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Rude customer service and incorrect info in your database

I received an automated call this morning at 8:56 am regarding my service being turned off and to call the phone number back. I do not have Duke Energy Services since May 2019. I called the number, dialed 4 for the disconnection department and reached 3 different representatives (Bernie & 2 others) who all hung up on my call without informing me they were disconnecting the call, rude. The first rep informed me my maiden name and my new address was in the system, which is incorrect. I have not used my maiden name in over 9 years and my new address is less than 6 months old. He hung up on the call when he could not advise me why this information was in the system. The 2nd and 3rd rep (Bernie) all hung up on me as well. With Bernie, I requested to speak with a Supervisor or Manager and he stated they were unavailable, but did not offer anything else to assist me and hung up, without announcing disconnection or any closing statements. I called again and spoke with a 4th rep, Tommy and explained the situation that has taken place in less than 10 mins. He stated he would escalate my concerns to the IT department. I expressed my displeasure with the previous 3 representative and how they handled my calls. He apologized on behalf of the company and stated I reached the disconnection department, they were not Customer Service Representatives. I told him that is incorrect, he is handling customer calls, they are CSRs and there is ways to handle callers with valid concerns and hanging up on the customer is not the way. I work in a contact center and I am a CSR. I understand there are different types of CSRs but we all handle customers. This is how a company receive low rating because of the lack of training and skills on their employees. If they are unable to assist me with my valid concerns, then transfer me to a Supervisor/Manager just like I requested. No one did. Your CSRs need better training.

power outage

This is the second time within 2 weeks the transformer has blown in our backyard leaving us with power for hours. I reported the incident immediately after it happened, and still an hour later no technician has come to even asses the situation. I feel as though there could've been more done the last time the same transformer blew to assure this wouldn't happen 2 weeks later. It's a significant inconvenience to a mother home by herself with an 8 month old baby.

adding partner to my account

I started service 6 weeks ago in my name. My partner and I are both trying to get a real ID and have our voter registration changed to our new address. I need to add her name to the utility bill. I was told that Duke energy did not do that. I can't believe that you can't add a second name and a second person to be liable for the bill. Your customer service is horrible and you should realize that not allowing a second name on an account has real world implications. To say the least, I am extremely unhappy. How do you expect us to change our voter registration and get a real id???

home billing

We moved to our home in November 2019. We received our first bill in December 2019. It was $178.67. December 31, 2019 we received our second bill of $172.72. After receiving the second bill I call Duke Energy customer service. They scheduled someone to come to my home to check out my appliances and show us how to conserve energy. The person that came out said our appliances were ok and we had 2 small leaks in our windows. After they left, I turned the water heater down 10 degrees, I turned our thermostat down to 65. January 2020, I received our third bill. It was $178.67. I call customer service again saying my bill is too high for this home. They told me someone would call me back. A week went by, no call. I call customer service again and they said someone would call by the end of the week or the beginning of the next week. Someone did call. I missed the call. I call them back and left my name and number. That was a week ago. Someone call again the morning and I ran to get my phone but I missed the call. I called them back and left my name and number the meantime, I have called back 22 times and have gotten their voicemail 22 times. The number I called back 22 times is [protected]. The name of the person is Jose and he is a billing specialist.

I have asked for someone to come out and check my meter. They said the meter is working fine.

A week ago, our power went out overnight. The next morning I look at our meter and it had different numbers on it that it didn't have before. I called customer service AGAIN and they said when the billing specialist contact me, they will determine if someone needs to come out and check the meter.

I am tired of call your customer service department because I know they can't help me. The billing specialist won't return my calls. I call 22 times. You would think Jose would notice that and give me a call.

You send me a bill every month. I have never been late paying it. Now that I have an issue, I can't get someone that can help me with it.

If you can't help me, I will find someone that can.

My number is [protected]. My email address is [protected] Someone PLEASE give me a call.

excessive credit card fees for non-residential customers

We have Duke for our home and my business here in Florida. I do not want auto pay right now which is my choice. I pay my bills on time but your fee for online payments is excessive for my business!
Here's an excerpt from your site:

"You can also pay your bill online with Credit Card, Debit Card, or Electronic Check through Speedpay. A fee of $1.50 for residential accounts and $12.95 for non-residential accounts applies to each payment. For payments in excess of $10, 000, the convenience fee will be 2.75% of the amount paid. These fees cover the processing costs associated with handling credit card and electronic debit payment."

I know how much it costs to process credit cards in business and it's certainly not $12.95 per customer. I see this charge as your company strong arming customers into auto pay. That's not right. Paying real time is a choice we should have. We, the customer.
I've been searching online to go to my account to pay like I used to and this fee is always added. It's excessive, it's wrong and your company is the only one - the only one charging these excessive fees (in my bill paying world.)
I think you should evaluate this and substantially lower this fee. Maybe ‘speedpay' was a bad idea.

