‘move on house’
16, victoria avenue
Kt6 5dw

(formally of)
(ymcalsw) hostel
49, victoria road
Kt6 4ng

To: chief executive office
Ymca england
29-35 farringdon road
Ec1m 3jf

I am writing this letter as a formal complaint regarding the conduct and behaviour of your staff, based in the surbiton office. I also request responses via email only, in light of my issues documented throughout complaint.
Issues discussed will be:
Bullying & harassment

Initial interview
Confidentiality, entrapment, harassment, bullying: - see page 18 of the handbook
Firstly, you state in your handbook, p.4
“we aim to deliver high quality services which meet your needs and assist you in growing and developing”
Therefore, my first issue is to discuss the service I received after I was referred to the surbiton ymca for emergency housing by kingston churches action on homelessness (kcah), (email attached).
I attended my appointment with the housing support worker (hsw) named lucas, on: friday 23rd september 2011 at approximately 12.45pm.
During the interview with (hsw) lukas dziedzic in the hsw main office, I was asked many personal questions, at the same time having to endure individuals (who I assumed were residents) popping in and out of the office, asking questions of lukas regarding their personal needs.
This was obviously a breach of confidentiality, as there was no way of ensuring that information exchanged between I and lukas was kept private and secure.
As the interview neared what I assumed was the conclusion, lukas decided to terminate the interview due to the constant intrusion of individuals entering the housing support worker’s (hsw) office; as he had deemed that ‘the final stage of the interview was too sensitive to continue whilst there were (presumed) residents in the office’.
The fact that lukas deemed that there was a breach of confidentiality, at the final stage of my initial meeting for accommodation, highlighted and served for the pretext discriminatory, work practices which the surbiton ymca has established.
He then said he would rearrange another meeting to finish off the ‘sensitive’ part of the interview. to this day, I have not been offered a meeting to conclude the initial interview, nor would I attend such a bizarre meeting even if I was offered one any way.
The issue of confidentiality has been an issue with many of us residents, as documented in the: ymcalsw resident’s annual report 2011 (page un-numbered), in which an undisclosed number of assumed resident (s) stated
“i’m worried that if I complain about a staff member it won’t be dealt with properly”
Further comments...
“I am not sure if a complaint would be handled with confidentiality and sensitivity”
Moreover, the initial interview conducted by lukas was conducted with extreme pace, as I did not have time to take in the rules and restrictions which the ymca licence agreement, rules and regulations dictate vulnerable people have to adhere too.
Due to this, and the desperate position I was in to be housed, the interview process made it clear that in order to be housed by the ymca, I had no choice but to sign away my individuality, human rights and autonomy to make choices, which would best suit my support needs.
Moreover, at the main ymca hostel, surbiton, I have seen on more than one occasion, residents files (including my own) left unlocked, at the side of individual (hsw) desks overnight.
This type of work practice constitutes bullying, harassment, and entrapment. not to mention further comments documented in the same ymca annual report mentioned earlier stating
“we do not know enough about the complaints procedure”
This comment highlights the discriminatory practice towards vulnerable people, as you deliberately fail to list the “complaints” heading in the index listing at the beginning of your residents handbook 2010, (which was the edition handed to me at my interview).
In addition, those residents with issues such as dyslexia (like me), and those with low literacy standards, would find it hard to locate the information in your handbook.
With this said the option you offer to obtain a complaint form at reception, as stated in your handbook, can be seen to be intimidating, as the complaint may be against the housing support staff, or the staff who work behind the reception area!
The point here is, like many other professional organisations, I see no reason why the complaint forms can’t be put in the residents lounge area, hall ways in the move-on houses or the dining area (etc).
Residents should be able to access complaint documents without having to disclose to a member staff that, he or she wishes to lodge a complaint against them! especially at the surbiton ymca where abuse towards vulnerable adults, who attempt to try and gain independence are thwarted by hsw’s who just are too lazy to do their jobs.
Therefore the fact that the complaint documents are hidden away from vulnerable adults, only compounds the reluctance to lodge complaints, which if the complaints documents were accessible, without having to confront a staff member, this act of transparency would reduce the potential of face to face confrontation, intimidation and further harassment, by having to “ask” the person (or their colleagues) who the complaint is directed too for a complaint form!
How such abusive work practices, with the ymca’s years of experience are deemed as “a quality service”, is beyond belief!
Reception belittling
