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Our verdict: Engaging with Marks Electrical at a 0% resolution rate requires careful navigation. Deep-dive into detailed customer experiences to uncover systemic issues. Critically assess their service descriptions against actual user feedback. When interacting, document every detail, as comprehensive records are vital in such scenarios. Exploring alternatives and understanding your consumer rights are crucial steps. If necessary, be prepared to seek external advice or intervention. In challenging service landscapes, informed decision-making and proactive steps are essential for protecting your interests.
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10:16 am EST
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Marks Electrical Neff Fridge/Freezer

Purchased in May 2023 (together with two Neff ovens; total invoice value £4680). Warning sign on Fridge Freezer indicates that the water filter needs replacing which, after only 6 months, seems totally unreasonable. Please help!

Geoff Headey

The Swallows

Greenside Road







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Update by Geoff Headey
Nov 15, 2023 10:39 am EST

I filed this complaint a week ago. You claimed you would answer within 2 working days. To date no communication. PLEASE REPLY!

It states above that your resolving of complaints is “VERY POOR”. At this stage I can only agree with that summation.

Do you want repeat business? I spent just short of £5k with you in May 2023 and wrote a glowing report about your delivery and installation guys. I will NOT be repeating a report of that level re your handling of queries and complaints.

At least an acknowledgment of receipt of my query would help

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5:14 am EDT
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Purchased a hotpoint top loader order ref so125083920230520 end May 23. After 16 washes, it developed a problem. Marks makes it really difficult to complain, complaints are directed to a no-reply email address. As per rights under Consumer Rights Act, I requested a refund because I meet the conditions for one. Marks refused and kept trying to fob me off...

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5:38 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Marks Electrical ref oven order SO-1338333 delivered 1/10/23

The fitters came and fitted my new built in oven, however, the cupboard door immediately above the oven doesn't close properly now. Your terms and conditions clearly state you do carpentry if necessary but your fitters said they don't carry suitable tools. Now I have a new oven but cannot open and close the cupboard above it. Obviously I cannot leave things as is so need some help from you.

Desired outcome: I'd appreciate someone coming asap to shave off the edge of the cupboard doorso it opens and closes easily

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Is Marks Electrical legit?

Our verdict: Complaints Board's thorough examination reveals Marks Electrical as a legitimate entity with notable strengths. Despite a 0% resolution rate on customer complaints, which invites a closer look, Marks Electrical stands out for its commitment to quality and security. Clients considering Marks Electrical should delve into its customer service record to gauge compatibility with their expectations.

Marks Electrical earns 91% level of Trustworthiness

Perfect Trust Endorsement: Marks Electrical achives 91% ligitmacy per Complaints Board. Highly recommended, yet always stay vigilant.

We found clear and detailed contact information for Marks Electrical. The company provides a physical address, 3 phone numbers, and email, as well as 3 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL.

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This website offers payment methods that provide the option for customers to get their money back, which could be a positive indicator of the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • While Marks Electrical has a high level of trust, our investigation has revealed that the company's complaint resolution process is inadequate and ineffective. As a result, only 0% of 19 complaints are resolved. The support team may have poor customer service skills, lack of training, or not be well-equipped to handle customer complaints.
6:38 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Marks Electrical RE: Order Number SO-1046802 - Hotpoint Gas Cooker

Dear Sirs,

I purchased the the HOTPOPINT gas cooker in June 2022. After having a great difficulty with the delivery, and finally getting the item delivered, a fault was reported that was to have been eradicated quite some time ago. The confusion was mainly with POOR communication with our managing Agents whose details were passed onto yourselves. I was under the impression that the problem with the ignition switch had been resolved, but I am informed that it is still outstanding?

Would you please either get back to me, or our managing agents, Messers Ivygate tel no: [protected]. You may speak to Katie or Jack who are aware of the situation. Or you may call me on [protected].

But first, please acknowledge that the appliance had been repaired or notr?

Your urgent attention will be appreciated.

Many Thanks


Desired outcome: The ignition switch was to be replaced.