I am complaining about the deposited...

to whom it my concern: a/c # [protected]

I NEED YOUR HELP .. I am a HEART RECIPIENT AND i have typ 2 diabetes.

DUKE ENERGY BOOK KEEPING DEPT...charging me $270.00 more for deposit.
there is a deposited of 240.00 dollar in my account for the last five years
what happen to the deposit of $240.00.


thank you for concern
franklin cortes

road plate in cincinnati ohio

On March 3rd, I was driving on Virginia Ave and there was a road plate that was not completely covering the hole in the road, i tried to avoid it, but my tire somewhat dropped down in it, and a large crunch I heard. I was able to get out of it, cause i didnt stop, and i pulled over, and all looked ok, but as i was driving home, i noticed something was the matter with my front side, it ended up being the shock was destroyed from my tire falling into the hole, and i have complained with Cincinnati Public Services, DOTE, MSD, GCWW, and they are all saying it was not their plate. They are saying it may be Dukes. I had to pay for this to be fixed, it was right around $500, and that was my deductable, so the insurance did nothing for me. I need this $ back, have been complaining about this for almost a year now. Can you please check to see if this is your plate on the road. It is around 4303 Virginia Ave, Cincinnati, OH

My name is Karla Adams
Address: 8763 cabot Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45231
Phone: [protected]

Please let me know if this is your roadplate, I really need this money back, it was not money I could afford to spend.

road plate in cincinnati ohio
road plate in cincinnati ohio
road plate in cincinnati ohio
road plate in cincinnati ohio
road plate in cincinnati ohio
road plate in cincinnati ohio
road plate in cincinnati ohio

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    normanbates2 Jan 15, 2020

    Karla this is a public complaint site. You put your personal info up for the whole world to see. Duke energy is not going to see this .

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customer service

I am writing as someone who has been in customer service and what Duke offers in my case as I know customer service is that you have found every excuse to not be customer service oriented and therefore your front line people answering the phone are not armed with critical information or the ability to access it. Then you have them give the most unrealistic excuses to me as a customer as to why they CANNOT call me back when there has been a resolution to my problem. You see I was told that if Duke called my number with information about my problem, they couldn't be certain it was actually me they are talking to. Seriously, why could they not use the same verification standards as when I call in to Duke. When I questioned a supervisor, she first said they don't have the ability to call outside and actually someone else could know my information and therefore they could be giving information to the wrong person, really? That is the biggest bunch of malarkey I have ever heard. So I went on to ask the supervisor, then have them email me? And guess what the answer to that was, no, because what if they sent my information to the wrong email address?
Duke Power's policy to not reach out to customers is just a matter of knowing you don't have to because where else can I or anyone else go for their electricity?
The way I see it, there are as many excuses as is necessary to dictate the customer is made to realize that no matter what, Duke doesn't practice customer service, AND THE PROBLEM I'M CALLING IN FOR IN THIS INSTANCE IS NOT MY FAULT. I sent a payment in as I have done for years via automatic draft from my checking account. The December 2019 payment never posted as paid. I have confirmed with my bank the monies were sent 12/11/19, and my payment was cashed.
My problem is that I called Duke on 12/30/19 when I received a past due notice for the December payment. I was asked to send in via fax information from my bank statement that showed it was taken out. I have faxed that twice now, once on December 30, 2019 and then again on January 10, 2020. Since December 30 I have made five phone calls to see if this issue has been resolved because Duke Power cannot advise me. The most glaring problem with customer service is that NO ONE has been able to answer is whether my fax was received. Without that knowledge, it's impossible to know if my case is even being addressed. Apparently whoever receives the fax doesn't have any way to communicate with your customer service people or vice versa. I have been told there is no way to confirm receipt of that fax I sent other than when my case is resolved or there is activity to report. That I find extremely bizarre that your system is not connected with the service reps that answer your phones, therefore no one can confirm receipt of my fax.
I have called in five times and still no resolution. I still don't know if my fax I sent in as information to solve my problem was received, and NEITHER CAN ANYONE VERIFY. And what I see as a bigger problem is due to Duke being the only player I have to supply my electricity, a monopoly. It allows situations like these to go on because the customer has no choice. Because of this monopoly, Duke most likely will not change their policy, you will never lose any business over your policies. Plus there's no one else the customer can switch to.
Drew Naylor