One of my other issues for writing this formal complaint is the behaviour and conduct of your reception staff. (please see picture attachment of the staff member in question, attached to this email named: (receptionist at the ymca).
One female receptionist staff member in particular (mediterranean looking, and name of the staff member unknown, due to no name tags to identify her) on 24th november 2011, early afternoon, conducted a harassing, interrogation of what my oval shaped package was, which arrived via royal mail!
She further went on to hold the package aloft and gesture to her colleges and, I assume, the members of the public who were waiting in front of the reception desk, what everyone thought the package was!
Her actions were so evident, that her female colleague looked at me with disappointment and embarrassment, and gave the perpetrator in question a look of contempt, acknowledging that her actions were a blatant act of intimidation, provocation, harassment and abusive.
Such behaviour of egotistical harassment, belittling and intimidation, by the way the woman spoke to me, I would have been in my right to raise my vice and chastise her in full view of her colleagues and members of the public. therefore such behaviour by members of the surbiton ymca, in the future, will be met in the manor which I have just described.
This is not the first time the woman receptionist in question, has overstepped her boundary when I have come to the surbiton ymca to either pay rent or pick up parcels.
Reception confidentiality
Further issues I have regarding the conduct of your staff, on the 10th october 2011, (hsw) karina thomas (who is not my allocated hsw) emailed some highly sensitive documents to one of the social housing associations, who I had registered on their housing list before I resided at the ymca surbiton, as well as the revised application form, to re-register my new contact details (email attached).
On the 13th october 2011, I received an email from the housing association in question (email attached) stating that the application I and karina had completed, had to be signed and returned back to them.
The reason for the request to sign the revised housing application form was due to the original copy being completed, signed and sent electronically.
Sometime after I received the email requesting I and karina thomas to sign and return the application form, I went to check on my mail at reception throughout the following week, only to be informed by reception no mail had arrived. this was even though I saw a white a4 envelope in the pigeon hole where my mail is usually kept (surname ‘l’).
The week after, I returned to the reception area and asked again if any mail had arrived, looking out for the mail in question. (hsw) michael aniemaka (I assume is his surname) gave me a white a4 envelope, which was and on top of the counter, above the resident’s mail pigeon holes.
As went back to my room, and as I went to open the letter, I noticed that the envelope had been opened, as the adhesive was, blackened where particles had stuck to the adhesive, which is why the adhesive was not as sticky as it would be if it had not been re-opened prior.
This is why I know that my mail was opened by receptionist staff, as mail that is damaged to point that it is opened, before it reaches its destination, royal mail will enclose the letter, package etc in a royal mail, sealed labelled clear plastic envelope!
As my documents were not placed in such an envelope, when I retrieved my letter, the letter could have only been opened by receptionist staff.
I reported this to the hsw staff, only to be told that the receptionist staff would not do such a thing.
I have since re-directed certain mail from particular sources to another organisation. this has also caused problems with external organisations that I have registered for housing, as a change of a contact address, means filling out new application forms, which in turn means that I miss my allocated position on waiting lists.
This has also left me resorting to only picking up mail and parcels late at night, as the night staff have not presented any insecurities by means of presenting an egotistical, power trip by asserting an authoritarian approach, which comes with the job title and responsibilities of night receptionist staff.
I have gained reassurance that I am able to collect mail and parcels, from the night staff, who engage with me in what is simple and straight forward.
Moreover, even though I have had to resort to losing entire business days by having to collect mail and parcels etc during unsociable hours, the fact that I have to do this, to avoid discrimination, harassment and bullying practices from your staff, further highlights my initial thoughts, and knowledge of the ymca being a christian homeless charity, who is arrogant and abusive.
Not only is the ymca environment an abusive place to be in, the fact that you offer residents mail to be sent and retrieved to the ymca, should generally be an obviously good thing.
Mail id
The issue I have with this half hearted policy of entrapping residents is staff on reception never asks for id! so many times I have checked for mail, and on each occasion, reception staff does not remember your name; therefore, anyone can come in and ask for mail, which belongs to someone else, which in turn would be handed over without question.
I cannot believe that the ymca, with all its years of experience, has not focused on main issues such as resident mail protection which are of most importance and valuable to those who are vulnerable, and striving to work towards better independence.
