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Fisher & Paykel has been designing products since 1934 and has grown into a global company operating in 50 countries and manufacturing in the USA, Mexico, Italy, Thailand and New Zealand. Our design heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity that has challenged conventional appliance design to consistently deliver products tailored to human needs.
2 Weippin Street, Cleveland QLD 4163, Australia

The United States
695 Town Center Drive Suite 180, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

4800 Eastgate Parkway Unit 2, Mississauga, Ontario

Europe & The United Kingdom
Maidstone Road, Kingston, Milton Keynes MK10 0BD

Asia & Singapore
150 Ubi Avenue 4, Ubi Biz Hub, № 03-01A, Singapore 408825

Complaints & Reviews

fridge freezer

The ice maker on our new fridge freezer never worked quite properly from the start, then about 10-11 month...

front load dryer

Bad customer Experience, Dryer is only 3 years old and I get major works done every 18 months.

Today they told me $140 to visit, and free if it is something they have fixed already. Full cost if it is something else. I know it is something else so why pay them to tell me. Pulley bearing has failed.

Washing Machine has had the same issues with Pump replacement already.

I rang them with the fault code to tell them i needed a new Pump. They showed up without it and I had already waited weeks to get them there

The Washing machine was $140 for a new Pump and another 2 week lead time. I did it for $60 and got it in 2 days.

Under bench Fisher and Paykel pair we paid a lot for and they wont get past 4 years. Really disappointing.

Don't fall for the Name. Get a cheap option as 3 - 4 years is what these guys are giving us anyway. I will be replacing both Items soon and will continue to advise consumers.

Dave. Newcastle

major lack of customer service

I have had problems with my Fisher and Paykel condenser dryer twice within the year and a half I've had...

lack of service and communication - fischer & paykel (wellington)

Case ID [protected] and Service Tracking number [protected] refers (Fisher & Paykel references) We have been...

lifestyle dishdrawer purchased in 2016

Hi fisher paykel Its apalling that i have to get my dishdrawer repaired twice in last two month with 1...

washing machine

Purchased a washing machine, Haier brand which is owned and made by Fisher & Paykel. Tried to fit in the washing machine and the drum just kept filling with water and would not stop. We called customer service on the Sunday we tried to fit it to be told, 'we are unsure of the problem we will get someone to contact you tomorrow(Monday). Suprise suprise noboday called. I then called customer service on Tuesday and told the lady me and my partner work full time 8-4.30 and we can do after 5pm weekdays and anytime weekends, which she told me was fine and she understood. She then tried to book my appointment 'We can do next Tuesday ( a week away) between 12 and 5 and proceeded to give me these appointments she told me she understood we cannot do. I ended the call and went onto the online live chat, where someone was helpful and got someone out to me but they did not have the part to fix it. Almost a week later i am still waiting to hear about the part and what is going on and still without a washing machine. To top it all off, i firstly sent a request for someone to contact me before i called customer service, 10 days later they emailed me back. Poor customer service and i am very disappointed we have moved into our new place and have the stress of this and still have no washing machine. I will never again be purchasing from these and would not adivse anyone to buy fisher and paykel. Absolute jokes and i will be reporting them and their shocking customer service. Its asif they dont even care we have to hand wash our clothes and have recieved nothing from them.

oven /new faulty fan

This oven was fitted over a month ago, it has a faulty fan which we complained about immediately and still Fisher & Paykel have not been out to replace. After many calls that have all lasted more that 36 minutes, last one today over 54 minutes. I am told it will not be replaced until the end of the months. This is not acceptable, you service is a joke.
Our heavily pregnant client is extremely upset that she has not been able to use her new oven and now I have to tell her that it wont be done for another month.

we will never recommend your products to any client in the future if this is the way you work. I was promised by your department a serviceman would be out Monday and that is not happening.

It is not good enough.

