Wyndham Vacation Ownershipthis company is full of tricksters.

B Jul 17, 2019

We purchased in June of 2017 and it took us almost a year just to be able to vacation! They were always full when we took vacations to see family in other states. This was not what we paid for at all.

When we finally did set up a vacation, while there, we were told that we had to attend a 30-minute update about our package and that is was not negotiable. We HAD to attend in order to stay there, as members. So we made arrangements to go to a "30 minute" informative talk. This talk turned out to be 3 hours. Then we had to go because it was a family trip and many people were waiting for us to go to Disney. During this "talk", we were told that we did not own anything. That all we owned was a piece of paper saying we owned something but without purchasing more there was no way we would ever get to stay at any of their resorts though we would still have to continue paying for whatever it was that we purchased. So they tell us that we had to purchase more to fix the issue. We spoke with four or five different people, sat in two or three different offices, then moved to another building a few miles down the road - "to Corporate headquarters" and spoke with a few more people. Each one a manager of the other manager of the other manager. Everyone a step above the person before them. They said this was a major mistake issue and that they would be "giving" us so many more options than anyone else would get but we had to spend several thousand more dollars. My husband and I became upset with what was being said and asked to think about all everything that was going on and they said we had to fix it right then or the offer would expire when we left. Before we knew it a man came in sat down said he was in charge of everyone in the building and said that we were either going to buy in or we weren't and we said we weren't until we talked about it more so he made us sign a piece of paper for refusal of services or something like that. But he slammed the paper down telling us we were wasting their time and he was over it and he would no longer help us.

So we got up to leave and another guy who was there followed us out of the building saying he was over that guy but in another office but since he was working there that day to help fill empty desks he had to do as that guy said. So he asked us to meet him again the next day but down at the resort we were staying at (Cypress Palms) and he would take care of us so well, we wouldn't regret it. So we met him the next morning early. We only had our granddaughter for a few hours that day so we told him we had no time to spend there but that we would give him 45 minutes. Three hours later he is telling us he is so sorry, but if we leave he can't help us and we finally got up and left.

At this time, we missed our visitation with our granddaughter, we couldn't get it back or reschedule. Which really ticked me off beyond all measure. By then he is telling us we can do it all over the internet, we discovered that day that the people at the other office had taken $1000 out of our account without consent. The guy ( I think his name was Stephen pronounced Steven) was who was "helping" us. He apologized. Sent me text message after text message telling me they stole that money and that he was getting it fixed immediately, and gave us another tablet for our troubles and told us we deserved something for everything. While we were away from the salesman, we decided something wasn't right and told them we would not be going forward. At some point I had to tell him to quit messaging me because I was over it, it was affecting our family and had drained us emotionally and that they had told us without buying more options we would be throwing money away each month since we would never get to vacation and stay at a Wyndham resort again, but we would keep paying.
I then got a message to return the tablet to the company but to mail it to this guy's house, not the office where we got it from.
We had thought this guy was actually on our side, he seemed so sincere and seemed honest. We discussed our families, I gave him contact info for someone that had made me a laser printed picture that will last as long we have family living. Will never go bad.
We learned that people are not honest with this company and that they are bullies and will convince the Eskimos that they need an ice chest while fishing on the ice. It's so sad.

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