Zaxby'spoor customer service


On Oct 12 @ 1:35pm I arrived waiting in the Drive thru line. I saw that the line ahead of me was moving. Then it stopped. I was waiting for 12 minutes in same spot. Finally @ 1:47 I call the establishment asking if there is an issue inside. She asked me why I told her I was waiting in line. Then the phone hung up. (I totally am a patient person if there is communication stating they were busy. However that is not how a employee of yours handled the situation. Which at that point pissed me off!) The car in front of me was moving out of Drive thru and parked. I pulled up. They made me aware at the speaker that the computers are frozen. I asked if they were working inside she had said yes. I went to park and go inside. Soon as I do I am behind someone placing an order. All of a sudden your staff stops the Customer mid-sentence and states the computers are all frozen. They are unable to place an Order or place any transactions.

At that point I go to the front to one of your servers ask for the Managers name and contact information and let them know I have worked in Customer Service/ Hospitality for 15 years and that whoever answered the phone had no customer service and hung the phone up on me. She understood and wrote down the GM Name (Joe). As well as the first name of the Owner (Tom and his personal number). (I have worked on the side having to deal with Customers. However you always show people respect and the best customer service. ) I was not treated like that in any way from the person who answered that phone.

I would like to be contacted for this situation. I eat there several times a week. Since my place of employment is literally a minute away. I like eating there do to the freshness. I believe with unknown circumstances employees are to make customers aware of situation and ask for their patience . Communication is Very Important.

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