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one pruvit promoter selling fake products and harassing me


I am writing this complaint on behalf of several customers. We are verified customer of Pruvit Ketones, brought from their referee. I personally have started drinking them last week (4th January 2020). We would like to file a formal complaint against the promoter/referee who We bought them from. We think he is selling fake products under Pruvit name.
His name on social media is Imi shah. This is his website and other information.

He runs an unauthorized whatsapp group where he does self promotion, provides fake information about pruvit products and does not offer any help regarding the products themselves. He says he is doing this for "charity" (I have proof of this which i can send) which is not true. We know he is getting paid for it.
If any of the customers complain about side effects, he LIES and dismisses all the concerns. Me and several other ladies who bought products via his link have complained before but he tells us to shut up and stop giving any negative reviews.
We (the people who bought products via him) feel like he may be selling fake or expired products to some of us.
Please look into this matter. I am attaching some screenshots from his "support group" where he is dismissing his customers when they complain of side effects saying that "other people are not having side effects" when in fact, A LOT of people are getting horrible side effects from his products.

Please look into this matter of this promoter selling fake or expired products under the Pruvit name.

Thank you.

one pruvit promoter selling fake products and harassing me
one pruvit promoter selling fake products and harassing me
one pruvit promoter selling fake products and harassing me

customer service

I have tried contacting this company to cancel my smart ship order and no one replies and the phone number goes no where. I have tried emailing them with no reply. I have tried...

keto drink mix

Pruvit Ventures, INC of Melissa texas is charging my credit card monthly for their Keto product. Due to health issues my Doctor has adviced me to discontinue use of this product...

charged 40 bucks and withdrew over a year ago

My card was charged 40 bucks and I withdrew over a year ago as I could never log on to order product nor a phone number to call to help with login. My upline tried and tried with her contact and still couldn't. spent hours and hours trying to log in and she even tried with my name and password and it wouldn't work. Tired of this company not having a phone number to call for issues like this. Would like my money refunded as I am not a part of this company and haven't been for over a year or more.

ketones/ customer service and headquarters

Pruvit is a joke
3 months ago I found out I could not take your product due to a heart problem. I cancelled but you sent it out anyway. So I returned a shipment for a refund and again cancelled my shipments. You took the shipment BUT KEEP TAKING MY MONEY EACH MONTH!!! I asked my upline to cancel and she told me it was out of her hands and quit talking to me because I no longer made her money. I asked the lady above her and she has not gotten back to me either. Over 3 months now that I have been begging to stop this and you are just taking my money and not helping me. I am blind so I can't get on a computer and do it myself. (My daughter is typing this) you should be ashamed.
your phone # does not work and you do not return emails. This is a scam! Quit taking my money! Anyone reading this. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY!!! ONCE INVOLVED YOU CAN'T GET YOUR CC INFO BACK AND THEY TEACH THEIR PEOPLE TO IGNORE YOUR REQUEST TO STOP YOUR SHIPMENTS.

pruvit venture debit card

Pruvit venture ID 1053124, Saw Mooi Kee

I have applied for Pruvit Debit Card on 18/02/2019 and till today I have not received my card, UPS tracking number 1Z9V85180411615113 still showing status as at 21/02/2019 is still "In Transit" and no update

I have made numerous calls to UPS Malaysia but was told the parcel never registered in their local delivery system.

Please instruct UPS USA to investigate and update status.

I have paid USD35 for express delivery of the debit card and did not expect such serrvices.

not getting my 4th month free my product

When I joined this product this company I was told by my rep that every fourth month I would get a free product will April was my free month to get my product for free which I did...

60 hour reboot

I recently did the 60 Hour Reboot over this past weekend and did not like the supplements that your company sent in it. I do not like the Chai drink or the French Onion...