automated payment problem

I made a payment this morning on the automated systemand instead of a verification number i was transferred to an associate and was immediately disconnected so i called back and was told to call they could speak with them and verify the transaction so my power was not i hung up And called my bank and called duke energy back and was then told that the only way duke energy would stop the disconnection was in something was faxed to them which was not something chime Or i could do...long story short that"support specialist"was to busy telling me what he could not do instead of what he could do for me...he was not theleast bit concerned that my lights were gonna get cut off if we didn't do something so i hung up with that person and called right back to discover that you guys were having a problem with western union since yesterday and within 5 minutes the lady was able to handle the issue and workwith me...that of which i am very grateful for...i understand my pay in it which is i could have been more diligent about not waiting till the last minute to make the payment but at thesame time i did make the payment and because you guys had an issue with western union combined with an associate that had no intentions of trying to help me because i don't was work?or because it would require him actuality doing something that obviously didn't wanna deal with...whatever the reason if i hadn't spoken to someone eles and just toke his word for it...that there was nothing he could lights would have been cut off even though there was obviously a solution to the problem or the lady i spoke to last would not have been able to help a better job of hiring and training people on what it means to be a Customer Service Agent because you have at least one person on your stag that i can verify does not belong in a position that requires helping people because he had no intentions of helping me resolve this issue...
My info is Christina Tritt Miller
183 Greyhound ct
Winston Salem NC 27101

Please do something about this so the next person that speaks to that man doesn't have to go through what i did

increasing monthly kw usage almost twice the amount actually used

My bill averaged usually 565 kw monthly during the months my sister lived with me (she was with me almost a year)...when she moved, the KW usage dropped down to 264 KW, as I live alone dont cook a lot, heating/cooling system off at night, use of clothes washer 1 x a week, cook a pasta meal that lasts 3 days, to keep electric stove bill down, make sure lights not in use off, so Im very "save energy" concious. I declined installing the new meter as I have cancer but I couldnt find time to get a medical form filled out.

When Duke saw my energy usage had gone down to 264 month, the following month they raised my KW usage to 500 KW used which is an untruth on their part. Now the meter reader came today so I know how to read my meter now, but I resent having Duke Energy raise my usage to 500 for a month which increases my balance forward and though they just increased my monthly bill to 169.00 throwing that 500KW increases my balance foreward so next year they will probably charge me 200.00 a month. I DID NOT USE 500 KILOWATTS IN ONE MONTH, they just want to raise my bill again. Even the operator I spoke who went over my bill agreed something was wrong. I am at my wits end fighting this company. Have made numerous phone calls and just get the run around.


In August 2019 I reached out to Duke because Duke Energy closed my account and opened a new one because they claim someone moved and gave them my address. I received a new account number ([protected]). I continued to pay my bill. I paid $100 in September and I paid $140 in October. Then in November I received another letter telling me they closed the account. The funny thing about that, now you can't see my past payments - but my bank records show that I have made these payments. Yesterday, December 17, 2019, my apartment complex manager emailed my husband and myself and asked if we had been paying our bills. Of course we had. She told me that she called Duke and Duke informed them that I had not paid the bill since August and the account had been closed. Which was not the case, as BBB is aware because we have been dealing with this drama. So I called Duke, again, to get the apartment reinstated back to my name. They had to run another credit check due to their error. The customer service agent, Cindy, had the audacity to ask me if anyone had malicious intent against me. Are you kidding me? We are saying this on a recorded line? I became pithy and said "Only Duke Energy." I now have another account number with Duke Energy.

But after all of this, after all this drama, I was able to get some answers from my apartment complex.

In August, a new family moved into 8770 Maitland Summit Blvd Apt 2309. It was the same time that Duke changed my account number. Duke Energy made an error and closed my account, not because someone gave my address, but because they messed up. Then the apartment complex received a bill for 2309 and had the people call Duke to get the account put over to their name. In doing so, Duke messed up again and closed my account because their system had the two names under one account. Now Duke swears they did not do this, but I've worked with Duke for many years as a vendor and I'm well aware of their computer issues they have had.

So now, my complaint is that the first issue was never resolved. I never heard back from the Nina person who originally reached out to me. I have Duke threatening to charge me back to August when I have proof of payments. I feel like they are trying to cover their mistakes, but I have the emails from Duke with my bills and I also have my bank statements. This has become an absolute nightmare.

I've have the bill that was sent to my apartment complex. I've also have a screen shot of the last bill I received from Duke back in October saying my bill was #139.23. I paid $140 which can be proven with my bank statement. I don't know where Duke put my money but at this time they are being malicious. I can also show a copy of my November bill they mailed me telling me the account was closed, again.

