The site offers free samples for the cost of shipping. You are then enrolled into a monthly account and your credit card is charged for $89.31 plus an ISA FEE of $ .71 cents . Upon calling IP CELEBRITYFITSITE [protected] you are told that you were given 14 days to cancel this enrollment. No where was this info of enrollment easy to see or find on the url site. There was no indication at all that any enrollment was available and that you had 14 days to cancel. On my charge card statement the original sample was charged to me under the name YOUR VIP FIT [protected] UT for $3.95. The receipt I printed out has another phone # [protected]
Upon talking to a representative of Extreme Acai. Com I was told that the information was on the site under there terms and conditions this is the url for the info http://www.acai-berry.com/help.php?section=conditions


  • Gi
    Gina Oct 20, 2008

    I can't believe that you were able to speak to someone, I have called 877-859-1116, 877-859-1107, and 877-350-8480 and now the number that you listed but no one has picked up! This is a scam and all bases are covered! It's scary how this kind of thing can happen!

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  • Er
    Erin Oct 20, 2008

    I NEVER even ordered the free trial! I started trying to track down a random charge on my bank account and then a few days later got my "trial sample" in the mail. I've called the number that showed up on my account and have waited on hold in excess of 20 minutes two different times before I hung up. I don't even know how this company has my information but if any has suggestions for putting them out of business, I'm all ears!

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  • Je
    jennifer raulerson Oct 23, 2008

    I have been trying to call for 6 days now!! I am getting extremely pissed off!! No one will answer the damn phone!!
    they did not state 89.31 will be carged in the free trial ad!!
    this is complete B.S. I DO NOT WANT THIS PRODUCT!!!

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  • Je
    Jeff Caston Oct 28, 2008

    just checked that page and it says nothing about a 14 day cancellation policy: http://www.acai-berry.com/help.php?section=conditions

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  • Lo
    Lorraine Oct 30, 2008

    About 2 weeks ago, I was charged on my credit card, $3.95 for the 14 day trial...To date I still have not received my sample. On October 28th, $89.31 was charged to my credit card under celebrityfitclub. What is going on?

    Has anyone made contact with anyone about any of these charges...I intend on making some phone calls tomorrow.

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  • Do
    donewithwestlake Oct 30, 2008

    You guys came out better then me ...after ordering the free trial thru extremeacaiberry 500 out of davie florida - I noticed charges on my debit card account ...someone bought gas in Miami florida at a shell, I am in sc ...and then they went on to puerto rico and have been having the time of there lives at walgreens ...2 DIFFERANT stores ...when I called the phone number listed on the site it went to an overflow where all the lady did was take orders or cancellations ...I AM LIKE U STOLE MY CREDIT CARD AND U ARE USING IT TO SHOP and she wasnt even related to the company ..just a third party they use. So she gives me a number to the company ..low and behold I get an answering machine ...$300 dollars later ...a lesson well learned ...I think I will just stay fat

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  • Ki
    Kimberley Oct 31, 2008

    Hi everyone. I ordered the 14 day trial over 1 week ago thru the extremeacaiberry 500 (shame on me for trusting this site). It was based on Rachael Rays site (facebook) therefore I trusted it even more. I went on line this morning for my credit card statement and I was billed for 89.31 US -$117.27 Ca on October 25/08. That's when I started digging and found this site. Wish I would have checked before ordering the free trial. I called 877-350-8515 and the recording indicated that their hours of customer service had increased due to extreme incoming calls (wonder why!!). I only waited about 2 minutes and got a customer service rep. I explained the situation to him in a not very pleasant tone. He tried to explain that after the 14 day free trial, if you don't cancel, your credit card will automatically be billed for $89.31. I then explained to him that my free trial is not over and I haven't even received the product. He told me that he will reverse the charge on my credit card immediately and I ordered him to take me off the list for this product. I also advised him that I was notifying my credit card company. My credit card company took in the info and opened an investigation file. If the acaiberry company don't credit me within 45 days, my credit card company will. This is the second time I get scammed...once with eBay and now with this...live and learn!!!

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  • Ga
    Gail Oct 31, 2008

    I was ripped off too. Call your credit card company and tell them what happened. They can initiate a dispute process and hopefully you will get your money back. That is what I am in the process of doing.

    In addition to Celebrityfitsite, there was a charge on my card from PriceLimbo.com . These companies are connected . I had to get their phone # from my credit card company. Price Limbo denied that they had knowledge of celebrityfitsite but when I asked Price Limbo for their phone # they gave me the phone # for celebrityfitsite. 1-877-350-8480. I was able to speak with a representative who gave me the bs about how I agreed to a 14 day trial (not) . I did not even receive the product until 28 days AFTER I ordered it. They shipped the product 23 days AFTER I ordered it. Hows that for a scam.


