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HSBC Holdings / such abysmal corporate culture, and customer service by hsbc bank managers in egypt. (Complaint)

shams eladalaigi Jun 09, 2019

As the Chief Executive of HSBC Bank Egypt, I am sure you are aware that 90 million of the 100 million citizens of Egypt are living below the breadline. Would you please confirm that this $2000 condition/policy to open an HSBC account in Egypt is a corporate policy that you are aware of? Condon? And is also approved by your leadership team? It would be great to find out that such policy exist so that I can share with the World that HSBC provides "a regal service to the elite" and if you are a peasant or a riff raff then please go and open an account with Western Union if you wish to transfer money to your less fortunate ill-health relatives! One of my cousins managed to borrow the sum of $2000 US dollars to open the HSBC account and the other cousin did not have the financial support from his friends and family! I have set up this account as one of my payee to enable me to transfer the money they require for their medication...

Banque Saudi Fransi / transfer fund more than 10 day havent receive (Complaint)

limyongfeng May 07, 2019

Banque Saudi Fransi transfer fund more than 10 day havent receiveat the 26/4/2019 at my hongkong company
nuobote trade co limited
amount:usd 50997.45
transfer id:hk126049HN569243

tranfer account number:[protected]
iban no:sa-5655000000096678100262
name:mobarak mohd al utaibi est for cont<...

Societe Generale / fund transfer of gbp 69975 not done (Complaint)

Khatri Mukesh Mar 28, 2019

Gbp 69975 was transferred by hsbc bank london to societe generale on 06. 03. 2019 vide ref. No. Gbs06039ar60adxc date 06. 03. 2019. Till date amount is not credited to beneficiary's account. Nobody is replying our emails in india office of societe general. Kindly help to trace the fund or send back the money to sender...

HSBC Holdings / unauthorized credit card charges (Complaint)

axio Mar 20, 2019

HSBC Holdings unauthorized credit card chargesDear sir,

I have applied green card lottery, and submitted my personal details and paied $15 payment. After youre agent call me and request my credit card details. I think that is my fault. I give him to my card no and cvv no after he asked me some questions but i'm not hea...

HSBC Malaysia Credit Card / hsbc malaysia customer service for credit card (Complaint Comment)

BavaniTommy Mar 07, 2019

Oh Man... Went thru all above comments and im surprised how HSBC works. ???? HSBC Credit card dept Manager : Are you guys seriously doing your job? or just shaking leg and doing nothing? Do you think your customer very free like you all ? We are not using your services for free and better ...

HSBC Holdings / unauthorised transaction on card no [protected] (Complaint)

Angie1980 Jan 26, 2019

My HSBC credit card had been aunthorised transaction on 14th Oct, I called HSBC directly to cancel the card immediately when this transaction happen and they refunded me that amount on November after I fill in the dispute form.
However on January, HSBC sent me letter said that the m...

HSBC Holdings Miami Beach Florida / on hold for one hour and 14 minutes!!! (Complaint Comment)

Lilia Montero Jan 02, 2019

Don't even think of using this bank. HSBC Just had a terrible customer service experience. I have been on hold over an hour--way over. This is unacceptable. And this is the fourth time I have been on hold I wanted to do the right thing and I was unable to resolve the issue although I tried...

HSBC Holdings Miami Beach Florida / on hold for one hour and 14 minutes!!! (Complaint)

Lilia Montero Jan 02, 2019

I applied for a credit card and was approved. There was a security issue with the card and so it was blocked. I started calling last Friday to resolve the issue. I was on hold for over 30 minutes so I figured I called at a bad time. I tried three other times at different times and I have y...

World Express Courier Service Delhi / parcel hold (Complaint Comment)

john nongbri Dec 08, 2018

The same mail i received from HSBC Bank even i got the same reference code and everything...

HSBC Holdings Flushing Michigan / service (Complaint)

Anabel Oxford Dec 04, 2018

HSBC Is literally garbage, they don't take customers ad priority, they just let the customers wait in line for a while and just leave them hanging. This is literally the most annoying bank I've ever been too. When a customer comes in to answer a question the lady lietally just stares at th...

World Express Courier Service Delhi / parcel hold (Complaint Comment)

libra strength Nov 30, 2018

The same routine HSBC Bank Cover reference WORLD EXPRESS COURIER UK ETC ETC . Mrs. Elizabeth chiong. Cover reference . Mr. Flint etc etc . I am intiamte dto contact ms. Chong. Since i was cautious i intimated her NOT TO ASK any advance payments towards courier charges etc. So i am saved. SCAM SCAM SCAM...

Regions Bank Birmingham Alabama / international payments not passed to recipients bank account (Complaint)

tim feeney Nov 15, 2018

Personal Bank details: HSBC Bank, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. United Kingdom Sort Code 40-08-10 Acc No [protected] Acc Holder TJ&CD Feeney...

