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YouTube review: Fraudulent videos and promotions - under the guise of ripple labs

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I was watching a "live" Ripple broadcast (I supposed) and there was a website attached running a promotion and I interacted after participating in the chat. I sent arp to the site and of course realized later that there were issues that Ripple had with YouTube over their company being used fraudulently to take money from actual Ripple customers.

I'm watching YET ANOTHER one of those videos tonight so WHY in the technocracy you are running...can you not see this fraud and take it down? They use sites like and event2021 .

You are not a novice company and can easily detect such criminals. They are not just putting out false information. They are actually taking XRP from committed investors.

It's obviously continuing, but you would immediately delete or take down "hate speech" or other ideologically opposed words or videos!

So what's keeping you from taking these down? Maybe there's a conflict of interest or maybe collaboration. Who knows.
I am disgusted with your obvious lack of fairness across the board. I look forward to launching my own opinions on this on YouTube soon and let's see how quickly you respond then

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