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N Jul 19, 2019

Hi Yahoo Admin,
I'm currently tracing my previous document in Yahoo mail. But unfortunately due to this email have not been use for more than 9 years, i've already forgotten the password. Here come more problem, when i click that i've forgetten the password, there is a text saying the verification code will be send to my other email which i've not used for more than 15 years. I cant event remember if i have the said email account. So how do i get my verification code if i cant even open the other email. Yahoo don't even provide me with other option such as sending the verification code to other email or my phone number like Gmail did (sorry for comparing but it's the truth). And the help site is not helping at all - a lot of option but can't find option for my case. Hope that i will manage to open my needed Yahoo mail.

Thank you

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