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electricity bill

My bill was 4 times the amount as the previous average for the past 2 years. I complained about it and Xcel sent "Jorge", so he said that was his name.
He entered my residence when unnecessary the told me my water heater was electric when it is obviously only gas.
I asked him to leave, he proceeded to become vile and unprofessional. Xcel backed this employee.
Now I have contacted police for the threats by Xcel employe, and attorneys for the civil side.
Xcel monopolized the panhandle so they can raise rates and hold it over our head and turn off electricity when their 16-year-old meter fails.

power outages

I have had Xcel for years now and have had no issues until 2019. I have had the power go out 4 different times in less than 6 months. Each time it takes over an hour to restore power. My city went through a blizzard and I was lucky enough to restore power and yet when it is a perfectly clear day an outage happens. They wont tell you why, their updates are slow, and they refuse to acknowledge that this is a huge problem. It's not like I moved recently either, I've been at my apartment for three years and this just started happening.

extra charge for meter error/ no notice of issues

I called today to ask about my bill and why it was at $267 when it was at $30 previously they said our meter was out since March and that we are being charged for the use of electricity averaged from previous years which I don't understand why it took them seven months to realize our meter was broken when they should notice it in their billing hey this isn't reading right we need to let them know but they waited until October to come out and supposedly replace the meter and now we have to pay all this extra money right before Thanksgiving and Christmas for this Xcel bill that they say we owe for previous electricity use because the meter was broken... but no one bothered to call us to say what was going on and why we had this extra charge no one even told me that they came on our property to mess with the meter this overall is just poor customer service. the customer service representative I talked to i believe his name was Brian he said he has been with the company for 10yrs he was very inconsiderate and didn't sound compassionate at all he didnt seem to care about the situation. From a customer standpoint this should be resolved quicker with a notice or shouldnt happen at all. Also for providing a service to the community it should be your due diligence to make sure things are working and accurate and if something should arise to where there is a problem you guys should make it a priority to let the consumer know that there is a problem with their bill or service and not just send them a bill without any inquiring information of why we're being charged with this extra fee is just criminal.


First off...Xcel's customer service blows.

Last month their system was 'down' but did they send out an email notifying its customers of this? No. They expect you to get that update from thin air or hope that you looked online. I found out that the system was down when they not only charged one of my bank accounts that I had previously deleted off of my account because I am in the process of closing it, they also charged the new account that I had listed on my file. They blamed this error on their system malfunctioning and being down for over a week. When I asked how I could get the duplicate payment refunded, they stated that it has been credited back to my Xcel they ever ask if that is how I wanted the refund to be issued? Nope.

When I told them that wouldn't work with me because I am out that money that I had not anticipated to be taken. They then told me they could issue me a check but it would be sent in mail and I would have to wait 5 business days before I got it back. I was also told I would have to dispute the charge with my bank. As much of a headache this process already was I then went ahead and waited for the check while also disputing the charge with my bank...this all took place at the beginning of October.

Now here we are at the end of October and I received a notification that my bill was only $29 which is roughly around what it should be. Today, I went to make sure that all of my previous banking information was taken off of my account so this would not happen again, only to find that now my bill is $111 which is including my previous bill that was PAID already.

I spent my breaks at work calling and got told one thing after another until I finally got a 'supervisor' who should probably not have that title considering he was the least helpful person out of everyone I talked too and the rudest. Long story short, he said that because they issued me a check and I disuputed the charge with my bank that it cancelled everything out and that I technically never paid my balance for last month...I was told directly by them to do both...and now I shouldn't have?????

I HIGHLY recommend going with an alternative energy company (PG&E is amazing) as Xcel lacks basic customer service and educated knowledge of the service and its payment system. I never once heard anyone of their employees take responsibility for the mix-up or duplicate payment which would have gone a long way in my book. Instead, I was treated like I was uneducated and talked down to. I am currently in the works with my legal team to see what else can be done since I got nowhere with Xcel themselves. If you have the option to choose which energy company to go with BY ALL MEANS RUN FROM EXCEL. They try and have you sign up for autopay and tell you that you will receive a discount but the reality is, you will get double charges and not see anything back to make up for their mistake...I was not asking for a million dollars back, I was looking for basic care in customer service.


I had placed a request to reconnect my gas two days ago. They promised a 24 hour turn around. Of course it is now the weekend and I still have not had any luck getting my services reconnected. I have called multiple times and they have all said they'd "follow up" and that I would be serviced "as soon as possible." I even spoke with a supervisor who was unable to tell me a time frame even after being promised it would be done within 24 hours. So frustrating!

billing issue.

