed to get and they had broken both the bed side table and the dresser leg, i was paying on time continuously then got hit with a major hard ship i called and said PLEASE come get it i cant afford it well i said ok but i cant pay on it so they stake out my house call constantly and are very rude, to make matters worse i found a bed bug on it and the manager said he was going to have me arrested for destruction of private property which is BS not my fault well im waiting for the idiots to come back and i think i will call the police they said if i didnt pay id go to jail but that sounds damn close to extortion DO NOT GO TO THESE ###

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  • I was buying a flat screen tv that I purchased beginning in august and it is paid off now arrons in des moines iowa on MLK is trying to steel it back and they have tried to get me to sign a new contract and give more peoples phone numbers due to the y had all ready herrassed all 12 of the other ones over and over. these people are rude and act like they are a mafia run business . I even had 2 of their employees beat on both my doors for over 15 minutes at 9pm at night ! they are crazy and should not be in business !

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  • Li
    lindajackson Sep 30, 2014

    My son is renting a bed from Aarons in Austintown, Ohio. He has been late on his payments and has told them to come and get it. They told him he cant return it & they are threatening to attach his wages for payments. They have come to the house numerous times & called his references, one being me. Told me he hadn't made a payment for x amount of days. What ever happened to privacy? Does anyone know if this is true about him not being able to return this bed? They told him it was against the law to return beds.

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  • LuckyDogCares Feb 20, 2014

    Troy and Amy,

    Thank you for your posts and for providing me these details. Aaron's takes these matters seriously and I appreciate you for bringing this to my attention. I would be happy to further assist you and look into these matters.

    I have relayed your message to our Response Team and the Regional Manager of the Gladstone store. I hope to resolve your concerns as soon as possible. If you have any questions or if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]



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  • Ed
    Edwards, T & A Feb 12, 2014

    They call a little after 5:00pm to say they had unboxed the units and they were stainless steel instead of white and they their warehouse had the white ones they would send the truck to pick them up and would deliver them on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 after 5:00pm. On Tuesday when they had not arrived by 6:45pm we called to make sure we were still on their route yes, Mr. Edwards your units are on the truck, but they are stuck in the snow just north of you and we don't know how long it will be so we will have to put you on the route for tomorrow can we do it first thing in the morning my husband says "no, we have to work for a living it will need to be between 5:00pm-6:00pm) February 12th.
    I will say we have been late a time or 2, but I have never been treated with so much disrespect and yes I have called and been very upset on the phone, but this is just getting to be crazy. When we went 2 wks without a washer the Gladstone, Missouri store manager told me it was my fault because I would accept the units that he offered really your going to blame your customer for not wanting to take a product that isn't comparable to what we have been paying for yes, they did replace them with new product and I thank them for that, but that is good customer service. It has done little to no good to call the corporate office as they will not return a phone call and the Kansas City regional manager has yet to return my phone call from December.

    We will not do business with them again
    Troy and Amy Edwards, Smithville, Missouri ([email protected])

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  • Ed
    Edwards, T & A Feb 12, 2014

