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my youtube channel audrey kitty

The comments are disabled by youtube on my videos but there are no children or minors in my videos! Even my videos of my cats and my college karate class video have the comments disabled. I'm really sick of this and would like it to be fixed. Reenabling it manually doesnt work either, and I've tried multiple times to enable comments but when I save and go to the video, comments are still disabled, and I go back to enable and see its disabled but clicked enable comments never works no matter how many times I do it. Also, some of my videos are age restricted which I dont understand since it's just my feet and my cats. I would appreciate some feed back and help to resolve this.

you tube video encouraging speeding on roads in a country where speeding kills hundreds


This youtuber spreads out encouragement for speeding on the roads, breaks any rule for safe driving. I am a Turkish American, in Turkey every summer hundreds of people die on traffic accidents due to drivers like this person. I strongly encourage your company to investigate this and ban the channel.

My name is Sancar Eke MD FASN, can reach me at [protected]


yeah so what's up with all these ads? Every single video I watch I watch 2 ads, then try to go onto my next video and have to watch 2 MORE ADS. YouTube, stop letting everybody puts ads to everything and more importantly YOU stop putting so many ads. I'm really thinking about deleting YouTube (I've had it for 5 years now) and that sucks because I really enjoy watching my videos and not being interrupted by random [censored] my entire time. Ruins my experience on your platform.

ads of alcohol to be a miner

Friday August 2 2019
A dam ad of Jack Daniel's twice in a row being advertised to me! Even though my account has my age 19 i'm not at all 21! So why is this bing played to me? It's highly inappropriate. Even though there is coke zero in the ad. The ad is labeled by the Jack Daniel's company. The first time it played I reported it as inappropriate. Then the next ad I get is is the same alcohol ad! Why is your company playing adult beverage ads to miners?! I was also watching a video more targeted for kids about kids products. Please repair this ad viewership it is bad for your company and young audiences.

If you want to contact me about this please call [protected] my name is Lois. Claire. V

ads of alcohol to be a miner
ads of alcohol to be a miner
ads of alcohol to be a miner
ads of alcohol to be a miner

content that has been put on this morning titus mathew

This morning i have been harassed by a individual/group saying they would upload a video of mine that has been hacked from my phone.
They have asked for money from me and have posted it in the name of TITUS MATHEW JERKING OFF SCANDAL.

i had reported it as a sexual content, but im afraid if it will get uploaded again in future. Please look into this and i wuld like to hear back from you .

Hoping you could resolve this..

Thanks and Regards

Titus Mathew

advertisement for good boys

There is an advertisement for a new film called good boys appearing before video clips accesable by my children ie computer gaming, cars ect which I think is highly innapropriate. The advert shows pretty much how to type porn into a search engine, shows the actors playing in a sex swing and they are told it is a sex swing, another add shows them holding sex toys and asking what Anal beads are. My kids are 5 and 12 and youtube has exposed them to this and I am extremely dissapointed and angry. I am expecting questions that I dont think I can answer to a child. Please review the advert immediatly and have it shown where appropriate if that is even possible?

mighty oaks foundation ad removed for "christian" search keyword, "muslim" not removed

Youtube is continuing to demonstrate bias and suppression toward Christian people and businesses. The Mighty Oaks Foundation ad was removed for "unacceptable" content, because they used a search keyword of "Christian". When resubmitted with the word "Muslim", they were not censored.
I am not complaining about the acceptance of Muslim. All religious keywords should be allowed equally. Google linked businesses are very anti-Christian.

[Resolved] mobile payment charge

Although I have no recollection of this, according to a company called PM Connect running a service called 3Pointer.TV, on 22/05/2019 20:44:01 I unknowingly subscribed to a premium mobile service by clicking/tapping twice on one of their advertisements placed in a YouTube video:

This has cost me £36.00 which I am trying to recover. I understand that YouTube derives income from advertising, but if these practises are allowed to continue, I can assure you I won't be using it anymore.

