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Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / wolfgang air fryer

May 23, 2019

Called may 2nd  thur about numbers again third time now mentioning it to 3 reps was told someone would call me 3rd May fri again nobody called back and I called again on the 10th recieved email stating replacement basket will be received within the week now it's the 23rd maya still nothing...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / 18-10 pot

May 06, 2019

I used this pot for a long time. I put my 3 eggs into the water before it boils. As it was almost to boil, i took them out, and took the pot off the burner. I tried to clean it after i ate, but egg was stuck to the bottom of my 7 1/2" - 8" pot worse than anything i've seen. I soaked it 3 time...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / a pot that came apart in the cafe collection.

Feb 25, 2019

I bought a pot from the Wolfgang Puck's Cafe Collection series 032006. It was the 2 quart saucepan with the glass lid. The stainless steal bottom fell off the pot. This should never have happened with normal use. I would like a new replacement pot. The glass cover is fine. I have called...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / handle on the pots

Jan 29, 2019

The handle on one of my Wolfgang Puck pots is coming loose. When purchased I the product I was under the impression that the pots and pans had a lifetime warranty on their products. I was under the impression that a lifetime warranty meant that the pots and pans would be covered from...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / wolfgang puck 14-piece knife set (sold in sam's club)

Jan 04, 2019

7" Chef's Knife (China) # 0311 - Blade manufactured with defective material. Approx. 3/4" from handle of the knife's on top edge, a 1/8" deep portion of the metal was separated. Upon a forward push of the knife into a piece of meat, the blade broke into two pieces, showing the 1/8"...

Wolfgang Puck / wolfgang puck oven

Dec 31, 2018

Hello, My Wolfgang Puck Oven keeps on tripping my GFI wall plug. I even tried it over to another GFI plug in my house not on the same circuit breaker and it trips that GFI there too. Today is December thirty-first and preparing a dinner party for my guest for New Years Eve. Couldn't of...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / chicken with wild rice soup

Dec 28, 2018

I always buy gluten free Chicken with Wild Rice soups by Wolfgang Puck. However, the last time I bought it, the soup looked like "cream of chicken" but the label said Chicken with Wild Rice. I was afraid to eat it because it was really thick & I wasn't sure if it had been thickened with...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / wolfgang puck stainless cookware

Sep 14, 2018

Bought 18- piece Wolfgang Puck set of stainless steel cookware at Sam's Club in March 2017. I love the set, and I have no problem with the stainless steel pots and pans, but the gray enamel stick ware on the small and large frying pans is cracking off, and I am unable to use, because the enamel will get in the food. Is there any way to resolve this!

Wolfgang Puck / 18 piece stainless steel cookware set

Aug 09, 2018

Hello, I purchased this set at Home Depot, the box said the stainless steel pans would not stick if seasoned properly, they all stick. Both of my non stick pans that came with my set are already peeling. I bought less then 1 year ago. I would like a replacement set that actually works as described. Please advise. Thank you Jennifer Zandell 480-203-1913

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / the worst chicken caesar salad I have ever had

Aug 01, 2018

I had to fly to Seattle for the day. For days, I was looking forward to the chicken Caesar salad at Wolfgang Puck's at Seatac Airport. I arrived at dinner time and order and paid for the salad. When it arrived, the chicken was so thinly sliced and tasted so bad that I moved all of the...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / dutch oven

Jul 17, 2018

I have the crock pot artisan enameled cast iron 7-quart oval dutch oven in sapphire blue. I received this as a gift from my daughter. It's been great, i've had it a couple of years and have taken great care of it. Imagine my surprise when a quarter-sized piece of glaze on the inside of my...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / defective pan

Jun 11, 2018

I ordered a set of WF cookware with Groupon at the end of March, 2018. I first used the 10-inch nonstick skillet last week, and the nonstick surface is flaking off. Wolfgang Puck 17 Piece Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set Silver Stainless Steel Wolfgang Puck Stainless Steel Nonstick...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / commercial blender

May 09, 2018

The blender cup has rusted on the bottom and I am unable to find a replacement cup. The cup does not dismantle for cleaning and I don't know where to get a replacement cup. I did find a site for Wolfgang Puck blender parts which were out of stock 3 months ago. I checked off to be notified...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / knife set