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  • Ga
    Gail Oct 31, 2008

    I also go ripped off the same way by wuyipixiepack.com .

    I am throwing their products in the GARBAGE as I don't trust that what is in them is what they CLAIM it to be. For all we know we could be ingeting melamine powder.

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  • Ro
    Rosaline Marwood Nov 03, 2008

    What a con, i have been trying to get hold of these people and the number is disconnected. I live in Britain and can not believe that the internet is not better protected from fraudsters like these, how do they get away with it. All i want to do is cancel any more rubbish from being sent to me and being charged for it WHAT A CON!!!

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  • Lo
    lorraine Nov 03, 2008

    Can anybody tell me how to cancel as i live in the u.k?

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  • Je
    Jeanie Nov 03, 2008

    I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I also fell for it. I have since cancelled my credit card and they are investigating this company. They did not even ship my order until 23 days after I ordered. I didn't receive it until 30 days after I ordered it, and received another order shipped out 2 days after the first order. I also cannot get through on the phone. If anyone gets any resolution, please let me know. My credit card company is going ahead with a fraud investigation, due to there being a charge from pricelimbo.com showing on my credit card. I have no idea what that even is. I also agree, that I will not use their product, but will not dispose of it in case it is needed for trial, or whatever. Rotten ###!!!111

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  • Ju
    Junior Nov 03, 2008

    I almost fell for that ad which was shown on myspace, never been scammed before in my life. When something sounds too good to be true I always google it. Google saved me 89.31

    Best advice I can give you all is to buy a reloadable visa card at walmart for internet use. Load the cash you're willing to lose, sounds silly I know but its better than using your credit card. For now I shall stay fat

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  • Ma
    maryann Nov 04, 2008

    I feel so stupid to have even given them my credit card.I've cancelled my credit but feel that it;s just as much my fault for even going there.Learned my lesson.

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  • Ka
    Katharyn Nov 07, 2008

    I also got two separate unauthorized charges, first for 29.95 with ph#800-6608489 NV, then $89.31 with ph#877-859-1116 UT
    I called on the first charge, spoke to someone, got a confirmation # & my credit showed up the next day. Now the second charge appeared, I called the second number, and as above, the message said 'extended hours/call volume' and then about 2 minutes of music. Then I spoke with "customer service" and after providing zip, address and name... and demanding a refund, I was immediatley provided with a confirmation number. I then went on to request a refund of the original 3.95 that was charged 2 weeks ago and for which I've never received anything. (He told me that I would be receiving my free sample in ANOTHER month!)

    THis is the most disgusting abuse, facebook should move to sue this company, remove this ad.

    Due to what was also said above, I beleive I have to immediately cancel my debit card. crap!

    Yes: Live and LEARN!! (Junior... you were smarter than many of us!)

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  • Lc
    LC Nov 07, 2008


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  • Re
    Rebecca Hunt Nov 08, 2008

    I also unwisely ordered the 'free trial' for Extreme Acai Berry; I never even received it, and after reading some of the complaints posted, I'm terrified that I will be charged that huge amount anyway. Do I have any recourse or protection?

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  • Am
    Amna Qureshi Nov 09, 2008

    I ordered a free trial excluding £2.52 shipping cost from the website. I have not received my trial packet and the company has already charged me for a months cost of $83.00 I have tried many times to ring the number given to cancel but there is only a recorded message asking to call later. I have lost my money and am very upset about the company charging me without deliverying the goods. I would like my money refunded and the fruad of the company exposed. I trusted them in good faith but i regret terribly now. What is sad is that this will put me and a lot of other people like myself from doing business with other companies over the internetr that are honest companies but I'd be once bitten now.

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  • Vi
    Vinee Nov 10, 2008

    I aggree!
    They did the same and in want my money back. It is so wrong to do this to people. I will complain everywhere i can to make sure people know how fraudulent they are

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  • Jo
    Joe Haywood Nov 12, 2008

    My complaint is a re-run of everyone elses. Charges on credit card for sample as well as months supply which I have not recieved. I do not know why I trusted these people guess because of Rachel Ray. I am watching my credit card billing everyday as I anticipate more charges.

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  • Xx
    XxSP311B0UNDxX Nov 14, 2008

    iam also a rerun of everyone else!
    It sucks...
    And yes i am also having an investigation through my bank...
    Also i am getting third party phone calls...
    Also i trid calling and never got ahold of a customer service rep. i actually got hung up on haha! and i dont have the time to BS with the phone calling! but what can yasay... live an learn!

