5/3 Bank (Fifth 3rd Bank)overdraft fees

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1. On 9/05/08 I had balance of 85.34 in checking account (pretty low i know does not happen often)

2. on 9/06/08 I deposited a check in the amount of 551.99 (I was aware that only 100.00 would be available immediatley giving me a balance of 185.34)

3. on 9/09/08 when I checked my balance in the morning because I knew I cut it close and had some debits pending from my check card, my available balance was 449.73 however I noticed an overdraft alert (I clicked on the alert however system told me data was not available yet please check later)

4. Now here is where it starts getting great -- a bogus "internet check" was cleared thru my account putting me overdrawn on my account. I did the math since everything was listed and my last 2 debits from my check card from Starbucks put me over my limit. So now theoretically these 2.00 cups of coffee I had purchased 4 days ago with my check card are now going to cost me 39.00 each (2.00 + 37.00 overdraft for each cup of coffee). Well I was upset but knew hands down the internet check was bogus and did not see any reason I would not win the dispute.
A. Internet check had invalid routing number (I went online and checked with CHECKCOMPOSER.COM and routing number does not exist (ended up it was old routing number from old bank before it was bought out by 5th third bank probably close to 10 years ago))
B. Check number was not even remotely close to my current check numbers.
C. Name on check was mine however address was Hendon Road in Hartford CT. I have never been to conneticut and Hendon Road does not exist in Hartford CT. (I called the police in Hartford and confirmed this was a bogus address).

5. It gets better -- So now I go to that Starbucks place and purchase coffee and a breakfast sandwich and put it on my dreaded check card (remember I just checked my available balance and it was 449.73) thus I new I had plenty to cover this purchase. Then went to the bank filled out 5 page form to dispute charge and went to work. Well the next day went back online to check on my accout out of curiosity and also look at my overdraft notice and behold this 74.00 overdraft was now 148.00!!! The ### took my 5.18 purchase that I had made the previous morning for my coffee and sandwich added it to my debits which had already posted and now instead of my last to debits being overlimit my last four debits were overlimit so they could tack on another 74.00!! One last note -- My overdraft notice is dated 9/09/08 however this 5.18 they added to the overdraft did not even post to my account until the morning of 9/11/08 It's unbelievable

To date it's going on for close to 5 weeks. I've had to close my old checking account, open a new one, I am still waiting for new checks to be delivered to me (3x i've requested new checks still not have received them) and have had to contact credit card company, cable company, health insurace company etc. All of which I explained that I had to close my account open new account and the # only gave me 6 checks to hold me over until they get new checks to me. I've had to do some online banking to pay some of these bills until I get my checks. 148.00 is not going to break me however it is a matter of principle — I will get my money and run


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    closeyouraccount Aug 31, 2009

    Your not alone please cut and paste your blog post here.

    I am looking to start a class action law suit but need your story http://closeyourbankaccount.blogspot.com/

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    Seymore Buttes Aug 31, 2010

    After reading your complaint. You are playing the floating game. I am not affiliated with 5/3 other then being a customer. Of course they have fees, they are in business to MAKE money. You "assumed" that the money would be available and ready for use. You spent before you had. So, slamming a bank for unfair business ethics, let's look at you first. By the statement "I normally, don't have such a low balance." I say BS. You float between each check hoping not to get caught by your short curlies. You got nailed, and it cost you. Teach you a little tip. Bump your account by 100.00 and forget it's there. Then you will have the finances available. Remember, you are the one making the banks rich, not them "ripping" you off. Why do I know? Because I once did the same thing.. Blamed the world, these fees wouldn't exists if people banked with ethics. When ethics left, the fees started piling up. My parents had a min. balance between 500-1000. I never EVER heard them complain about their bank

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