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Sears Repair Service

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 22, 2017    Sandra2
extremely poor customer service!
He called the next day and said Sears was going to replace the entire oven rather than just the part. Sounds good, right? Two days later on 8/27/17 our home was flooded by hurricane Harvey. (10 inches of water did not affect the wall oven) Our cabinets, sheetrock, flooring, etc. all had to be removed and it will be 4-5 months before we are back in our house...

Why Not Lease It Manchester New Hampshire

Posted: Oct 22, 2017    IrishRose
completely unethical company
I went to Sears & bought a dryer for $471 & Sears recommended this company to me as a leasing option. Sears described the company as being a lease to own program & said if we paid it off in 5 months we would save some money. Unfortunately, we didn’t find out about Why Not Lease It’s actually “no payments are applied to the purchase” policy until after we signed the paperwork...

Why Not Lease It

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 22, 2017    IrishRose
to me: I went into Sears & bought a dryer with the extended warranty for a grand total of $471. After paying more than $500 to these cretins, I still owe $471 for the dryer. Sears described this program as being a rent to own company & that paying it off in the 5 month term would just save us money...

Sears Tucson Arizona

Posted: Oct 21, 2017    kat01
kenmore elite refrigerator
appliances finally got a Sears expert to check this out after all the other visits and he found it needs a compressor/condensor. Now, that was det ermined 6 weeks ago. We have yet to get this repair accomplished because all the parts are not available, backordered, sometimes no info on ship dates...

Whirlpool WFW94HEXL2

Posted: Oct 20, 2017    bjt123
front load washing machine
I finally hired Sears to repair unit. Repairman stated that the part is no longer available. Whirlpool states they do not make part anymore. However offered me a discount to buy another unit. This is scandalous at worst and fraudulent at best. How can you not offer parts for your machine that are recent purchases...

Sears Oxnard California

Posted: Oct 19, 2017    C Garlinger
samsung tv 52"
Sears has sent a serviceman to our home over 7 times. They have installed major parts (LED full screen, motherboard, speakers, adjustment focusing, reinstalled software over and over. ). Sears refuse to replace this Lemon! The service has gone from June 2017 through this month of Oct 2017! We even had two managers at Ventura SEARS call the warranty place and complain for us to no avail (they have no power over their own warranty company)...


Posted: Oct 18, 2017    Jeff Holeman
parts ordering
control cable" for my Sears snowblower and it was extremely difficult to order. In person at the Sears Parts and Repair center they would order for me but they could not have it delivered to their center and I would have to pay for shipping to have it delivered to my home but if I ordered it online it could be sent to their repair center without any shipping charge...

American Home Shield

Posted: Oct 18, 2017    LisaJS
freezer and ice maker not working
part themselves from sears and was supposed to go through them so that is why a TV/Wrong part was sent. She then informed me that since Hammond services had already come to my house we had to stick it out its them and let them try to fix the issue. I then asked even if the part that we are waiting for more than likely isn't the reason my freezer won't cool and she said yes...

Sears / Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Melbourne Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 17, 2017    Leslie7
Bad odor coming from back of unit when running & fan is on.
No wonder Sears is about to go out of business. I have an LG as my main fridge and have not had any problems whatsoever, I guess that it's true that you only get what you pay for, but most unfortunately aren't able to spend that much...

Sears Pooler Georgia

Posted: Oct 17, 2017    legalbound
master protection plan
We called about our 2 year old LG refrigerator/freezer not cooling August 1, 2017. The only vendor they have for our area in Savannah could only come August 16th. We bought dry ice every day ($30 a pop). The repair vendor came and said they had to order a part after a 2 hour inspection. Th...

Sears Colorado Springs Colorado

Posted: Oct 17, 2017    summer62
human resources
after the [censor], and sears corporation i will also be charging this corporation with wrongful termination, along with this employee with slander, will be contacting the district attorney in colorado as this female perjured herserf and no way in hell would i ever shop here again and will be sure to get the word out on what a dishonest company sears is and the people they employee!...

Sears Wallingford Connecticut

Posted: Oct 16, 2017    GiancarloMax
carpet cleaning
Sears Carpet Cleaning located at 121 North Plains Industrial Rd in Wallingford CT trashed our new carpets!!! They hired felons who arrived early in hopes of cornering my wife alone and wouldnt leave when asked. Totally ruined our carpets by spreading stains and to add insult to injury asked us to become members of Sears/Kmart...

