YellowPages.comhorrible to cancel!!!


Had 1 year contract. Sales rep called to see if I wanted to renew contract on expiration. Told her no. She wanted to give me statistics and other stuff. I had to go and said call me or email me tomorrow to get her off the phone. Did not say I would renew and wanted to cancel. She called everyday will sales info. etc. On original call wanted affirmative to stay, now says she never got a negative I wanted to cancel... "Why would I keep calling if you had asked to cancel?" SCAM...


  • Jo
    John Bottone Sep 25, 2008

    We approved small monthly charges of about $50. My wife does the bills and sometimes there is a laps in time before I catch miss charges. I there were 3 or 4 monthly charges of over $300 a month when I realized that they were over charging me. We stopped payment with our credit card provider. My wife spoke to them several times and they would not reosonably deal with the situation. Today a collection agency called me. This is corrupt and wrong! If they can provide a taped conversation or show me a signed contract for similar amounts that they charged we will gladly pay the bill. If not they need to remove us from collections and restore the damage they did to my credit.

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  • Ma
    Mark Oct 01, 2008

    I can't tell you how much I regret doing business with these people. They have not lived up to whats in the contact and refuse to call me back or answer my phone calls until of course I canceled my credit card. Then the phone calls start coming in. They will not let me out of this contract but have not done whats in the contract. I refuse to pay the remaining balance for something I did not get. It makes me sick when I think about it and I cant seem to resolve the issue. THIS IS THE WORST BUSINESS DECISION I EVER MADE. BEWARE

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  • Ye
    yellowpagesexpert Dec 16, 2008

    For Lynnerd- As with all business transactions, did you obtain a receipt of your cancellation? Sounds like you did not bother.

    If you returned a pair of jeans to the store, do you not get a receipt? Why should this cancellation be different?

    Yellow Pages contracts are typically PERPETUAL contracts unless you advise them to stop before the next edition or update. Like your water and power service.

    Also, most contracts are for a year or longer and there is NO cancellation period once you sign.

    Your statement "said call me or email me tomorrow to get her off the phone" is quite clear for her to expect that you had changed your mind."

    Not a scam. Just you leading on the sales rep.

    Now there might be a possible resolution but I doubt you would invest the money with a media consultant/claim advocate to get it resolved.

    Hope it gets resolved.

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  • Ye
    yellowpagesexpert Dec 16, 2008

    Mark, your protest of the bill will do nothing but hammer your credit for years to come.

    Stop all this phone calling.

    Write letters and more letters (delivery conf or certified) to the appropriate addresses and keep good records. Not the address on the bill, the address on your terms and conditions.

    It will take more work getting this past due debt record off your credit than you can imagine, and if it gets resolved, you will now have to retain and store the resolution docs for about 10 years.

    Hope it works out.

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  • Ja
    James Rhodes Feb 24, 2009

    These people are seriously children. This makes me angry. They KNOW what they're doing when they say yes. Also, like the guy above said, it sounds like you haven't even bothered checking your traffic reports. Mine are great, and I'm in a dinky town. I get plenty of calls, and I KNOW WHO THEY ARE because I bother to read my call tracking reports each month. Oh well, enjoy going out of business. :-)

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  • Te
    Tesseract257 Jun 03, 2009

    Calling. emailing or faxing your desire to cancel is not enough. Your contract specifies you need to mail AT&T Yellowpages / a written cancellation notice. This notice should be received before your "auto-renewal" date. Your sales rep knows this, but most likely will not inform you of this--out of hope your contract will auto-renew and the sales rep will automatically make another commission on you.

    To cancel you need to mail your Advertising Rep a letter Canceling Service and Specifying that you do not wish the contract to Renew. Make sure you mail the letter certified with a return receipt. Keep a copy of the letter, and a copy of the receipt.. You will need these as evidence in case your sales rep decides to ignore your notice to cancel.

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  • Pa
    Paul Perkins Jun 14, 2009

    I am an attorney in New Jersey. I have filed a class action. Would you have a minute when I could contact you?