    My husband went to Aaron's in Gladstone, Missouri in February of 2013 to look at getting me a new washer and dryers. I wanted a front load machines and just didn't have the money to go out and purchase out right. When he arrived in the store there was a red set yes they were slightly used and had a couple of dings on them, but how fitting for valentines day. The store showed up delivered the units and in July 2013 the washer quit spinning. We called Aarons and they said it would be a month before the repairman could come out and look at the machine so they scheduled to bring a loaner. They scheduled to bring the loaner one evening between 3pm-7pm so my husband come home early from work of which he was scheduled to work overtime so that he would be there when they arrived. At a about 6:30pm when they had not arrived we phoned the store and they advised that they were still on their way and should arrive by 7:00pm. The driver on the truck then called and stated that they would not being coming that they would have to come the next day. I advised the driver that was not acceptable as we had already taken time from work to be available on the day they scheduled to come. The driver then stated it would be 9:00pm before they could get there they arrived just before 9:00pm and took over an hour to install a washer. When the repairman come in August he advised that the part he was going to replace looked like it had been replaced once before and it was probably just a loose connection. The store scheduled to pick up the loaner washer again between 3:00pm-7:00pm and when they had not arrived at our home by 7:00pm we set the washer out on our front porch as we had someplace to be at 7:30pm. November 2013 the washer starts to act up again throwing the same code as before. We call in the store advised that they will bring a loaner and pick up our unit and send to their repair warehouse. Scheduled the Friday after thanksgiving from 10:00am-3:00pm. At 3:00pm when they had not arrived we contacted the store and they advised that they were still on their way (We were scheduled to be at a family members for thanksgiving dinner at 3:30pm) they arrived at 4:30pm installed the washer in 30 minutes. We called several time to check on the status of our washer and they kept saying it was still being repaired. I called on December 27th and was advised that it had just gotten back and they could deliver it on Monday the 30th between 10:00am-3:00pm. At 2:30pm they still had not arrived so we once again called the store to check and make sure they were still coming yes we will be there by 3:00pm they arrived at 2:59pm hooked up the washer took out the loaner and off they went. My husband and I had somethings to do so when we arrived back home I put in a load of laundry and the washer throws the exact same code that they were to have fixed and will not spin. I instantly called the store and called the corporate office and filed a complaint about this whole process. Finally got in touch with what was suppose to be the Kansas City regional mananger he advised to let him get to a store and check into everything and he would call us back. He to this day has not called us back he had the store manager that we had already been dealing with call us and say that the regional manager has authorized him to replace our units with new units the first set he offered us was an Amana we had a Samsung steamwasher and dryer. The Amana was no where the same so he said let me call my regional manager again he called me back after the 1st of January to say he said to replace it with exactly what you have, but I have to order it and it will be on the truck on Thursday. Thursday comes and goes we call on Friday. The units are on back order will you take this Maytag set that we have in the store. So my husband goes by and looks at the units and they are not exactly comparable, but they are very close so yes we will take them. They schedule to bring them out the following Saturday (at this point I have been 2 weeks without a washer) between 10:00am-3:00pm they showed up right at 10:00am January 11, 2014. They unload the units and my husband asks did you all forget the pedestals? So, the driver calls the store manager he advises that they had to order the pedestals and they should be in shortly. On February 7, 2014 my husband calls them and they advise that they are in and will be delivered Monday, February 10th, my husband advised we were not going to take any additional time off work for this issue they would have to deliver after 5;00pm. No, problem Mr. Edwards we will be there Monday after 5. (Will Continue in seperate post)
    Troy and Amy Edwards, Smithville, Missouri ([email protected])

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  • No
    NO MORE AARONS!!! EVER! Sep 24, 2013

    I rented a beautiful Ashley brand Bed room set from Aaron's. I never had a problem with the furniture or the associates, until today. I went in to make a payment. Due to traveling out of the country, I was late on my payment. I went to make a payment and asked them for the payoff balance. One 'so-called' manager of the store approached me and asked why I was late in a very rude manner. He was so rude, I told him not to talk to me with an attitude. He never said hello, or how are you. Just started off with a very rude approach. He got worst. Obviously, this manager does not know customer service after ten years of employing with Aaron's Rental. I made a payment, then returned an hour later and paid off the balance. He threw the final payment receipt at me. NEVER EVER AGAIN will I ever rent from Aaron's again because of their unprofessional rude so-called managers!!!

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  • LuckyDogCares Sep 16, 2013

    Dear Bibby,

    Thanks for your comment and for bringing this to my attention. I apologize for the way your local Aaron's handled service appointments, the negative service you received, and the inconvenience this has caused. I'd be happy to further assist you.

    Please send me an email to [email protected] or call me at [protected] with details including your name, store location, and the best contact number to reach you. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,


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  • Bi
    Bibby Rush Sep 09, 2013

    Do yourself a huge favor. STAY AWAY FROM AARONS! They are a huge rip off. They are pros on the bait and switch or not very good on their appointments or service. I have to wait till Wednesday morning ( IF I'm lucky) to do the Monday wash. OMG don't get me started on their prices on stuff. Only reason we went to Aaron's was the fact we needed a washer like then and now. I really should have gone to Lowel's. it would have saved us a lot of trouble, time, aggravation and money!

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  • LuckyDogCares Jul 15, 2013

    Dear Katerina1,

    Thank you for your comment. I'm very sorry for the negative experience you received from your local Aaron's store and the inconvenience this has caused. Please know that customer service is Aaron's #1 priority and I appreciate you for bringing this issue to my attention. I'd be happy to help further assist you and look into this matter.