I here that the ymca surbiton are planning to implement a swipe card system for the lifts, to give to residents, to reduce people who are not residents entering the building.
Surely the same logic would have been administered a long time ago when it comes to taking care of confidential information such as mail etc... if you register with a bank or university, you will be issued with a (photo) id card, to ensure information requested by you, is you indeed!
Supporting vulnerable adults
My second issue is relating to the under handed policy you administer by what the ymca deem is ‘support working’ (key-working etc). the statement in the resident’s handbook 2010, p.4
“we will listen to your views, give you a choice wherever practical and provide you with a high level of care and support”
Is clearly a farce, from the beginning of my residency at the ymca hostel, (23.09.11) surbiton, I had made it clear to staff that I have over £10, 000 of personal possessions and furniture in storage. I have had to pay for my possessions to be stored for over two years, at an approximate cost of £180.00 per month.
This is due to fellow university students failing to pay rent, in october 2010, which led to my eviction and withdrawal from university. due to this, I had applied to one of the ymca’s partners (spear) on the 09th august 2011, who the ymca refers residents to be housed on a permanent basis.
Spear, who is a homeless charity, claiming to help those who require none to low support needs, obtain a tenancy by acting as a guarantor, and paying the rent and deposit up front to secure property or homeless people.
On the 24.9.11 I emailed spear and informed them that the homeless charity: kingston churches action on homelessness (based in kingston upon thames town centre) had secured me a room at the surbiton branch of the ymca.
Referral to spear, email ostaziation
Since I was now a resident at the ymca, I had been long aware that the ymca works in partnership with spear to acquire long term, permanent housing for single men.
Moreover, I decided to “risk” involving the ymca support staff, to see, and gamble on the support of the ymca organisation to help me reach my goal, of trying to get referred to spear for housing.
Therefore I emailed (15.10.11) karina thomas (hsw) and asked if she could refer me to spear.
My hope was that by utilising the referral system from one organisation to another usually adds support and validity to the applicant, and boosts the applicant’s chances of getting referred.
Therefore, on the 18.10.11, I and ymca housing support worker (karina thomas) had completed and attached my spear application form and emailed michael bacon (senior tenancy finder) at spear (email attached) labelled: tenancy finder referral. I was also (cc’d) into the email.
As I had not heard back from either the ymca by the 28th october 2011, I emailed donna at spear, criticising the work practices of the ymca, as I stressed the importance of re-establishing my efforts (now housed) to be referred to spear. this commitment was further fuelled by the discriminatory practices by the manipulative work practices conducted by the surbiton ymca, as the over whelming feelings of not being listened to when attempting to work towards my independence was always been ignored.
In addition, on p.12 of your handbook, you state that you work with a number of other housing associations to access more permanent accommodation. furthermore, you will make an assessment with resident (s) when I feel ready to move to more “independent accommodation”.
“this will be part of the regular review meetings that are held with your key-worker”.
Nothing has been discussed regarding securing my independence, by, or, with my “hsw”! apart from the work that I had done to initiate a referral to spear, and other housing associations before I was referred to surbiton ymca.
Further issues regarding my efforts to gain independence which were blocked by surbiton ymca, I sent the email to spear, dated 28.10.11, as I have not had a reply to any emails I have sent to emil macau.
Some weeks later, I went to the (hsw) office and asked to see karina thomas (hsw) mid november 2011, but she was not on shift at the time. therefore, emil searched the pc database to see who my “support worker was.
Only after emil searched the pc database, to see who my “support worker” was, he eventually realised “he was my support worker”.
This was a further indicator on “how are we run?” within your handbook was going to be assessed, as the negative scenario mentioned above, was the template on how you structure your teams to support vulnerable adults, by using public money to do so, the rest of my issues documented will highlight these.
Therefore, how the following statements help residents to... as stated in your handbook p.13...
“assisting new residents in settling in and making them feel at home”
“providing personal support services to residents making sure that a package of support is provided either internally or externally”
“giving advice on welfare benefits”
“liaising with other voluntary and statutory agencies”
Is the biggest joke of all, as you can only do these things if you engage the resident firstly and on a regular basis secondly!
Emails for support
