I have had many problems with many employees at the 7-Eleven down the block from my house. Every time I walk into the store they stare at me follow me around and I feel that they profile me as some sort of hoodlum not to mention the racial slurs that they have sent towards me very discreetly many times !! I am getting sick of it I go in there every day and every night I spend literally hundreds of dollars in there and I can prove it because I use a card every single time and I want something to be done about this especially what I am about to show you. What is most disturbing and unsettling is that I have reported this before and the owner got in touch with me and did absolutely nothing about it he told me that it was because his employee had something wrong with his hand that made him not able to control his hand gestures if so then why would he be working at a counter at 7-Eleven. This was not even towards me it was actually towards my fiance because we went in at one night and she got singled out as I do all the time and the Roundup getting into a confrontation over it and she was humiliated and verbally abused so if there is not something done about this soon I will make sure I try my hardest two make something be done!!! 7-Eleven 10314 Victory Boulevard and Bradley Avenue


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