    Please send me an email or call me at [protected] referencing the location of your local Aaron's store, the best contact number or email to reach you, and any additional details you'd like to share. I look forward to hearing from you.



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  • Ka
    Katerina1 Jul 13, 2013

    I dislike Aarons and think they should go out of buisness. I was late on a payment and had asked them to come pick up there merchandise because i cant afford it right now. They are quick to harrass you when your late but when it comes to retrieving their goods they are very layed back about it. One of the guys came to my house with NO tools, seriously? I have been calling for a day off and on waiting for them to return prepared with tools like they should of had in the first place. They are rude and NOT professional!

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  • Ar
    Armemom May 30, 2013

    I don't really have anything bad to say about my experience with Aaron's as of yet except for the fact that my local store is still operating in the 1980's and can only process a debit for my payment if I bring my debit card in so they can slide it through one of those antique credit card machines, you know the ones that came out right as credit cards did? This is ridiculous because my credit card does not have raised numbers so this means that they can't take my card causing me to have to drive to my local store twice a month to make two separate payments. Now granted I can set up the payment through my bank but what about those people who have the prepaid credit cards they can not. Really! Get with the 21st century Aaron's...you rent computers all day long maybe you should put some in your stores that your employees could actually use.

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  • Jm
    jmadison49 Apr 11, 2013

    I can totally agree with the complaints that I have read. The customer service from the store managers is horrible. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM ARRON'S AGAIN.

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  • De
    Deb1eyeScott Apr 06, 2013

    Its the Savant

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  • Cr
    Crickett Patrick Apr 06, 2013

    OK so does anyone know who you can call? With all these years of complaints you would think they would have bad BBB and be out of business. I am having the same problems as all of you, but I wont stop until I get the correct answer and like the lady above named Dee his ### would have been going to jail! I keep getting run around about my brand new furniture. I took pictures the day they delivered it and called the office as the 2 delivery guys stood here which I can say they were very nice and respectful but I wonder if that had anything to do with my husband and I both were standing in Police Uniform, even if I wasn't nobody would call me a name especially in front of my children Ms Dee Milledge (but I do absolutely understand your position) and hate that people like this take advantage of others. My husband has outstanding payments and pay offs with AARONS and they want to try and rip us off! Even the fact being if we had never got furniture from them before, you don't do this to people who are honestly paying and expect new items when they purchase new items. Well I can say this is NOT HAPPENING!!! I will go as far as need be to get the results I want! I am not paying new price for very damaged furniture! I am not even going to except 1 free payment or half off a payment! To Be Continued! April 6th 2013.

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  • De
    Dee Milledge Oct 19, 2012

    I WILL NEVER, EVER DEAL WITH AARONS EVER AGAIN. THE PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY IN THE STORE IN KINGSLAND, GEORGIA, ARE SO DARNED RUDE IT'S PATHETIC, THE MANAGER IS A JEW, AND HATES PEOPLE OF "LOW INCOME". I had credit with a store down in Lakeland, Florida, who were nice to a point, but the store here has ruined my opinion of Aarons totally. I have been paying on my furniture for almost 2 years now, knowing something with them has to be paid off, and they REFUSE to tell me the answer to this till I catch up my payments, which I have no intention of doing so now at all. Soheil told me that "HE WOULD NEVER HAVE EXTENDED THE CREDIT TO ME THAT THE STORE IN LAKELAND DID, AND REFUSED TO FINANCE A WASHER & DRYER FOR OUR HOME HERE". He is a money-hungry SOB, in my book, and doesn't deserve to have the position that he has. HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED, and I will not quit till he is, believe you me.
    OK, the store sent this doofuss out to pick up my furniture today, WHEN THE STORE WAS "SUPPOSED" TO CALL AND SET A DATE & TIME WITH ME, WHICH DIDN'T HAPPEN, then the guy called me ### as he got back into the truck, with my son having heard him say this, and was EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL to me, and I am 63 years old.
    I have paid enough that what is left to pay should be written off, but I've got sense enough to know this aint gonna happen. I WILL BE CALLING CORPORATE ON THE KINGSLAND STORE on Monday without fail, requesting that the store manager and head delivery driver BE FIRED WITHOUT FAIL.
    Have a nice day.