Further examples, the act of ignoring my email communications, in particular, via emails, only served the support emil macau (support worker) who, when it suited him. on the 16th november 2011, I emailed emil (hsw) to ask why I could not pay rent at reception. he promptly emailed me on the same day to inform that the status of the issue, but when I emailed him asking for support to help with moving some of my furniture from the storage facility (discussed earlier), to the “move on house”, I received no response.
This meant that I had to ask an external organisation to help me move some my life-long possessions to the “move on” house, and other possessions elsewhere, before the deadline of the next bill being due for payment. after nearly two years of being homeless, on benefits and still managing to pay for my furniture storage at a cost of approximately £184.00 per month, which was coming out of my employment support allowance.
I had also asked karina thomas (hsw) if she could write and email a letter of support, to accompany my letter (email attached) to the department of work and pensions.
This was due to the long term actions of dwp illegally stopping payments of employment support allowance. the reply I received from karina (via email) was to the effect of, she would forward on my email to emil as he is my support worker now!
As I had always seen karina to support my massive efforts to gain my independence on my own, due to deliberately avoiding emil, as he was clearly not a support worker, as noticed and demonstrated from the first time I met him.
I emailed emil, (although I knew I would not receive a response) my email (with evidence attached) asking him t write a letter of support to the dwp on 15.12.11, to this day I have not received a response!
I have also requested (hsw) emil macau “my alleged support worker”, via email (attached 19.10.11) at the surbiton ymca, to support my referral application to spear, for me to access their services. albeit, emil refuses to communicate with me via “email” to state, or answer any direct questions, regarding my committed efforts to gain independence from the ymca!
Ironically, I was informed by (hsw) lukas dziedzic on my initial interview with the ymca to be housed, that (hsw) lucy chen-best, who used to manage the “ymca move on houses”, was to be my support worker! lukas further highlighted this by inserting a cross with his pen to highlight lucy chen-best’s name on “welcome to ymca surbiton” handout, for me to remember who my support worker was and a ‘dot’ next to his name, for the same purpose just mentioned.
Some weeks later, emil (by mistake) only realised that he was my (hsw), when he looked up on the computer system, to see who my support worker was, and found out it was him!
This just highlights the lack of commitment and mal-practice which has established itself at the surbiton ymca, which is why the general feeling of being “supported” under the rules and policies of the ymca, makes you feel like you are an “experiment in a concentration camp”.
Whereas, such is the passion and desire you state on p.5 of your handbook, carried out by unprofessional staff members who, due to the lack of leadership, have decided to entertain themselves, by focusing more on discussing their new shiny “apple i-pads, selling personal cars on ebay and focusing more time on friends or family members coming in to see them, than spending crucial time trying to discuss and work towards independence with the “supposedly” (hsw).
The ‘regular and appropriate’ training you state on p. 6 of your handbook takes place, clearly is inadequate to the point that it has no relevance to resident support what so ever!
This policy of ymca (hsw) deliberately avoiding major issues when I am working to gain my independence, as well as not responding to my email correspondences is a testament to the abusive, discriminatory, harassing work culture which I thought ymca staff would do. I have informed karina thomas (hsw) that I only wished to be contacted via email regarding any aspect of my support needs while a resident of the ymca.
This was to test the transparency and ethical practices of the “christian ymca values”, as organisations who take on the role and responsibility to ‘look after those in need’ have a duty not to further abuse such vulnerable individuals in our society!
From the first week of being housed in the ymca surbiton branch, after telling staff that I only wish to be contacted via email (for my own protection from abuse) I never received a response relating to actions “i” wish to gain support for, relating to “my individual efforts to re-gain independence.”
A similar incident was when I fell again with form of (ibs) irritable bowel syndrome. for most of my stay at the surbiton ymca, I could not eat meals served by the kitchen staff at meal times. due to this I emailed karina thomas on 12th september 2011 (email attached) and with evidence from my doctor (email attached labelled dr hanson), requested a room change, which would accommodate fridge, bath to aid recovery from ibs.
Sometime later, I receive a “telephone call” from karina thomas (hsw), where I assume she was cabling from the (hsw) office, informing me that her manager as refused the request for me to gain help and support to further improve my well being!
The point I am making, is that karina refused to return the information via the same source route, being “email”, due to the fact that firstly, I had always instructed the staff at the ymca to email any information relating the support I am “apparently” meant to be given.