    Except im learning really hard... i live paycheck to paycheck... my bank is now overdrawn and i got a foreign transaction fee of $2.67

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  • Jo
    joann Nov 15, 2008

    Well mine is a rerun also I was told that the product was free with 1.95 shipping and handling and got took for 29.00 right away and then charged an additional 89.00 the next week. I called the number on the bottle and she said that I was canceled already but I canceled too late thats why they charged me the 89.00 and if I call 1-866-407*1022 I can get reembursed for the 29.00. Well that line stays busy but I keep trying. I will never use a card again on the internet just check or money order if they dont take those then I wont buy.

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  • Th
    thessa Nov 15, 2008

    I am dumbfounded to read this complaints as i also have had the same experience. i ordered the trial offer acai berry power 500 on the 3rd of November 2008. i was told that all i had to pay was 3.49 which was charged to my account the same day. the order confirmation letter said my order would be shipped within 24 hours and should be with me within 4-6 days, with an order comfirmation number. 12 days later and i still haven't received the order. On the 13th of november, i checked my account and relized that another amount of 4.95 has been taken. i immidiately understood what was going on and called my bank to cancel my card. If only i had checked their validity before placing my order. i urge all buyers to beware. And someone please do something to stop this good for nothing fraudsters, please help us put a stop to their operations. thank you

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  • Jo
    Joan Burns Nov 17, 2008

    I, too, have been getting the same run around as the others who have complained about this product. When I said I was going to get in touch with the Better Business Burea was told to go ahead as they were members!!! What recourse do we have, please?

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  • Ca
    carlislecraven Nov 17, 2008


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  • Em
    Emily Nov 17, 2008

    My issue with this fake company is the same as those listed above me. I noticed it first when checking my bank account online on an average Monday morning, like I always do--and noticed a charge that I did not authorize--from a site called 'FIT-FAC.COM'...for $29.95

    Called my bank to see wtf was going on, and they had me call the company [I looked them up, and called the number on the fit fac site, a guy picked up and told me that I had ordered the acai berry stuff, and I hadn't, at least--not to my knowledge. It cheesed me off firstly because my bank refused to deal with the company to get my money back--they had me instead call the company myself...which wasn't too bad, since I did end up getting a confirmation number and a refund from FitFac.com...

    So... Today is yet another plain old Monday and I checked my account again...And since I just got paid from work, I thought my account should be okay...and it showed that I was in the red, and there is a pending charge from 'searchvitamins'--which I googled, and it lead me here...a pending charge for a whopping $89.31 that I certainly did not bleepin' authorize!

    I tried calling my bank again, but all they do is put me through a game of phone tag.

    I tried looking up a number for 'searchvitamins' and convieniently, there ARE NONE.

    I tried calling a number given to me by my bank from the first round of the crap for the 'fraud protection line', and it turns out that that line was bogus, and is no longer in use.

    Seriously, I think WaMu is going down the toilet even more since the JP Morgan/Chase addition.

    I've filed a report on /link removed/ about these horrible people.

    I hope we all can get some help and shut down this fraudulent business.

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  • Ca
    carlos monroy Nov 17, 2008

    This happened to me, so I went to my bank and filed a fraud complaint form. I cancelled my account, and got a new one . They wont ever take you money again.

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  • Su
    sue Nov 19, 2008

    I too ordered on line.and have only just received the 'free trial' - 23 days from ordering!!I have tried to cancel but surprise surprise nobody picks up the phone. I live in the uk as well. I have notified my credit card company who have advised they will investigate if a further charge is made.I did send an e-mail to the company on the packaging -
    Fullfillment in Florida but they replied saying they were unable to cancel or issue credits as they were only the fullfilmment house that packs the orders for the companies selling the product. What a cop out. I have asked for an e-mail address for the company - no reply!!!

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  • Ga
    Gail Nov 20, 2008

    I too have ordered a free trail, and am desparately trying to get in touch with them to stop any further shipments (without any luck) has anyone had any success with any sort of communication to these people?? is the only option to cancel my credit card.

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  • Me
    melissa Nov 21, 2008

    thank you so much i read this before i was charged the 89.31!!

