Zooskdating site

D Jul 05, 2019

I met a man on zoosk dating site. Having never used a dating site before I guess I was blind to the fact that a predator could be on the site. I met this person and we were in constant communication for over a month. We became pretty close and mentioned he ran into some financial difficulties so I said I would loan him money. Needless to say I never suspected he was a scammer. After reading up on these type scams I realized he had all the traits of a scammer. I'm a widow with a limited income and he took all the money I had saved which was $2250. I know I will never be able to recover these funds but need to report this individual. Now he had photos and personal documents on someone by the name of Thomas Miller. I presume he had stolen this individual's identity. He said he was from Plainfield, NJ. Please let me what I can do to help stop this individual before he preys on another woman. I will never use another dating site, this totally destroyed me financially. I know to most people that amount of money isn't much but to me it was everything I had.

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