Secondly, this further strengthened my belief that the staff at the ymca were, are, and presumably, have always acted to cover up their malpractice and treatment of vulnerable residents under the umbrella of the “christian ymca” emil macau” had informed me that he has been working at the ycma surbiton for over “nine” years!
Therefore, under the heading “wher are we heading?” section p.7 of the handbook,
• caring passionately about the quality of our work
• focusing on services
• “being a responsive can do organisation”
• “work in partnership with the local community and with local people”
• “promote and enhance our image and reputation”
• “learn from the mistakes from the past and in doing so build a firm foundation for growth and development”
All these “image conscious” comments, documented in your handbook, are just the types of comments, a western “religious” organisation like the ymca advertise to the public, whilst conducing targeted discriminatory practices to the unsuspected vulnerable “subjects”.
Historically, when “collectively” staff members who work away from the public view, realise the fact they can abuse vulnerable people, whom society has deemed ‘need looking after’, the culture of such staff, by definition become institutionalised themselves.
As a man who has worked in the social care industry for over 20 years, and have supported vulnerable people re-gain their independence with pleasure. institutionalised abuse; using the manipulative, psychological, emotional and physical abuse to feed the insatiable quest to dominate their victims.
Which, by working with individuals whom have had to endure sexual, manipulative, psychological, emotional and physical abuse in the past, I see strong similarities to the behaviour patterns from the “christian charities support workers, who conduct their abusive practices, and actions like those of the catholic church, currently being highlighted by the media.
Moreover, I see the same similarities when I worked in children homes, confronted with adults who abuse young children, these adults seem to respond when questioned on their abusive ways, with manipulation, to avoid, or justify their negative actions.
Therefore, the confidence and assuredly blatant acts of abuse which the surbiton ymca engages in, can only come from the years of collectively covering up the indiscretions which many residents, forced to accept sanctuary at the ymca, have been voicing their concerns about to fellow residents, since I moved in there.
The section titled “our housing strategy”, p.8 in your handbook, states...
“we aim to help individuals to become more independent by providing support and opportunities for personal and social development...”
... by providing “a secure, safe, comfortable and supportive environment which enables individuals to grow and develop”.
Then tell me, how does the theft of my £600 golf clubs, which was part of my entire personal possessions totalling approximately £10, 000, get to be stolen whilst in your “safe and secure environment”, when whilst street homeless for nearly a year and half, I managed to keep such highly regarded, valuable items safe and secure!
Furthermore, as documented later in this complaint document, why do I have to endure (potential) violence in the “move on house”, and have other personal possessions stolen under your “care and supervision!?”
“move on house issues”
Since moving to the “move on house” on 20th october 2011, I have witnessed confrontation between certain house mates which has now reached boiling point.
On one incident, mid december 2011, an older mature adult male resident had confronted another younger male resident, relating to the younger resident’s friends in the house, and loud music being played throughout the night.
After some time of arguing, I left my room and went to the kitchen; as I done so, I saw the older male holding a ‘instrument’ in his hand, pacing the corridors, looking extremely anxious.
The point I am making here is, if emil macau (hsw) or whoever runs the move on houses, stuck to what he said and conducted monthly house meetings, which he hasn’t, the older resident who has always presented himself has being calm and placid may not had resorted to (what I interpreted as preparing to defend himself physically), potential violence!
Instead, the only meeting he held at our “move on house” was on tuesday 25th october 2011 (invite letter attached). since then, no other house meetings have been arranged.
This scenario is a testament of what others in the main ymca building, and which I too observed while I stayed there, that in your resident annual handbook 2011, residents has stated
“don’t just say things to keep residents sweet”
Which is why from the start, I chose not to speak to emil and most of your team, who constantly respond to you with “patronising sweeteners”, if they respond to your specific requests for support at all!
Moreover, I find such behaviour astounding, that such unprofessional, inexperienced staff should speak to you, whom they do not know what background and experience, resident’s possess; going only on the stereotype that a person has been referred as homeless!
All the issues stated relate to none less than acts of bullying & harassment, entrapment (as homeless people have no option but to conform to the rules, polices which charitable organisations dictate). discrimination, (as the negative behaviour by the ymca, as discussed throughout this compliant document, is administered so, knowing that the voice of homeless people would be subdued, due to the public’s negatives perception that homeless people are lazy dole scroungers and drug takers.
