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Stainless cafe' collection

We have 2 sets of Wolfgang puck Cafe' collection- 3 of the sauce pans have their handles literally come off in my hands - 2qt and the 3qt - the 2- 2qt did show signs that it was loosening but the 3qt did NOT show ANY signs of loosening. Standing at my sink I was holding the handle and the pot fell into the sink ... luckily it did not have hot liquid in it... After checking our other pans - we found that these rivets were totally discinergrating over time and our other pots are also showing signs of failing!!! Going to drill out and replace with stainless as that is what they should have been in the first place !!!So people beware!!!

cafe collection food processor model# ccf p0010, 120 vac, 60 hz, by w. p appliances inc, sold by bed bath & beyond, asheville, nc

Paid in full for this heavy appliance, thinking of better quality. My mother could not use it, so it stayed on the shelf for 1 year. During christmas, took it out of a package, plugged in, to make bread dough. Nothing happened. Green light showing, that the power does reach the switch. Called the store of purchase. Out of warranty. Showed it to an electrician. Maybe the capacitor is gone? Looking for the parts, no luck! Tried to call w. P appliances, wrong phone #! Why I bought this crap? Going in the trash, if I don't find the part! The last straw! I will never buy this or any products bearing "wolfgang puck". Very poorly run business.

cafe collection food processor model# ccf p0010, 120 vac, 60 hz, by w. p appliances inc, sold by bed bath & beyond, asheville, nc

600 mixer

I bought a Wolfgang Puck 600 mixer in Sept 19th 2019. I opened it in April april 2020. There was no paddles or dough pusher. The company won't help me. I can not find any parts to get... Help!!!
it was my wish to buy a good mixer and now I can't get anywhere with this matter or maker anything with it... Bought at I don't know what to do...

Damage teapot handle

I have a stainless steel tea kettle and I was pouring it into a cup yesterday. The handle snapped off and the...

Small appliance stand up mixer

Where can I find a Wolfgang Puck Bistro collection stand up countertop stand mixer Mixer head locking lever.
Lever locking knob lever just broke do not know how to get it off the mixer. Have been looking for but cannot find replacement parts paid a lot of money for this mixer
I get no help from Wolfgang Puck Bistro collection customer service line

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Wolfgang puck organic chicken noodle

Brought $30 worth of this soup and opened 2 cans to eat. They claim the chicken is free range... well maybe a little too free (they must have ran away). The 2 cans I literally found 3 tiny cube pieces of chicken, absolutely ridiculous. I'm almost tempted to return the rest because I have a feeling the others are the same. Shame on this company. Will not be purchasing ANY Wolfgang products again.

Wolfgang puck organic chicken noodle

  • SubSquirrel Jul 31, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was thinking the same thing about the post. Chicken noodle soup is flavored with chicken but doesn’t claim to contain real chicken. Is chicken high on the ingredient list?

    Usually you’ll see beef or chicken “flavored” soup and that means chicken broth or bouillon which is salty. Read products very carefully to ensure that you’re getting what you think you’re getting.

    Puck soups are thought of as high quality ingredients and preparation and tasteful flavors. Read online reviews for information about the pricey canned soup. I can buy organic chicken broth and add veggies and chicken and whole wheat pasta for less money in the long run. I’ll get four to eight portions for a decent price. You can buy a few stalks of celery and loose carrots, for example. Save leftover chicken and meat and freeze it. Veggies, too. Throw in a soup pot, heat and eat. Freeze soup for later on.

    You’ll eat less or no chemicals, sodium, fat, and sugar. Cans are easy to open and use but a little work gets you delicious and healthy food.

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  • Wp
    WPuck Nov 27, 2019

    Quit your whining. We will not take back the rest of your soups, the package has been opened and you are two of them. We are ob to your B.S.. Nobody promised you a whole damn chicken in each can! It's customers like you that make me so angry.