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  • He
    heatherv16866 Jun 17, 2012

    I got a major horror story to tell you. I just got a computer. One night a week ago my husband had a medical emergency while using the computer and it fell, I couldt grab the computer because I had to help my husband. Well it put a crack in the monitor. I called Aarons they wanted me to take it is to see if their warranty bull crap would cover it.. surprise surprise IT WONT!!! They said sorry accidents happen but we want you to pay $270.00 to fix it... That would be on top of the $250 I pay monthly. I tried to explain to them I am on social security that I cant afford all of that at once. They were rude and ignorant and gave me the piece of ### back and said they cant fix it till i give them all this money. Hello idiots I cant afford all this money, now I have this crap that I cant use. I think it is total ### because my former rental place would have fixed it no questions. I feel like aarons dont believe me and I am fed up. On July 3rd they are getting my rentals back and I am going elsewhere. I cant come up with what they want. If they want to still charge me with this ill take it to court because its not fair at all because I am paying all this money to rent it, it should have some kind of coverage. None of this warranty bull ###. They just dont want to help me is all. Aarons is a major rip off and I am telling people to stay away! I am very upset and disappointed. I feel like they expected me to choose between my husband hurting himself and their piece of ### getting broke. Welll suck it up aarons you have poor customer service and poor "warranty" ###.

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  • Jo
    Joey joe Nov 17, 2011

    I used to be a manager at Aaron's. There are ###s working for every company, so I am sure some of you dealt with that. It happens. There are also ###ic customers who shop with every company. I am sure some of you fit that description as well, as a lot of the grammar in these postings confirms. Aaron's as a company is fair, charges less then other rent to own companies, and best I can tell is the best in the business. I would still however not rent from them or any other company, because it is overpriced based on the nature of the transaction. Of you don't want to pay the higher price, learn to budget, save up, and go pay cash...now some money grubbing attorney, who is even more overpriced then Aaron's want to get a piece of the pie.

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  • Ju
    julia62 Nov 14, 2011

    call these guys

    Lawsuit Filed Against Aaron’s, Inc. Regarding Alleged Improper Practices

    Lawsuit claims that Aaron’s, Inc. repeatedly breaches rent-to-own contracts, violates state usury laws, and engages in unfair business practices.

    Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 11, 2011

    Atlanta law firm Webb, Klase & Lemond, LLC has filed a class action lawsuit against Aaron’s, Inc., one of America’s leading rent-to-own companies with over 1, 900 total stores. Aaron’s leases furniture, appliances, and electronics to consumers usually with the promise that, after a certain number of payments have been successfully completed, the consumer will own the items.

    The new lawsuit alleges that Aaron’s has breached its lease agreements by refusing to provide pay-off information to consumers and through other improper practices. The suit further asserts that the company has used unfair business practices, false advertising, and misrepresentations to induce customers to enter lease agreements that are not as favorable for the consumer as represented. The claims also include unjust enrichment. The case, styled Clark v. Aaron’s, Inc., is pending in the Superior Court of Fulton County Georgia and has been assigned Case Number 2011-CV-207622.

    According to the suit, Aaron’s rent-to-own business model is in reality the extension of credit through consumer loans disguised as leases for the purchase of goods. The suit alleges that the difference between the market value of the goods and the total amount of payments made by a consumer constitutes interest. State usury laws, such as the civil and criminal usury statutes in Georgia, impose a cap on the amount of interest that may be charged by a lender. The suit alleges that Aaron’s repeatedly violates these laws.

    Further, the suit alleges that Aaron’s deceptively markets its well-known offer of “120-days same as cash.” According to the complaint, this offer purports to allow consumers to buy their furniture, appliances, or electronics from Aaron’s for their market value so long as the consumer pays in full within four months. The deception, as alleged in the suit, is that Aaron’s regularly and proactively attempts to prevent consumers from taking advantage of the 120-day offer by failing to provide them with their outstanding balance or pay-off amount in a timely and appropriate manner.

    If you wish to discuss this action or have any questions concerning this press release, please contact John Lyon, Esq. by e-mail or by calling [protected].