hidden fees

Why are you charging fees that are not listed on bill. Are you "jacking" up the usage
Saw this on wlos tv trouble shooters Asheville N.C 12/10/2019
So very unethical
Sub- human Customer service very rude and obnoxious
Will some one please tell me how can Duke juice the meters to help the fortunate people to get energy
savings and the person paying for 1000 kilowatts will pay about 60.00 a year in juiced up charges
that don't appear on one's bill
Why is Duke allowed to do this

power - electric

I live in a condo/apartment complex outside of Haines City, Fl 33844. We are always losing our power and then it takes hours to get it back. It just failed again; weather is fine, no storms, it's in the daytime, basically no real excuse for it to fail, as usual. Duke Energy must know by now why is it goes out so often but you don't do anything to fix it. Since you claim it only affects 42 customers I guess you figure is its not worth the trouble, which is probably also why your response is so slow.
Would you please explain why you're incapable of keeping our power on? I see on the internet you're planning on raising the rates again. How can you possibly justify that??!! You claim you don't inconvenience your customers; how can you justify that comment when you inconvenience us on an almost regular basis??!! I'm a retired cripple; when the power went out this time I was in my recliner, my ELECTRIC powered recliner. Do you have any idea of how difficult it is for a person who can barely walk with the aid of a walker, to climb out of a recliner that is in the reclined position?? You're probably getting a good laugh out of that, right? Well, I certainly hope you get the opportunity to find out some day. You're are unbelievably horrible people and your service is the worst I've ever had to endure of any place I've ever lived.

electric bill

I am writing to advise of legal actions, including a call to the ABC action news. This is the first step. On 09-03-2019 I disconnected my sprinkler system. I disconnected flood lights from around my home. I took out all the fluorescent lights in my kitchen and only use the chandelier. I don't use televisions in rooms and I have unplugged extra cords. This has been a diligent battle and there has not been a change in my electric bill. I have hired an electrician to check wiring everything is operating well. I'm at the point of moving out of this home.

faults charges

A few months ago my son Michael J Chapman moved into a rental trailer at 112 Mary St Greenville SC. He contacted Duke about changing the power to his name. One of the Duke personal came to the trailer and found that someone had broke a seal on the metter. He without talking to my son left. My son called and Duke told him that He was going to have to pay a fine of more than a thousand dollars because of the seals being broken. The previous renters had done that. If you would go back on your records and see the usage months before my son moved in you should see when the power usages was not right. My Son like me are afraid of electricity because his cousin was knock accross a 20 foot room by 440 volts and it almost killed him. He shook for months. Please do the Right thing and check things out because this is just not right. Mike is disabled and has been robbed more tha a dozen times and has his car stolen 3 times and has PTSD.

Thank you very much
John F Chapman
107 Barrington Ct
Easley SC 29642

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    steveshouse16 Jan 02, 2020

    First off their isn't 440 volts coming from any open wire or plug inside of a house or trailer. The most the output would be, 220volts yes it will still knock you on your butt, but then again maybe not attempt to fix something dangerous without basic knowledge of how it works first.

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duke energy employees illegally changing unauthorized all my accounts adding accounts adding security deposits and I never moved or authorize anything

I live in an apartment complex and I am apartment number 14 Duke Energy came out to turn on apartment number 12 two doors down lights he made a mistake and came to my house he never turned off the power he just had all the information switched over he admitted to the mistake two of your employees told me no matter what even though I didn't authorize anything or was not aware of anything announce let me with another $500 deposit that I just paid off last month it's not fair and I need someone to contact me ASAP because of my lights go off with my small kids I will contact my attorney this is illegal and moral and downright irresponsible for your employees to do this and hang up in my face

surge protection renders dehumidifier in-operational

Approximately 8 months ago I signed up for Surge Protection. A Duke representative installed it on my meter. It does not now show as active. That might be the result of having solar panels installed & a new meter put installed by Duke yesterday.

While switching over to the new meter, thee was a surge "frying" the logic board of a Hisense DH7019K1G dehumidifier; making it inoperational. I carry a $1 million umbrella policy with ASI to protect your equipment. Question: is $151.99 + $54.49 something I should request remuneration of to Duke or my insurance ASI to cover replacement? Thank you.

new power pole to close to my property, health hazard

My name is Doniela Prifti.
I live on 12940 Ridge Rd., Largo, FL 33778
I came from work today, and I found new pole too close to my drive way. Is not acceptable at all.
I won't allow you to put that power pole in my property. The old one and a transformer are already on my property, but the new pole position is not acceptable.
Why you didn't put the new pole to the other neighbor's land, but on my property?
Because the neighbors were home, and we weren't. I won't allow you to keep doing what are you doing.
Please remove the new pole, or find the other options. I won't allow you to go further.
I'm very upset right now, and I'll keep going till I will solve this headache you are giving to me right now.

new power pole to close to my property, health hazard

electric service

My name is Tomia Hawkins and I recently moved to Sumter and had utilities put in my name..they charged me $570 for deposit for service in which I got billed for and not even a couple days I get a shut off notice and than they just turned my electricity off after I stated to them I have a disabled child at home who is on a life vest for her heart and without my electricity that machine won't work and weak as my daughter heart it can cause anything to happen to her even when she sleep..I called Duke energy and tried to 7work something out with them to have my service restored and told them I was still waiting on medical form from them for her heart doctor..they reps were so ruled and unprofessional and one rep was really ignorant making a smart remark about my daughter situation and still refuse to help me or take what I had to get service restored..last but not least, they threw previous tenant bill on mine and said I had to pay them $1000 which is more than my bill because of previous tenants I really need my service restored for the sake of my daughter..Thank for your time and I hope setting can be done and my service restored asap..