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Wolfgang air fryer

Called may 2nd  thur about numbers again third time now mentioning it to 3 reps was told someone would call me 3rd May fri again nobody called back and I called again on the 10th recieved email stating replacement basket will be received within the week now it's the 23rd maya still nothing called in again and told same thing it will be sent out and should receive it within the week

Started in dec 2018 and now its may 2019
Base defective pic to show how bad it had worn in 10/15 uses sent pictures via email to show defective items

+[protected] called 47 times

Always busy even display comes up Wolfgang puck tried for two months sent emails too

Old Basket non stick coating peeling off with green scrubbing sponge when washing

Basket handle broken on new one

Base screws on inside area water leaks out of new base filled it with water to soak left it on the counter when came back found a flooded counter and floor and heat also escapes from screws and the front gets really hot

Time selection display just wipes off with damp cloth or just by rubbing your finger on it
Same with temperature selector

I have complained about this matter a number of time now told if I want a box to ship it back I would have to pay international postage to send unit back I have several emails even stating on the 14th I would receive the basket shipping label within the week now two weeks later called in again and guess what again same reply will receive it in a week and after nearly 5 months still waiting for a complete working unit

Terrible service even told the rep i have 47 screen shots of how many times I have tried calling since dec 2018 and emails going back nearly 3 months

Customer I'd 895548

Wolfgang air fryer
Wolfgang air fryer

  • Me
    Melody B Oct 03, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1 866-444-4033 customer service number, I have a problem with my air fryer also. They're not putting up the new phone number 😡.

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  • Me
    Melody B Oct 03, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Melody B 1 866-444-4033

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  • Me
    Melody B Oct 03, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Melody B 1 8 6 6- 4 44-40 33. They said phone number is protected. So, maybe this way might work.

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18-10 pot

I used this pot for a long time. I put my 3 eggs into the water before it boils. As it was almost to boil, i took them out, and took the pot off the burner.
I tried to clean it after i ate, but egg was stuck to the bottom of my 7 1/2" - 8" pot worse than anything i've seen.
I soaked it 3 times with pure hot tap water with soap & scrubbed it with steel wool.
Then i twice used boiling water which finally worked.
I need a new pot.

A pot that came apart in the cafe collection.

I bought a pot from the Wolfgang Puck's Cafe Collection series 032006. It was the 2 quart saucepan with the glass lid. The stainless steal bottom fell off the pot. This should never have happened with normal use. I would like a new replacement pot. The glass cover is fine. I have called the number provided on the Wolfgang site and it is no longer in service. Thus I can not find a way get a replacement pot for this much needed saucepan. PLEASE HELP!

I can be contacted at
or [protected]

Thank you.

  • Ma
    maxicat Feb 25, 2019

    It would appear that there is no longer any support for WP parts. I have a grill that I just loved that the handle got broken on. I'm going to have to replace the entire grill while I look for another one at a reasonable price. Did see one for $14 on auction but, that's a rarity. is no longer recognized on the internet.

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Handle on the pots

The handle on one of my Wolfgang Puck pots is coming loose. When purchased I the product I was under the impression that the pots and pans had a lifetime warranty on their products. I was under the impression that a lifetime warranty meant that the pots and pans would be covered from definition as long as I owned the product. Turns out the "lifetime" warranty is only available for one year after the product is purchased! That doesn't sound like a lifetime warranty to me.

Wolfgang puck 14-piece knife set (sold in sam's club)

7" Chef's Knife (China) # 0311 - Blade manufactured with defective material. Approx. 3/4" from handle of the...

Wolfgang puck oven

My Wolfgang Puck Oven keeps on tripping my GFI wall plug.
I even tried it over to another GFI plug in my house not on the same circuit breaker and it trips that GFI there too.
Today is December thirty-first and preparing a dinner party for my guest for New Years Eve. Couldn't of happen at a worst time.
A couple days ago we cooked a whole chicken in the oven without any problems.
We love this oven so I hope you can resolve this problem.


Chicken with wild rice soup

I always buy gluten free Chicken with Wild Rice soups by Wolfgang Puck. However, the last time I bought it, the soup looked like "cream of chicken" but the label said Chicken with Wild Rice. I was afraid to eat it because it was really thick & I wasn't sure if it had been thickened with flour or what?? I would like to be refunded or coupons for future purchases.
My name & address is:
Pam McLoughlin
3 Clydesdale Rd
Salem, NH 03079

Wolfgang puck stainless cookware

Bought 18- piece Wolfgang Puck set of stainless steel cookware at Sam's Club in March 2017. I love the set...