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  • Me
    megan mitchell Sep 23, 2011

    back in July of 2009 my daughter gaves birth to twins .. we went to aarons to get a washer and dryer set of the deluxe model and bigger..we had dealt with them with a tv and was very satisfied with them at that time however dealing with them with the washer and dryer has not been a good experience. for 13 months we made payments of 178.00 which is 2314.00 and we only did an 18 mth lease with them, which left us a balance of 890 dollars.we had to move out of our house we were in and they were kind enough to rewrite our contract for a lil less then the 178.00. my husband got laid off and we continued to make payments even though some were less then they were suppose to be..they are still saying we owe over 1000.00 dollars on this and if we pay another 1000.00 we will have pd.almost 4000.00 for this set..i could go to a store and buy them for 1900. 00...the management and staff have benn very ignorant and demanding and showing up on my door step and making threats also..we also have had problems with them taking money from our account and over drafting us..and not be willing to give it back to us ..thiis was done with no authorization from myself or my husband..please do something about this matter..its getting out of hand

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  • Ta
    tanyakewis27 Sep 08, 2011

    I am having problems with the Aaron's store in my town. I live in Jamestown NY and a couple weeks ago we had a break in to my apartment and my Dell laptop was stolen. We called the police and made a report. Aaron's tracked the computer and got the latitude and longitude of where the computer might be and ever since then I have been getting harassing phone calls from the store stating that I still need to make payments on the laptop til it is found. I think it wrong that I have to pay on a laptop when it is no longer in posession. They are getting the merchandise back once it is found and I will never rent through them again.

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  • LuckyDogCares Jun 30, 2011

    I apologize your experience hasn't been excellent. Please contact me to further resolve your issue at [protected] or by email at [email protected] I look forward to speaking with you soon and resolving your issue. Thanks. Jessica

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  • Lu
    Luquis Jun 30, 2011

    I wish I had read these complaints before I got involve with Aarons!! From the beginning they have been awful they deliver our sofa set broken it took 3 weeks for a replacement my dining room chair broken another 2 weeks. I called the store the General Manager was so nasty. Now my new problem is that our Panasonic Plasma stopped working we called to have it serviced it took almost 4 weeks before we new anything. When I called to check on the status he said it has been here so it took another week for the delivery. I had asked him the GM when the tv is ready call me he never did. My television was deliver dirty and all scratched up around the base and frame. Mind you I bought the Tv brand new out the box. I had them take the TV back so the GM can see the condition I was very upset because he was like I will give you a new base a new base look at the TV it has deep scratches all over. I told the Gm this is unacceptable and I also let him that I would let find solution and to call me the next day by to follow up their decision in providing with another TV. He still has not call me back no one has!!! From the beginning they have been rude and uncaring. I will never do business with them or recommend them to anyone.

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  • Co
    CovenMaster Jun 08, 2011

    wish i had read all the bad review before i bought a computer from aarons.

    I was suppose to get a Tricore computer i used it for 6 months found out that the computer was only a duel core. I went to the store and they told me know one would sell me a tricore cause they don't carry them yet I was told 3 times checked double checked to make sure it was a tricore. the store strted calling me cause i refused to give them any more money and I refuse to return the product cause i paid 2 grand into it. They actually expect me to just give it back and lose all the money i invested in the product. Then they called back a second time threaten to call the cops and have me charged with theft I informed them its not theft its a cival matter but if you want to go criminal consumer fraud is a federal offence. IMO everyone should rip them off just like they do to everyone else put the con artist out of business.

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  • Fl
    Floryda123 Jun 06, 2011

    I am renting a computer from Aaron. My first one I had to send it back. It had a virus in it. I had a trial verse for protection. They gave me another one. Now this one is a pic of junk. He promise to replace it for two weeks now. The manager told me he has a problem of finding me the one like I have the first time. I am so agree because I am going to school on line. It keep freezen up on me. I only have 3.5 mths left to pay for it. He offer me a lap top. I have a disk top computer. If I wasnt so close to own it . I would just sent it back. I was going to buy a living room from them. I guss not. You know the said part of about I tried talking to his boss. But we have been playing phone tag. The manager promise me that he would bring me a computer in his own car after work. He never show up.

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  • Un
    Unik May 31, 2011

    I know what you mean I know others who have been through a similar situation Actually she had them come pick her stuff up because she couldn't stand the harassment. This is how they make any additional profits Most of these places prey on people like us with limited, no credit or bad credit. This is how they make a living.