My account # is [protected]

I have recently moved into this address and I got a bill that I did not expect. On the bill is has a former balance of $138.42 from years ago. I was asked to prove I paid it but I'm unable to do so because I have a different bank now than I did then.

I'd like to you to remove it as I have no doubt it was paid either to Xcel or the collection agency it was sent to.
Thank you


Our power was shut off on thursday the 26th of september(we were behind but had just made a huge payment 2 weeks prior). We paid the outstanding on the 27th of september. The supervisor we asked to talk to on the 26th finally calls us on the 31st(still no power). He credited our disconnect/reconnect fee which is great but when he put the new order in it put us back at the bottom of the list cause oldest orders first. So here it is the first of october and I have spent 300 dollars alone in just the gas for a generator not to mention all the food i had to throw away and the food i had to buy from restaurants to give my kids a warm meal. How much longer will it take. If we had to wait five days for power before he put the order in how long do we have to wait now. Mind you my bill has been paid for 6 days. Funny how you guys can turn it off but cant figure out how to turn it on.


We paid our power 2 days ago to have it turned on. They told us by 10pm on thursday it would be on. It's now saturday and they still haven't turned it back on. There was an excel guy here yesterday to check the gas but he said he couldn't do the electric do they needed to dispatch another. He was supposed to be here by 10pm last night. Woke up this morning with, yet again, no power. There are 4 children living in my house and we are all still sitting in the dark. No heat, no power, and it's starting to get cold. I explained this to them, but they don't seem to give a [censored]. I just want my power back on especially since I paid almost $1000 to get it turned back on, when that money could have gone to other things.

meter reading/customer service

I was just sent my monthly invoice from Excel and it showed a MASSIVE increase (almost 85%) in electricity usage. I called to speak with a representative from your company and was informed that the overuse of electricity was MOST LIKELY coming from a home appliance that was, "going out." I was then instructed to do a "self-diagnostic, " on my breaker box. I followed your instructions and determined that it was NOT any appliances drawing excess electricity and called back.

Before I get to the heart of the matter I would like to pre-empt this by saying that I do NOT work for XCEL energy. I am NOT certified in electrical system diagnoses nor am I competent in discerning WHAT if ANY data can be derived from such activities. It really seems like something YOUR company can handle. Also, your customer NON-service could be much more efficiently operated by simply putting a recording up on the customer service line that just repeats the phrase, "Your problem is irrelevant! Just shut up and pay whatever the number on the bill says...we are unconcerned with your particular issue and NOTHING can be done by you to solve your issue OTHER than paying whatever we tell you..." It seems this is the only conflict resolution your people are capable of!

Now to the matter at hand. I called back a second time to relay the results of my non professional diagnostic checkup and was THEN informed that, YEP! As it turned out the ACTUAL issue was YOU folks were in error and MISREAD my meter...alledgedly, and LOOK OUT! The resolution to YOUR error is for ME to just PAY THE BILL.

I don't understand how you misreading YOUR OWN meter somehow validates an 80% INCREASE in my overall power sounds quite often do you read the meters? Every Fall? As soon as I told the representative the results revealed nothing she all of a sudden comes up with the "mis-read, " portion of the deflect and deny responsibility.

I am EXTREMELY upset about this. Not only have you guys now put my holiday budget INTO FRIGGIN SHAMBLES but your incredibly coarse and cavalier attitude about my predicament is so infuriating I want to scream. My energy usage HAS NEVER reached anywhere near these levels...first you tell me its an appliance and when I say I need someone to come out and read the meter you then say OOPS! We read it wrong and you can just pay the difference over a few months. I AM NOT paying for your mistake. I DO NOT accept that you will not send someone professional out here to ascertain the issue definitively, and I DO NOT accept that your "SERVICE" personnel couldn't CARE LESS about the customer and resolving their unique issues.

I am contacting the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, the NM BBB, the Federal fraud hotline, and any other regulatory agency with dominion over your company and complain until SOMEBODY can accept some responsibility for this issue OTHER than the victim. You're SO lucky you don't have to COMPETE for my business...because your utility company is ran like a pyramid scheming grifter!