UPS delivered my shipment on the 28th and left on my trailer halfway down my driveway. I didn't realize it was delivered. I found opened box and packages of the cacao strung down my driveway early afternoon on the 29th when I was leaving for work.
I notified UPS. They are investigating. I thought it was just the one box but looked at it when put for them to pick up and both cacao were ruined and some still missing.
I told UPS $130some dollars but that would be worth 260some plus shipping for full cost is what they should be responsible for.
I have a note on my front door where to put any packages and it would've been in a safe place. This isn't the first time this has happened, but the first I've turned it in.
They said they will be contacting you.
Thank you,
DeeAnn Schoonover

pruvit membership

I canceled my membership and returned my items with tracking confirmation. The company is a scam! They never returned my money even with the approval return numbers they emailed me and then continued to charge me and send me products. Finally after 6 months of only email contact because they won't give a contact phone number I'm not longer being charged but still lost $1000.
I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone!!!

keto os chocolate swirl

Been taking this stuff for a few weeks. Some days it makes me feel good. Some days nothing. And some days terrible! It is totally a cult, all scams like this are. Already had to cut a friendship off because she was so culty about this. No one should be taking this crap long term! Oh, and did I mention I've GAINED 6 pounds!!???!! So pissed off and literally the only thing I changed in my life is adding these in. I'm done


I have received a autoship item that cost me 111.00 and would like to return it. I forgot my login info and it's impossible to reach anyone or get help with this issue. I will...

pruvit promoter

I wanted to make you aware that one of your promoters is actively enrolling and drawing a check from another health and wellness company..

I have attached photos... Where she is an active distributor. And has 100 pqv points by ordering a competitors product..

Pamela kubacki is the promoter that is actively drawing a check from another mlm company and has been for months.. Since october 2018

pruvit promoter
pruvit promoter

  • Updated by Angela Maddox · Jan 14, 2019

    I also know this because she is in my downline organization.


My son has used the product as directed for 6 months. He uses no other vitamin supplements. His recent blood test shows B6 dangerously high! Ten times normal. We Showed doctors the packets. They said stop immediately. We are Trying to return product for refund. This product is unsafe. The amount of B6 is way too high for daily consumption. I really Need a phone number. I have emailed pruvit support and only get canned results on returns. About to contact a lawyer. This is dangerous!!!

Pruvit — keto os

Among a 30 packet keto os chicolate swirl box, two envelopes were empty. They were filled with air. Hopeing for customer satisfaction. I have promoted your product for the past 2...

je n'ai pas reçu ma commande passée le 16 aout 2018

J'ai commandé de l'épicerie le 16 aout 2018
pour 189.44 au nom de Annie Dupont livrable au 301-1870 rue de chambly, st-bruno-de-montarville, québec, canada, J3V 5W2

I order 16 august 2018 for 189.44$. since then :nothing at my adress
301-1870 rue de chambly, st-bruno-de-montarville, québec, canada, J3V 5W2

my phone number is [protected]

Annie Dupont

  • Updated by annie dupont · Nov 05, 2018

    I order 16 august 2018 for 189.44$. since then :nothing at my adress
    301-1870 rue de chambly, st-bruno-de-montarville, québec, canada, J3V 5W2

    my phone number is 514-894-2402

    Annie Dupont

  • Updated by annie dupont · Nov 05, 2018

    no answer at noverber 5

no human contact to talk to - mums the word with this company

This is extremely extremely frustrating! My dad has several orders in and still no product. We've emailed but only gotten "canned responses". The next mailing time is coming up...

have been double charged the gst - goods & services tax!

Have bee charged tax by you when I submitted my order online & then I have been double charged again for the tax by ups when my shipment arrived in australia as per details below:

Subject: 1z0954tt0415444672 - re delivery from pruvit ventures in usa

Hi phil,
Kindly confirm if the attached tax invoice has been paid so we may release the goods for delivery.

We do need your immediate response on this as this package is already due for abandonment as we cannot hold the goods for a long period of time.

We have been trying to contact your sender regarding the gst charge if they are accepting to cover it but no response at all.

