White Castle Constructioncondescending, rude, liar, scam!!!


I called White Castle Construction in May and spoke to Michael "Mike" Goldberg on I think what was his cell phone - the main # of the company. I was researching different contractors for my earthquake retrofitting and the first thing he tells me is that he's a teacher at the Southern CA Earthquake Center. Naturally I thought this was impressive. I then went on to asking him for his license # so I could look it up. He told me that on his website there is a photo of one of his company signs in front of a house which has his license # on it. I happened to be on my computer so I looked and the license # was too small for me to read. I asked him if he had any structural engineers there, and he told me that he personally is a structural engineer. I was happy about this and asked him for that license #. He then said "if we do business we can talk about that". I was a little bit confused and asked him what he meant? He then said "you know what, I can already tell that you're going to be trouble" and hung up on me. I was appalled and told my husband about it, who then bet me money that he's probably not really a teacher at the Southern CA Earthquake Center. I called the Secretary there, and explained my situation to her and what she told me I just couldn't believe... She said that the Southern CA Earthquake Center is a research facility and does not actually teach anything at all. The staff who work there are scientists who do research only. I asked her if there was any way that a contractor could end up teaching there or possibly deliver a seminar or anything, and she said absolutely not, and that the only people that could ever teach here are University Professors of USC. I was shocked that I was lied to in this way and treated the way I was treated by Michael Goldberg, just because I asked for his contractor and structural engineer license so that I could look it up - which the Contractor License Board website tells you to do, by the way. You're supposed to ask for license #'s and do your homework before hiring a contractor. So anyway, I'm really glad I did my homework because take a wild guess at who I will NEVER contact or trust ever again... Michael Goldberg at White Castle Construction. Go ahead, call him, he will probably do the same thing to you. Plus I've seen horrible reviews about White Castle Construction online after calling him - I wish I would've seen these before I called, because then I never would have called him in the first place.


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      Jun 19, 2017

    This guy is a con and a liar, and it boggles my mind he has not been arrested. It is against the law to render a structural opinion in Ca. if you are not a licensed engineer, which he is not. He has his laborers inspect the subfloor, then he comes in for the sales pitch at the end; he's a real used car salesman. Stay away from this guy people. I am now making it my life's mission to get this guy closed down.

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