    Paul Perkins
    [email protected]

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  • He
    herbalmagickinc Aug 26, 2009 started calling me on Thursday, August 20. At my store to confirm my business information.
    My statement was, if you are confirming my information. then you already have it and I will let you know if it's correct. I then responded to the questions with affirmative or Correct, being careful not to say YES to anything
    I then confirmed my information with them and afterward hung up to take care of my clientelle.
    They then continue to call me 30 times in 3 hours, tying up my phone lines and my credit machine So I was having a very difficult time caring for my customers.
    I have told them to put me on the do not call list, Not interested, Get off my (blankity blank phone) and so on.
    They then called 15 times on Friday, 4 times on Saturday, and 15 times on Tuesday.
    By this time I'm fed up!!
    I called the police and filed a harrasement report against them so I can now have my phone traced, because in New York, you can't have your lines traced without a police report. Their number always comes up unknown and isn't readable with *69.
    He then called 6 times on Wednesday before I let the cat out of bag.
    Told the Indian Man that I had filed a report with the local police deptartment, The NY state atty. Generals office, and the phone company.
    He then said he wasn't doing anything wrong. I went to dial the number to trace the call and he wouldn't hang up on his end to free the line.
    This is Blatant harrassment

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  • Md
    [email protected] Sep 21, 2009

    Was faxed a form from this company with the official YellowPages logo on the top asking me to update my information and sign and fax back. And with it I would get a free listing with Well they consider that form that you fax back with your updated company information a contract. They then will wait until AFTER their cancellation period to send you the first invoice. Getting the first invoice you think "what the..." and call to cancel. Oh but they do not accept PHONE CALLS! You have to write an email. And they will only reply by letter. When they finally do reply to your email, you are past your expiration date, and you can cacel but you are responsible for 6 months worth of the fees. Then go ahead and look for your listing on, NOPE! Not going to be there! Because you see they are not the real Yellowpages and they will tell you that they are allowed to steal the logo of the real yellow pages because it is not copywrited. They will then supposedly cut you a deal for half of the $1000 you owe if you pay now. We said "no way in hell" and they had a woman from a "collection" agency call us to harass us for their money. We still said no. We then sent a complaint to the BBB in NY. They have stopped calling and have not contacted us since. Do be careful out there. This was a huge pain and a lot of headaches.

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  • Sd
    sdkelec Nov 27, 2009

    I informed my rep that I didn't want to renew in August. the charges continued on my credit card. I hasd contacted their customer service when I was informed that I neede to have my sales rep do a zero dollar contract to cancel the advertisement. 1 month went by and I had stopped authorization with my credit card. My rep magically showed u[p, did the zero dollar contract and they are still charging me. I am forwarding this information to the PA Attorney General

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  • Re
    rexs Jan 21, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not with I was looking online and a found a website that you can setup a ebillboard for FREE. Just go to

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  • Re
    rexs Feb 15, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with I was looking online found a website that you can have a ebillboard for FREE. Just go to I was talking to my friend Bill he sign up for a ebillboard. He told me that he is glad that he got a ebillboard. His business just moved to a new building he went to change this info with yellow book and was on hold for 35 Minutes waiting for someone to talk to. When he went to his ebillboard and change his info and it took him just few minutes.

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  • Jo
    John Testa May 03, 2011

    I signed up for a ad with a 12 month agreement totaling $7800. I am now more than two months in to it and my ad is incorrect. Local salespeople will not call me back and AT&T's 800 number listed on the bill connects you to a voice mail box that is always full. They have created an ad for me that does not accurately represent the products I wish to market and never gave me an opportunity to proof read it or select the content that should be displayed. The first 45 days the ad was live it was not displayed in all of the geographical areas I had selected and paid for. I was promised a credit, which has not come yet and no response from sales people or customer service. My profile on actually contains a link that goes to a competitor’s website. Without communication from them, I am unable to get this resolved. In addition, my local sales rep quoted me call counts in excess of 30 per month which is just completely made up as I have not attributed any calls to this service. I may stop paying for the service but from what I am reading, it seems like AT&T will sue you.

    I would be very interested in participtaing in a class action suit agains AT&T/ and can be reached at 704-846-1400 if one is being organzied.

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  • De
    Debbi Casey May 17, 2011

    A representative named Alex contacted our office to advise that I confirmed Yellow Pages Online advertising for our business, that an invoice for $499.99 would be forthcoming, the confirmation # is 2005175207, mentioned a cancellation # (none given), provided no return contact phone number, and left this message with one of our employees to give to me. I would not ever have authorized a service that would cost this business $499.99, especially since we have never utilized Yellow Pages or Yellow Pages Online to advertise in the past.