Kind regards,
Maryaine c. Bangit
Advanced operations centre
Ups pty ltd
Ph 131877 option 4
Email: [protected]

Copy of invoice:

Tax invoice - import
Phil mcdonald 8 hurrell way
Rockingham wa 6168
For questions about this invoice, call or write:
Ups pty ltd
Abn: [protected]
Unit 3 14a baker street
Tel: +[protected] fax: +[protected]
Thank you for using ups.
A service fee of 0.75%
(inclusive of applicable gst) applies to visa, mastercard and amex payments.
United parcel service
Remit to:
Ups pty ltd
G p o box 4795 sydney nsw 2001 australia
Summary of charges
Charges 9.95 total taxable charges 9.95
10 % gst 1.00 charges 204.58
Total non-taxable charges
Total amount due $

Kindly refund the $215.53 aud immediately


Pruvit Ventures, LLCshipping of unwanted products

Please beaware that for the last 4 months I have been receiving the above product even though I have been in contact with your sales representative instructing her to cancel my menbership and to stop shipping additional products.
Last week I received another shipment making me beleive that Pruvit Ventutes has no concernes about solving their consumer problems.

Please send me a return self addressed label, so I can return this shipment and please cancel all future shipments.
Thank you,
Fernando Saraiva

keto//os 3.0

I received a very heavy package of chocolate swirl priced at $160.00 each for a grand charge of $3, 33.44 on the packing slip. I did not order this, nor can find a charge to any...

unknown debit


I am patrick ory, and I am french, leaving in chenay 51140 france.

I have an unknown amount of 37$ (32, 32 euros) on my amex account :
Pruvit ventures, inc [protected] or 24 september)

Please, as I didn't order anything would you check what the problem is? and would you please reembourse me?

Thanks for your help,


Patrick ory

00 [protected]

product guarantee

I was told by the representative that sold me the product that it worked 100% of the time on 100% of people. I also made the remark about how I wanted to try it because worst case...

keto os 3.0

For some time now I have been receiving a tub of the above product and my credit card has been automatically charged.
I notice that I have again been charged on september 19th for the product that I do not want
Please be advised that wish to stop receiving this product and will no longer honor any automatic payments on my card and have my visa rep to block and recover this charge
My name is gary blokhuis
My visa card 4085 86... Ending with 2018
My phone number is [protected]
Please acknowledge receipt of this email as I have instructed visa to stop honoring your the worst case, I will cancel the card.
Thanking you in advance
Gary blokhuis

sent back ketone packets

I ordered on july 5 th packets of ketones and decided a few weeks later to send them back. The cost was 123.63 on my cc and still I do not have credit on my card. I suggest that happens soon as I am ready to file a complaint to the better business bureau. I will not pay for merchandise you have received back. The fact you have no working phone number makes me not want to do business with your company I will be looking for a credit to my card very soon

  • To
    TOTALLY Dissatified Aug 28, 2018

    I literally could have DIED using the REBOOT. My BGL was down to 29, before I realized that the exogenous ketones in the product was drastically lowering my blood glucose levels. I was dizzy. I couldn't stand up. When notifying my sponsor (upline--not sure as to how they wish to be referred)--- I was blocked from phone calls and Facebook--by the direct upline and her upline, as well.

    I have spent MONTHS sending emails to customer support, only to find myself here--reading comments that more or less tell me that if I send back their product, I probably won't see a credit to my bank account.

    No phone? Yes! There is no phone number to call. No direct contact. Email replies that do not address the situation, but ask for you to state your satisfaction level.

    Its all way too expensive--when the company refuses to divulge the amount of exogenous ketones in their products, and science has not yet determined what the ketones do to the human body.

