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Woodforest National Bankstole my money


Someone stole my checking account information and attempted to debit my account 32 times, I notified the bank of the unauthorized charges, filed disputes on all of them. The dispute department said, "if anything would have cleared, then they would have refunded the amounts cleared, but since they were just attempts, then they weren't actual charges." However, the ACH department charged my account $32.00 every time an attempted debit was made and then charged my account $32.00 on every second attempt that was also made. I didn't authorize any of these debit attempts, yet the bank refuses to refund the $1400.00 in fees that they charged my account.
Then 3 days after all the initial charges were made, my direct deposit goes into my account and they take out the $1400.00 in fees, for all the numerous unauthorized attempted charges.
They victimized me just as bad, no actually worse, that the person that stole my account information and attempted to get my money, at least the person, didn't get to steal my money, but the BANK DID!!! They still are refusing to refund the $1400.00 in fees that they charged my account for unauthorized debits.
Since when does a bank, after they find out that the NSF charges resulted from unauthorized transactions, refuse to refund the NSF fees????
I spoke with the brand manager, Carole Malone, and she said that she couldn't refund the charges, because she didn't charge them, that the ACH department charged the fees. I spoke with the ACH department and they stated that they don't refund fees, the brand manager has to do it. I even spoke with the Regional Manager, Debbie Rogers, she agreed that the fees should be refunded, but stated she wouldn't do it, I asked, "shouldn't the company that has my money, be the one to refund it?" And she agreed, and she agreed that Woodforest took my money, but didn't know how to get the fees refunded. Are you kidding me???
What kind of managers is this company hiring? Managers that don't know how to right a wrong apparently!!


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    notnecessary May 12, 2009

    This is false information. Woodforest only charges an NSF when the item posts to the account.

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    gloria gilliam May 15, 2009

    Thats what happens when you hire incompetent ###s who dont know how to read or write. This bank is run by whites, but sometimes due to the weakening of the genepool a toad will enter the workforce and destroy all that the superior race has worked so hard to establish.

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    peterantil Jun 26, 2009

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    Not happy with Woodforest Jun 28, 2010

    I am responding to the original complaint and then the response from not necessary. When you do no choose overdraft protection and your account is presented with a request for funds, via check or debit/ATM, and the funds are not available from your account, then Woodforest does charge an NSF fee just for the presentation attempt. The item will not post to the account, just the NSF fee. If there is overdraft protection, then the item will post to the account and the account will be charged an overdraft fee, not an NSF fee. The unauthorized attempts with the debit card incurred NSF fees, but the consumer should have been credited back the NSF fees. Was the debit card, or the debit card information cancelled and a new debit card obtained? I had to do that when a merchant kept debiting my account even after I cancelled my account with the merchant. From what you have written here, it seems that I was lucky that I had the money in my account to pay the unauthorized debit.

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