Sincerely upset,

Amanda Davis

they turned it off paid back within an hour and they take days too turn on

This was months ago but my family has been going through alot my family had to take care of my grandma for months after my grandpa died and they turned off the power when we called explained what happened they literally had no sympathy the bill was even payed the same day it was shut off and they took 3 days to turn it on something is seriously wrong with these people they treat the customers like animals and they can't even show any decency. Then a month later they did it again without warning even though we had the bill payed but just because it wasn't payed the exact time it was shut off we even payed it before it was shut off just didnt go through yet we talked too the person that disconnected and told them we payed for it and if they'd wait to turn it back on since it gone through he just said they couldn't do anything about it and to call then left. They really need too give a week or 2 notice it's just a disgrace how they treat people. No wonder everyone hates this company too bad they're the only power company in most areas we don't have a option they're literally so rich its sick they're employees are just cruel and they only care about money and not how they get it.


I fell behind on my bill due to being out of work because of a car accident, I am working with emergency assistance to pay my bill but the process has taken far longer than expected. My husband started a new job so we will be able to pay once we are caught up but we are so far behind that we need a bit of help. Even though I am literally just waiting for the paperwork to finish processing for assistance, our power was shut off yesterday. I was in the emergency room just over a week ago for severe high blood pressure, 202/140, and was told to monitor my blood pressure every 2 hours for the next few weeks becausr I could have a stroke if it is too high and does not go back down. For whatever reason, a blood pressure monitor does not qualify as a medical device even though I could end up dead or disabled if I have a stroke. Even if the paperwork is finished processing by the end of today, I was told it would be another 2 days until our power was turned on again. I have a 1 year old and an 8 year old, our food is spoiled, and now I cant even continue to check my blood pressure to make sure I don't end up hospitalized. Stress raises blood pressure and this is an extremely stressful situation. Somebody needs to have this looked into because anybody that has a blood pressure monitor NEEDS it. I am supposed to check every 2 hours and every 15 minutes if I end up with a high read so that I can know if I need to go to the hospital ASAP.

worst company ever the amarillo tx location is trash

I Was Told Bye 5 Different Employees They Would Be At My House To Hook My Electricity Its 10 PM At Night Still Noone Here I Have No Family Or Don't Know Anyone Here I Have A 3...


My name is Shannion Ferrell, my address is 827 S Mississippi street, Amarillo, Tx 79106. My account number is [protected]. I am a disabled Verteran and have been doing busine...

crystal, regular hours phone line manager/ supervisor, is verbally abusive

She is verbally abusive, manipulative, condescending, and is a master at escalating situations and making customers feel like nothing. Quite honestly, I've had a few of the regular workers there give me incorrect information from time to time, and they're way more qualified for her position than she is. You can help someone learn information, but you can't undo someone whose entire interaction is abusive. She does literally everything wrong in her interactions. I could use her phone calls as examples of what *not* to do. I won't go into every single thing she said here just because this is already getting long, but someone who is actually competent at being on a customer service phone line.

If you don't fire her, you're saying that your managers are there to abuse and bully customers.

I also work in customer service, and if I said or did any one of the many things she did and said, I'd be fired on the *spot*. Hire someone who won't verbally abuse the customers, who actually knows the first thing about talking to people, and who won't say the exact things that will make everything 10 times worse than it needs to be.

ignorant customer service reps

I recently rented a home. I called X-Cel on thursday of last week to have service turned on. The representative told me that I would have to send in my lease agreement and photo id before they could do this. I was a little annoyed (I'd never had to do this before) but if this was their policy then there was nothing I could do. They told me that it would take 2 full business days to review and since I called mid day on thursday they couldn't guaranty service till monday. So I take off work for the day expecting to have electricity and be able to finally move my things into my new home. I called X-Cel this morning to make sure everything was good. The lady that answered informed me that my rental agreement had not been viewed yet and X-Cel would call me when they were Ready to turn on my power. I explained that I had been guaranteed service today, and she said we don't guarantee anything. I called again at 1:00 pm because I was tired of waiting for a call, and I didn't want to waist an entire day. The man I spoke to this time informed me that I never had to send a copy of my rental agreement or id in the first place. Seems this policy is for accounts that have been shut off due to non-payment. He told me sometimes the Reps get confused. Of course I was Very annoyed knowing I could have had Electricity this entire time, but I was nice because at least I was now talking to someone who was going to fix the problem. He apologized and told me he would start service today. I asked twice just to make sure. "So I will have service today?" and both times he said "yes", and I wouldn't have to be there. So I got busy doing other things, and when I noticed it was 20 till 5 I headed to my new place. Excited to finally turn on the air conditioner in this 100+ weather. When I got there I wasn't completely shocked to find there was still no electricity. So I called again. The girl I talked to this time must have been the same as the first because she kept repeating the same thing "We don't guarantee service" Getting annoyed I got off the phone and literally prayed I'd see the X-Cel truck pulling up any minute. At 10 till I called again. This time I spoke to a woman who sounded as if she'd had the same day I'd had. She was Very rude from the very beginning. When I told her that I'd been guaranteed service today she gave me the same answer as the others. I told her about all the hassle I'd gone through trying to get electricity turned on, and how hot it was. I told her I'd been waiting to move into a house for 5 days because their people didn't know what they were doing. When I was done, and in the deadest voice you can imagine she says "I'm sorry you had to go through that, but it doesn't change anything." Then I asked to speak to her supervisor. She says "Ma'am I've been working here for 13 yrs". I said "That's nice, but I'd still like to speak to your supervisor" In a overly sweet voice she says "Sure thing ma'am I'll have them call you tomorrow." If there was ANY other electric company in this area They would have my business!!

