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LG/Kenmore Sears Brands San Leandro California / kenmore elite refrigerator model [protected] (Complaint)

A.Galvan Oct 18, 2018

purchased on 2013 at Sears. This refrigerator is being recalled and there are thousands of postings on the web about the failures and reliability of the LG/Kenmore products. It took two weeks for Sears technician to come to the house and evaluate the failure. Not knowing that this model is under a recall and technician failed to mention it...

Sears Brands san jose California / kenmore elite refrigerator model 795.72373.310 (Complaint)

Sean O’Connor Oct 17, 2018

Sears Brands kenmore elite refrigerator model 795.72373.310(subcontractor for Sears, important to note) arrived Wed. , Oct. 3rd. After his troubleshooting, he determines that our compressor in our 4 years and 8 month old refrigerator had dies; that we would need to get FOUR parts ordered to fix; no timeline on when the parts would arrive. Hmm. Oct. 4th, 2018 - you will see in the screen shot I've uploaded that I receive an "Urgent" note from Sears saying they cannot process my re-order for air and water filters (which I order three at a time)...

Tempoe LLC Why not leaseit Manchester New Hampshire / unfair treatment (Complaint)

Shirley Jean Williams Oct 16, 2018

the center back and Sears Outlet refused to take it back. I was behind in my mortgage and that is the reason I asked them to take the center back in the first place. I made a payment plan with mortgage company and I explained to Tempoe that I had to catch my mortgage up in order to house the center...

Kenmore Stanhope Iowa / service repair date and fee (Complaint)

Carmela McCleary Oct 16, 2018

charged a service fee for Sears' brand faulty refrigerator that states free of charge! The customer service manager, named Princess in the Philippines, was unhelpful in any way of service or resolution - it seems her hands are tied by the system and lack of service technicians who want to work on the weekend! WHAT?! Absurd...

Sears Illinois / message (Complaint Comment)

Glen Laird Oct 16, 2018

grew up seeing the sears catalog in our home. I also really hate to see this american icon fade away and hope some how it survives. If it would be of any help would a few off the walls ideas be of any help? Could you somehow contact either the Boy/Girl Scouts to see if they would be willing to donate some service hours to a Sears store as free help...

Lowes / bad customer service (Complaint Comment)

Citoman Oct 16, 2018

Who knows, they may go the way of Sears and Kmart in the near future if more customers leave and their bottom line begins to suffer. if I were a shareholder, I would be worried and invest elsewhere. seriously...

Sears Miami Florida / wrong product (Complaint)

Yaritzi Oct 14, 2018

Dear Sears I have been a client for many years and I have really been unsatisfied with this situation. I place an order online and receive a totally different product. I call the customer service and the solution they gave me was to return it to the nearest store. Cause someone made a mistake with my order I missing the offer, the points for the purchase and my time ...

Kenmore Washer & Dryer Mansfield Connecticut / elite washer rusting at bleach tray, dryer cause black stains on clothing (Complaint)

John Marvin Oct 12, 2018

Kenmore Washer & Dryer elite washer rusting at bleach tray, dryer cause black stains on clothing Nov Dec of 2016 I called in Nov but Sears schedule and mine did not work until December of that year I should not lose a year of coverage over times for both of us to match, other wise when you buy the warranty you should be told about the yearly date and sears should accommodate for these dates so your full warranty will apply, after paying over $1200...

Sears Brands Dunnsville / sears repair (Complaint)

Allen Elder Oct 11, 2018

We have been a Sears customer for over 30 years and have maintained a service agreement with them on all appliances. Requests for service had been very good until the last year. We have had issues with robo-calling multiple times dailey to renew service agreements, though none were expiring for over a year...

Sears Brands Delaware Ohio / refrigerator (Complaint)

Jeanette Feser Oct 11, 2018

appliances through Sears. The refrigerator and trash compactor were lemons from day one. We ended up purchasing the Sears Home Warranty through Cross Country after the manufacturers warranty was up. This refrigerator has had 3 motors replaced and on the 4th one, they said they would replace the refrigerator...