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1:24 pm EDT

Marks Electrical Cracked trays of a fridge freezer

29.01.23 delivery of fridge freezer - did not check each tray before filling up the fridge freezer
29.03.23 decided to rearrange and wipe fridge freezer as need to shop

noticed one of the tray had a crack, got concerned and started looking at each freezer tray and unfortunately noticed that all freezer trays had crack in the same spot. Called Marks Electrical customer services number and automated service suggested that if I was calling to report a fault to fill out a form in the first instance, which I did. I attached a single photo, then called them again to ensure that they had received it. They told me that I had not reported the fault within 14 days it is not their responsibility but I could try Hoover the supplier and they should be able to replace them. When I called Hoover, they said that they must have been cracked at arrival so it is ME responsibility and not ours. I could buy replacement trays if I wanted from Hoover but they were not responsible to replace the trays. I called ME again and they told me that they will order them for me from Hoover. I then kept getting emails to say that I do not qualify trays free of charge, but instead sent a response from Hoover with a link to order them.

Desired outcome: I am not asking for a refund or a new fridge freezer but replacement Fridge Freezer trays and salad box which also had a crack in the same spot

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11:24 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Marks Electrical Incorrect delivery and misleading information about tumble dryer being 'in stock'

The issue that I have experienced was: My Husband and I ordered a tumble dryer from Marks Electrical on the 14th October 2022. The tumble dryer was model number: Haier HD90-A3959 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer.

However, when the tumble dryer was delivered by Marks Electrical on the 4th November 2022, not only was it the wrong model but it was also the wrong colour too.

My Husband contacted customer services, and had to wait 40 minutes to get through to someone. They then informed him that the tumble dryer which we ordered was out of stock, and the information about it being 'in stock' on their website was wrong. They advised my Husband to wait until it was in stock (which they advised would be on 14th November) and then re-order it. They also said they would then take away the wrong model that they had delivered in error at the same time they were delivering the correct model to us.

My husband re-ordered the tumble dryer, as advised by customer service, on the 14th November. And was given confirmation that this was in stock, and that the wrong model (that Marks electrical delivered, which was their fault) would be picked up.

However, having had to wait in a second time (another 3 hour slot) in the hope of receiving the correct model on the 24th November, my Husband received a phone call 15 minutes beforehand from the delivery driver informing him that our tumble dryer was NOT on on his van as it had never been in stock and so he would not be coming to our house. My Husband asked the delivery driver to still drive to our house to pick up the wrong tumble dryer model (from Marks Electrical) which had been taking up space that we don't have in a massive box in our small utility room for over 3 weeks. The driver agreed, but never turned up.

My Husband then had to phone customer services again and again was on hold for about 30 minutes. When he got through, there was confusion from Marks Electrical customer services about what had happened. We were then informed that the tumble dryer would be delivered on 25th November instead. Again we waited in, and again noone turned up to drop off the new model and collect the incorrect model.

At this point we both just wanted a refund due to the fact we were not getting the tumble dryer we had ordered. When we spoke to customer services about this, we were told that we could only get a refund once the incorrect tumble dryer (again this was Marks Electrical's fault) was collected. This was all very frustrating, given we never ordered the incorrect model and that the driver who was meant to be delivering the correct model to us, never turned up to collect the incorrect one after my Husband asked him to and he had confirmed.

My Husband asked to speak to the Manager of Marks Electrical who offered no help to work around the problem at all - such as getting another courier to come and pick up the old model, providing flexibility with delivery dates etc. There was no compromise at all on her part, which both of us were feeling very frustrated, annoyed and exasperated about! She only gave us a collection date of picking up the incorrect model of Saturday 3rd December. By this point we had the incorrect model in our tiny utility room for over a month!

The incorrect tumble dryer model was eventually picked up and collected on Saturday 3rd December, and a week after we were then given our refund on Friday 9th December.

order number: 1114163

Desired outcome: We are looking for financial compensation and an apology from Marks Electrical.