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  • Sh
    Sherill Claggett May 27, 2011

    I'm currently renting a Toshiba laptop from Aaron's. It's a brand new one, right out the box. I had a problem with the cursor moving around without me touching it. I would be working on something, and all of a sudden, the cursor would start moving on its own, moving the page up and down. I took the laptop back, I believe it wasn't even two days later signing the contract. I spoke to the General Manager, Bob. Is demeanor was all wroing from the start. He acted like I was bothering him with my issues. I explained the problem, he seemed baffled, and he made a few calls. One to call his supervisor to ask "permission" to give me another one. I wasn't leaving without one. I had paid my money the day or two before and I wanted a laptop that works. I got a new one. Straight out the box, again. Let me back up. I called Toshiba Technical Suport. I had them trouble shoot the problem. I told Bob about it. As he told me that was his advise. Basically, there wasn't anything he could do about it. (Didn't want to do anything about it). Now, I have a new one, it has the same problem, if not worst. I called Tech Support again, they reset it. I still have the same problem. I want to take it back and get the Dell I saw. I inquired about it when I was there to make my second payment and he told me that I would have to start a new contract AND make the payment. So I decided to get the number to corporate and I see all the complaints. I thought maybe I could get some help from them, but based on what I have read, the Regional Manager isn't any better than Store Management. And if I decide to go over the Regional Managers head, he offer me a callback. Not good. So am I stuck paying for a laptop that doesn't work half the time? Help!

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  • Je
    Jeffie May 25, 2011

    Really? I haven't read every post here, but I've read quite a few. I notice one thing many of you have in common. #1 You have complete control over the situation. If you can't make the payment on time don't rent from them. #2. Those of us that have screwed up their credit pay more than everyone else. That's just life.#3 Stop blaming others and be responsible for your own screw up you aren't children.

    Now I've leased a television from them for over a year. I have never, I mean never made a single payment on the due date. My card is on file with them. My account is due on the 15th. I made an arrangement with my bank to decline the charge unless it is presented on or after the 20th of the m.onth. (payday) Therefore it is impossible that it be charged on any other day. If it were to go through, my bank is responsible for any fees incurred.

    So, I still get a call every month on the 16th, wanting payment. For the first 6 months I was very nice about their mistake. After that I go ballistic, for about another 6 mo. After threatening to return the merchandise, and never spend another dime in the store. I have just enjoyed two months of no calls.

    Pay your bill, yes it's overpriced, you knew that when you leased w them.

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  • Mr
    Mrs.Fontanyi May 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have never had a problem with them.I have gotten alot of great deals and if you pay off everything now in 120 days you have no interest.Plus now they report to all three credit places.I have an account with aarons and shewels fur.And the customer sevice is alot better at Aarons.They alawys get right back to me and take care of me right way when I come in.I have payed off over seven accounts with them.

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  • Mo
    MONQUIE May 07, 2011


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    kellytom Apr 26, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am from st.john's, newfoundland and there is a new aaron's store in long pond Conception bay south newfoundland they opened in september, i had started my contract then, given them my first months payment, the couldn't give me a receipt cash register wasn't working properly, oct month paid and they put me in as a store credit and i made them write on it 2nd months payment, every month they are telling me they did not received sept payment, something is wrong with this store, can anyone help out there, i have 5 payments left but according to them 6, i was waiting to make a payment and guy behind the counter had gone in the back room, i had my car key on the counter waiting for him to come back i was just walking around the front area, when i finished making my payment my car key magically disappeared, i called the police and they could do nothing had to get my car towed home, is there anyone out there who can help me???? you can respond to this email. [email protected]

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  • Sc
    scoobrojess Feb 05, 2011

    First they lost my money! 35.00 of my money and said I never paid it. The employees were rude, the computer keeps breaking down and the tech simply said that it is a virus. They say that if it is still a virus they will charge us. Yet while researching on line I have found an issue that matches and is not a virus. Also a friend of mine who works on computers says it could also be a hardware issue. When I go into the store they often say "We can't do it right now we are busy." As a customer this makes me feel like my business is not important. When my month is up I will likely go back to the company I was renting from before. They charge more but they at least have time to take care of me as their customer.

