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Direct Energy Services reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 11, 2006. The latest review Billing Issue with overcharging was posted on Jun 7, 2021. The latest complaint door to door salesman was resolved on Nov 13, 2014. Direct Energy Services has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 128 reviews. Direct Energy Services has resolved 61 complaints.

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Direct Energy Services Complaints & Reviews

Direct Energy ServicesBilling Issue with overcharging

June 7th, 2021
I have been a Direct Energy customer for over 25 years. Always pay my bill on time.
Over the past year I have noticed on my statements that my rates continue to climb. Not once not twice but three times over the past 12 months I have discussed with a Direct Energy representative at a kiosk to determine if I was getting the best possible rate for my electricity and natural gas. each of the three times that I stopped to confirm that I was on the best rate plan, I was told that in fact I was on the best rate plan.
In a discussion today with a Direct Energy customer service representative I was told that I am not on the best price program, rather I am on a variable rate program. The difference between what I have been paying and what I should have been paying, and what I thought I was paying what's the difference of $13.00 per unit to less than $8.00 per unit. The representative was very helpful but explained he was not able to assist me with any compensation towards the excessive rates I have been paying. I asked to be transferred to a customer service Rep who could discuss this further with me. After being on hold for 49 minutes, I was t transferred to a Rep who said that she would be glad to put me on a fixed price program but there was absolutely nothing she could do about the excessive charges that I had been paying. I explained very politely and professionally that I was not interested in a simple apology an move to the new price, rather I wanted to be compensated or accommodated in some manner for the additional fees that I have been paying. She said sorry, nothing I can do I got one a fixed price plan. I explained that as a 20 plus year customer I'm surprised that she would simply say goodbye.

I will be dropping Direct Energy immediately as a supplier.

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    Direct Energy Servicesdoor to door sales people

    On May 27, 2 Direct energy ( Detroit 6 mile Wyoming area) recruiters harrassed my sister and knocked on my Dads door door after she was told there was no need to and commenced to arguing with her. Your reps overstepped there bounds of selling a product and became hostile. She was told that several house in a row was owned by my sister and she responded with sarcasm and distrust . I had to encourage the workers to move on to the pass the houses that were family owned and not interested and she continued to be rude and combative. She did not represent your company well nor to us and anyone who watched the encounter.

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      Direct Energy ServicesFraudulent billing and derogatory remarks

      4 years after my contract expired with Direct Energy and switched to another provider, Direct Energy sends to collection agency and credit bureau $386 of unpaid bills. This is 4 years later!
      After going thru archives because Direct Energy he stated in providing alleged bills I proved that my autopay did pay these bills .
      Upon showing these facts then they say my bank called back these funds.
      Bank statements and bank do not reflect this.
      I had to submit my bank statements to provide my innocence because they wouldnt submit theirs.
      They refuse to retract their false reporting to the credit bureaus and they also violate State of Texas statute of limitations on collecting bills. 4 years later they try to collect for first time
      Most people would pay or let credit be tarnished.
      This is fraud, violation off Texas law and derogatory remarks.
      Stay away from Direct Energy.
      User's recommendation: Unprofessional and false billing.
      Preferred solution: Apology.
      Location: Houston, Texas

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        Direct Energy Servicesdirect energy

        I am a former direct energy rep. I used to work for a company called Trust Energy selling Direct Energy Contracts in Calgary . I was told by the trainer and supervisor, Robin and Matt to hide the truth from the customers . I was asked to to fake the electricity and gas price to elderly people and newly landed immigrants as they are not aware of the energy market . The price is not fixed and it will go up in two months. They lock you in a contract and you if you wish to opt out later it's costs to you $4000 to get out of the contract and eventually messing up your credit.I quit the job because I refused to lie to the customers anymore.

        Avoid this company like plague. They lock you on a contract at a higher price. They provide you free electricity and gas for two months and then triple the price for the next five years.

        Wish I never worked here as this company has a bad name and the trainers and supervisors asked me to lie and hide the truth.

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          Direct Energy Services — billing and processing

          I have service with them and had a contract for a year then they decided to alter and cancel the plan and...

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          Direct Energyscam

          I signed up for direct energy for 1 year contract. It was free weekends and $100 visa card promotional offer. In March, I contacted them about the visa card and their agent said that I will receive the visa card in 2 parts. $50 after 6 month of contract and the remainder after completion of the contract. But when I contacted them today about the same matter ( i wanted to know when the card will arrive) they say that the plan I signed up for does not have a promotional visa card offer!!! and the last agent was incorrect.
          I am gathering documents and other people like me who have been scammed like this by direct energy. I want to drag them to court and [censored] bury the company to the ground. I know suing for $100 sounds ridiculous but its not just about that!!! Who knows Those bloody scammers are ripping off and at what amounts!!!

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            Direct Energy — the aeroplan points

            Hello, my name is henry chan. I choose direct energy in July, 2017 because of yr good service. But I feel...


            Direct Energy — billing gas and electricity

            Hello I have been with Direct Energy for a number of years (7+) and always been on the budget plan. My bill...

            Sherwood Park

            Direct Energy — natural gas and electricity

            Date of complaint July, 24, 2017 Account # [protected] I am the daughter of the current account holder. My...