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  • Ha
    happy grandma May 17, 2011

    This scam has been going on for years. I have a small business and when they try to do this to me I hang up. I know who my contacts are so I know these telemarketers are scammers. Most people get taken at least once for this before they figure it out. It has never happened to me and I feel blessed. They make a lot of money this way. Find out what government agency would oversee this type of transaction and file a written complaint naming names, addresses, phone numbers and how they got to you. I think I would start with their state's (not yours) attorney general's office. If they don't handle it they will probably tell you who to contact. I am so sorry this happened to you. Good Luck!

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  • Mi
    Michael in St. Louis Feb 14, 2012

    AT&T renewed my Yellow Pages advertising contract without consent.
    We have been advertising in the Yellow Pages for decades. A couple of years ago we decided to discontinue advertising. During the past year we informed every AT&T representative who called us that we were no longer interested in advertising.
    Today we received a bill for $1, 140 ($95/month) which will be due in a couple of weeks. I called AT&T to inform them of the mistake. The representative “Brian” told me that when the monthly amount dips below $100, the representatives do not call anymore. Instead the old contract is renewed automatically. To cancel I would have to send a registered letter to a special address.
    I explained that I knew nothing about this automatic renewal policy.
    Brian then told me that as a courtesy he would cut the monthly charge to $47.50. He warned me that this would be a one-time offer.
    My position is that I received a product that I did not want. I feel that I should not pay anything for it. A contract requires two informed and willing parties. I was not informed and I certainly was not willing.

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  • Bo
    Bonnn Mar 05, 2012

    Yellow Pages is a nightmare. Over the years, our business has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with YP 1/4 and 1/2 page ads, as well as their "online" services. What a joke. It is obviously necessary to have the best online presence these days, because that's where customers are. We have found an excellent boutique firm that does amazing design work (another thing YP could never do) as well as customized solutions and SEO that ACTUALLY generates trackable business. For less than we ever spent on YP. So, the solutions are out there, you just have to find the right people, and FORGET YP!!!

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  • Do
    Doorman May 08, 2012

    Useless website. I haven't had a single customer via yellowpages after several month of advertising.

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  • On
    once burned twice shy Aug 22, 2012

    We sold our business and the new owners didn't want to advertise via and told them they wanted to cancel the service but were told the previous owners (me and my husband) had to cancel. After several phone calls the service has still not been canceled and charges keep adding up. reps don't return phone calls and make no attempt to pull down the ad. It all seems to work for them!

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  • An
    Andrew Ken May 14, 2013

    YP Advertising is honestly the worst business experience I ever had. I never complain or write reviews but they got me so upset, that I've had to. I've been with them for about 7 years. Everything was fine till I've moved to different industry and decided to close my business. I've called them to cancel explaining that I'm closing my business. First they said it will be no problem will just not renew contract. I've called them after that to make sure it's cancelled. Now they saying that they can't guarantee it will be canceled, unless I write them certified letter, then call them to make sure they got it, and MAYBE then it will be canceled. Spoke to 2 representatives they both were rude and couldn't even get their supervisors or managers to talk to me. "they all busy" That's what they said.
    They are just bunch of lairs.
    I've had online advertising with Yellow Pages before and I was amazed how much they lie. When I called to cancel that, customer rep said to me "are you sure you want to cancel? Looks like your add had 1400 clicks last month."
    Do you really think that we, customers just plain stupid??? I use Google Analytic on my website and can track all sources of my traffic. So that month it was actually 3 (THREE), only 3 clicks!!! Well maybe he meant impressions? I asked him that and he said "no, people clicked on your add 1400 times last month."
    So customers BEWARE!!! Stay away from YP if you have a chance.

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  • Se
    SeaSide Restoration Nov 18, 2014

    I have had the same problems with YP. My 90 licks per month was on for the first week. Then never again and still I was charged $350.00. I called for over a month to cancel. They said "disconnect my phone and web page" ... ok then the sales people did not answer there phone. Even customer service could not reach any sales or managers.
    So this is what I doing . I called customer service and asked for the cancellation manager address. I told them the sales person did not have it and I had to get it from customer service.