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  • Pe
    PearlandLady1 Dec 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I 100% agree with all of the complaints. I am located in Pearland(Houston), Tx and this store is out of control. The delivery guy comes to my house looking like he is under the influence of weed, the store employee was too rude and the store manager is very sarcastic. I have a refridgerator and a stove form them, the stove is sitting in the middle of my kitchen because the high delivery guy forgot to leave the cord to plug it up and the fridge make a noise every 30 minutes because they did not supply us with a water line for the ice maker. Now like i was trying to tell the store manager its okay if you guys do not supply the customers with those supplies but let me know while I am signing my name on the dotted line instead of when you get my cash and the appliance is at my house. I really hat rude people and its not good to be on my bad side but Aaron's is there and thier is no turning back!

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  • Be
    beccaturner21 Dec 09, 2010

    I purchased a laptop from them and as soon as I got it out of the box the keys were already falling off. This was a "brand new" laptop. I called and told them and they wouldn't fix any of the problems with my laptop like they "promised" so I was going to be late on a payment and I told them and they had no problem with it. Then one day when I was home they came over and I answered the door they were demanding the laptop and its under my husbands name and he wasn't home at the time so I told him that he was going to have to wait till my husband got home to futher discuss it with him and that wasn't good enough for him. He stormed off then came back two minutes later demanding it again from me then he was trying to look into my house seeing if he could see it so I told him to leave and shut the door. Then they called my husband while he was at work screaming and yelling at him so he told them we would return the laptop that following friday. Then we came home the next day and there was a note and it was already to late to call them. So the next day around 10:00 am I had just got my seven month old up from a nap and I was sitting here watching tv all of a sudden someone started banging at my door and ringing the doorbell over and over so I got up to see who it was and he had his finger over the peep hole and my daughter was freaking out so I ran to my bedroom with her calling my husband while he was still banging on the door I should of called the police but I was to frantic to even think. He banged on my door for about twenty minutes and then he stopped so I looked out my balcony door and I saw who it was. So I called my husband back and told him who it was then they called him and he told them they would have to wait till he got off work but nooo they weren't satisfied with that. They came back again around 2:00 doing the exact same thing but this time without putting there finger over the peep hole now if they wouldn't of put there finger over the peep hole the first time I would have answered. This time he banged and rang the doorbell for thirty minutes. Now if my daughter wasn't here the outcome to them doing that would have been shortened greatly! So when my husband got off work he called them and told them he would bring it to them but I was going to get all of my daughteres baby pictures off it first and he said "just bring the damn thing in and I'll do it myself I know what I'm doing" and my husband of course told him no cause we want the baby pictures. So after I got done he toke it up there raising HELL and the manager had told me that this wasn't the first complaint they have recieved about this paticular employee doing this. This Aarons has only been open for three months! Who would run a business like this? This is ridiculous! Now since the store isn't going to do anything about this I will, but where my husband and I come from you don't bang on someones door and put your finger over the peep hole cause there is a horrible outcome to that. I am NEVER EVER purchasing anything else from that store ever. I'd rather go to rent-a-center and pay more for something. [censor] Aarons..., sorry for the foul language!

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  • Mi
    Mititi Dec 07, 2010

    Renting from Aarons is one of the worse experiences I have had in my entire life. First of all, the only time my payment was late. The reason, Aarons moved from their location. They failed to leave a forwarding address or a telephone number. The facility where they had been was empty. They sent a sales rep to the house and charged me $5.00 for a late fee and $10.00 for a home pick-up.I should have refused to pay the extra fees. They didnot pay me a fee when it took them two weeks to get me the computer I was renting. I had to pick it up myself. Also people beware! Aarons rents and sells previously rented materials saying that it is new. Seems like that is illegal and is called false advertisement which is against the law. Also, how can two items advertised for the same monthly press cost more than the other. Prior to renting, the sales reps are very nice and personal. However, after you sign the rental agreement they become rude and indifferent. They began calling me on the first for a payment. Prior to signing the agreement, I informed the manager that I would be paying on the third of every month. He assured me that it wouldnot be a problem, however after the fifth, a five dollar late fee would be assessed. Not only do they start calling me on the first, I start getting two to three emails demanding payment on a account that is not mind. The telephone calls are not limited to one a day, they called three to four times a day. All these calls are made before the bill is do. I don't need a call reminding me to pay my bill. It also appears that when the item is almost paid in full, Aarons likes to piss a customer off and repossess the item and resale the item as new.My assessment of renting or buying from Aarons DONOT. I repeat DONOT!!! Either save your money and purchase the item or do without. At least you will have a piece of mind. In behalf of all the customers that Aarons has treated like common thieves. Perhaps if Aarons treated their customers with more respect, maybe more positive comments. Until that occurs, my feelings and recommendation is RUN DONOT RENT FROM AARONS!!!