May 07, 2018

The set began to rust all most immediately. We wash them by hand and air dry. The rust appeared while they sit in the sink waiting to be washed. We have continued to use them and just scrub off the rust but this really shouldn't be happening; it should be covered under a warranty. Can...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / red enameled cast iron braising pan

Apr 24, 2018

A quarter-sized piece of glaze on the inside of my 12"cast iron braising pan popped off while I was heating it on medium heat, with oil in it. There is a smaller spot where the glaze is cracked. I am sending a picture of the inside of the pan. I would like a replacement of the pan. Thank...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / indianapolis airport/waitress

Apr 24, 2018

While waiting on our flight we went to this restaurant to grab a bite to eat and because there were no signs directing anyone to the appropriate place to order, we mistakenly ordered our pizza from the take-out register. Upon noticing this, we decided to go into the restaurant to sit down...

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide / customer service agent

Apr 03, 2018

Hi There I'm writing to you sadly to complain about the customer service agent I had to deal with this morning. I called your 18002758273 number at 1115 on April 3. I was calling to find out if and where I could find a part to my hand blender that just disintegrated while I was using it...

Wolfgang Puck / mini brownie trey

Jan 07, 2018

I bought a mini tray for myself and spend extra money buying quality because I thought it would be something that would last me many years. After the first time of using it the coating came off along with the food that I baked and not only was the tray ruined at that point but the food had...

Wolfgang Puck / cooking pot

Nov 08, 2017

I have a large cooking pot that has several cracks in the pots around the handles and now at the lip of the pot. In all I have more than 5 places where the pot is splitting or coming apart. The pot does slowly leak at one place but not at the others at this time. The cracks have gotten...

Wolfgang Puck / spice mills

Nov 08, 2017

I purchased 2 sets of your spice mills one in the Red(509470) and one in the Copper (509470), from HSN on Dec 10, 2016 Great product, until one of the spice mills in the red stopped working. Contacted customer service which were not very polite they instructed of what i needed to do in...

Wolfgang Puck / restaurant

Sep 23, 2017

I have been going to your 2570 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 location restaurant since it was opened. I used to recommend your place to many people, but I do not anymore. I would just like to let you be aware that the quality of this has gradually gone down over time. I think someone...

Wolfgang Puck / deep fryer

Sep 21, 2017

When you were on HSN this last time, I bought your deep fryer. It worked great. I love it. But now after I finish cooking, the Hutton to cool oil & drain it won't work. I just threw the box away thinking all is great & I wouldn't need it. Is there something else to try? Please help. Not...

Wolfgang Puck / pans

Aug 27, 2017

Two pans, while heated on the stove, blew off the silver caps that hold on the handle to the pan. There is no more to explain that would require the use of 350 characters in order to get attention and a response. Occurred on August 21st at 6 PM. Requesting a full refund. No, I don't have a...

Wolfgang Puck / wolfgang puck 15 piece set

Aug 26, 2017

I bought this set 5 months ago at sams club in littleton Colorado and loved it at first but the two main big pans are horrible and those are the ones I need the most. Everything sticks to them, even bacon! I spent a lot of money for this set and expected this set to be amazing and last me...

Wolfgang Puck / wolfgang puck, cancun, mexico airport

Aug 08, 2017

We were in Mexico leaving on a morning flight back home to Canada, we decided to stop at Wolfgang pucks cafe at the airport for some breakfast, we ordered 2 bagels with cream cheese and coffees we waited 10 min then were served 2 burnt bagels with some parts cut off that were unedible with...

Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection / wolfgang puck bistro collection pressure cooker

Aug 07, 2017

I used the pressure cooker for the first time as I unplugged the pressure cooker and open up the vent. The pressure cooker top flew off which was in the lock position and caused 2nd and third degree burns on both arms and stomach, with a shoulder injury. I went to the er and my primary...

Wolfgang Puck / wolfgang puck 18 piece collection

Jul 10, 2017

I bought the Wolfgang pucks collection 18 pieces. When I purchased this collection. The only reason was the life time warranty. All if the stainless is Waring off. Coating is coming off every time that I wash them. How can I get this collection replaced. I'm afaird to use this collection...