Kenmore 600 Washing Machine Leavenworth Kansas

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 15, 2017    dissat in NW
decades, but will not shop Sears again after the over zealous salesperson assured us this was their top selling machine...

Sears Home Improvement Cleveland Ohio

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 14, 2017    Louis Alexander
vinyl siding
I too purchased siding from Sears and like you had problems which still haven't been taken care of and it's been two years! I've called the local and regional office and both times they assured me the deficiencies would be corrected and nothing! All I've gotten was telephone calls advising me to deal with the contractors which "They" had contracted to do the work...

Sears Repairs

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 14, 2017    Philip Gitterman
rescheduled appointment
three technicians from Sears that have been here in August thru Oct. 2, 1997 and the two pre-authorized contractors that were authorized through the warranty department stating that the unit was nor repairable. Please call me on this or e-mail me this. They have set up another appointment on Oct...

Sears Brands Pembroke Pines Florida

Posted: Oct 14, 2017    Harold Johnson
lg 28 refrigerator lfx28968sw - item # 4649181
20 2017 from the sears store in Pembroke Pines Fl. To be delivered to a new residence in Ocala Fl. The washer and dryer was delivered on Sept. 23rd. The refrigerator was rescheduled for delivery on Sept. 29th, Oct. 03, & 06. On Oct. 6th when it failed to arrive at the scheduled time I called the customer service number and canceled this order for the LG refrigerator...

Sears Brands

Posted: Oct 13, 2017    Pilotnani
kenmore washer
I bought a washer i have service smart agreement.I have been going for about a month back and forth with the technicians.They keep replacing parts &coming out saying my washer is fixed you should not be having any further problems.Well now we are back to square one my washer is still not f...

Sears Repairs

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 13, 2017    Philip Gitterman
rescheduled appointment
I have 11 warranty contract with Sears. I have been having problems since July 27, 2017 up to today. I have called and called Sears for my Central Air conditioner that I have a warranty on. Sears has cancelled four appointments on me including Oct. 13, 2017. I get transferred to warranty, HVAC, Customer Services and all I get is the run around...

Sears 1-800-4-My-Home

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 12, 2017    Wade Howlett
poor service
Made an appointment weeks ago for Sears home repair to come out on October 12, took the day off. They call me at 12PM to tell me I have to reschedule due to a scheduling discrepancy and now I have to wait until November 9 to get my appliances repaired. This is ridiculous and pathetic...

Sears Brands Longs South Carolina

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 11, 2017    Shaun R.
ge profile front loader washer
Unfortunately, it's well known that Sears is close to going out of business. It really is unfortunate whereas they use to be such a huge retailer. I'm very involved within the industry and can tell you the G. E. series of washers are some of the worst. They're endangered poorly. As a result, you'll never be free of problems with them...

Leon's Furniture Sudbury Ontario

Posted: Oct 11, 2017    Mookarine
lack of customer service
Maybe they want to end up like Sears and they can all be unemployed when their store closes. What is Leon's going to do to get me to ever go back into their store?...

Sears Brands Longs South Carolina

Posted: Oct 11, 2017    gingerkw
ge profile front loader washer
11th which is the 3rd time Sears repair has changed my appt. They did not show up saying that they could not get in touch with me for the last 3 days. Well today is Wednesday. I talked to someone on Monday who had to change the appt. from Tuesday to Wednesday. Then on Tuesday, yesterday, I called and confirmed the appt...

Sears San Bruno California

Posted: Oct 11, 2017    OCallaghan
samsung refrigerator
17 I currently have a Sears Home Warranty Policy, that covers all my appliances purchased 6 years ago. I am currently asking myself what benefit is there to having this home warranty policy. In the last year I have submitted 3 repair claims for the following appliances: stove, microwave and dishwasher...

Frigidaire / Electrolux Portage Michigan

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 10, 2017    Shaun R.
nine month old refrigerator stopped working, worst customer service
the fridge through Sears. Have you spoken to them about your current issue? With additional warranty coverage, they may be able to replace it...

Frigidaire / Electrolux Portage Michigan

Posted: Oct 10, 2017    Stacey Bailey-West Vogl
nine month old refrigerator stopped working, worst customer service
to return my unit to Sears as I was annoyed and angry. Since this I have been offered $100 for a dorm fridge for my family of 6. While this is more than nothing I find this almost as insulting as nothing. I have been made to feel as though I should be very grateful for this gesture...

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