failure to prove or return security deposit

Date of birth : 2nd July 1970
Last 4 digits of driving license : F9MA
My account number is [protected]
Property address : 665 Montara Drive, Calabay Parc, Davenport, Florida, FL33897

I paid $425 security deposit which I requested back.
I was told it was credited to my account 10th July 2017. I then asked for a statement and was told this cannot be done as they could only go back 24months. How do they know when it was credited if they cant go back that far?
I looked at the bill for June, July and August 2017 and there were no credits for the month in question, the month beofre or the month after either so how was the credit done?
I require some proof of this as I cannot see when or even if it was credited. I am somewhat suspicious of this as I requested it back previously and was told it could not be done yet as I was late paying one month due to changing to autopay. Again, very appropriate, along with not being able to give me a statement!
I informed Corey, a "customer care specialist" that I cannot call on the phone and wanted to make an official complaint and wanted to know how I did it. Instead of informing me of how to make the complaint she simply sent an email back saying contact customer services, which gave a list of phone numbers!. I would like to raise a complaint against this Corey for her unprofessional way in which she has handled, or not handled the complaint as well as proof of the credit being put on my account. Please let me know your complaints proceedure and either pay back the $425 or prove it has already been done within the next 7 days.

Robert Pearce

no response or any repairs

RE: FL01_RES_Online Customer Service_[protected] [T20190815024VS010Z12021867]

Duke Energy Support
Thu, Aug 22, 11:10 AM
to me

Dear Mr.Richardson,

Thank you for contacting Duke Energy Florida.

I have forwarded your e-mail to the engineering department. You will be contacted if additional information is needed.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please reply to email.

Best Regards,


Customer Care Specialist

Duke Energy

Sent:August 15, 2019 at 12:38 PM
Cc:"Florida Support"
Subject:FL01_RES_Online Customer Service_[protected]

First Name Edward
Last Name Richardson
Service Street Number 7413
Service Street Address WALNUT STREET
Service AptFloorSuiteLot
Service City new port richey
Service Territory FL
Service Zip 34652
Comments Good Afternoon i have a Problem your Company came out to my home due to power line's laying up against my house the tech said he was putting in for a New Pole to be installed since it was Leaning toward my home the Problem i am having is that it has been 8 month's and NO New pole has been installed The wire's are Still Rubbing against my House if My home catches on Fire who is Liable for the Damage since the House Next door already had this Problem Which brought this to my attention Please Advise thank you. I have Picture's of the Pole and the wire's if you need them Thank's

Eddie Richardson
Tue, Oct 1, 9:06 AM (8 days ago)
to Duke

It's been 9 months and nothing has gotten done about this you employee that came out the first time said the pole needed to be replaced when is this going to get done i worry at nights that my house could catch fire while i am sleeping my neighbors house had this same problem which is what brought it to my attention hers caught fire during the day when she was home atleast Someone needs to give me answers or i am contacting the media see if anyone eles is having this problem Thank you.

3 Attachments

Eddie Richardson
Tue, Oct 1, 10:22 AM (8 days ago)
to WTVTinvestigates, adam, local, pasco, tips

Good Morning i have been trying to get Duke energy to fix this Pole for 9 Month's now with no Luck to the Point they are Not even answering my emails Now Hopefully someone can get this resolved for me i have attached the Pictures of the pole and the side of my Home. Thank you Hope you have a Great day.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Eddie Richardson
Date: Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: FL01_RES_Online Customer Service_[protected] [T20190815024VS010Z12021867]
To: Duke Energy Support

It's been 9 months and nothing has gotten done about this you employee that came out the first time said the pole needed to be replaced when is this going to get done i worry at nights that my house could catch fire while i am sleeping my neighbors house had this same problem which is what brought it to my attention hers caught fire during the day when she was home at least Someone Needs to give me answers or i am going to reach out to the Media see if anyone else is having this problem Thank you.

3 Attachments

Eddie Richardson
7:05 AM (19 minutes ago)
On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 10:22 AM Eddie Richardson wrote: Good Morning i have been trying to get Duke energy to fix this Pole for 9 Month's no


My power bill of 124.00 was due 9/03/19.
On 9/23/19, Duke Energy shut off my power, with no warning or request for payment thru email, phone call, or the app I have on my phone.
Duke showed up 20 days after my due date and disconnected the power while I was at work.
I have never missed a payment in years and this is how they thank me?
It was 40.00 for a reconnect fee and NOW they are demanding I pay an additional 85.00 deposit because my account now shows a disconnection.
Duke Energy, has no right to treat people this way.

removal of tree

My friend is 92 and on limited income in February she contacted Duke about a totally dead tree in her back yard. The came back in July and finally agreed that Duke would cut down her tree at no charge . We have a Permission and Authorization form marked Cut tree as close as possible to ground level. The job # listed is # 40.93125 and 86.158897 on Sept 25 it was scheduled if Duke was not done with another job they told her they would be out on the 26th & did not show. She does not have the money to pay for removal as they keep telling her and with what we pay for electricity you would think they could do a WWII widow of a China Marine the courtesy of removal of one lousy tree. I've called the customer service number and have gotten no solid response. Could you please do something out of respect for her & her spouse.

