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Sears Home Repair

Posted: Aug 24, 2017    Tariq Malik
I am extremely dissatisfied with the Sears Home Plan. I signed up for this after a repair on my GE fridge in August of 2016. The repair person from Sears recommended I take this warranty because it will save me 50% on that particular job which normally would be $500, and for all future calls I would be charged only $60...

Sears Hot Springs, AR

Posted: Aug 23, 2017    Joe 2
overall customer service failure
Turn Lawn mower from Sears. Local store had to order the one that I wanted that was on sale and it would be a week to deliver to store or two weeks to deliver to my house. I opted to pick it up at the store rather than wait. I picked up the lawn mower and checked it over and immediately began mowing my yard...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Aug 22, 2017    Peggy Lewis
customer service department
my son bought from sears in st Louis moms. Why am I contacts g you because he used our charge. We have been buying sears aplaince far over 40years. You have the worst customer service and not standing behind your products . what happened not the same company I knew. When you call you get someone you don't understand or from a different county...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Aug 22, 2017    TrishBarton
customer service department

Sears Home Services Jacksonville Florida

Posted: Aug 22, 2017    ccsteve
poor service, refund for unused part not received
On July 24, what I thought was a repairman came to fix my Kitchenaid stove because the oven had uneven heat distribution. The person who arrived was a diagnostician, not a repairman. He said the motherboard needed to be replaced, so he ordered one, charged me $488 for it, and set up an app...

Sears Brands

Posted: Aug 22, 2017    Karenlynnhart
They don't care
Used to always buy online. Unless I experienced a need in returning stuff. I was said I can come to any store and return, but it was a lie. They don't stand behind their products and sellers. The CS is always useless and they never hep. Don't even try to call them and explain. You know, no...

Sears Brands Cumberland Furnace

Posted: Aug 21, 2017    Judyeee
kenmore elite refrigerator
Today, 8/21/17, after repeated calls to Sears and them arguing with us that our refrigerator isn't still under warranty, we proved that it is! Then, reading the warranty to them over the phone, we finally (after having to talk to supervisors) convinced them that the problem was a refrigeration leak (covered) and it had already been diagnosed...

Kenmore Mt. Pleasant MI

Posted: Aug 21, 2017    Deanne & Robert Cochran
washer and dryer
heating element from Sears, put it in still doesn't heat up. Washer just stopped spinning, doesn't wash or spin out. Just fills up and drains. We bought Kenmore because we wanted the best, well this is NOT the best! They should last A Lot longer than this!! The washer did have a service on it right after we bought it for the same thing! Through Sears...

Sears Colorado Springs Colorado

Posted: Aug 18, 2017    Aw1
unethical behavior
mans name around the sears store. I would NEVER recommend any one to work for sears!...

Sears Brands

Posted: Aug 18, 2017    Donald Romines
Tired of them
Not that long ago I ordered the dryer from them and after 3 months of using it broke. I called them and scheduled a repair. That was important to me and I took a day off at work. In the morning they called and said that they have to reschedule. I was very angry because didn't offer anythin...

Sears Kenmore Cumberland Furnace

Posted: Aug 17, 2017    Judyeee
elite refrigerator
We purchased this refrigerator for our new home in 2012 and the ice dispenser stopped working right about 3 months ago. Then the refrigerator ' s temperature was too warm so, following the book's instructions, we turned the temperature down. But that didn't last long. The ice dispenser sto...

Whirlpool benton harbor michigan

Posted: Aug 17, 2017    Suzanne Woods
service for my new refrigerator
I had contacted Sears Scratch & Dent store in our area and was told they take off up to 40% off damaged items. So with this info I said I wanted $400. Jim W immediately said NO $250 was his max and informed me that they definitely would not replace the unit and if I insisted on this I would have to get an attorney to prove that his rep did the damage...

Leon's Furniture

Posted: Aug 17, 2017    Once Faithful
catalogue product misinformation
of the once almighty Sears. Happy trails Leon's. Enjoy fading out into obscurity. Truly' Once faithful...