Not least the surbiton ymca’s ostracization and neglect by means of not supporting residents like me; who have been immensely active, whilst street homeless. furthermore, since registering with four housing associations in may 2011, I have missed out on a one bedroom flat offer in august 2011, only due to the issues of being homeless and not being able to check mail at the c/o address, on a daily basis.
The fact that I missed out on the flat offer, in such a short timescale of registering as homeless, albeit, with my local authority or, social housing associations, only demonstrates the knowledge, work ethic, commitment and drive demonstrated to the standards society has dictated, which (as a homeless person) I should strive to, by individual efforts to secure long term sanctuary and accommodation.
Instead, the fact that I “in theory”, am a resident of the ymca, percentage wise, in regards to the individual efforts, and with the help of the ymca, I should have probably have been housed in my own flat with help of the ymca by now!
The issues I have mentioned so far, clearly abuse the “supporting people” contract ymca holds, as stated in your handbook p.8. moreover, the “staff code of conduct – professional boundaries” section p.17 which states
“staff must avoid developing personal relationship with those whom we work with and at all times should maintain a ‘professional distance’ ”
The term “professional distance” is the focal point here, as by not engaging residents at all, by means of implementing the ymca version of “professional distance” (no contact at all) this supersedes the actions of the actual role of what a “support worker’s role is necessary to action progress for vulnerable people!
Moreover, emil stated that the ymca has only three houses, (whist walking to move on house to view) but your handbook p.9; you state state that you have “23”. if this is so, and in consideration that I had informed the staff that I have personal furniture and possessions in storage, worth £10, 000, why did he not inform me of these other options, before, offing me a small room in a shred house, with a large proportion of my furniture cramped in my room.
To add to the insult of presenting an image that only the ymca is “pro-active”, when attempting to find permanent accommodation for you, you state under the section “move on accommodation” in your handbook that
“we will make an assessment with you about when you feel you are ready to move into more independent accommodation – this will be part of the regular review meeting that are held with your key worker.”
In consideration that you have avoided making contact to hold any meetings at all, since the start of my residency, dated 23.09.11, never mind meetings or discussions to aid my efforts to find permanent accommodation, I do not see why emil seems to think that the “outcome star” meeting (discussed below) is appropriate and acceptable. p. 12
Emil with one of the waking night staff left a invitation letter for all residents at the move on house, on 02 january 2012, at 9.50pm to complete and attend a meeting regarding a “outcome star”, (letter attached to this email), which I find this letter patronising.
The outcome star letter is five double pages long, and has “child like” question scenario’s, numbered 1-10 on each side of each page, asking that you make notes, and attend a meeting two days after the date on the letter!
Firstly, has discussed earlier in my complaint, the initial assessment, which was conducted by lukas dziedzic, should have addressed all of these types of questions being asked of me, now being asked by emil.
Which would have advanced the “efforts” (hsw) is supposedly there to help you move on to permanent accommodation much sooner.
In addition, has karina thomas (hsw) had already verified and sent my application to be housed by spear (email attached), stating that I have low support needs, and am ready to access their services, I do not see why, only now, on your timescale and not by working with me earlier, should I attend a purposely image conscious, patronising meeting such as the “outcome star meeting”!
Secondly, it is clear and confirms the lack of work experience the ymca has when tasked to care for “those in need”, which, I have documented throughout this document. the fact that I am classed as homeless, and have a health issue, does not mean that I am able to attend the meeting after it is given to me 10.00pm set a day or so before the meeting is due.
If the high end effort which organisations are tasked to support vulnerable people, who are extremely pro-active in trying to (find) support to regain their independence, were made by the ymca, since moving to the “move on house”, my £600 golf clubs might not had been stolen (email informing emil of this attached).
Further personal items have been stolen since, therefore, as I had demonstrated the determination to find the finances to pay for my £10, 000 worth of lifelong possessions, which I held in storage since becoming street homeless in october 2010, as I warned, the lazy work ethic of your staff has put me right back to the same situation of having possessions stolen, and potentially having to engage in violence by protecting my interests! as standard, I received no response about this issue.
I want compensation for loss of possessions, as well as for the non support which has impeded my efforts to re-gain independence.