  • Resolution Statement


video recommendations

Dear Sir/Madam:

During the period that I used YouTube with the email address [protected], in many cases I saw video suggestions that was not proper for a male audience, I saw a recommendations like "Dating advice for women".In the setting section my gmail account I entered my gender identity as a male, and I can also provide you governmental, and even medical confirmation that I am a male, but I still receive similar recommendations.I think it is a sexual abuse to put videos that are designed for opposite sex.

  • Updated by Babak Azmi · Jul 26, 2019

    I am not sure if Google has direct access to the Gmail accounts that are designed for university access, but I think you can at least make modifications, and corrections indirectly by contacting the people behind these video suggestions.

allowing pro russian and pro chinese advertising propaganda / election interference propaganda

I am very disturbed seeing that YouTube is allowing this pro Russia / pro China propaganda newspaper "The Epoch Times" to purchase advertising space. Why is YouTube not preventing this and investigating who is buying ad space? Particularly in this time where an adversarial country(ies) is trying to invade our election processes. It's disgusting. I am very likely going to report this to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Federal Communications Commission. What will YouTube not do to make a dollar. Disgusting. Please reply to this complaint otherwise I will assume it is ending up in the garbage with your other legitimate complaints.

allowing pro russian and pro chinese advertising propaganda / election interference propaganda


This is making me so infuriated this is not the first time I have seen this and if people are paying to be trending on YouTube then I think that classes as blackmail and is illegal.
I am angry that videos shown in the top of the trending list are not the one's with the most popular views my favourite rapper NF has 250, 000 views on his song Change which is more than Boris Johnson's video and his song is amazing and should be in the top trending it isn't even listed what a disgrace. Sort it out. No excuses.
Send message to top boss of YouTube

kim iversen video not available

As a recent follower of Kim Iversen I can attest to the integrity of her stance on the issues about which she has expressed concern. Today, Youtube's politically motivated "video not available" of her views on "Why Did These Progressives Vote To Condemn The BDS Movement?" is a blatant example of suppression of free speech on matters dealing with the behavior of the government of Israel toward Palestinians. Like our cowardly political representatives, Youtube apparently has sided with oppression instead of free speech and justice.

political disinformation advertising on youtube

I am concerned about the increase of political dis-information advertising on YouTube. I am seeing more highly-politicized, right wing fringe group advertising cropping up. When I choose to play a video, more often than in the past, the advertisements that come up have been aggressive right-wing campaigns on the healthcare debate, and inappropriate disinformation about Trump's political problems. I find this extremely offensive. I expect I am not the only one that is highly concerned about this. It can't be in YouTube's best interest. This type of advertising/misinformation is not in my interest or in the interest of the American public at large. YouTube continuing to accept this kind of advertising is a dealbreaker for me. Responsible public companies do not accept these kinds of revenues.

youtube recommendations

Youtube will constantly recommend videos that mostly appear on the trending tab; sports, politics, etc. Despite me never watching anything related (I've checked my history), they keep recommending them and no matter how many times I click not interested or "don't recommend videos from this channel" they keep on coming. At times like these I can't help but think about how [censored] their recommendation system is.

scammer - online high income

This guy Branson Tay
made countless videos with different titles & used shortened links for purpose of obtaining referral fees by inducing innocent YouTube audiences to support the scammers he is referring traffic to, spamming "Easy Income Online". Example of online scams is whom collect actual survey fees from brands such as Subway, BBC News & etc at abt $5 to $8 Per Survey Done by browsers. But will only pay these fellows 1ct, 3ct or 11ct. This is fraud and scam.

youtube suspending my views

youtube suspended the count on my views 5 years ago. I don't know why. They have still suspended the count on my views 5 years later and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!!
MY YOUTUBE PAGE: ONE of my videos where youtube has stopped counting views for the past 5 years!!!~!!!

  • Updated by Cryptic Cryptid · Jul 21, 2019

    great I didn't know you were going to post it public or I wouldn't have left the links. Im so mad at youtube right now.

youtube share video feature - now missing 'share from time!'