breaks in service

Daily the electricity goes out forcing resets of all devices on a daily basis. Being rural should not mean rhat you have to deal with poor quality service. If the lines are that bad fix them. This has happened for years now and the excuse is always they are working on it. Security systems rely on consistent electric service as well as household functions. Excel should be ashamed of this type of service. It matters not how nice the people are that work there. Poor quality is poor quality.


TO THE MAN, Reading all of these comments it's just a shame that there are NEVER any replies to them. I mean I realize it would be a pack of lies but at least add a PR person to...


I contacted Xcel to state I needed to cancel my account and also stated I didn't need my service transferred because I was moving to Colorado Springs and its a different service provider. I was billed for a month of service after my move. I called and stated this and Xcel doesn't care. They state they have no record of the call therefor they can not do anything. Because technical issues never occur, right? I called back to let them know I am not paying this and asked for my bill between 03/11 and 03/22. They stated they couldn't give me that info. They will not allow my landlord to call or provide documentation of my move either. I have tried to escalate the issue and they will not speak to upset customers. I also didn't receive any bills from them for the month of April. I received a bill at the beginning on June stating my account was overdue. When I looked they are charging me through the end of April but that was less than obvious by the one page bill I received so I had to hunt down the info in my account which is also not easy to read. I want to pay what I owe and move on. I would like to provide written proof from my landlord of my move date which is actually 03/24 (I mistakenly stated it was 03/22 as that was the date I closed on my property).

electric service

June 6, 2019

FROM: Peter Hanna
RE: Electric Service at 1331 S. Ave. I, Portales, NM
Acct# [protected]

Approximately two months ago, I tried to get electrical service started. When the Xcel Energy technician came out, he said that we needed to get all the equipment up-to-date. We had an electrician come out to do necessary repairs. When the job was completed, the electrician tried to contact Xcel Energy to get the service reconnected. He was unable to reach anyone that could help him. Since then, I have called Xcel Energy several times to try and set up service. I have spoken to many CSRs and been transferred many times. I have not spoken to anyone who could actually help me. And no one turns my calls. We still have no service, no call back, nothing. This is very frustrating, and there is no office here. Please contact me or my assistant to set up time.
Peter Hanna [protected]
Lynn Willhite [protected]

Thank you.

digging up my yard

22449 I came home from work today to find a giant hole in my yard and a bunch of workers. We were informed via note on door that they would be doing work but no specifics, let alone...

driver not using turn signals 4 times.

The driver of vehicle D2615 failed to use his turn signal 4 times in a row I managed to snap some pics as well for proof. We here in Colorado require turn signals at all times as like all states in the USA. I thought you'd want to know of these issues to help keep our streets safe. I'd hate to see corporate get sued for an accident. We already have bad enough problems on our streets and for a multi billion dollar company this is an outrage. Your employees need to be safe on the roads period. Thank you in advance.

driver not using turn signals 4 times.
driver not using turn signals 4 times.

gas turned off

Excel Energy came out to our home today and turned out gas off between 1 and 3PM. They had no reason to do so, and did not inform myself or my family at all. My pregnant wife and...

Excel Energyincrease heating bill

Excel energy is now constituting a nuisance regarding their billing for heating gas. I think we have to change our furnace to electricity with city of north Saint Paul. Because while our electricity remain ok through the winter month at $72, excel keep increasing the the cost of gas for 5.25/day to 6.45/day making a total $214 for the month. We have got a fair winter and this time last year we only $113 for the same gas which really unfair.
All this is just to pressurized us to their unfriendly programs they tend to spread higher payments all through the year.

turning my lights back on

My lights was turns off while I was at work and it 16 degrees outside. So when they turned them off I called and paid for them right away. My son said a man can turn them on and...


