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Whirlpool  -  product is junk, they don't honor warranty and the customer service sucks!

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I have been living at my current residence for 2 yrs. In that time I have had trouble with my whirlpool hot water heater, which is still under warranty, three times. The first time we paid out of pocket for parts and labor to fix it. The second time it quit working the repair man noticed it was still under warranty. I called Whirlpool and they sent parts and we paid shipping and labor to have it fixed. Now the water heater is leaking all over my bedroom carpet and whirlpool refuses to honor the warranty. so now I have no hot water except on my bedroom carpet. What good is that? This product is junk, they don't honor warranty and the customer service sucks.

Update by Valerie
Apr 22, 2008 4:57 am

I purchased a new washer and dryer set from The Home Depot online store on March 18th, 2008. Delivery was taken on March 22, 2008. I did not use them right away since I did all my laundry with my old set prior to taking delivery on the new set. I sold the old ones when the new ones arrived. On April 6, 2008, I did some laundry and on the 3rd load to be put in to the dryer, it died. The control panel flashed odd, unknown characters, and all the machine did was to *click* when I pressed the start button.

I called the number on the website,, and they told me that they would NOT exchange it and that I had to call the manufacturer. I have had this machine for less than a month, used it only 2 times (the 3rd time was a mere attempt) and I have to call the manufacturer? I didn't buy it from the manufacturer, I bought it from Home Depot. Or so I thought...

Apparently, Home Depot's online sales are drop shipped from the manufacturer and any problems have to be taken up with the manufacturer but it doesn't say that on their site. You have 48 hours to return a major appliance (legally, you have 72 hours to reconsider a purchase and negate it). After the 48 hour cutoff, the site says to go to your local store. The local store says that they won't do anything about it because it was purchased online. NICE. Let the games begin.

So, on to the manufacturer. They don't take ANYTHING back unless and until, it is deemed defective by a *certified* repair person. It gets better. The first service appointment was a week after the call to report the problem. Laundry is piling up. Service man comes in and diagnoses the problem as a blown mother board and has to order the part that takes 7-10 days to come in. Unacceptable, but I have no choice.

The next appointment is set for the following Tuesday but I have to call them when the part gets to my home to let them know that it's here. I call on Monday to let them know and they informed me that 2 parts were ordered and that they would not come until the second part arrived. Tuesday's appointment was canceled. The part arrived Wednesday and the service person came on Thursday, installed the parts and informed me that he had to order yet another part because it was still not working. Laundry is still piling up. I am now BUYING socks and underwear for my husband to be able to go to work. His clothes will run out soon.

Tomorrow, 4/22/08, will be one month that I have had this dryer that I have used exactly 2 times before it died 2 weeks ago. Whirlpool, the manufacturer, has ever so graciously offered me $50 lousy bucks for my trouble. The woman that I spoke to on the phone told me that when they take something back, it gets scrapped, not reconditioned and re-sold, so that's why they try to repair the item first. But how many times? And why do I have to suffer, going to the laundromat (which I did yesterday) when I have BRAND NEW laundry machines, so that Whirlpool and Home Depot don't lose money. What about MY MONEY? When did it become legal for corporate America to take working people's money, sell them sub par merchandise, and hold them hostage while they decide if the item is defective? I HAVE BEEN ROBBED and no one is doing anything about it.

The next service appointment is set for Thursday, 4/24/08. If it is not running by the time the service person leaves, I am calling a lawyer, the Attorney General's office, the Better Business Bureau and the consumer advocates at the local news stations. I have already started a dispute through my credit card used to purchase said dryer. I AM MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE.

Update by Valerie
Jun 07, 2016 4:28 am

I regret the day I ever bought it. Very poor performance having to re-wash items by hand. If you use the eco cycle it performs even worse. Whirlpool ADP4504: Save yourself £££ and buy yourself a water pistol and squirt at your dishes. They will end up a lot cleaner than if you use this machine. Don't fall for the eco gimmics. It might save you energy because it doesn't wash the dishes properly, as it rewashes your dishes in dirty water.

