Yahoo!email that violated my privacy

A Jul 18, 2019

Dear Yahoo,
I am very upset about an email I just received on my email account (and which I promptly marked as spam), which offered lawyer services in the case of a botched hospital operation my newborn son just received. While using your email server, and over the past two weeks, I communicated this information to my family members, nobody else. Today, I received the email for lawyer services. I feel that you have invaded my privacy because you shared my information with a third party (legal services email). Yet, I am sure you feel this is justified because I am using a free email account, or because this is the way email business is conducted in today's world. I would disagree with those reasons and I totally disagree with sharing my information. I think that sharing/selling my information is bad for two reason. 1) It is unethical and 2) It creates a slippery slope towards creating bad precedence.

It is unethical because I would have hoped this information to remain strictly between me and those people I wished to communicate. Now, others have read my information, and I did not want them to.

I think it is a slippery slope as the next question becomes: ‘who else will you sell my information to?' Would it harm me, even while you make money? Would you even worry about the harm done to me? Do you want to contribute to creating this precedent in society.

Ask yourself, would you share this email with other people for profit? It is also of a private matter. I would like to hear your thoughts.

Aaron Dohogne

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