Canadian Tire / Yardworks Cordless Reel Lawnmower / it simply does not cut the grass properly! (Complaint Comment)

Winnifred Oct 11, 2018

thing though I had a Sears lawnmower for 28 years and never had a problem. As others state go to Home Depot. Rona. lowes anyone but Cdn Tire Will follow up in 2-3 weeks...

Sears Brands Bloomington California / kenmore washer (Complaint)

Bakesgreat Oct 10, 2018

purchased it at the Sears that is closing and under liquidation. What can I do?...

Sears Website Greensburg Indiana / pricing (Complaint)

ChristinePet Oct 10, 2018

For at least a few weeks Sears. com had advertised a 49 inch Samsung TV for $69. Obviously it was a mistake. It stayed up though so I decided I was going to order one. To make a long story short I talk to at least eight people, four of which I could not even understand. The first lady said I would get the TV at that price...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / tv repair/replacement unfulfilled (Complaint)

Matt Nemeth Oct 10, 2018

Sears tv repair/replacement unfulfilledbought the tv from (Sears). A day or two later, we reported our issue to Sears customer service. We were able to schedule an appointment with a Sears technician from a center located in Bridgville, Pa (about 35min from where I live). The technician came to our house the following week...

DRI AVG Technologies Minnetonka MN / unautherized purchase (Complaint)

Emily Acosta Oct 10, 2018

99 on my Sears Mastercard for computer software by AVG that I did not order. I suspect this may be an automatically generated renewal. I no longer use AVG. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE this purchase I would like to request an automated refund, an assurance that it does not happen again. Please remove this purchase as soon as possible Thank you, Emily Acosta...

Sears Outlet Lutz Florida / customer service & delivery (Complaint)

Jacob N Oct 10, 2018

We placed an order on 9/23/18 for a dishwasher and stove. On 10/05/18 we receive a call from Nick at the Pinellas park location lettings us know that they would be delivering our items on 10/06/18 between 1:30-3:30pm.

We got the old appliance unhooked and ready to be taken. We...

Sears Home Warranty Pittsburgh Pennsylvania / home warranty (Complaint)

Cathy Hoferka Oct 9, 2018

Hello I bought a home warranty for Sears last January. In June I called them because the icemaker in my LG refrigerator wasn't making ice. The tech came and I paid the $75. 00 fee and he ordered the ice maker. When the ice maker came in he came back and installed it. It worked for about a week and then stopped working...

Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665 Anniston Alabama / fire in control panel (Complaint Comment)

Robert Perrotti Oct 9, 2018

Want to know if Sears has any resolution on the control board, what made it burn up; is there anything to prevent this from happening in the future? Thanks...

Sears Home Services / refrigerator repair (Complaint)

AB7777 Oct 8, 2018

will need to go thru Sears. I called Sears to setup an appointment. I explained the situation to the man on the phone. He setup an appointment for 9/11. He also assured me that the tech would have the part on his truck. Tech shows up that morning and proceeds to sit in my driveway for a half hour talking on the phone...

Sears - Kenmore Albany New York / Light Stays On - Unsafe (Complaint Comment)

Jef Stehman Oct 8, 2018

board replaced, through Sears Home Services. Just getting the appointment is a whole other story, but they did come and then they charged me $212 for labor, even after I explained it was covered under the manufacturer warranty. Now I have been transferred 5 times and disconnected once, trying to get this resolved...

Sears Brands Keller Texas / dishwasher (Complaint)

Jacrobmat Oct 8, 2018

steel dishwasher from Sears maybe 7 years ago, my circles have also fallen off. Didn't think much of it till I started reading about this. I purchased the dishwasher since it had good reviews from Consumer Reports but a few years ago the buttons fell off. It's been a great dishwasher working. I'm selling my home so this has me worried...

Sears Brands / craftsman 2.25 ton floor jack (Complaint)

RickSDan Oct 8, 2018

convince myself to give Sears another $ of my hard earned money. This is the company that I buy (use to) all my car parts, tools, kids clothing, household goods (exercise equipment, appliances, beds, etc) and this is how they treat me...

LG Refrigerator / service and product (Complaint)

Cynthia E. Oct 6, 2018

purchased anything from Sears especially something this expensive. I agree with all the previous comments. I will never shop at Sears again...

Sears Master Protection Plan / service on refrigerator (Complaint Comment)

J. Choi Oct 5, 2018