As of this week (the week of July 15, 2019), I was able to share videos from a specific time. Sometime during this week, this functionality was unpleasantly and surprisingly removed. I can still append &t=SECONDS to the end of a video, but very much depended on the previous method.

Pick any video on YouTube. (For example, I'm using Click the SHARE button, then notice how there's no option to set the time. For another example, visit this link and notice it starts near the end due to the &t=743 at the end:

Thankee for fixing it!

Smile! Jesus loves you!

mlb broadcast

Since I have no other choice, I am trying desperately to watch the phillies/dodgers game on youtube. The game comes on for about 30 seconds, then the screen freezes, says "loading," but never [email protected]#$! Apparently, youtube can't handle the viewer volume, so fans lose out! Have rebooted youtube channel many times, same frustrating result. If you can't deliver, don't promise!!!

I am trying to watch mlb game on my tv app, provided by comcast xfinity. Have already called comcast about issue. They, of course, say it is youtube's problem.

All I know is I can't watch the game. I don't care who's problem it is. I just want it fixed.

Again, don't promise if you can't deliver. I realize youtube must have cut a deal with mlb. You both need to stay out of this. I pay my cable company to watch the games. Youtube and mlb need to let them do their job!!!

Don't know why I am writing this. Will no doubt fall on deaf ears!!!

  • Updated by DW Swain · Jul 18, 2019

    Cannot view Phillies/Dodgers game on YouTube. Game comes on for about 30 seconds, then screen freezes, says "loading, " but never loads! [email protected]#$! Have rebooted page numerous times. Same result! [email protected]#$! Apparently YouTube cannot handle the viewer volume. Why did you promise you could deliver this broadcast if you can't?!

    I am trying to watch the game on the YouTube app on my tv, provided by Comcast Xfinity. Called Comcast re the issue. Of course, they claim in it a YouTube problem. Gave me YouTube number. Tried to call YouTube. HA HA Got an automated message, saying YouTube is "busy today" and said wait time 15-20 minutes. HA HA I waited, and got DISCONNECTED after waiting for about 12 minutes. [email protected]!#$!

    If you can't deliver as promised (to MLB?), then say out of it! I pay my cable company to watch the games. But YouTube and MLB have obviously cut some sort of (financially beneficial) deal. The fans always lose. Can't wait the game anywhere else. [email protected]#$!

    Pissed off baseball fan. HA HA YouTube could care less. MLB could care less.


I'm watching my usual braindead feed on Youtube when up comes a suggestion I watch Tommy Robinson, that nazi [censored]. Sorry, not clicking on it, just to remove it, not clicking on it once. He's a racist and a Nazi and how dare you suggest him to me. I've never watched Nazi stuff. Or racist stuff. That is totally uncalled for. Yes, you probably don't live in the UK, so you don't know how evil and nasty he is, but trust me, he is. If he appeared in my search results, fine. But as a watch suggestion? I watch trashy pop, Game of Thrones videos, some leftwing political content and a lot of ASMR. But even if I watched a wider range of stuff, i'm sorry, you have no business promoting him. He's not "a libertarian" or "a rightwing agitator" or some kind of Ann Coulter, he's a full-on racist. I'm disgusted and, frankly, insulted. I'm not saying remove the video - though you removed Robin Thicke's blurred lines I heard - but do not ever show it me in my suggestion feed again. Please. Ever.


youtube advertising insertions into videos

I understand that YouTube wants to capitalize on the people watching videos to the maximum extent possible, but injecting a commercial into a video every 3 minutes is absolutely absurd and abusive. I'm sick and tired of having to wade through a mountain of unwanted garbage ads four or five times in a 12 to 15 minute-long video. You're way over the line with this saturation. I do not watch these ads and I've made a personal vow to never buy any product shoved down my throat by YouTube. Also I will never subscribe to the YouTube tv streaming service because I will never support any company that shows such complete disregard of my time. Everybody likes money, but you're way over the limit. Is this you and your parent company Google can do? Pathetic.