Woodsprings Suitesemployee/manager interaction with customers


We being my wife, 11 year old son, dog, and myself checked in the night before last (Sunday night) and we got up this morning around 9am and went to work and my son and dog stayed at the room and around 12:30 pm today we received a phone call from a police officer that is standing in my room with my 11 year old and here because your employee at the front desk not only called him to my room but also lied and made the police think that we just left our son here and hadn't been back since we checked in. The front desk clerk also made it a point to call and question my son on our whereabouts roughly 15 minutes before the police showed up here, and the police told my wife that they called and what they said to get them to come out. We've done nothing wrong and my wife and I work very hard and paid a small fortune to stay the week in this hotel and we don't appreciate that the employee for no reason at all other than seeing my son walk our dog called the police on us and questioned my son about my wife and I, the front desk had my phone number, my wife's phone number and my email address if he had questions or concerns and had no business or right questioning my son. I had to leave work for 2 hours just to come make sure my kid was OK when it was uncalled for, completely unjustified, even unconstitutional. We'd only been here 36 hours and this man is telling police we are never here, that is hardly time to come up with and make an observation like that... Not sure what I'm going to do about this, I'm going to sleep on it because I'm very angered right now.

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