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To whom futher wolfgang puck cookware set buyer

I have bought wolfgang puck stainless professional qulity cookware set a year ago form e - bay.
There was lifetime warranty and it was "wolfgang puck" cookware set.
I did not need to hesitate buying that one.
However, i find out there is a problem with pots.
The pots' connection part is wearing down, it is getting worse.
I feel bad because i and my family have eatten that heavy metal which is form the pots.
So, i asked to the company for the replacement or repair.

But, they said e - bay is not their an authorized dealer, they could not do anything for me.

If someone would like to buy wolfgang puck products, one should think onemore time!!

I had explained that there is no informations about authorized dealer, i have had warranty sheet, there are so many online seller for wolfgang puck and if you do not want to be happen like this problem, you should take action. It is your job, not customers job and so on. . .
But, they said thier authorized dealer is only shopping channel, walmart and homedepot. This is the policy.

Anyway i am so upset. I thought about sueing.
But i am a small customer, they are big company.
So. . . I only can do this!!.

If someone have exprience like me, please contact me.
I should something to do.

You know what i want to call "wolfgang (You know what i mean) "!


  • Ca
    Carlos36 Aug 16, 2009

    I agree 100%!!! Wolfgang Puck brand appliances are junk!

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  • Ro
    royost Aug 19, 2009

    The cover shattered when we lifted it off the pan...

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  • B0
    B'law Aug 28, 2009

    Boy, do I agree. I am so disappointed with my cookware. The handles get so HOT you can't enjoy cooking your meal. Unbelieveable how HSN continue to sell his product and don't mention the way the handle hold so much heat. My Grandmother was right "you can't believe everything you see on TV."

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  • Ab
    about to blow Aug 28, 2009

    Do your Wolfgang Puck cookware pieces all have the brand name stamped on the bottom?
    I have this set, and have had no problems at all. The handles stay cool. and are firmly attached. Sorry you have had problems, but I love my set.

    About to Blow

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  • Ka
    Kathy Duda Aug 30, 2009

    I have the WP Cafe Collection. They'd be great except that they ooze at the seams when soaked in water or come out of the dishwasher!! The handles are also connected with aluminum which is exposed to the food contents and also have discharged a white substance when washed in the dishwasher. These handles also get hot, which I can deal with, but the other issues are unacceptable. I bought my set at Costco and I have written them and received no response.

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  • Br
    Brian Stoddard Nov 27, 2009

    I have a set we purchased from Sams Club (Walmart is same owners) and the teflon coating (or whatever it is) is peeling off near where the pan and handle are connected on the 12" Omlet pan. It bubbled then flaked off. Naturally it cannot be used anymore.

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  • Co
    CorneliusSneedley Dec 14, 2009

    Wow, this really shocks me. I bought the biggest set years ago, before they were available from HSN, and I still couldn't be more happy with them. Sure, since the handles are metal, and therefore oven safe, if you boil something for a half hour or so, you might want to use a towel, or an oven mitt, or something to grab the handle. Duh.

    The non-stick coating on my frying pans is still there. No bubbling, flaking, chipping... You're not SUPPOSED to heat non-stick coatings over 500 degrees.

    The seams bit don't get at all. I have no problems at all in this regard. And, when you buy a new set of something on ebay, do you REALLY expect that the company that sold it to the guy who sold it on ebay is going to give you a warranty? If you do, do I have some deals for you...

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  • Li
    Linda J Jan 16, 2010

    Do not buy this product. The glass lids are very dangerous!!I bought a set of Wolfgang Puck pans from Sam's about five years ago for my daughter. The glass lid exploded while she was cooking! This is very dangerous - especially for my 31/2 year old grandson who was near buy when the shattered glass flew all over the kitchen. I asked Wolfgang Puck to replace the lids with safer stainless steel ones. But, they said I would have to 'buy' them. They said glass can break with misuse or just defects! The lids can not stand being put in a dishwasher - although my daughter does not have one so they were never put into one.