Further email evidence sent to ann obayuwana: 30.1.12

Dear ann
Please note that due to short term memory (learning difficulty related), I am not able to remember all incidents to document at the same time. therefore, I have responded to your request to add more information, previously un-documented to support my formal complaint. please see further information below.
As a women of your experience in working with the homeless, and the knowledge that a business meeting such as a formal complaint, you are aware, holding the meeting at the “ymca move on house”, “where I live”, with other homeless people, to hold my formal complaint (meeting to discuss complaint doc attached), in the “communal kitchen”, is a blatant act of harassment, bullying and intimidation.
The very fact that you have asked to discuss “very serious allegations”, regarding abuse and neglect, to name a few, clearly demonstrates and supports my accusation of the ill-treatment and observations of such actions.
Attached is the email you sent to me dated (26.01.12) offering to meet at your corporate offices, but you now send an email downgrading the importance of my formal complaint, to only be deemed worth hearing in my home!
You did this knowing that by discussing the abuses which the ymca has done to me, I would not be able to relax in my home environment. adding stress due to not having a place to de-stress.
I suggest that now that you claim to have read my formal complaint, and all the evidence submitted, we meet at the appropriate place to meet, which is the ymca corporate offices in central london.
Yet another example of ymca not supporting me, the attached email (labelled) complaint, highlights another example of not being supported.
When I acquired my room in the move on house, I asked karina if she could ask emil macau if he could use the ymca van, which he use to move all the rubbish from the move on garden, beds and furniture from the basement, if he could help me to transport my personal belongings from the expensive storage facility to the move on house where I now live (storage facility receipt attached).
To this day no one has responded to my requests for help.
This meant that had to pay for my storage while on esa, and suffering with a health issue, which if I did not have to pay for my storage further, and the money could have been used to buy crucial food supplements which I need after having the attacks that I do.

Regarding the request made to emil detailed in the email attached labelled (window blinds), I also want to add that I do not like it when I am not informed when the maintenance man comes to do work I my room. such an incident happened on the 18.11.11, and 21.11.11 as the maintenance man lost a piece of the blinds fitting on the 18.11.11, which meant that he had on come back on the 21.11.11.
The maintenance man, who came to fit my window blinds, did so on his own. what I also did not appreciate, was when some time later, the colleague of the man fitting my blinds came to my room, and put his key in my lock to let himself into my room.
Your “move on house agreement” (attached) states that we have to let in your tradesman to carry out work, but it also states in brackets, at number (38)...

“the ymca will normally give at least 24 hours’ notice but immediate access may be required in an emergency”
As I requested new window blinds to replace the old ones on the 26th october 2011, this is clearly not an emergency, therefore, you had ample time to inform me the date the maintenance man was coming to fit my new blinds.
I could have had company, or engaged in other tasks which I was at the time. like I mentioned in my formal complaint document I have experienced many breaches of the terms of your licence agreement which you state to uphold.
Regarding the time to meet, whatever date we agree to meet, I would prefer to meet in the early afternoon at your corporate offices.

From: ann obayuwana [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 30 january 2012 13:51
Subject: meeting on the 8th feb
Importance: high

Sorry forgot to put the time, 11am
Good afternoon

I have gone through your emails and complaints with the senior support worker jason ray, we feel that we need to meet up with you to go through the complaints and to find out any other information you would feel you need to add to the complaint for needed

Both jason and I will meet up with you wed 8th feb 2012 at the house you are staying in, we will use the kitchen to meet in.