Sears Outlet Stores Marietta Georgia

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Aug 16, 2017    Donna Gilman-Schmidt
sears outlet stores
KitchenAid refrigerator from Sears Outlet. I was told I would have a call within 10 days to schedule delivery. I called after 2. 5 weeks and got the run around for the next 2. 5 weeks. This is the worst customer service I have ever received. The fridge arrived today. It was not the fridge I ordered, is very beat up and will not get cold...

Sears Outlet Stores Marietta Georgia

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Aug 16, 2017    Donna Gilman-Schmidt
sears outlet stores
And, was your order from Sears or Sears Outlet? They are telling me that they are two separate companies??...

Sears Brands

Posted: Aug 15, 2017    Simon Jones
regarding delivery
I ordered an item from them. I was said they would deliver it on the next day in the evening. On the next day, they called me and said they were on their way. I wasn't at home because I expected to see them in the evening. And they canceled my delivery and asked me to choose another day ne...

Courtyard Marriott Fort Myers Florida

Posted: Aug 14, 2017    No Respect Hotel
shuttle service from fort myers airport
manager trainer for Sears Roebuck and in that capacity, I conducted over 2, 000 management seminars in all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. To say the least, my travels included every major airport in the country, hundreds of hotel stays including Marriott Hotels and hundreds and hundreds of hotel and rental car courtesy van rides...

Sears Brands Ledyard Connecticut

Posted: Aug 14, 2017    Richard Willette
kenmore 80 gallon water heater
they can go back to Sears and issue me a refund since they no longer sell 80 gallon water tanks. From all the sites with Sears complaints similar to mine and their untimely desire to satisfy just complaints, I'm afraid I am going to eat the cost of this water heater...

GE Appliances Plymouth Indiana

Posted: Aug 12, 2017    Dee Burgess
ge washing machine
The machine was purchased at a local Sears store. She has been told that a repair man will need to be brought in from Chicago to fix it. She waited all day for the repair man, she is 88 and home all day. Apparently the man knocked once and left a note. Again she is 88, it might take her a few minutes to get to the door! My current machine is 19 years old ! I have never had a repair...

Sears Brands Pooler Georgia

Posted: Aug 12, 2017    saltguy
sears service agreement
refrigerator we purchased at Sears. The refrigerator is two years old and it stopped cooling, I called Sears and the said it would be 15 days before they could have someone service it, This is ridiculous, so I can't cool anything for over two weeks? What is the point of a service warranty? I will spend a fourtune on dry ice - no wonder they are failing...

Sears Brands

Posted: Aug 11, 2017    Bryan Vegry
I purchased a new car battery that got out of order after 2 years.
The display says that it’s got a 3 yrs. warranty period and I was sure I could exchange the battery as it still was under it.
So I brought it to the store for replacement and I was said there was no warranty...

Sears Home Appliance Repair Houston Texas

Posted: Aug 10, 2017    Peeve Off58
customer service/failure to repair warranty whirlpool washer
Over a month ago I called into Sears Home Appliance Repair and I paid for an extended warranty on June 16, 2017 again after the first Warranty expired from 2016 on my Whirlpool Washer. They have been out Five times now to repair my Washer. The last time a month ago, and they have yet to repair it...

Sears Master Protection Agreement

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Aug 8, 2017    Kevin1414
sears master protection agreement is a joke
protection dumb move sears doesn't honor what they claim to provide in the agreement it's not a wonder why the whole company is swirling the drain can only hope they die fast before they rip more consumers off...

Sears Brands

Posted: Aug 8, 2017    vcrunk
laundry unit
We are at 6 but somehow Sears doesn't count all of them. Meanwhile we are without a washer still. Using a laundramat - NOTE: we live 45 minute from the nearest one. How do I get to someone who can actually help me other than just scheduling another service call or ordering another part?...

Sears Repairs Hollywood Florida

Posted: Aug 7, 2017    elevmom
into my wash room and Sears could care less. (This was the great repair job I got. ) I will never use them again and I am pissed I gave that guy $20. The best part is that I am going to sue them for the money it costs me to repair there damage...

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