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  • Ma
    Mary334 Feb 07, 2010

    I bought my Wolfgang Puck set from Sam's Club about 3 years ago but because of my work schedule, they didn't see much use. I've been home these last few weeks and have been cooking more. I was cooking chopmeat to add to my spaghetti sauce. About 8-10 minutes into heating teh meat, there was a flash and an ear splitting POP, like a firecracker, in the pan. The rivet that holds the smalled handle popped off leaving a jagged edge around the remaining piece of rivet.The piece that popped off was in with the food. Needless to say, I've been nervous about cooking with this pan again. That rivet could have popped off and flown up into my face.
    Puck ca cook, but he should stop endorsing inferior products.

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  • Cy
    cybrcook Feb 20, 2010

    WP Co. clearly doesn't care about customer satisfaction. I wrote them over a week ago about a waffle baker handle that (though hardly had been used) simply fell off! So you can't turn the baker as one should, although that part still works. Still, this company has yet to respond to my request/inquiry for a new handle (I'm willing to buy it). HSN which I bought it from, has been wonderful in its replies to my emails, but they can't do anything about it since they don't have parts.
    Obviously, I would never again buy WP products nor endorse them I've had problems with these products before. There are many more good products in stores we can buy to suffer this kind of abuse and neglect, and danger.

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  • Da
    Danielle Dibartelomeo Mar 13, 2010

    I have hear so many stories lately that mine sounds like everyone who has purchased something from Wolfgang Puck Products. I recently bought from HSN WP's Electric Wok. It is just my Husband and I but I bought this so I could have Large Family get togethers and this wok was perfect for that large size.The first time I used it to make meatballs and sauce. I had it on a low setting and I saw blacks specs all over my food. I didn't know what it was until I emptied the Meatballs and sauce into another pan. Come to find out the whole bottom that heats up was peeling into my food. I washed it and the bottom dried with gray ash. I was horrified. This was the Teflon coating!! What happens if my family would of eaten this and got sick from it. I called HSN and they told me I had to file a complaint with WP Productions/Fox International. I did so when I filed the complaint the CS rep was treating me like I used a Torch on my Wok just so I could get a new one...Come on!!! Who in their right mind would want to make something up when all I wanted was a replacement (If problem was just a defect on Manufacturer's Part) or a credit to purchase something else. I wasn't asking for anything FREE. I sent pictures and they gave me info that they would replace it but it would cost me $12.95 for shipping and handling. So I paid it and was ok with that resolution. I get the second one and use it several months later for my Family dinner of Meatballs and Sauce, the EXACT same thing happen again! This time this Wok was worst. The whole bottom of it pitted and the Teflon coating was completely bubbling out of it. I was amazed. I called again and they gave me a hard time because it has been several months (6 months) since I received the new one. I just sent new pics to Fox International and I guess I will have to wait for another decision. Has anyone had this problem with the Large Electric Wok?

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  • An
    AnnyRRRR Jun 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just bought a the set of Color Splash cookware from HSN and one of the saucepans leaks!!! I called the Wolfgang Puck Co. and they said not to fill it past the rivets!!!


    I can buy a cheap pan from the discount dollar store and it wouldn't leak. Let Wolfgang use this crap pan on TV and see how he likes it.

    I can not believe that this company sells inferior products and we, the consumers, have NO RECOURSE!!!

    Get the word out that Wolfgang Puck products are garbage. Do not buy them because they DO NOT have a lifetime guarantee!

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  • Wr
    wrkinmom2 Oct 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wolfgang Puck Immersion Blender as sold on HSN -- less than 8 mos of owning this, less than 2 mos of actual usage -- 1 mo in and motor quit - stopped dead. HSN directed me to WP Productions who instructed how to send $12.95 to them for shipping me a replacement motor housing. Great! 1 month into using the replacement and it's SMOKIN'! We're talking making smoothies here -- fruit, crushed ice, water/milk -- the housing smokes! Although it's still under the limited warranty, HSN can do nothing -- WP will get back to me in a few days with instructions. Apparently this has NEVER happened to ANY of their immersion blenders... I must have received the only 2 lemons?

    Reading through the above situations, I am wondering about the Wolfgang Puck products...