Ann obayuwana
Head of resident services
Ymca london south west

Telephone: [protected]
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This e-mail and the information it contains is privileged and confidential and is for the use of the addressee only. unless explicitly stated this email does not constitute any form of contract or professional advice  and any information or opinions expressed in this message and/or any attachments are those of the author and are not necessarily those of ymca london south west. unauthorised use, disclosure, amendment or copying of this e-mail or the information it contains is strictly prohibited and ymca lsw accept no responsibility for loss or damage arising from its use, including damage from viruses.


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    onlymeandnooneelse Apr 16, 2012

    During my “employment period” (just a way of calling it) as bank staff at a YMCA south west London branch, i was often amazed of a number of issues regarding the application of the company policies to many different situations involving both staff and customers, where i have witness how this people bend/brake/change and shape the rules to cover the mess of many key members in the organization, laid the blame often on residents or bank staff (as these are the easiest and most vulnerable victims on the hands of YMCA managers).
    Staff and resident’s duties/responsibilities/rights followed double standards as manager’s personal opinions or preferences, from working hours and uniform dressing codes (for staff), or prescription diets being allegedly “misunderstood” and rooms and personal mail being raided against any approval (to all type of customers), raising to the dismissal of a certain number of “unwelcome” staff members and customers by meanings such as making their life invariable until they left by their own will and foot, if no other excuse was found to accelerate the process, and a number of residents have been discriminated on bases of sexuality, religion, race, age, gender, beliefs or habits of conduct making victims even against their own name (let me clarify that YMCA stands for Young Men Christian Association) as the only reason to be favored at YMCA is to gain sympathy of the right managers,
    let me specify further:
    I have seen with my own eyes how drug dealing took place within the dependencies by “favored residents” to extremely young people, but after reporting it to the duty manager the relevant CCTV footage was systematically erased or misplaced, also prostitution, extortion, aggressions and a log etc have taken place, being all of this being acknowledged by ALL staff and MOST residents, and being all of it covered up by similar meanings as “instructed by managers”.
    I have seen a VERY LOW percentage of people getting a personal benefit from being referred to the care of this organization (of course exclusively the sympathized ones) which make me wander how and why the local councils still finance the huge expenses involved in this processes, as this company reports enormous profit in housing, feeding and “caring” of this people, costing several hundred (sometimes well over a thousand pounds) per month/person sometimes going on well over the estimated time, when i was able to house, cloth, feed, bill and treat myself every so often and not miss a pint (of course) when fancied with a lot less than that. Let me explain on top of all that YMCA is supposed to be a charitable organization, but obviously it seems this is only for tax purposes.
    Finally i would like to send an anonymous apology to all people i have f****d against my beliefs following orders from this people on fear of loosing my only source of income while my student times at England, also to satisfy any of you who might end up reading this i will admit that my time came when i did not find my situation satisfactory enough to make it worth-while, giving an ultimatum to my managers when i rightfully claimed after years of being used to (very often) cover holes on the shifts of EVERYONE EVEN THE BRANCH MANAGER, a proper working contract and a legal working shift with a two-month deadline or i would just leave, ...well... only a month after one of my partners misplaced a ridiculous amount of money (around 80 pounds), and i got blamed for it as they found the perfect excuse to get reed of me, none of my complaints was given proper procedure, i was never contacted back to inform me of any whereabouts of the so called “investigation” but instead they immediately dismissed me (only me, not the work-mate who was proved to have misplaced the money) and that was the end of me there.
    So now you can laugh on me, (now i laugh about that place myself), but what i was forced to do will be on my back forever.
    Sincerely sorry:

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  • Fr
    Francisbanks Aug 28, 2012

    Yea the Ymca here in Butte Mt is a joke, so are the stafff. You get harassed everyday by personal trainers, and have to worry about breaking your neck walking through the pool area. no one clears water off pool floor have slipt several times. Someone is going to have there way in court one day with this place. Also staff never enforce rules. People throw weights around damaging equipment something needs to be done.

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