            Red Deer

            Direct Energy Essentialsbilling and customer service

            Right from the very beginning we were mislead by this company. I was told that if I signed up with them we would no longer be getting an EPCOR bill. This was not the case . I've had nothing but problems with billing right from the first month, it is going on over 2 years and this has been a nightmare contract I can't get out of . Everytime I try to cancel they tell me I will be charged more money . I didn't receive any bills for months after I signed up and tried to cancel within the first month but was told I couldn't unless I paid out penalties for cancelling . I was set up on a monthly budget plan that consistently went up and was always different amounts . Then this last year I was paying a regulated amount every month set up and determined by Direct Energy Essentials and I've never missed a payment . I just received a bill saying I owe over a thousand dollars. I don't know if I should get legal advise or go public but I need to get out of this contract . I have paid out hundreds of dollars trying to rectify the billing problems on top of my regular bills that I pay monthly just with Direct Energy Essentials .I get someone different overtime I phone, apologizing over and over and being put on hold for 15 minutes or more while they look at my account only to tell me they are sorry but it just keeps happening. They just told me today that they couldn't tell if it was a debit or a credit and to just wait for my next bill, but I explained I was looking at my bill and it said amount owing and that it was now late . ( I still made my budgeted amount payment) Even though they were looking at my account then she said my budgeted payment plan was cancelled as of May and the bill was for over and above my budgeted payment plan that THEY set up. I explained that I have a mortgage and other bills to pay and that I can't afford to pay a over 1000 dollar bill because they didn't budget my plan properly . She apologized and said she could set me up on a payment plan for this amount owing on top of my regular billing cycle that I have never missed a payment on . I just want out of this ongoing mess . Worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

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              Direct Energynatural gas

              It's incredibly difficult to understand, how a billion dollar company like Direct Energy, can cut off a customer who has kids for $365. I phoned to extend my time to pay by a week and got NO HELP! It makes me sick to know you consider yourself a customer related company, when it's apparent your a dollar related company. It's difficult times in the economy and it makes it more difficult when providers refuse to understand and help provide.

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                Direct Energy — did not move my services and starting charging my landlord without me knowing it.

                In the middle of June 2016 I went online and completed a moving form to transfer my gas services through...


                Direct Energy — contract fraud

                In October, a broker came to my store and told me that direct energy business had a cheaper price to offer...

                Direct Energyelectric and gas bill

                I am venkatesh. Me and my wife moved to pa from ct 1.3yrs ago. After a month of moving, a sales man from direct energy came to our house when I wasnt even there at home. They said to my wife, like they spoke to my friends in next apartments. They just signed for this and you can also sign for this wonderful service, where you can pay very less (Aprox $40 difference) from what you are paying. My wife initially said I am not at home please come back later. But that sales guy didnt go and started talking about your friends from nearby apartments already signed for this and getting this advantage. Please dont miss this opportunity. And finally they confused her to make her sign an agreement. And it seems they called a number and asked her to say 'ok' for everything the person in other side ask. She is new to us and she didnt understand what exactly they spoke.
                After that sales man went, we received 2 nest devices for adjusting temperature. I called them immediately and asked, we are not going to use this direct energy. Please take it from us. They said, it is just a service we are offering, since you accepted direct energy. Its completely free of cost. Then after multiple calls I left arguing with those guys. After 1.2yrs we moved to some other community due to project change, where they dont have peco and direct energy services. Immediately in a month, we received a mail from collection department, such as I need to pay $400 for the 2 devices, since I broke the contract of 2 yrs. And I am getting continuous calls from these collection agency, stating you need to pay $400 for 2 devices, since there is a 3yr agreement I signed and I disconnected in the middle.
                This is totally ridiculous and direct energy is money minded scam. I see difference in communication between them. Some stating 2 yrs agreement and in call, they are saying 3 yrs agreement.
                I am definitely going to raise it to next level. This is the starting step.

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                  • Updated by Venkatesh24 · Dec 27, 2016

                    Worst and Money Minded SCAM - DIRECT ENERGY

                  Direct Energy Regulated Services — electricity turned off

                  When we moved from a townhouse to our current duplex in the same town we were charged a $500 deposit for...

                  Slave Lake

                  Direct Energynatural gas and electric

                  I signed up summer of 2015, the condo I was renting was sold in November of 2015. I called and cancelled and on 12/2/15 got my first and only cancellation fee bill from Direct Energy. I was told to fax them documents, I did, called back and was told to fax more different documents. Meantime they have now sent me to collections while I am still trying to resolve the issue. This company sends you in circles, promises unrealized savings, promised a $50.00 restaurant coupon that was never received and then when I was forced to move promptly charged me $200. This has been the worst consumer experience that I have ever had in 30 years of being an active consumer. I have followed this up today with a complaint to the Attorney General's office of Ohio. Please I beg you heed my warning and don't ever deal with this company, I promise you will regret it.

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                    Direct Energy — door to door salesman

                    Date of occurrence: 01/16/2015 Area: Canton, MI Couple of agents of Direct energy came to my house on...

                    Direct Energyillegal practices

                    December 2014 a Direct Energy representative came to the door and I mistakenly signed up for their Comfort and Control (?) plan. I realized the mistake the next day and called to cancel; the law requires a 10 day "cooling off" period to allow customers to cancel registration to a utility plan without consequence. They claimed to have cancelled my plan; I called again in about 4 days to confirm that it was cancelled, and they said it was. Come January my other gas and electric providers sent me my "final" bill; Direct Energy had cancelled my other services and taken over as my provider. I cancelled the service and returned to my previous providers; then another month later Direct Energy sent me the Nest thermostat that was part of the plan I had cancelled, so I returned it. another 4 months later they send me a bill for the service for that 15 day period that they were my provider. Another 6 months later I get the "Device Recovery Fee" bill for the Nest thermostat. This company thrives on fraudulent business practices and scamming customers.

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                      Direct Energy — electric service

                      To anyone considering using Direct Energy beware of the "invisible" contract they will have with you for 2 to...

                      Direct Energy — harassment

                      Switched from direct energy, ever since they call every day, twice a day. I told them I am not switching...

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