Update by Valerie
Jun 03, 2008 2:53 am

The lettering on my less than 1 month old duet washing machine is coming off. I called Whirlpool twice and both times hung even madder. WHY did I spend so much money on the piece of ****? They told me it was my fault. It was a user problem. I spilt laundry detergent on the control panel and wiped it off right after. IF you talk to David hang up and call back. He is sooooooo rude! Just check on the web and you will see all the complaints for whirlpool. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. SAVE YOUR MONEY GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY PLEASE DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKE!

Update by Valerie
Apr 21, 2008 2:35 am

We received a defective cook top. Flames shooting out at every angle. I escaped being caught on fire by inches. Whirlpool refuse to replace it, claiming that they will have someone repair it. After 5 attempts to repair it, it still is not fixed. They just don't seem to care. They send a so called technician who has no idea what he is doing. We are now waiting for another part that was to be overnight to us this was 7 days ago. I guess if I suffered 3 rd degree burns they may have replaced it.

Still waiting.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 21, 2008 9:08 pm

hi everyone
this is regarding very poor after sales routine service provided by whirlpool india under 3/4 yr service contracts offered by them. first they will lure you into buying the company provided service contracts in the name of warranty like services during the contract duration, especially routine servicing of ac twice a year but then no one will turn up at the time of your requirement even after you have made umpteen calls. they will just listen, register your complaint, say sorry BUT simply not turn up for service. moreover all the numbers will be call center numbers and you will also not even be able to track the right person. so beware of this gimmic. buy the product but not the service contract.

if any one has faced similar problems and found some solution, i will be obliged if you can guide me and send an email at the address.

Dec 21, 2012 12:07 pm

Once the LEON'S sales man is done with you, have to go to payment area. Where ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY-TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP! Wouldn't let us have a copy of their "store policy". All staff would just sit on their butts & not get up, just stare at you, being obstinate/ rude. Even the "manager" took his time -couldn't be bothered, talked to us from a doorway! The Whirl Pool Cabrio is loud & 1st load wouldn't fill up with water, clothes on top are dry washing. 2nd load got wet; the towels absorbed the water, then continued to wash with NO water! so called LEON's to complain bout faulty washer. They said NOT THEIR problem, to call WhirlPool. WhirlPool sends over service man (& if service man finds NOTHING wrong, we will be CHARGED for the call) I took VIDEO of all 3 washes. he says can't use NORMAL cycle! have to use BULKY cycle at ALL TIMES! then what is the point of having NORMAL/ CASUAL/ LIGHT cycles; service man said can't use them, wont fill with H20! and the NOISE as it washes- is part of the products system. After two washes & dryer- clothes are STILL DIRTY! WHIRLPOOL WON'T exchange for us! for a different model! and LEON'S WON'T take back or exchange either! so you ARE FORCED TO LIVE WITH TERRIBLE PRODUCTS FOR THE NEXT 10 YRS.! (doubt they will last THAT long!) NO MORE LEON'S & NO MORE WHIRLPOOL! EVER!

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Jun 29, 2012 7:31 pm

I called in June 22nd to have my warm fridge looked at and was told that they only have one service company in the area which is AE Factory service. According to the girl on the phone, they are booked until July 6th. The person said that they were going to send out an email to search for another service company with a better time window and then was told that someone would get back to me within 24 hours as they work on a 6 day work week. I waited the 24hrs and called back the next day only to be told that it takes 1-3 days to find someone to take a look at my case then they determine who to send out to look at the fridge. Finally, I get a call on the 26th and was told that they are trying to find someone to send out if they can't, they would get me a new fridge.

To be honest this did not make much sense to me but at this point anything was better than having no fridge. I waited until 5pm on June 29th and called them again, in which I was told that my case is still under review. I was so livid that I then asked to speak to a supervisor and she said it would take 1-3 days for a supervisor to get back to me.

