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Oct 27, 2017

Zoosk - dating site

I was a member active on the dating app. in 2014. I have not been online there since Dec. 2014 however just recently I was reviewing transactions on my Visa and have been charged a minimum of 4 times in June 2017, Sept, and Oct. 2017
The site offers services at $29.95 monthly but as my Visa account was charged random amounts not consistent with the Zoosk terms. If it was not FRAUD then clearly the billings would have the same denomination transactions.
There's no number emails or contact information provided to get this resolved nor can I even log into the site because this was terminated so long ago.
How the hell can I be considered responsible for these bogus charges and where do I need to file to get my money returned, its unethical and illegal to charge my account for a terminated service.
I was a victim of fraud in 2015 and am concerned that this might someway be related since my entire account history including the credit cards and email address, have been changed.
Please advise me further if there's something I can do.

Zoosk - change my location

I live in Newmarket-Ontario Canada Zoosk is showing men from Portugal I am in Newmarket Ontario Canada Therefore I need you to change my location. As I tried many times and no success...I want to...

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Zoosk - fraud user

There is some one that connected with me don't remember his user name but we've been emailing back and forth for about 2 weeks. I think he took his profile off right away. He claimed he lived in staten island and worked in manhattan. Said he was 54 and widowed. I believed him but some of his emails he just repeated the same info ad if he was copying it from somewhere. I still believed he ws true. I had given him my phone # so he could text me and friday night he did. We texted a few msgs and then saturday called me but I was working. I text him after my shift and sd I jst got done working. He called me twice yesterday but missed both calls cz I was working again. He called again after I got home and finally spoke. He asked if I would be his girlfriend which was odd but I sd I guess and then a few mins later says he's in california at the moment won't be no to new york till thurs and then asks me to loan him $500 and to put him in his acct... Right there. Red flag... I told I didn't have it. Then a few mins later asked again and I sd no.. Then stopped talking told him I ws tired.. Then he couldn't really hear me and I hung up.. Then be tried calling me no but I shut my phone off. I turned it bk on abt 1/2 hr later and he sd.. Did I hang up on him and I didn't answer.

Zoosk - cancellation

To whom it may concern, This is a brief email in relation to my account with you. I have not logged on to the account since June to which I thought I had deactivated on my mobile device and...

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Zoosk - fraudulently obtained money from me

i have been member on Zooks date service and this is no the first time that my membership get cancelled long before the time I just renew the online date membership less than a week ago and...

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Sep 06, 2017

Zoosk - I would not recommend using zoosk

This site is not better and not worse than the others from this sphere, but more often than on other sites I was hacked. At least 3 times and for the third time my profile was blocked by their administration as they said for my own safety. They promised to refund. Ok, smarties, but how am I supposed to use your website then and how am I to talk to my friends I found through your service? There's surely a way, but do I have to do it? Maybe you will just do me a favor and unblock me, huh?

Aug 31, 2017

Zoosk - Lack of customer service

I honestly don't know where to begin. Their subscription is not free and I paid for it, but that's all. No serviсe, no benefits for subscribers. What's the point of it then? Tried to phone customer service, but there's no help. I think I pissed them off with tons of my requests. No one answers anyway. Maybe there's something wrong with my account, why they don't just check it? If not, then please do a favor and return my money!

Aug 30, 2017

Zoosk - zoosk credit card charge 30/08/2017

I have been charged 25 GBP today from Zoosk company.
The payment was not authorised by me neither the subscription renewal in Zoosk. I would like a full refund of the charged amount - 25 GBP.

I have already deactivated my account from the portal, which I was not even using. I have subscribed to it in May 2016 for 2 month period and haven't requested any renewal. I do not understand why after 1, 5 year the company has charged me again.
My account name was: Mon and my e-mail: monha87gmail.com.
I have sent an e-mail to [protected]@zoosk.com.

Zoosk - online dating scam

Around June 2017, I was connected hit from Nyland Jonas on Zoosk website. Born in Oslo Norway/ Good looking gentleman in his 50's. Asked my to invite him on FB immediately, claimed he had found the...

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Zoosk - credit card charge 18/8/2017

Hi, I just got an email saying you had deducted via paypal $82.45 subscription, which I definitely did not authorize. I would like a full refund please. I was shocked to see this and it was definitely not me!.

This was the transaction - cut and paste
My membership name is jayne-marie dale
Ph [protected]
Transaction id: o-02h13823eg179513r
Dear jayne-marie dale,

You submitted an order amounting to $82.45 aud to zoosk inc
Your account will be charged when zoosk inc processes your payment. You may receive further emails when they do.

To view full transaction details, please log in to your paypal account.
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

Zoosk inc
Your instructions to the seller
None given.