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  • La
    lauriela Oct 06, 2010

    I bought a set of pots and pans athey are corroding. I called the company and they told me that this is normal wear and I should clean them with steel cleaner. If there is a lifetime warranty why wont they replace or fix them! I was told not to cook above the rivets. I assured them I dont especially in the pans which I only saute in! I am disgusted by their lack of response and I told them I am going to contact the BBB. They didnt seem to be phased. I have cheap pots that wore better then these!

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  • Ci
    cindyarthur Oct 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just purchased an Enamel Coated Cast Iron 3 QT from HSN on 9/7/10 and the enamel in already bubbling. I called HSN can't return it, it's been over thirty days so I called WP customer service and have been getting a run around on to wether they can exchange it and now I have been informed I have to take pictures and send to them and they might consider it. I am so upset with this, it was $60.00 plus shipping so now I have to jump through hoops just to see that they might replace it. I will NEVER order from HSN or order WP items anymore!!!VERY DISSPOINTED BUYER!!!

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  • Ri
    richandlora Jan 08, 2011

    Since buying a Wolfgang Puck food processor, that lasted about 3 times and getting absolutley no help with a new part, I am not supprised that the cookware "sucks" as well, I will not even buy Mr. Pucks food products now or dine at his restaurant chains. These celebrities make huge money on endorsements. they should also suffer the consequences when endorsing poor quality products.

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  • Su
    suzyq1220 Feb 09, 2011

    Wish I had found this site before I bought my pots and pans. I've had them five months and purchased them from Sam's Club. I've been satisfied until yesterday. After cooking a product in the one-quart sauce pot, the rivets became pitted and discolored. I contacted Wolfgang Puck's customer service line. The man told me they could not do anything because I put liquid above the rivet line. Now, wouldn't you think that a one-quart pot should hold a quart? Well, if I only fill it below the rivet line, it will hold about one cup. I looked at my other pots and noticed the same thing. In my opinion, these pots are very deceiving as far as size goes. A three-quart pot can only hold about half full. It is the same with the five-quart pot. I've have looked for stainless steel pots for a couple of years and figured these would be a good buy. I was wrong and cannot recommend them to anyone unless you want to cook only a little in each pot. I have been very careful with these pots.

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  • Cj
    cjo582 May 02, 2011

    Haven't had that problem, and you're ###ed for not going through a dealer/authorized party who sells wolfgang puck ware. Anyone knows that going through a 3rd party distributor like ebay or even amazon voids a warranty. Duh. I bought mine off of hsn.com, and they were more than happy to replace a lid that cracked and shattered. they just didn't reimburse me for the mushrooms and onions I was steaming, lol, but all in all, you get what you pay for.

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  • Ni
    nikki_w12 May 05, 2011

    this whole thing is ridiulous i hate my new wolfgang puck pans i bought the bistro set and just today it was in the oven cooking dinner and the glass lid shattered i hate companys like this that advertise a ''good product'' so disieving and i take such great care of the product to. last mistake ill ever make!!!

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  • Be
    Beverly978 May 12, 2011

    Twice, I have had a problem with the teflon peeling off of my Cafe Collection skillets. However, each time I have contacted WP for warranty replacement and received a replacement. They even sent me a free knife block and set as an apology. I could not be happier with my set. Read the warranty. It says they honor the warranty for the "original purchaser" from their authorized dealers.

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  • So
    Somewhere in Western NY Jul 07, 2011

    I purchased Wolfgang puck Bistro stainless set about 7-8 years ago. I use them everyday and they work wonderfully. I have never had any problem with the glass lids or handles. Yes the lid and handles will be hot if you put your cookware in the oven which I often do, even at a higher temp then recommended, still no problem.

    One day I left my chicken fryer on the stove top and forgot to turn the burner off and went out. My husband can home about and hour after I left and found the house filled with blue smoke, it was my fryer, burned totally black inside and out.

    When I got home and saw the pan I thought this chicken fryer is a gonner. Well the next day, I sprayed it with oven cleaner inside and out and washed it. I did this a few times and this chicken fryer is as good as new. Never warped, the glass lid never cracked all was good, I still use this pan almost every other day.