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  • Th
    Thorian Oct 23, 2010

    I have to Say I am dealing with This company right now and I am getting relentless phone calls in whitch they are making veiled threats I'm starting to feel as if My safety is at risk..

    I dont know where to turn and I'm starting to be afraid.

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  • Un
    unknowned Oct 18, 2010

    hey people u might think that its bad for all of that will maybe if u look more into wat ur buying and check it all out and u will know befor hand paying the money ur the stupid one for trying to settle all of this u know wat if u want ur money back u shouldnt of spent it until u know wat ur working for okay and for one they r nice and if ur mean to them of course they r going to hit u back in the face with the same stuff so grow up stop trying to make a place look stupid just for ur stupidity and not being more intrested in wat u got okay be smart parents its pertty bad when a 15 year old has to tell u wats up so bye now have a nice day

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  • Ti
    tired of being a scapgoat Oct 14, 2010

    I was renting from aarons in somerset kentucky until i moved back to florida in june I called aarons to come pick up thier washer dryer and television, we waited for the men to arrive, and as they got the tv loaded and went to get the washer the guy ask me where is the other washer? i ask him what he told me they had me down with two washers and one dryer and one TV i told him they switched out the washer for a loaner the day it was first delivered because it wouldnt spin they never brought back my original washer now after they picked up the TV washer and dryer in june i get a letter at the end of september start of october saying i still have thier TV and they sent it to my nieces house in TN and i cant get ahold of anyone in corporate. some one isnt doing there job and i am not paying for a TV that im sure a employ has sitting at home!!! and why would they let someone leave with a TV and go states away with no address!!!

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  • La
    Latoya Wilson Oct 08, 2010

    On October 7th 2010, I was sitting at home at my boyfriend residents his children and myself, and my pastor, there was a knock at the door, it wa Aaron"s the time was about, 6:20 pm, I answered the door and told them that Mr. Hampton was not at home, the sales representor proceeded to call the office I'm assuming, and told them that I can't return merchandise with Mr. Hampton consent, and I told him have agood day and closed my door, shortly after about 10 minutes another knock was at the door, agin I answered, and it was Aaron"s store manager I think his name was Adam, not sure, but before all this keep in mind he was already on the phone saying he knows Mr. hampton is home, because his vehicle was here, although his son has the vehicle, going to waork on this day, Mr. Hampton works out of town in which transportation is provided, but anyway, after the manager came I told him the same thing, Mr Hampton was not at home, and therefore he begin to tell me I wa a liar, keep in mind I had guess and neighbors, who was hearing all these things, and therefore he begin to telling that I was apart of some type of third party something because I want allow them to pick up merchandise, so he yells at me tell me to call Mr. Hampton, and along with he calls Ms Emma who Mr. Hampton is buying the house from, tell her all kinds of lies, then make a comment to me, we need to call our mortage company because we are behind with her too, but before this conversation, Mr. Hampton son was trying to leave out to go back to work, do you know that kept him blocked in and would move there transportation, I had to go out there and make them move and tell them its against the law to hold someome hostage, and then that's when they made the threat of I guess camping out in front of the resident until, the product wa returned, they sat in front of my house till 7:57pm, making threats saying this and that, and threw his cell phone to me to call Mr. Hampton, and I'm telling them I'm not on this contract, why harss me, and until they reah Mr. Hampton there is nothing I can do...but to make this long story short, I know by law it is wrong to handle customer in hat manner, to harass them at home, if you don't reach a person by phone or by mail, don't come to people houses, to pick up product until you have something arrange by you and that person, Mr. Hampton rather be contacted by mail, I hope we dont have this problem again, I think you need to find more professional people to put in your work place, because he is going to cost Aaron's alot.

    thank you,

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