Zooskfraudulently obtained money from me


Charge showed up on my paypal. I did not authorize it. Contacted their support, told them of the situation. They said they would cancel and refund my money. This was three weeks ago. So far:
Account IS cancelled, if one tries to access it, it gives this msg:

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HOWEVER, the money has never been refunded to me. I believe they are a company simply stealing identities and monies through a dating scam website that is linked very closely with facebook, who has been in the news recently for their absolute lack of concern for the privacy of THEIR members.
I strongly warn ANYONE against even clicking on links on facebook that have this in them, because through this they obtained personal information and used it to steal money from me. I am in the process of retaining legal counsel and have contacted the state attorney general's office in my state as well as the better business bureau. This is a HUGE fraud and rip-off.


  • T
      Jun 15, 2010

    How did they get your paypal information to charge you?

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  • G
      Aug 13, 2010

    I agree, I wish I would have seen this yesterday because I just signed up for a month of Zoosk and I got two charges on my credit card yesterday, one for Zoosk dating in the US and the other from Zoosk EXCORT service in LONDON. The thing that bothers me is there is not even a phone number to contact this place!

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  • J
      Nov 15, 2010

    Zoosk charges also appeared on my debit card. I've never signed up or had any privious contact with Zoosk. Card has been cancelled. Zoosk, go to jail. did the same thing in the same time frame. I fear they have planted spy software. I believe I need to cancel all of my cards and desatroy my conputer. Zoosk.. eat dirt.

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  • L
      Jan 25, 2011

    Same thing with me I signed up for one month they keep charging me! Now they just keep showing up all over my computer and wont stop charging me I have unsubscribed atleast 10 times!

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  • B
      Apr 06, 2011

    i just checked my bank account the smorning. there was a charge for $82 that was not suppose to be charged for zoosk dating. i, m married and me or my husband have NEVER signed up for this site. they need to be shut down. i tried contacting them and reporting it but had no number known ever for customer support. it has not only stole money from us but caused issues for our marriage for a "dating" site to show up our bank statement! zoosk- burn in hell.!! i will get to the bottom of this. if any one has a number for them please post so others can contact them.

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  • B
      Apr 06, 2011

    thanks but that number doesnt work. i needed a breathing body!!

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  • A
      Apr 11, 2011

    i agree they are big ripp offs they chared me 2 times for 6 months and thiers no contact phone number

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  • M
      Jun 20, 2011

    I was taken also by these people and I want to know what is the process for resolving this issue. Any suggestions would help. [protected]

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  • L
      Aug 17, 2011


    Cann your bank's customer fraud protection unit. Some banks will cover you up to 100% of any unauthorized charges against your card. Advise the fraud analyst of the situation. They will need to close your Visa debit card to stop the reaccuring gharges. Then they will transfer you over to claims to get your money back. I have an account with Bank of America, and the whole process was hassle free. Hope this helps!

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  • L
      Nov 18, 2011

    Somebody need to find the Zoosh scam artist and wack them. I wonder why the authority are doing anything to throw the dirty dogs in jail. They are just robbing people blindly. I`m done with all the dating site, I will go back to the bars scene. I used to get lucky at bars than this fraudulent dating sites.

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  • K
      Aug 21, 2017

    Have you been cheated by a compan or con artist ?? Fight back hard to recover funds lost to scammers or any scam related activity. I'll put you through to the ethical hackers that helped me katiecor44 (at) gmail (dot). It's one word gmail account trying to avoid spamming at the same time I feel obliged to expose these scammers

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