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8:57 am EST

Marks Electrical Fridge freezer refund

Worst customer service I've ever experienced! Ordered a fridge freezer from them never bought one before so first time. Made a rookie mistake of not viewing the size of the item realised it was the wrong one when it arrived. We wanted the larger one so the pictures were misleading. However once we realised it was wrong we called up to ask if we could get a switch for the one we wanted. They asked for pictures and condition of the item we never opened it and took multiple pictures of the boxed item and the serial members and the rest sent it over and heard nothing for a week. Called up and mentioned we havnt heard anything so they sent another email asking for pictures we had enough and chose to just cancel altogether. They just sad yes didn't ask if the day they gave was alright for us just gave a day so we had to take it off work. They came and took the item said nothing. Took ages for a refund to only receive a partial amount they taken about £70 and apparently was a cancellation fee. We wasn't told or aware of a charge so have no right to take it. Will be giving 1 rating on all platforms for this company absolutely disgraceful and will continue to slate this company on all my socials and tell everyone I know! Order number 1128334

Desired outcome: I would like a full refund of the remaining amount that was take as we was not informed of the cancellation fee

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1:05 pm EST

Marks Electrical Indesit dishwasher order no SO-1107593-[protected]

I bought a Indesit dishwasher from you which was delivered on 8th October 2015.

On 10th October 2022 I requested a refund due to finding it has the following fault:

The dishwasher did not function at all and emitted a burning smell.

Fir past two months you as the retailer have turned me away and instead wrongly redirected me to the manufacturer. Indeed, your terms of business state"If the fault is found within 30 days of purchase, you are entitled to a full refund or exchange (subject to stock availability). "

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 goods you supply must be fit for purpose. My rights have been breached because the item you sold me is faulty. As there was a problem with the goods when I bought them, I request that you give me a full refund.

Please respond within 14 days of receiving this letter.

Yours faithfully

Nezire Osman

Desired outcome: Refund

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12:16 pm EDT

Marks Electrical A warranty claim for my hoover in built oveneleanor jupp

I contacted Marks Electrical in Late September, speaking to Oliver in Sales. He informed us that Our Hoover Oven was still in Warranty and that he wasn; t going to 'Mess About' he would Replace this for us. He went on to say that this Model was OUT of STOCK, until Wednesday the following week and that he would contact us to arrange a Delivery. It transpired that Oliver was a New Member of Staff (From Sales) and he had NO Authority to make this statement.

When my Telephone Call didn; t happen I contacted Marks Electrical again, This time I dealt with Gillian Fisher, who told me that Oliver being New & Enthusiastic had NO Authority to make this promise and that she would take over. Gillian Promised that she would Contact Hoover/Candy and arrange a Technician Visit. She went on to promise that she would call me on Monday Morning, but this didn't happen.

Mid-week I sent an E-Mail to Gillian stating that after Oliver's Shenanigans and Lies about a Repalcement that she too had not kept her Promise and that I was disappointed.

She replied saying that her Contact hadn't replied.

So, I again contacted a day or two later to ask for an Update and the Same Rained, that no one from Hoover/Candy had got back to her.

So, today I dealt with Eleanor Jupp, who confirmed that these E-mails had been sent and I was given Hoover/Candys Telephone Number.

At Hoover/Candy I Spoke with Trish (Log No:-78352) and she informed me that Marks Electrical HAD NOT been in touch as I had been informed and that NO Request for a Hoover Technician could be seen on their System and no Details of my Hoover Oven, nor of me as the Client.

Trish told me to get back to Marks Electrical to ask which E-mail address they used and for the second time today I again spoke with Eleanor Jupp.

I told her of my conversation with Trish at Hoover/Candy and I should ask for the E-mail Address that was used.

I found out that they had NOT used the Appropriate E-mail address and to Register this Issue, they should have used (action.[protected]

Eleanor disagreed and so Stern Words were had and my Wife took over the Phone call, as my Throat was now Horse and my Wife insisted that Eleanor should send a NEW E-mail to (action.[protected], where initially Eleanor Refused and then reluctantly agreed.