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unauthorized credit card charges

I had ordered one package of your product. Told them on the phone it was a one time order. Not to be repeated. Failed on product. So I did not need another anyway. No papers came...

pruvit ketones

My name is sheryl blome and I called three months ago to cancel an auto ship. It came to me again last month and was taken from my account again last month. I just went tot he post office and there is another box here and again my account has been charged another 121. Plus for something that should have been canceled two months ago. You can not seem to get in touch with a live person you only want email or to have you leave a message. I have no intentions of going through this again next month. I will contact my bank to prevent any additional charges coming from you and I will contact my lawyer to if I am not contacted back regarding the 360.00 plus dollars taken from me after I contacted you telling you that I want it stopped.

  • Hi
    hilty995 Sep 13, 2018

    what phone number did you call, cause i cant find one and I'm wanting to returned a delivery. thank you

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  • Ma
    manishkumar11 Sep 13, 2018

    My name is manish kumar and my contact no is 9013892741, it is not working since one week, no network coming, i had recharged recently, please take care my complain and take appropriate action .thank you

    your faithfully
    Manish kumar

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Pruvitketos os chocolate swirl decaf

Hello.. I wondering if youll ever make decaf available in 30 day kanister? Its odd the orange comes in decaf but the chocolate doesnt.. I cant take the orange cuz of the milk. Its so costly buying the packets.. I feel so good on this product but cant afford to buy the packets anymore... I sure wish u could start making the kanister available 😊
Thank you,
Deanna deppen

order sent too soon

Good Morning, My name is Sharon Heiss; 2738 23rd Avenue; Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601. Email: [protected]

Your company sent my order much too soon. It wasn't supposed to come till after August 2st which them my account would have been charged (by the way I was charged $297 and change and it should have been $237 and change). But my BIG concern right now, my account was charged today the $297 amount of which I DID NOT have in my account. Because you charged my account now instead of August 2st, you have put my account in a NEGATIVE balance. I had 3 items coming in which would have been covered without any problems. NOW because you had charged my account, my bank has charged me 3 overdraft fees of $35.00 and my account is now -$330.89. And I still have another item coming in and by then, my account will NEGATIVE -400.00. Please help me. I need that amount $297.89 put back into my account and then charged on August 2nd just to make sure my account will be okay. Please, please help me. You have really made me discouraged to go on and I'm very unsure of your company now. PLEASE HELP !!!

order sent too soon
order sent too soon
order sent too soon
order sent too soon
order sent too soon
order sent too soon

  • Updated by Sharon Heiss · Jul 24, 2018

    Please see the pictures down below

billed for renewal

I was billed 37.00 US on my canadian visa apparently for a renewal for Pruvit. although i signed up over a year ago I couldnt use it and never purchased any products after. I have...

keytone products

I was charged $191.56 on 05.31.18 and after drinking product for two weeks & not one iota of benefit guaranteed, I tried cancelling all & getting promised refund. Every time, of the five, I replied via return e-mail address, I received a 'failure to send" msg. The phone number listed is "no longer available" & by now my question is WTF is going on? I cancelled today when I was notified second shipment was on the way. I want my money back, my stress level erased & the huge amount of time dealing with this sham of a company. I will not be so stupid ever again!!! Sharilyn Gilreath, Littleton CO

credit for returned product

On 5/14/18 I was charged 152.88 for a diet product for my daughter. The day I ordered, she informed me she had already purchased it in her name, Kim Borsodi. I immediately...

delivery of unwanted merchandise

When I ordered your product, I only wanted to try it... I selected no for automatic delivery and you have sent me more in which I do not want... I tried to call the customer...

cancel product and want reimbursement for 132.89$ am returning last shipment.

Margaret Cameron P.O. BOX 1875 Monroe, Ga 30655 [protected] Service needs to be improved to speak with someone do not want anymore product. Would greatly appreciate money...

keto//os max swiss cacao charged please cancel my auto ship effective 5/4/18

I have been receiving the product and it has been auto shipped. I am not getting any results and want to cancel my autoship, cancel my account, and would like to get authorization to return unused and unopened product.

My Account information Judi Stinson, 5521 Litchfield Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46835
email address [protected]
cell phone for contact [protected]

I appreciate your assistance and would like confirmation of this message, Please provide the authorization for the return of the unused and unopened product.