Washing Machine

Hi ! We have issues with our washing machine.We complaint many time to company.They just send some one to see the machine.But after they said no issues with machine just loading problem.But why this problem getting .We are not using machine first time.This is the only machine which is creating problem.When we use this machine getting error E3 which is same from first day when we start to get prob.Rinsing problem .Our all black clothes gets whiter with washing powder we have pics for that .It's now more than 4 months we are getting this prob.We ask them to replace but they said we can't .But we paid for this.If customer getting problem with your product they should help us & resolve the prob ASAP.We have machine but we still need to pay for laundry why? Please advice us what we can do .We want replace it ASAP.thank you Sim

Washing Machine


Our fridge was picked up (25/1/18) and returned for repairs by Fisher & Paykel and our floors were significantly damaged in the process. We have been trying to resolve this with F&P (we are seeking compensation for the damage from F&P) for almost a year and a half and the matter has not progressed at all. We have sent them the photos of the damage and the quote for repairs to our flooring. We have been told that the transport company would be in touch (which they haven't) however we maintain that it is the responsibility of F&P, not the transport company, to resolve this matter with us directly (as the transport company is contracted by F&P). We have written countless emails, most go unanswered, and recently requested the matter be escalated as a corporate complaint (twice) and still haven't had a response.

Amanda and Chris Wark
Case ID: [protected]
108 Dean St
Moonee Ponds


The lower shelves of both freezer and refrigerator is freezing and no cooling in the upper sections since...

Fisher & Paykel Appliances

glass door of oven (electric) new 2007, exploded. glass looks like a thousand spider webs. edge of glass is in pieces

I was heating spring rolls for evening meal like we have done many times before. Then a large bang . Gla...

Fisher & Paykel Appliances

double drawer dishwasher

Initially didn't notice the issue with both the top and bottom drawers skipping automatically to the next wash selection. I thought I was touching it by accident. After paying more attention, I noticed the wash selection it would continue to change by itself. It also locked the drawer by itself. It would also change wash selections during the middle of the wash, thus leaving some cycles in complete.
Service tech called and after 3 visits and ALL boards replaced, still not fixed. Now the washer skips settings and no longer chimes. Terrible customer service, service communication and status updates. Service rep will not provide supervisors contact info nor will they have the supervisors call me personally but continue to tell me they are just the "middle men." The problem is now I am actually the middle man between the service repair provider team and their awful customer service line. Never, ever again Fisher & Paykel.
Do not buy!

rangehood packed up three times

Worst Product/Worst Service Delivery

I have had the one of the worst product/customer service with F&P. We installed the brand new undermount rangehood for our new home and it broke down soon after we moved in and the second replacement broke down again and I have been waiting over 2 months for the replacement. The unnecessary hassles that I have to deal with constant visit from technicians, phone calls to customer service centre and having to take time off to wait for technician multiple visits is very frustrating.

washing machine

We bought a washing machine online while we were in Europe and having our house in Australia renovated. The...

service call

My Reference Number for a Service Call is: 3498797 I booked a service with the company for Tuesday 2nd...

freestanding cooker

Reference Number 345 7992

I have been trying to get the oven fixed on our dual fuel freestanding cooker.

It was to be repaired on Aug 22 2018 but was advised the service reps van had broken down. It was re booked for today Aug 27

The technician arrived and looked at the cooker and said he could not do anything as it was dual fuel. He left and as he did so said I needed to contact customer relations - but no number provided

I spoke with customer relations and a message was left on my home phone that I needed to contact a gas plumber to fix the cooker. But given it is the electric oven a gas plumber cannot fix this

I then rang customer relations again and the matter is being looked into. But I still have no oven, and no idea when it is going to be fixed.

The service is a disgrace. It was booked as a dual fuel freestanding cooker, so why cant the correct technician be sent to fix it. And why am I not being updated about progress

washing machine and a condenser dryer

Bought a condenser dryer and washer from Fisher & Paykel in 2016. Both these devices have given me nothing...


Today a technician came to my home to repair my dishwasher. He used my bathroom after completing the job. He...


I needed a washing machine seal fixed and your service person came and fixed it on the 20.3.18 his service...

Fisher & Paykel Appliances

wash machine

Fisher and Paykel are the Fuken worst brand in the world, go [censor] yourselves for ripping people of u...