It was further agreed after being told that she Could Not/Would Not CC me into the Email to Hoover/Cany and she agreed again Reluctantly seed me an E-mail to confirm this had been done.

It's now 17:00 and NO E-MAIL, which has become the Usual Modus Operandi from Marks Electrical and this is RIDICULOUS!

I asked Hoover/Candy if they would take my Word that I made my Telephone Call to Marks Electrical WITHIN my Warranty Period, but without this Information that had been PROMISED had been sent that HAS NOT BEEN SENT AT ALL, this means that any Visit from a Hoover Engineer would be Chargeable for the Visit, work & Parts.

Why would these 3 Members of Staff, Oliver (Sales), Gillian Fisher & now Eleanor Jupp all be Collectively FAILING to support me in my Warranty Claim when I made contact with them IN TIME and Days before my Warranty Actually Expired and now, I am left with a HEFTY Bill to achieve this Goal.

This is DESPICABLE and I have had enough!

Desired outcome: I want the Hoover Engineer to visit, to ascertain why we are continually finding Broken Pieces of Plastic Underneath over Cooker Door so to replace Complete CookerUNDER WARRANTY!

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11:10 am EDT

Marks Electrical Candy Washer Dryer

Utterly awful and disgusting service.

Bought a washer dryer from this company and was told we had 48hrs to report any damage or malfunction.

Case looked OK so the machine was put in place and switched on.

Apparently, customer service say that's my mistake!

The dent I then noticed in the front panel of the machine was now uncovered by their "guarantee" to replace damaged goods.

Ive just been told because I plugged it in, I'd installed it and it had been used!

How the hell do they think I'd see if it actually worked without plugging it in!?!?

I'm left with a damaged product which they refuse to replace.

Buy from them if you want, but whatever you do, DON'T PLUG IT IN!

Utterly useless pretenders.

Hope they're ashamed, I would be!

Desired outcome: Replace or refund

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Julie Tooze
, US
Jul 28, 2022 12:01 pm EDT

I’m having same problem with a damaged fridge freezer. I haven’t installed it though it’s still half in its packaging - took one side of packaging off and big sent/scratch - they are refusing to replace it !

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3:35 pm EST

Marks Electrical Delivery

We have ordered a fridge and after measuring our kitchen door we realized that the fridge door will need to be removed in order for the fridge to go into the kitchen. As we already paid for I installation, 2 man job and disposal of my old SMEG fridge, I called to make sure the delivery people will remove the fridge door for me so they can fit the fridge into the kitchen. I was told yes they will.

Delivery arrived today at 1.30pm and Daren the delivery man completely refused to remove the door, saying that if it was an American fridge they will do it but as this is a standard fridge they don't and he wont. He was rude, spending more time telling me why he wouldn't remove a fridge door for me than it would’ve taken him to remove it. Spoke about me to his colleague in unprofessional manner and then left the fridge in the middle of my hallway and left…I am beyond shocked how any professional company can allow this to happen, I am a single mom with a little boy left with a fridge in the middle of my hallway. I had to find a handyman to come to remove the fridge door for me and move the fridge I to the kitchen.

I would like kindly to ask further steps to be taken so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

K had to pay £80 for a handyman regardless that I paid you for installation of the fridge which was not k stalled. Daren the driver was. Ot willing to help although I was told by your sales team he will.

I would appreciate my installation fee to be refunded as well and may be further customer service training to be given to delivery personnel…

Desired outcome: Installation fee refunded as fridge was not installed but left in my hallway Handyman hire fee of £80 refunded please as i had ro find a way to move the fridge from the hallway to the kitchen