Najm One / Majid Al Futtaim Finance / payments not credited to my credit card [protected] (Complaint)

Rakesh G Choudhary Nov 12, 2018

Najm One / Majid Al Futtaim Finance payments not credited to my credit card 4582097101216012NAJM call centre and HSBC bank for confirming on these transactions. However HSBC has confirmed even today that the transactions have been successful and credited to NAJM. Refer confirmation from HSBC in enclosed png file. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr...

Najm Credit Card dubai / Najm credit card (Complaint Comment)

Rakesh G Choudhary Nov 12, 2018

I had made payment to NAJM via internet transfer (two different amounts) from my Bank (HSBC) on 15th Sept 2018, however even as on date i.e. 12th Nov 2018, NAJM has continuously denied of having received these amounts, where on the other hand my Bank has provided all proofs of this success...

HSBC Holdings New delhi / add on credit card (Complaint)

Sandyshar Nov 11, 2018

Dear sir /mam...m nt sure when m writing this complaint if it will be addressed or even looked into, however this is to draw ur attention towards the kind of pathetic activity/lies, the third party vendor for HSBC is engaged into.i gt my HSBC card and was very happy abt it when I was stayi...

World Express Courier Service Delhi / parcel hold (Complaint Comment)

Patel Karan H. Oct 23, 2018

Mr John Flint from HSBC BANK LONDON. Moreover the above mention reference code was same with me...

HSBC Malaysia kuala lumpur / credit card dept (Complaint)

Ben Firdaus Oct 15, 2018

The worst bank in Malaysia. They made me wait 4 months just to increase a credit card limit. Surprisingly, after i spoke with the dept Lead today, they rejected my wife application in less than one hour. We were asked to provide them payslips whenever we spoke to different agents. They eve...

World Express Courier Service Delhi / parcel hold (Complaint Comment)

Abemo Oct 11, 2018

the same HSBC BANK . they sre frauds do not give away money... Bradford England, West Yorkshire / products (Complaint)

Chance Kalolokesya Oct 04, 2018

Today on 04/10/18, I opened my account to start buying items from through google play. I successfully got my bonus product using the same details on my visa debit card. later I chose four items to buy but when it came to payment the process could not be completed. After several at...

HSBC Holdings Lagos / money I needed to receive (Complaint)

Dickson Everbest Oct 01, 2018

HSBC Holdings money I needed to receiveAm douglas, my foreign partner name linda woodward, deposited some funds into her personal account in uk, meanwhile the money is to be sent to me, she gave me all her bank details and the details of the bank she deposited the money 76 acre ln, london, sw2 5sg. United kingdom +44 [protected...

Carrefour Calais, France / unauthorised charge on my revolut card (Complaint)

PixieLawrie Sep 15, 2018

Carrefour unauthorised charge on my revolut cardHi There,

So I am hoping this should be an easy issue to resolve, however, I didn't know how to email the Shopping outlet directly as my French isn't strong enough.

Yesterday I was in Carrefour, in Calais, France - at the "Ceour de Vie" Market. I had29.70 Euros w...

Hang Seng Hong Kong / incorrect cash transfer and non return of the monies (Complaint)

Teamkes Sep 05, 2018

Limited - they contacted HSBC bank manager in Walton on Thames who informed New Groove that the money had been deposited in another of their clients accounts bank manager name Konrad Krasowski. He has removed the monies after the recipient agreed to allow. I issued a Application for Refund in May with Hang Seng Hong Kong I have now chased 10 times but I have never received the money back and it remains sitting in HSBS UK awaiting instruction which they insist they have not yet received...

Foreign Operations Remittance Deptt, HSBC, London LONDON England, Greater London / lottery fraud (Complaint Comment)

Kevin Schneider Aug 11, 2018

Finance Bank of England HSBC Bank Plc and United Kingdom Inland Revenue gathered some meeting concerning how winning fund prize will be released into your designated bank account in your country without further delay since we’re in the Ending of the year 2018 and it’s now due to be released as the said funds belongs to you...

Standard Chartered Bank / opening bank account (Complaint)

Ezani Amir Aug 01, 2018

Went to Standard Chartered to open an account, I agree when they are asking to check our salary and all other details to ensure they serve certain level of people.

I've been told that the account will be ready after 5 days and the insist I need to bank in BHD 20 which I did at...

Citibank / wire transfer (Complaint)

Stefan Simkovics Jul 30, 2018

My name is Stefan Simkovics and have an account with HSBC in the US. I completed an online wire transfer from the US to MEINL Bank in Vienna/ Austria. After 3 weeks, endless mail and chats, the transferred funds reappeared back on my US Account. Reason: Citibank which is the Bank to proces...