Name: Barbara R. Morehead
Address: 725 Twyckingham Ln.
City-State: Kokomo, In 46901
Phone#[protected] (Debra J Gaunt)

inconvenience due to change of account

Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference : Account No. [protected]

I am customer of Duke since almost 5 years. I had setup an automatic payment options to ensure payment is made on time for the service am using.

I started my service in the month of December 2014.

Only when I started receiving calls from Leasing office of the apartment where I live in for the non-payment of energy bills and they were sent to Leasing office.

I started verifying the root cause of the problem by calling the Customer Service a week ago, came to know that the service was transferred to some other name on 10th of April 2019 ( by some person the details of which were never shared by Duke for security reasons).

On April 30th the a request was made by the person to stop the service in his name. Since then my Duke account was in closure status and the bills were sent to Leasing office.

This has cause lot of inconvenience for me in terms of money as well indulging in unnecessary arguments with the Leasing office agent and harassment (who were not ready to listen to my grievance) in spite of my health condition.

So, I would strongly recommend to change the process Duke follows while starting or stopping the service. Somehow, they need to make sure the person whoever is calling for change of service lives in the location where he wants the service to be started/Stopped. This would avoid inconvenience to the loyal Customers like me and hence damage to the company reputation.

Secondly, this has happened due to none of my fault I want the refund of the money paid during the period in which my account was not active.

Your's sincerely,

electric bill and service

On monday september 16th I received an email stating that my request to cancel service was completed. I never submitted a request so I contacted duke energy to find out what was going on. I was told I was disconnected for non payment back in july but I made two payments in july. They went on to say I had been disconnected twice and someone restarted my service which could not be so. I was told that my account was closed out and I had to restart service and pay a new deposit. I repeatedly told each rep that I spoke with that there is an error in their system and each time I was placed on hold. I went 24 hours with no power. I lost food and wages were lost. This was not an error on my end but on duke energy and no one is owning up to it. How can I be disconnected for non payment when I made the payments that were set up by a duke energy representative that told me my account was good as long as I kept my payment arrangement which I did. I want answers for why my service was disconnected and I feel I should be compensated for my losses. Not one time did any rep state a date that my services were supposedly disconnected. Nothing that was told to me made any sense. The last rep I spoke to whose name was steve stated that the meter was removed and another one would have to be installed. My husband was home when they came out and he said it's no way they could have put in a new meter because it only took them about a minute to flip the service back on. I am very unsatisfied with what I have been through and I don't feel I have been treated fairly. Again why would I be disconnected for non payment when my payments were made. I need answers. My name is vaniecia perkins and my address is 2517 floyd dr unit a raleigh nc 27610 and my contact information is [protected] and [protected]

I am complaining about a bill I has advanced extremely over a month.

I received my bill for september and it was 560 something dollars my former bills have been 140, 160, n 120 I figured since they changed the meters to digital maybe they were working better. My bills were 200 to 300 the most. So I called trying to find out why my bill had almost tripled in a month and they came up with a whole bunch of different excuses of that they've had been reading my meter estimated because supposably they couldn't get to it and then it was because they were having a hard time reading it several months went by apparently with them doing this and all of a sudden now my bill is almost $600. The lady kept giving me reasons why it was supposedly so high and I told her there was no way I live in a two-bedroom one-bath woodhouse i've been here over a year and my bill has never been that high ever I don't do anything or change anything at all and I feel like they are trying to make up from their mistake over the past several months of estimating a bill I would like something done because the funny thing is the next month bill that came is showing 3:40 now that's almost $200 and something difference how is that possible. I have never had bills this high even last year during the summer I have not changed anything and i've had all my equipment tested I called and asked for help to understand how this could be possible and I get the runaround so I am making a complaint because I think it is unsatisfactory and if things don't get fixed I will be contacting the news channel or anyone else that I must because a $600 light bill is ridiculous for a 2-bedroom 1-bath little woodhouse