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5:50 am EST

Marks Electrical Delivery of a tumble dryer

I bought a tumble dryer online from Marks electrical . It was delivered this morning approximately 10am . I ordered it for my sister ( who is unwell ) she lives alone in a ground floor flat. When filling in the form for delivery it asked how many steps, I put 4 which I didn't realise that to get to the 4 steps there is a disability ramp which has a graduated slope to the building. When my sister received the call from the top of the step she was told they couldn't bring the appliance down the ramp as that was not their job . She was told there should have been a charge for this service. I would have gladly paid if I had known the upset they had caused. They eventually said they would bring the appliance down the ramp, then complained about the few steps. There were 2 of them ! They had a trolley ! Even if this was not in their job description there is a thing called common courtesy. My sister asked the delivery mans name he said Andy . She told him he had upset her & her stomach was in knots as she doesn't like confrontation, he replied that they were the nice drivers ? Not in my opinion. I am extremely angry . For my sister to ring me on a Sunday morning sobbing because of a DELIVERY driver was unbelievable. Her order number is So-951336. [protected] my name is Angela Turner [protected]

Desired outcome: Apology

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2:34 pm EDT

Marks Electrical Order no s909311 Soundbar LG SL8YG

27/08/21 Delivered by DPD 5pm, unpacked to discover no power lead power supply or remote, rendering £450 of equipment useless. Rang immediately ( Gillian)and was assured that the Manufacturer was being emailed whilst on the phone to send parts FOC. I sent confirmatory email as to problem and asked for feedback, holding email received .Followed up with emails and phone calls asking for updates on a number of occasions, phone calls always the same answer - waiting for manufacturer to respond .emails nothing. Each email from me, informed that if no parts forth coming I would return for a full refund, Phone calls similar.
Friday 17/ 9 rang and spoke to Alliah? and as no positive info available I requested that you collect the item for return and full refund, this was agreed and arranged for 21/9/21, indeed received confirmation20/9 that I would get time slot by 11am. Nothing received dpd website unclear, rang and spoke to Kirsty who promised to contact dpd and reply in 1hour -no collection, no reply, rang again 3 times without positive response- equipment not collected yet having been in all day, now in hands of manager ? who promises to reply 22/9/21 ?
Get the impression there is no intention to solve these problems in timely fashion but delay until legal deadlines for refunds etc are passed

Desired outcome: Colletion of faulty goods,full refund, customer service to inform customer of what is going on reply to email and call back as promised

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5:40 am EDT

Marks Electrical Delivery service - website says "next day delivery"

Choose this company as website says can deliver next day. Placed order for tumble dryer on Saturday 7th August for next day delivery. Slot was for 3.50 - 5.50. Got a e-mail at 16.05 saying "can't deliver due to traffic". Sent an e-mail at 6.00pm indicating my disappointment of lack of communication and when the item will be delivered. Rang office on Monday 9th August at 10.22am as still had not heard from them. Can deliver on Tuesday 10th August!
Can take 3-5 working days to give me refund so now will have to get overdraft to purchase another dryer today.

Awful, Awful Service. Don't use this company.

Desired outcome: Full immediate refund

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5:43 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Marks Electrical gas oven 50cm

On the 14th August I bought a Gas Oven at Marks, King Richards Road, Leicester. It was arranged to be delivered on the following Saturday. Arranged a day off for this. On Saturday morning, I received a call to say that the delivery would be 2.30pm, however on unpacking the item, the driver discovered that the front casing on the oven had been damaged and told me that the item would be returned and that customer services would be in touch with me. I waited 3 days before returning to Marks, the sales person phoned through and found that the item I had ordered was "out of stock" and said that a rep would contact me once the item became available...I waited a week... nothing, returned...still waiting. On the 28th August, two weeks after first ordering the item, I returned to the shop, having received no further contact, despite them promising to call me, and it turns out that the item was now in stock, and that I could arrange for delivery. However, there was no explanation as to why I was not contacted. Only after I had spoken my mind about the service in the sales room and demanded a full refund to my credit card, did I received several e-mails. Customer service non-existant. Additionally totally agree with the guy in front of me in the shop, that staff are only interested in selling items and have no interest should any problem occur. This guy had a faulty item, and had bought it back to Marks (the place that he had made his purchase) he was told that he had to take the item back home and wait for them to pick up faulty item. Huh-the service is a joke. Went to The Kitchen Appliance Centre bought an oven, a hood and a microwave, all delivered 2 days later at a time that was convenient to me. Fitted and in perfect working order. Job done! Why is that so difficult, Marks?