Description unit price qty amount

Item number $82.45 aud 1 $82.45 aud
Subtotal $82.45 aud
Total $82.45 aud
Payment sent to [protected]@zoosk. C

Zoosk - catfishing

Dennis Carey is a professional scammer catfishes. He admitted to not being him, stole this poor mans pasdport, hacked my account, deactivated it, stole all my photos, created emotional trauma...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Zoosk - scammer on zoosk

I met David Wayne Brooks on Zoosk on June 11, 2017. We immediately went to texting and talking on the phone. Connected spiritually, and we're talking about a life together b4 meeting. He said he was in a car accident, owned an orphanage in Vietnam and his leader there had an emergency - his son in Kansas was in an accident with his family and needed $ to out the 6 yr old thru surgery. He couldn't get to his bank so I transferred $20k to 2 bank accounts. I suspect I will never see the reimbursement or meet this man. He has an accent...Russian?? I am still keeping him close until I know what to do. Please help!

Zoosk - refund

I joined Zoosk June 1, 2017, but within the three (3)-day trial time period I decided it was not for me. I immediately contacted Zoosk Customer Service on June 3, 2017 and cancelled my membership and...

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Zoosk - unauthorized credit card charges

I cancelled subscription towards Zoosk a few months ago and none payments were made since then, all of a sudden on 28 June 2017 they took approx R1800 from my credit card without my approval or...

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Zoosk - unwanted connections!

Zoosk keeps sending messages to men to connect them me . Example: Sending them a wink, sending them messages in French, sending them little introduction messages. I sent none of these but the men think that they are from me!!! Stop it!
I want this to stop immediately!
This is creating extra time from me to explain the mistake to these men!
Help me!

Zoosk - my account was hacked

Well i was on line for a short time sunday when all of a sudden another woman was on my profile a Caucasian woman im Afro-American and she change my password started sending disturbing things to my...

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Zoosk - cancellation renewal and did not ask for premium account

I cancelled the renewal of the subscription on 26th April 2017 which is before my renewal date of 1st May 2017. I have received confirmation that my subscription is cancelled, but two payments have already been made from account on Friday 5 May 2017 for 74.95 for the renewal for 6 months to which has been confirmed and on 7th May the premium amount for 59.95.
I have requested for the money to be returned into my account as I am struggling to pay bills. This is the truth. I have found a lady that I am seeing and I will not be resubscribing or activating my zoosk account. Please as per US Consumer law like here in Australia there are consequences for being unreasonable. I am not asking for much. Zoosk was a good site, but I do not require your service other than the return of the money as I am struggling. Please return $134.90 to my account ASAP.

A copy of what was sent.
On [protected] Hi David,

Your account was successfully deactivated and your profile will no longer appear on Zoosk. You can reactivate your account at any time.

Reactivate Account

On 7th May 2017
Hi David,

Your Zoosk subscription has been cancelled.

You will not be billed for any further subscription renewals, but will continue to receive access to your subscription benefits, including the ability to message and chat with other subscribers, until your current subscription period expires on 05/06/2017. After your subscription expires you'll still have access to your account as a free member.
Ponnanna at Zoosk, May 4, 19:32 PDT:
Hi David,

Thank you for contacting Zoosk Customer Support.

We appreciate your time as a Subscriber. Our records indicate that your Subscription has been canceled successfully. The Subscription will no longer renew and no further Subscription charges will be applied. As long as you do not deactivate your profile, you will have access to your Subscriber features until the Subscription expires at the end of your billing cycle. If you choose to deactivate your account before your Subscription benefits expire, please keep in mind that you will forfeit any time you have left on your Subscription without a refund.

***If you wish to resubscribe within the next 30 days, please use the following promo code at the time of purchase to receive a 50% discount: be8vytu2

Please be sure to only use promo codes offered directly by Zoosk. Also please note that promo codes are valid for credit card payments only.

We hope that you enjoyed using Zoosk!

Best regards,

Zoosk Customer Support

For additional tips and information about safe online dating, please review our Online Dating Safety Tips by visiting www.zoosk.com/safety.php
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David Woods, May 4, 19:30 PDT:
There are two pending subscription renewals which I have not asked for and I would like to ensure that no money is withdrawn from the card that is linked to the account please. There is a subscription fee of $79.95 and a $59 one that are both pending please cancel all. Thankyou. I would like to receive an email of the cancellation. Kind regards

I fully agree, they took off R1800 from my credit card account without my knowledge or agreement. I cancelled subscription many months ago.

Apr 27, 2017

Zoosk - inappropriate behavior by members

My profile name is Yasmine and I "enrolled" with Zoosk on April 6, 2017. On April 26, 2017, someone with the following details contacted me using a "wink" and an exposed penis as a profile photo. I...

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Zoosk - unauthorized transaction on my account from this site

Someone purchased a monthly subscription on zoosk using my paypal account and email address and it was not me. This is completely unauthorized, I do not even use this site and definitely did not...

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Zoosk - zoosk subscription

Hi. I was a previous Zoosk account holder and a few months ago I cancelled my subscription and deactivated my account, I have since been charged twice from my account for Zoosk services which I had cancelled, today I logged back in and reactivated my account so I could go in to check and see if my subscription was cancelled and it says it is YET I am still being charged. I would like this situation rectified immediately as I have followed all your online Instructions to cancel it and you are still taking my money so I'd like you to remove my details and a refund of both payments as you will be able to see my account has been deactivated and not used I the time the payments were taken from you.

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