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BES Utilities Complaints & Reviews

BES Utilities / overcharged with no proof

Jul 09, 2019

We took out a contract for gas and electricity with bes after a broker called us a year a go... since then every month they have told us we owe them more and more... we have NEVER had a bill as we "dont exsist" online they have known this but never bothered to do anything? We have spoken...

BES Utilities / trustpilot reviews

May 28, 2019

Up to 21st August 2018 BES Utilities on Trust Pilot were 1 star bad with less than 10 positive reviews around 98% were negative or low star reviews. Since then (9 months) they are 4 stars Good after a 9 month bombardment of positive reviews. Each time a negative review is written it i...

BES Utilities / utility electricity

Apr 11, 2019

I was contacted by an energy search broker company. (Strangely located in the same region as BES utilities) although they claim to be unconnected. I was promised far cheaper rates than I was paying Npower my current supplier. My first bill arrived 10 times higher than I'd been quoted.?? What...

BES Utilities / poor customer service, refund for loss of stock

Jul 04, 2018

I took over my new venture buisness 24th May 2018, I contacted bes on many of occasions being passed around to all different departments, also told they couldn't discuss the account with me, I wasn't asking them to, they also stated they sent me an email, three day after still no email, so...

BES Utilities / mis sold electricity

Mar 28, 2017

I received a call from a "broker" back in October 2016 who asked me a few questions regarding my electricity, he then went on to say that he could reduce my bills substantially was I interested? who wouldn't be? well any way he then spoke jargon at 100 miles per hour and before I knew it I...

BES Utilities / gas and electricity

Jun 28, 2016

BES are dishonest, I can say this without fear of retribution because OFGEN already fine them for misrepresenting their product. I wanted out from my contract with this company the day after agreeing as i told them i was very sick and they were very pushy and i just went ahead thinking...

BES Utilities / electricity supply

May 03, 2016

I set up a small business in January, we have been open now a couple of months and are gradually building ourselves up. We have lighting, kettle & heating with electric, our shop is less than 75 Sq, its not open full time yet, and our busy day is only a Saturday. We opened the shop 2...

BES Utilities / gas and electricity

Dec 31, 2015

We are Bali Lounge at 77-79 kings Road Reading rg1 3dd, I was a manager of this place for two years before I bought it in November this year, the supplier was BES, I changed supplier, and BES keep calling, now they send me a final bill, for 1 month which we close for four days for...

BES Utilities / electricity company's procedures

Sep 24, 2015

in 2014 we started a new business, my wife being a hairderesser meant the longing to have heSr own salon grew to strong, so after finding suitable commercial premises we invested in the ability's of my wife, and having set up the shop and all outside utility company's i left my wife...

BES Utilities / electricity meter contract

Oct 20, 2014

At the end of September I started receiving telephone calls in regards to our electricity provider, stating that I was unregistered in the new premises I was about to open on September 28th for my functional training gym. I had already had a bill from British Gas so I ignored these and...

BES & Commercial Energy / mis-sold energy contract & prices

Jul 25, 2012

We were mis-sold an electricity contract to BES in October 2011 through the broker commercial energy . Due to the seriousness of this matter we have now had to close our business down and are seeking legal action against them. There are many other businesses out there that have been...