customer service

So this morning i wake up an the duke disconnect man is outside so I ask what problem he say he has a disconnect order so I ask how bill iant due until Oct 7 2019 he has no answer just want to turn power off so I tell iam about call an pay he stops. So I call in to get bill cost she says that its 596 now or power off so I ask what amount she ask for acct. I give it to her then she ask who is it I tell she says my wife has to call in so iam like I got acct info just need to find how much then Marian #72333 say she cant tell me iam like I gave you the account my wife at work so how much can I pay to keep lights Marian she cant tell my wife has to call I just told you she at work an cant but I given you all info you need she like oh you try to argue with me I said no just want know how much to pay she like cant tell I tell the guy is here yo tirn power off iam trypay she wouldnt tell so we get off phone I get wife to text me info I get it call back same lady same bs so I call another dept an the girl knew who I was all I gave her was the address to house an she tell how much (fyi) if I miss payment I'd have to pay bill, depost, reconnect well seem like that would have add up to alot more than her just answer my question of have much bill was

deposit of $283 added to bill after late disconnect notice caused a actual disconnection.

I moved to Asheville 2 years ago and paid an extra deposit of $250 to get connected. Two years later, I was disconnected due to overdue payments but didn't receive the notice until the day before. Now I see I've been charged another $283 deposit, for a total of $374 for next month's bill. How am I supposed to pay that if the $166.88 I paid last week to get reconnected emptied my account. I'm 73 and work PT from home. I don't object to late fees, but this is obscene.

unwanted email about payment that is not mine.

I keep getting email showing 635 Walnut, this months pmt was 200.00 on Sept 16, 2019. I do not live at this address. My address is 2250 N Tabortown St Lot 55, Terre Haute, In 47803. Gloria J Pilkington. Not sure if using my email or just an error in system. Please check it out for me. I did try to unsubscribe on the page in my email. Hope you can figure this out for me. Thanks, Gloria J Pilkington. September 16, 2019.

new service

I have been with no power for 5 days I understand there was a hurricane Dorian and duke was taking precautions therefore I was scheduled a week out for service. What I don't understand is how do you expect a person so sit in a 90 degree temp home with children all day waiting for duke energy to show up. Why not have 4 hr time block?
Why not have an option of a heads up call 15 min before arrival . I lived in Michigan for 30 years and DTE energy give you a 4 hr time block not sit around all day & get dehydrated. Please share my concerns with your upper management as I think this will better you daily customer service .
I work in corporate America and we look for feedback everyday to Bette ourselves.
Consider this a feedback.
Sitting in a house all day from sunrise to sunset waiting for duke energy to show up is unacceptable & unfortunate. I hope my children don't end up in a hospital .
Thank you
Rima Hassan


I have been a Duke customer for 2 years. When I transferred residences for the third times they charged me a $200 security deposit! I have so many moving expenses and Duke Energy punishes me for being there customer for so long with this! Unfair, unloyal, and uncalled for! The supervisor tells me I'll get the money back but who has $200 laying around and I won't get that back for a [protected]@!!! Extremely upset!!!

solar panels produced 549.61 kwh duke credited 137 kwh

Per the Enphase App my solar system produced way more than the Duke meter registered. Something is very off.

The Enphase App tells you exactly how much each panel produces and it's very easy to track since it updates every 20 min the production of energy.

I just checked the meter and while the system produced so far 617.17 KWH the meter only shows 339.

It almost seems the meter registers very little of the energy the system produces.

I also see an increase in usage and I have not added to the daily energy consumption. The AC is always on 78 and the temp is almost the same as last months.

The Duke App is completely screwed up, it shows an increase from 1506 KWH in June to 3680 KWH which is outrages. I called Duke and the regular customer service guys don't know anything about Solar. The Solar dep couldn't explain why the Duke app was off. I am waiting for Duke to check into the meter.

fixed monthly leaf 50c charge $100 month

Small business, community newspaper, Kershaw News Era, with no one in the office (except very, occasionally) using no lights, no AC or anything else and the bill is $218 dollars per month - $100 of the bill is this line item change of $100 (Fixed Monthly Leaf 50C Charge). That amount seems rather excessive, I've seen comments that it is some item the government allows to charge for "Solar Research". The electric usage is $86.16 per month, the fees and taxes are the majority of the bill. We have other offices that have Dominion service with a guy sitting in the office all the time using lights, AC and that bills is not more than $130/month.


My first bill for my 545sqft apartment was over $180 for service (+$25 for turn on fee)for only 14 days of service. I looked at my smart meter info and it's as though I have certain days where it is pulling >330kWh. There is no reason for this. I have spent the last month calling customer service and to no avail. No one listens. I've paid it because I have to but I need to know why this is happening. I have had my landlord check all my appliances and clean my ac unit.