18 piece stainless steel cookware set

Hello, I purchased this set at Home Depot, the box said the stainless steel pans would not stick if seasoned properly, they all stick. Both of my non stick pans that came with my set are already peeling. I bought less then 1 year ago. I would like a replacement set that actually works as described. Please advise. Thank you
Jennifer Zandell [protected]

The worst chicken caesar salad I have ever had

I had to fly to Seattle for the day. For days, I was looking forward to the chicken Caesar salad at Wolfgang Puck's at Seatac Airport. I arrived at dinner time and order and paid for the salad. When it arrived, the chicken was so thinly sliced and tasted so bad that I moved all of the chicken to the side of the plate and ate a little of the salad. The salad was not very tasty but I had to eat quick to make my flight. I was very disappointed and I don't intend to eat there again.

I paid $18 for food that couldn't be eaten.

Dutch oven

I have the crock pot artisan enameled cast iron 7-quart oval dutch oven in sapphire blue. I received this a...

Defective pan

I ordered a set of WF cookware with Groupon at the end of March, 2018. I first used the 10-inch nonstick skillet last week, and the nonstick surface is flaking off.

Wolfgang Puck 17 Piece Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set Silver Stainless Steel
Wolfgang Puck Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set (16-Piece)
Purchased Mar 25, 2018

They will not exchange the item, because they have a 30-day return policy. However, this item is defective, was not misused, mishandled, etc., and I need it replaced.

Please see the Chat with Groupon below.

Chat Name: Linda Alton, Chat Ticket ID : [protected]

Hi there,

Thanks for chatting with me. Below, you can see a complete transcript of the conversation for your records. If there's anything else I can help you with, just reply to this email and it'll go straight to the top of my pile.

Kind regards,

Lucero A.

Linda Alton, Jun 10, 10:22 AM CDT:
Linda Alton: Issue: Nonstick surface on one skillet is flaking off and it has only been used once.
Order #: [protected]
Deal concerned: gg-cm-wolfgang-puck-17-piece-stainless-steel-nonstick-cookware-set
LUCERO A: Thank you for contacting Groupon Customer Support. My name is Lucero, I'd be more than glad to help you today!
Linda Alton: Thank you.
Linda Alton: Hello?
LUCERO A: Hi Linda, would you mind elaborating on the issue more for me so that I'm able to assist you further?
Linda Alton: One of the skillets from the cookware set is defective. The nonstick surface is flaking off.
LUCERO A: Thank you for that information. Let me check the order and see how can I help you with this.
LUCERO A: Our chat volumes are unusually high today. We're sorry you had to wait in the queue for this long. Your patience is appreciated. I'll try my best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
LUCERO A: I'm very sorry for the trouble. All Groupon Goods must be returned within 30 days of the shipment's arrival. For more details on the Groupon Goods return policy, please visit, or click the "See return policy" link in the Fine Print for this deal. Unfortunately, if it has been more than 30 days since you received the item, then returns will not be accepted. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Linda Alton: That is unacceptable. The pan was just used for the first time, and the surface is flaking off.
Linda Alton: The rest of the set is performing as expected.
Linda Alton: I need that pan replaced.
LUCERO A: I understand ma'am. But at this point, we're not able to offer replacements. I really want to help you ma'am, but we are outside return window and we are not able to accept a return.
Linda Alton: This defect is a health risk. I need to escalate this matter.
LUCERO A: I apologize Linda, this is not the experience we want you to have with this items. But I'm not able to take further actions with this issue.
Linda Alton: I understand the need for return policies, but I also understand the need for exceptions. This is a replacement of a defective item. I will pursue it further.

Commercial blender

The blender cup has rusted on the bottom and I am unable to find a replacement cup. The cup does not...

Knife set

The set began to rust all most immediately. We wash them by hand and air dry. The rust appeared while they...