Wolfgang Puck, Sea-tac Airport, Store Id Seawpk02 / bar chairs

Nov 21, 2016

I had a layover at the airport and sat in this restaurant for over 2 hours. The bar chairs are horribly uncomfortable and they have no back to lean back on! I would think with Wolfgang Puck's name on this restaurant there would be better quality furniture! On an positive note the butternut...

Wolfgang Puck / 14 piece stainless steel bistro set

Sep 01, 2016

First I want to say that I will do business with HSN again. Until now, I have not had a problem with their products, returns or customer service. My complaint is that the Wolfgang Puck Stainless Steel pans stick. My reason for buying the set was because I was tired of the same old, stick...

Wolfgang Puck / food processor model bfpr0015

Feb 09, 2016

Purchased Food Processor BFPR0015 in 2014 from HSN. The plastic on the inside of the lid broke and replacement parts are not available @ I didn't even realize that it had broken until I turned it back on to shred something else in the recipe. The appliances should last...

Wolfgang Puck / chef knife set - knife handles

Dec 28, 2015

The handles AR cracking where the rivets are I wash these knifes by hand to prevent this from happening is there anything I can do to replace the knifes that are cracking because I do love these knifes and don't need to replace all of them please help me out if you can .Thank You in...

Wolfgang Puck Cookware / exploding lids

May 09, 2013

My mother was using a Wolfgang Puck skillet with the lid cooking on low heat. All of a sudden the lid exploded all over the kitchen. Luckily all the grand-kids were not running through the kitchen at the time like they are usually are. Apparently this is common for this product. My mother...

Wolfgang Puck Non-stick Crepe Pan / replacement of defective pan

Apr 30, 2012

I purchased a 25pc set of Wolfgang Puck (WP) cookware as a gift for my daughter-in-law in Dec. 2010. In Jan. 2012, she advised me that the non-stick on the crepe pan was peeling around the rivet. I took a picture of the pan and sent it to customer service of WP. I was advised that the pan...

Wolfgang Puck / dutch oven bolts are rusting

Apr 09, 2012

I purchased Wofgang Puck Stainless Steel Pots and Pans at Sam's Club. The Dutch oven Bolts are not Stainless Steel. Call Wofgand Puck, You are not suppose to put any liquid above the handles, that means it is a 1 quart cooking pan instead of a 5 quart. They do not stand behind their...

Wolfgang Puck Cookware / pots and pans: tempered glass lids

Feb 29, 2012

I have had a Wolfgang Puck pots and pans set for maybe 10 years. Today, while cooking stew, the lid exploded inches from my face. Subsequent online research has shown that others have experienced the same thing. Wanted to pass it on.

Wolfgang Puck Stainless Steel Cookware / customer &no& service

Jun 03, 2011

Wolfgang Puck stainless steel cookware Sauce pan has warped on the bottom of the pan I called Customer Service because of the "lifetime Warranty" I was hoping maybe they would send me a new pan or something. They said sorry but you damaged the pan by cooking on too high of heat and stated...

Wolfgang Puck Stand Mixer Cmsd0020 / no replacement parts


Wolfgang Puck Stand Mixxer does not provide replacements parts for this expensive mixer model CMSD0020. I have e-mailed them twice and tried countless ways to get two parts for my machine. I need the black lever that locks and unlocks the mixer head into the mixing bowl. I also need the...

Wolfgang Puck Stand Mixers / replacement parts found them so ask me where


Finally found the replacent, wisk, paddle, plastic shield cover, instruction manual and everything I needed for the wolfgang puck cafe collection stand mixer model cmsd0020. If you need parts for your mixer dont waste time paying just email me at [email protected] It was so...

Wolfgang Puck Cookware Set / lifetime warranty


To whom futher wolfgang puck cookware set buyer I have bought wolfgang puck stainless professional qulity cookware set a year ago form e - bay. There was lifetime warranty and it was "wolfgang puck" cookware set. I did not need to hesitate buying that one. However, i find out there i...

Wolfgang Puck Bistro Cookware Collection / design defect


Buyers beware of wolfgang puck bistro cookware!!! I received three wolfgang puck bistro pans as a gift from a friend. She did not provide me with a user's manual or set of instructions for use for the cookware. About two months ago, i was boiling hot water for tea in my wolfgang...