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N Nov 20, 2017

We have internet - at 28/1.98, we put in an order Friday 11/17/2017 to upgrade to 50/4.
Got a phone call Saturday stating that the 'technician' would be out sometime from 8 am - 7:45 pm on 11/20 (which I confirmed).
Got ANOTHER call Sunday stating the 'technician' would be from 12:30p-4:30p on 11/20.
Got ANOTHER call Monday 11/20 stating the 'technician' would be here prior to 7:45 pm.
My husband stayed home ALL dat 11/20 just to meet up with the 'technician'. However, during the stated time, NO TECHNICIAN has shown up, our internet speed went down to 7/.88 and now we have NO caller ID.
I phoned it to see what was going on, the lady said our internet was down, which I told her no - it wasn't because we have TV, she said that's cable - no we use ROKU internet TV so no it's not down, she tested our lines and said it was down, and that's why our phone was down to - she then asked me to check for a dial tone - I informed her I was calling her from our home 'Windstream' number. She said a technician will be out on Wednesday to fix this issue. In the meantime, if we don't hear from the technician tonight to upgrade our service, then he'd be by tomorrow - Seriously?
You have a MONOPOLY on service in our area, and we have Always been with this company, and this is the stuff we get?

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