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  • De
    debbie Nov 29, 2008

    i also ordered it and would like to know how to get it cancelled before they charge me anymore

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  • La
    Laureen Dec 01, 2008

    I also got taken for this, was on MSN website and they had an advertisement for this product, stating Oprah uses it, etc. I placed the order for the trial for $3.95 for shipping and handling, I remember checking the entire page to make sure there was nothing else I was agreeing to. To my knowledge there was nothing else. First the fit fact charge of $29.95 which I cancelled and am waiting to see refunded to my account, then the $89.31 charge to my account. I called immediately after I saw this charge on my account, was told I agreed to this charge and that it was nonrefundable. The person wanted me to go to the website and see that it was under terms and conditions which I was reluctant to do for fear I'd be charged something else. This is listed under their Terms but not on the page where you agree to just the $3.95 for shipping and handling. I will be more alert to check every single option on the main webpage for products from now on. Thinking that it was advertised on MSN I was safe but I guess you can never be too safe. I too will be checking my bank account, I was told I could only be refunded half of the $89.31 and I totally cancelled the membership, one that I didn't even realize I had agreed to. Hopefully others will read these complaints and be saved from this hassle. When I stated to the person that this was a scam he said how could it be if it were you wouldn't have been able to get in touch with us. Luckily I was, reading from others accounts some haven't been so lucky. This is a lesson well learned, making it fearful for me to do any business online from now on.

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  • Al
    Alex Dec 01, 2008

    This is definitely a scam. You can get a better Acai Berry product at LifeExtension.com for less than 1/3 the price.

    When you order the "free" sample, the fine print DOES say that you are agreeing to an auto-ship of the product at $89 a month, and it also says you'll be signed up for FitFactory.com ($29/month) and PriceLimbo.com (another $20/month) if you don't cancel within 14 days OF ORDERING, not receiving, the product.

    I was able to call 877-350-8480 and cancel the Extreme AcaiBerry and the PriceLimbo.

    I was able to call 1-866-407-1022 and cancel FitFactory membership.

    The moral of the story: ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT
    2nd moral of the story: FREE SAMPLES ARE NEVER FREE

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  • Da
    Daniela Vladescu Dec 01, 2008

    I have ordered the trial version of Acai Berry Power 500 on November 18th, 2008. Order number is 3433004
    Today is December 1st, 2008, and to the date I haven't still received it!!!

    The selling terms and conditions say that the product will be automatically shipped at a 89.31 USD price, on a monthly basis, if the order is not cancelled They are not clear, if the 14 days are counted from the moment of the order, or from the moment of delivery. My fault that I blindly trusted and ordered, me, who rarely order over internet being afraid of fraud, well, They promise a delay of 4-6 days for delivery, I understand that it could be longer due to the fact I live in Canada, but it's been 14 days already.

    I have tried to reach their Customer service number the entire day, I was put on hold every time for too long without getting to talk to anyone in any dept.

    This is so frustrating I will have to cancel my credit card to get out of this.

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  • An
    ANN YOUNG Dec 02, 2008

    I am also panicing.I have been tryin all day and half of the night to contact these crooks.I feel stupid and completely helpless.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Dec 02, 2008

    I have had the same Problem. My bank has already credited my account and is doing an investigation. I have finally received a product after a month, but I am sending it back and my bank changed my card number and sent me a new card. they wont be able to charge me anymore.

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  • Ka
    Karen Dec 02, 2008

    I am also trying to get a hold of this "ghost-company"...their 1-866-938 4832 number is a fony one...
    this people shold be procecuted fully extendet law...scam...i will fight with my cred card company to have my money back!!!

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  • Tr
    Trina Dec 02, 2008

    I just got off the phone with the 877-856-1116 and they charged me twice in the amount of 89-31 and all they did was give me a credit back on one the the amounts. this is a total rip off never will i do this again. I also made sure that the account was close.

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  • Ha
    Hayde Dec 03, 2008

    Too any one of you of interest...I too was taken in! This is unbelievable and in some shape the same as telemarketing...I just spoke to a Paul (obviously fake name) from their company of which he was reading from and script which had rebuddles for everything I said...basically they charged my account 112.22$ for products I did not order or authorized on my credit card...the only products I ordered and authorized was the 14 day trial for 5.00$ for shipping and handeling that, s it...furthermore they charges me but from a different company 10.88$...I have never heard of such thing where they don't even take returns.., especially seeing how they were never ordered to begin with...So for those whom may have another number and can't seem to get through here's the one I got through with...1-888-771-7028 the company name is MY BODY PHYSIQUE...my understanding is that if you bought through PRICELIMBO.COM 1-877-350-8480 well they will charge you an extra fee for buying through them...that's where I was charged the 10.88$ and when I spoke with Paul he advised me that it"s not their company and that they can't do anything about this charge...so bottom line they finally cancelled any future orders...but I will still try to fight to reverse the charges not authorised...GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL !

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  • Br
    Brenda J. Wiederkehr Dec 04, 2008

    This company should be put out of business. My credit card company just called me and said this company has charged my credit card $88.00. I just received the trial bottle two days ago. I just reached customer service and they claim it's in the terms and conditions and I cannot return the product, that by the way I've never received. All they would do is cancel the order.

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