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10:01 am EST

Marks Electrical georgua louise brown

I purchased a lec frudge freezer on 26th november 2017 which arrived a t my property on 4th december 2017. Within a few weeks the light wasn't working un the fridge so I called mark's electicals customer services and spoke to a lady that said she would speak to the manufacturer and get back me. After hearing nothing I rang back and was told the same thing. Then in 2nd january I was told by e mail that a bulb had veen sent out to me to which I replyed was fine but if I struggled to fit it I would get back to them. Yesterday I had a very rude e mail frim a georgis louise brown saying that the bulb was a good will jesture and that if I needed it fitting I would be charged! The way the e mail was worded and the level of aftercare I conclude was disgraceful.

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10:03 am EST

Marks Electrical samsung america fridge

David Boulter
28 Lymington Road
Order No. SO-556191

Dear Sir/Madam
Can I start by saying how disappointed I am with the level of service I've received from Marks Electrical. I ordered a Samsung Product online on the 24/11/2017, and you gave me a delivery date of 08/12/17
this come and went with know contact from yourself. I rang on the 13/12/17 and I was told the unit was now being delivered on the 22/12/17. This is a month after my original purchase date. I rang 4 times between these dates asking for a confirmed delivery from Samsung, and call backs from yourself. None of these come back from a lady called Charlotte . I asked to speak to a Manager called Amy I think, she said she said she would call me today and give me a update. and of course know call. I've called into the office and they have said it min't be the 28/12/17. My freezer is broken in my current Product and you haven't helped with my stress levels by taking five weeks to supply a order that you quote 8 - 14 working days, and I still haven't got it.
I don't want another make or model, I want the product I ordered, has it fits the gap in my kitchen it has a five year warranty and has the larger internal size. I am so disjointed with the lack of professionalism from a company that quotes five star service

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9:59 am EDT

Marks Electrical Customer service - shocking

I have placed an order on the 3rd of March via PayPal for two alliances from the company in question - Marks Electrical. Although paid in full via PAYPAL where payments are INSTANT (I have got this account for 10 years so all my details and delivery address were CONFIRMED). 15 minutes after I have placed the order, paid in full and checked my account to make sure the funds has been taken I have received a text saying that my PayPal payment will be reviewed for 2 days so until then my order is held!? Like I have said I have used Paypal for many many years and know exactly how it works so waiting 2 days for payment to ''clear'' is absolutely ridiculous. This could happened only on occasions if I have not had sufficient funds in my account and the payment goes as an echeque and further attempt will be made in 7 to 10 business days, but like I have said that was not the case here! I have contacted them over the phone and that was the icing on the cake! The girl on the phone called Charlotte was extremely rude. Not sure how she ended up in customer service but she denied my request to be transferred to someone else and kept being rude and repeating that I have to wait and after two days to contact them (they do not contact the customers) and make sure the payment is clear so delivery could possibly take place, of course if the clot selected is still available. Then so called Charlotte was keep being rude and laughing on the phone, at some point she put me on laud speaker so I can hear her colleague giggling which was very unprofessional and rude. At the end of the conversation I have requested the order cancelled and that was what she was waiting for. She said she will cancel the order with pleasure! Now I have to wait for the refund and cannot purchase new appliances. This was very stressful experience and I would not advice ANYONE to use this company for what so ever! They are trying to attract customers with slightly lower prices but believe me for the seek of £20-30 just pay the extra and safe the hustle!

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7:07 am EDT

Marks Electrical Don't call this company

Mark's Electrical Service in Washington DC - I called them for a job that they accepted on Tuesday 9/28/10 to be completed this week. After days of trying to have Ruben call me back, he says to me today that NOW they are not going to do the job. No reason at all. DO NOT CALL THIS COMPANY

Mark's Electrical Service in Washington DC - I called them for a job that they accepted on Tuesday 9/28/10 to be completed this week. After days of trying to have Ruben call me back, he says to me today that NOW they are not going to do the job. No reason at all. DO NOT CALL THIS COMPANY

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