refuse to refund overpayment

If I could give zero stars I would. I requested to discontinue services for 28 June 2019, on 3 August I called and spoke with a customer service representative concerning my refund for over payment. The representative explained that it should have been processed, but saw that it wasn't. He requested that I wait another 5-7 to receive my over payment. I called on 6 August and spoke with a different representative, where I asked to speak with a supervisor, not a team lead. After waiting 10 minutes, I was asked if I'd like a call back, of which I agreed. I asked that the supervisor leave me their direct line should I miss their call, and that my call to their line would only involve my business with Duke Energy. I was trying to prevent being provided a 1-800 and going through the entire process again. When customers pay their bills late, they incur a late fee. I always paid my bills on time, and because I moved due to a military transfer, I over paid the bill. I am not talking about a few dollars, but closer to hundreds of dollars. Duke Energy should be just as diligent in refunding over payments just as they are in making sure franchise fees, over payment fees, etc., are immediately added to your bill. I encourage any corporate leader in contacting me regarding my account, and when I can reasonably expect my refund. My expectation of their professionalism and promptness should be met with the same level of importance as they themselves would expect if they were customer in this situation.

bill never shows and yall dont even have reliable customer service

The house got hit by lightning 3 weeks ago we have a machine giving us power in the back yard it says it cant be left on for more than 15 days to call the number on it that is invalid it's there machine not sure what else to do cant get ahold of anyone on the weekends cause your customer service is complete garbage my Bill's never show I had to call it get multiple sent out which also never show this service is a complete joke

failure to process my request and turn on power

I put a request in online to start services on Monday and needed services to start on Thursday. They did not process my request in time and now I am stuck having to move all my furniture with no AC and I can only do what I can while there is light outside. Extreme upset with their service. I tried to contact customer service but later found out they are closed Saturday and Sunday!!! The biggest power supply company is closed on weekends with no customer support is absolutely ridiculous to me and now I have to wait til Monday for my request to process, a week after my request was put in. Extremely upset with this.

electric service mix up

I (Larquita Townsend)have been a customer ([protected])for 7 years at my current location (823Pasadena Street)and after 5 years of living here it was brought to our attention that mine and the apartment next to mine have crossed meters meaning the electric use I've been paying for has not been mine it's been the adjacent apartment which was supposedly fixed two years ago. After Duke Energy investigation I was issued a check for about $550 so I was only compensated for 3 years due to statue of limitations and As of yesterday the same situation happened again and I'm puzzled because I thought Duke energy fixed such issues previously only to find out two years later the same thing happened again so obviously it was not fixed.

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duke energy account

Hello. My name is Tomeka Curtis. My mom account (Bernice Daye) was closed due to someone called for new service at her apartment which was a mistake and then called in to change and give correct address for service. Well due to this issue my mom account got closed and had to do another account and now she is being asked to pay a deposit which she has been at this address for almost 2 years now. We didn't have to pay deposit before and I just don't think its fair for my mother to pay a deposit for somewhere she already has been staying. Its not right!! It was someone else mistake which they know name of person but can't give me that info. My mother is 84 years old and on a fixed income. This was not her fault. I need this matter to be addressed before having to go into legal matters. Please contact as soon as possible. I am on my mother's account to take care this matter on her behalf..
My info is [protected].. Tomeka Curtis( daughter of Bernice Daye)


i my name is Ebony Brooks. My brothers name is Malik Jones. As he was moving out on his own and started to become more independent I agreed to be his guarantor for a few utilities. Duke energy specifically, he was moving into a location that was previously occupied by Angela Jones. She is not a blood relative of ours but a family friend. When she passed away Malik inquired about moving into the property. He was advised he could so he called Duke energy to get power. They some how determined that her old bill was now his responsibility. Charging my (Ebony) card for $414 for an outstanding bill. Once I realized the amount charged was for her bill and not a deposit I immediately called to dispute the charges. Duke energy would not refund my money but my bank did over turn the charge and refund the money. Duke energy then began billing us (in Malik's name but I am the guarantor) for $300. I have been calling since May about this issue and every time I get bad customer service and the run around about who I need to speak with. On Wednesday June 17th I called and was hung up on by a supervisor im customer service. Today I got to the right department (energy protection) the first representative told me we were responsible because we knew her. I explained that cannot be correct. She stated based on bill avoidance we were responsible. I explained to her it isn't an avoidance, she is not our responsibility, she is deceased and we do not assume liability for her bill. The representative joselyn was very rude and advised me that I was responsible because I paid the first $414 I advised that was not international which is why I disputed it. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and after getting Malik on the phone (because she refused to speak with me about the account) she placed us on hold for 10 mins with no response and no hold music, it was just a silent hold and we felt like she had hung up. Malik went back outside and she finally came back (he had already answered all the security questions) she wanted to ask more questions and I advised he was outside again, once he came back in for the second time she started asking random nonrelated questions and stated she couldn't hear his response and he didn't sound the same as before and disconnected the call. At this point I am tired of calling about the issue and I feel that we should be compensated for the horrible customer service and time spent on a matter that should've been handled 10 calls ago. I also asked for them to pull the call where we assumed liability since Joselyn ( energy protection department) stated they could pull all calls and that it was noted we agreed to take on the deceased customers charges.