    This picture is that exact chicken fryer that I burned and I will be using it to prepare tonite's dinner. I have purchased other pieces to expand my cookware set and have always been pleased with its performance...Wolfgang Puck Stainless Cookware Bistro collection rocks...Thank you Wolf. 7/7/11

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  • No
    NORMAN BOWERS Jul 19, 2012
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    Verified customer


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  • Re
    Rebba Aug 02, 2012

    I ordered a set of Wolfgang Puck pots and pans with glass covers. I have had two covers shatter. The first happened when the lid was in the dish drainer and when the glass broke it sounded like a gun shot. The second happened last evening when my son was taking the lid out of the cupboard and the glass shattered as he took it out. I have a photo and saved the lid from the second incident and will be contacting customer service in hope they will replace the set. I would not but this again.

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  • Go
    goldylocks Aug 16, 2012

    I too purchased these pot and pans, Just called them, mine I bought at Sams club, the rivets on these pots are horrible guess what they told me your not supposed to cook above the rivets, I told her that makes no sense even if you boil or simmer the sauce or liquid are going to go go above the rivets when simmering or boiling, they have got to be kidding !!!, anyway they want me to take pictures of the pots and pans and email them the pictures and they'll get back to me, yea right !!!, , I'm half tempted to just pack them up and send them all back to them, they have ruined my stove spilling over through the rivets, first I thought I was going crazy till i stood over the pots and watched it coming out on the sides .I will not be buying anything else from Wolf Gang Puck I assure you, the pots themselves are fine but the rivets are awful, if you need help with yours here's their no !-800-275 -8273
    email your pictures to [email protected]
    Good luck, oops you need a customer no, so call first for that

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  • Me
    Merle Charles Aug 18, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am so disgusted with this company. They take your f...g money and does not reply I bought food processor for $120.00 and guess what it is as dead as a door nail with no recourse to fix it. If I knew that they did not stand by their name, I would have not spent my hard earn money. I'm a señor who saved to buy this product and guess what it's not working. They refuse to respond to my email

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  • Du
    duch Apr 20, 2013

    i have a wp cafe collection set I've had 8 + yrs. i haven't used for years because by using the handles i've been burnt vary bad on my hands and almost went hospital. what can i do with them I KNOW WHAT ILIKE TO DO!!!. should i sue for pain suffering.

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  • Nb
    nbheath Jul 14, 2014
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    I was simmering food on low when I heard a pop and went to check it out and my lid completely shattered. It was a frightening that the center glass could have hit someone.

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  • Dl
    dlindsey Jan 27, 2015

    rivets piting very bad ! very upset

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  • Ja
    Jayshuh May 26, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why do people run out and buy this crap because some celebrity sells their name to a company ? The celebrities don't use this crap and sure as hell don't care about your satisfaction with the product or if you'll ever buy another piece of this junk again, they already got paid a long time ago ! So stop buying this junk that is marketed under celebrity names, do you actually believe these people manufacture and sell these products - stupidity is bless

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  • Nu
    Nury Apr 27, 2016

    I do purchase a set too and the big pot is leaking on the bottom never drop it or anything

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  • Ma
    maharrell Nov 18, 2017

    I received the WP café collection from Sam's as a gift several years ago. Had not used them much because they looked so nice. I retired a year or so ago and started using the cookware all the time. I noticed after several uses that the rivets were getting bad, they finally started leaking around the rivets last week. I haven't had any lids shatter yet, but now I know what to expect. I will never buy another WP product again. My husband gave these to me for Christmas one year and thought he was buying a good quality item. Needless to say they are garbage...

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  • Ga
    Gayle L. Mar 27, 2020

    I have an 18" NS Omelet pan that has the lining breaking up. Judging from the preceding comments I assume the so-called "lifetime warranty" does not apply. My question is, "Is it safe to still use the pan or is it like T-fal that becomes toxic upon use once the lining is cracked?

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  • Co
    Cooking mamabear Jul 16, 2020
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    We have a set in which all 3 of the sauce pans have lost the handles - thank GOD i wasnt lifting the 3qt with boiling liquid when the handle physically came off in my Hand - NO warning unlike as we had the 2qt come off but it loose first ... the 3qt just fell off!!! Going to drill them out and replace with stainless steel screws - wont be pretty but functional!!!


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