Windstream Communicationsinternet access

R Jul 08, 2019

Called to say our internet connection was out and when it comes on line the down load test is 5.9 and up load is 1.5
Which is slow slow slow.
Because of my job I have to send my work in so the nurses have what the need the next day. I tried to explain this and your employee didnt care. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He had me wait 10 minutes and came back saying his manager was busy and they would make a ticket and have someone call. The next day.
This does not help me. I need to depend on your company.
I was hoping for better answers.
I know I am only one person. But that should not matter.
Thank you for your time.
Roberta Dunlap
454 Waterbury Pl
Lexington NC

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