I am not a member and you are in the process of deducting money from my visa account

I did join as a distributor but then pulled out and got my money refunded however a fee of $51.35 from Pruvit Venture [protected] is currently being processed on my Visa card...

unauthorized credit card charges

On january 29, 2018 an unauthorized credit card charge of $204.15 cdn funds on my (american express) was put through, I have not received any product or anything at all for this charge. I also did not give anyone permission to do this??? I don't know how anyone got my credit card number I am completely in the dark on this, therefore I am requesting a refund please.

Thank you
Anne trainor

Pruvitketo//os® 2.1 orange dream kan false advertising

Keto//os® 2.1 orange dream kan... There is 1.33 oz per sevings with 1 level scoop. How can you get 30 servings out of a can with 23.6 oz in a can. 30 x 1.33= 39 oz
So if your doing 2 sevings a day it only lasts 19.5 days if there was 39 oz in your kan. There is only 23.6 = 11.8 days for 1 can which costs 149 usd.? The kans come just over half full.
Im thinking that theres false advertising goin on plus the fact that your kans are a part of a sales gimmick by being huge to make people think theres more in them. I love the product but I hate getting ripped off. Kevin semograd

Pruvit — credit card fraud

This company scammed me $1, 406.49 from my credit card on Friday 29th September 2017. I am in Australia and I have no idea what this company is and have never shopped with them. I...

Pruvitunauthorized credit card charges

this company charged my account for $1078.45 on Sept 15, 2017 unauthorized charge. I never have heard of this website. I immediately contacted my bank account whom started a fraud investigation. I called the company and would only get a voicemail. I emailed the company and received very contradicting responses. first they told me the item was shipped to me, but they could not provide me with shipping status or confirmation numbers. second they said they could not refund the money back to my bank account because it was already processed. I continued to demand answers via emailing and the next message I got the women said that they have stopped the order "magically" and that it was being shipped back to there warehouse. (even though the order supposedly was already shipped to my address) I questioned where my refund was if they supposedly stopped the order and the "customer service" responded that I should contact my bank account to follow up with this??? they also claimed to be a "cloud based company" and can not call me via phone (which I requested)
within the same week that this happened I had a fed ex truck show up to my house looking for a box to pick up. they had a pre made shipping label with a return address of Texas. someone had created this label and requested that a box be picked up from my address and likely shipped back to them.

I would like a full explanation of what happened and how my credit card was used for this purchase. all of the invoices that were used with my name and a refund in full immediately.

  • Su
    sunshine888 Sep 20, 2018

    Pete Delmonico is the brains behind moving the teams around that other people signed up in mlm companies and I believe Pruvit too.

    Pete and Heather are rude and arrogant. Pete and Heather's nasty and abhorrent behavior was inappropriate and immature and they should address your anger issues with a professional counselor or anger management therapist, and that you should not attempt to engage in business with anyone if this is how you would be treating them.

    Pete and Heather are internet troll's. You exhibited what I perceive as an “millennial entitlement attitude and social media empowerment complex". Such an individual might also be described as a “social media terrorist”.

    In my opinion based upon my own personal business dealing with these rotten people, Pete Delmonico, and Heather Johnson are millennial social media terrorist and cyberbully, with an entitlement attitude and social media empowerment complex. If they don't like what they hear from any business owner, they proceeds to verbally abuse them.
    As such, I would strongly suggest that any company seeking a hassle-free business transaction avoid doing business with this individual.

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Pruvitcustomer service

9/15/17 I called customer service trying to cancel my smart ship. He first asked me why I wanted to do that. He said he could not help me. He said I had to log into my account. I told him my account that I was logging into was showing that I had no current smart ship orders. He said he could not help me.
I have an order number and would like it canceled. He said he could not cancel it. I asked him how I could get into my account. His response "sorry bubye" and hung up. This place is ridiculous.