I don't understand why, it didn't take a special crew to disconnect my electricity, but now after I got the bill paid in full, and it has been over two days, since I paid. I keep...

supervisor - neal, identifier # - 4597

I have recently moved to a new residence and for the first bill, I was charged a bill that was high. I called customer service couple of times and they mentioned they will come out with a solution. I spoke to a person today called Neal who was the supervisor and he was ridiculously rude and unhelpful. He was very rude to me and even after I mentioning to him that I have been calling as one of your employees had mentioned that you will help me, he was still rude and unhelpful. I really want someone to call me at [protected] and raise a case against him since he provided the most disgusting customer service ever anyone can receive. I even mentioned that this is not the way you speak to a pregnant lady like and he was still rude and unhelpful.

cut off and turn on of services

I had paid electric bill but did not call in time to give confirmation of payment. So they shut electric off on 8/2. Called in morning of 8/3 and girl said they'd be at house to...

xcel energy driver

On 7/23/18, I was driving into work from Rogers, MN to St. Paul, MN and there was stop and go traffic as usual at 6:40 am. I was driving fine in my lane staying far enough behind the vehicle in front of me but not too far for safety. In the right lane next to me, an Xcel energy Tahoe pulled right in front of me and from my point of view almost hit my front end bumper and the back end bumper of the vehicle in front of him that he was passing, but did not, and then proceeded to merge back into the right lane after passing the vehicle. I will be making a formal complaint with the company about their employee aggressive driving habits. This happens way too much and can get someone seriously injured or killed on the highway.

xcel energy

Xcel is excellent at hounding customers with email marketing to sign up for various programs, but I guarentee, the URL's / technical back end that you're directed to will NEVER WORK. Links are always broken and when you call in to speak with the first level of Customer Support, they have no idea what you're talking about and will likely transfer you to the wrong department. If you want to save yourself hours of infuriating conversation, just unsubscribe from all Xcel marketing emails.

home electrical outages

Yesterday, 7/15/2018, our power went off TWICE! This is a recurring theme in this zip (80128) and we are tired of it! I have lived in CO all my life and have NEVER had such...

regularly occurring power outages on my block

Hello I'm a customer at 885 dayton ave in St paul, mn. My block consistently has power outages and they do usually restore power within a couple of hours. But since this i...

service reconnection

On Saturday June 16, a storm came and knocked over a neighbors tree and it snapped out line to our house. The line ripped the meter from the wall. It needed to be repaired. On...

net metering/ solar for homes

Excel processing department is discriminating against solar being installed on homes. David Wynkoop is rude and does not give confidence to helping the project get done. Are they...

energy billing

Xcel incorrectly assigned meters at my duplex. One year later I received a bill for $292 because of this mistake. My landlord called to get charges reduced/ dropped and was told...


I received 2 Xcel Energy bills in December 2017. One was for $89 and the other for $673. I immediately called Xcel and after investigation they told me my meter was broke and thi...

customer service

I am using the term "customer service" loosely. Spoke with Tim in your Wisconsin service center at 5:45 pm mountain Tues 11/28 and he should be fired. Not only did he have no information about our six hour outage he clearly didn't care. He refused to give me his last name or ID number but his accent was quite distinct and he confirmed the call center location.
You should hire people that actually care and can solve problems, not people that clearly just want to collect a paycheck without doing anything of value
He was rude, unhelpful and completely incompetent

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 29, 2017

    Do you have an specific details/examples of how he was rude or incompetent?

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creditors and customers service representatives

My mom is trying to get the electricity turned on in her name, we have called numerous times to see what the progress is on getting the electricity back on. Each time we keep...

electricity outage

We received 1/2” of snow. My electricity has been out 24 hours. I’ve called multiple times to be told there is no update on when the power will be restored. Walnut Hills has 60...

excel energy company vehicle

I was driving to work on Saturday August 5th, 2017. The Excel Energy vehicle pulled up beside me and my lane was ending so I signaled to get over and slowed down and got over behind the driver. He then proceeded to make hand gestures at me while driving very slowly and putting on his brakes in front of me. This went on for a few miles. I felt threatened by him and did not feel safe driving behind him while he was acting that way. I think he was trying to teach me a lesson for pulling in behind him too closely. Maybe I did but, I do not think this is a good way to represent Excel Energy while driving in a company vehicle.
The incident happened at Alameda Ave and University Blvd at around 7:30 am.

Excel Energy — stealing from my bank account and my landlord because the money taken was for the roof over my childrens head!

Excel energy my electric company went into my bank account and took 181.00 dollars out after I had already made my payment. What really angers me is that they knew about the...