White Castle Managementfood

K Apr 07, 2019

I have been patronizing this company for decades. For the past few years there has not been one time that I go there and they don't mess up my order. A few weeks ago I went there and there were two cars ahead of me in the drive thru, it took them so long to do the first cars order that the car behind them got out of the line and pulled off. I got up to the window they didn't go over my order and charge that mans food to my card. I told them they charged me for the wrong order and gave them my card back they said they fixed it and the credit would show up in 24-48 hrs and it didn't. So they charged me $9.57 for someone else order and $17 for my own order. The quality and morale of this company has declined tremendously. It's a shame. I won't be returning for a while. Poor management and understaffed.

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