    Yellow Pages
    777 North 4th St.
    Sterling, CO 80751
    Attn. Cancellation Manager

    Send a cancellation of contract letter stating; moving, out of business, or some other valid reason. Sent it certified make them sign for it.
    Hope this helps

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  • To
    todd j Jan 16, 2015

    this service SUCKS! got talked into signing up with them andI have recieved no calls not one from YP. I ask every new client where they found me and after one year not one to this day has told me YP. I am the owner and only tech so I am not missing any data. YP sends me their stupid graphs about hits clicks and bla bla bla but when I ask no one uses YP dont use dont bother. Also cant get hold of anyone and cant cancel on the web so I am going to have my attorney deal with these asshats.

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  • Yp
    YP Advertising Feb 20, 2015

    So sorry to hear that you've had a negative experience with YP. We always strive to create the best possible experience for our customers. Would you mind sending us an email to [email protected] with your contact information so we can put you in touch with someone from our Customer Care team? Thank you so much!

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  • Su
    SUZANNE NICHOLS May 16, 2015

    I move to a new location and they sent me a form to fill out to for my new address. I thought it was legitimate and gave the Yellowpages my new address. Since then they have sent me invoices. Can anyone give me some feed back on how to cancel with Yellowpages this is a SCAM.

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  • Ho
    honest and trust May 19, 2015

    please do not ever do bussiness with yp peole . thay are scame. period.. i had a long history with them...
    just one word . do not do bussiness with them. their contract are very tricky. read before you sign.. please becareful . read contract. to not sign. please read all review on line before do bussiness wth this companh... they are rude, liar, mean. ... they dont keep there world like what they said to get you sign the contract...

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  • Kh
    Khandker Ahamed Jan 06, 2016

    is there any way I can cancel my contract

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  • Yp
    YP Advertising Jan 07, 2016

    Would you mind sending us an email to [email protected] with your contact information so we can put you in touch with someone from our Customer Care team? Thank you so much!

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  • Na
    Natalie.L Feb 08, 2016

    The yellow pages have an unbelievable scam going on! I have been a customer with them for a few years, each year they lock you into an additional contract without you giving them the ok (apparently not confirming is a confirmation in the contract), which should not even be legal! Once I cancelled my business phone line to be effective after midnight on the 31st of December, Yellow Pages stated they are still going to charge me for services that I am not even using... and to add insult to injury, they have increased their rates!!! DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP OF DEALING WITH THE YELLOW PAGES. Complete scam!!!

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  • Yp
    YP Advertising Feb 08, 2016

    Sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with YP. If you could send your account and contact information to [email protected], we will be happy to investigate the matter.

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  • Ma
    Maurin Arellano Frellick Mar 02, 2016

    Do not go with their business. I wish I would have read this before.
    Horrible, no real customer service. No one to call back. NO one to follow up. No way to cancel service after a not receiving any real business from them

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  • Go
    Goodbyeyp Apr 08, 2016

    I agreed to a one year contract I've been established for 15 years as( the weld shop)I was told I could not use my assumed name as .com so we agreed to( Smiths Weld )yp set us up as (Smiths welding that's so far from our established name to be of any use to my business I complained I was gonna hear back with 48 hours that call never came I called them talked to another rep got no where they've been nothing but after me spending several different periods of time on the phone with this one or that one I have received calls from accounts payable trying to figure out why they haven't received a payment. Now they have a collection agency calling me.I'm in business and in order for me to make a profit I must give the customer what they want and if I should have a customer complain I address the complaint to keep the customer a satisfied customer.I don't pass it off to collections yp gave me nothing and that's what I'm going to give them p.s.if a yp rep is reading this why don't you people collect from Smiths welding shop whoever the hell they are.since you guys refused to change it to what was originally agreed upon.I can see yp being extinct in the near future.

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  • Ra
    Rayyyyyyyy Jun 10, 2016

    I emailed and overnighted the cancellation of contract when i recieved. The rep told me i signed when we first met and i said i never agreed to a one year re-occuring contract. He told me 3 months would be suffice. It turns out my rep closed the complaint and did'nt tell me anything. When i call today the customer service team told me that according to my rep i made a mistake and want to keep the contract. How crazy is that. case no 09293737. I did everything the contract says i can do to cancel.

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  • La
    Larry Kinsey May 27, 2017

    Having same problems with cancel ads. Sent email and wrote on top of first bill prior to book renewal do not renew ads. They totally ignored. Im wiling to join in a class action suit.

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