I am so irritated, and frustrated with the lack of customer service and the protocol procedures that they might as well just buy every single person a new fridge when it craps out because they can't get a single person out to fix it. The process is as follows: The fridge breaks, I call the warranty company, they give me a 24hr window, I call back, they say it's a 72hr window, I call back, they say my case is still pending, I call back again, they say they're trying to get approval to do something but who knows what thatis.

I have now been without a refrigerator for just over a week and everything we had was spoiled.

Lowe's literally has done nothing to help even though they sold us the fridge AND use this warranty company. I also tried to get help from the store level(1198 Woburn ma) and was pushed back to call the 1888 number.

Then to add insult to injury an AE factory service truck was broken down on my street with a flat tire as I go out to dinner with my wife because we have no food in the house. If the guy was going to my house, I had NO idea because I wasn't called, emailed, or contacted in any way. Chances are that it was an odd coincidence that the truck happened to be on my street but seriously? The dude was ON my street and he couldn't call me or AE couldn't tell the guy to swing by? Absolutely abysmal service!

Lowe's has the worst partners and their customer service is atrocious and they just dump customers off onto this horrific service company and expect us to use their services again in the future.

This experience was so terrible that I will NEVER do business with them again and I will make sure I tell all my friends to stay away from them. I will also be calling the consumer affairs department on Monday for stealing my money for the extended protection program which is completely and utterly useless.

Mar 28, 2012 10:11 am

improper service of water purifirer. no one come to check it properly.we r taking regularly water bottle from market . we r going through mental harassement

Apr 27, 2008 1:07 pm

I bought Whirlpool, WASR012k20, 1Ton split AC on 23 April 08, it got delivery on 25 Apil 08 (with chiller unit box being in open state and blower being in packed state, the delivery person told that they check it before delivery) and installed on 26 April 08 without testing (as the person who installed AC do not have time to wait till my electrician to come and fix proper electrical connections). I have specifically asked about the gas in compressor is perfect or not and they said as it's pack pieces will not be an issue. After installation person left, my electrician did proper connection and started AC and found to be working fine (though cooling was not very efficient as compressor found to be on for 4-5 hrs continuously to drop temprature from 31 to 25 degree celcious. The room area is 110 sq ft and 1ton AC is best suitable for 120 sq ft that is what has been told by dealer DASS).

On next day (27 April 08) afternoon i started AC and found that there is no cooling at all and compressor being on for more than 4hrs and temprature being constant at 28 degrees only. I have changed no settings that from yesterday.

Called the person who installed it and he told that he will repair it or if require will replace the unit tomorrow by 12 PM ( I was bit surprised with answer "will replace if required", i have not told anything on replacement, i just wanted to make sure that installation was correct or not). So again called the dealer DASS Elec (its in pune Shastri nagar Yerwada) but not proper answer was given on why this could have happened. They asked to contact person who installed AC. (Was that not dealers duty to contact him and update me, still i did that before they reply like that). They gave no proper answer.



Such as worst experince from that dealer DASS electronics at shastri nagar and do not know how a company like whirpool deliveRs defective piece which work for just 9-10 hrs and then stops functioning as mentioned. Are there any quality checks really happening at Whirlpool? It seems to be big name but no quality deliverable and services.

I am waiting for tomorrow for installation person to come and check it. Suppose if it happens to be prob with unit or with installation can i go to consumer court against whirpool and/or the dealer DAAS electonics for not providing me quality product and service? What is the procedure? Why dealer is not answering my questions properly?


Milind Sawant
Viman Nagar,
Pune - 411014

Dec 03, 2013 2:02 pm
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My whirlpool front load washer has been broken now for more than 8 weeks! I have contacted Whirlpool Canada for service and paid their certified technician $118 and still the washer is not repaired. They have even sent me another independent service technician to look at it. The problem seems clear and simple to fix but for some reason they are not able to resolve it; mainly because they are not able to say when the parts will arrive and they keep missing date after date. I also believe that the 1st service company "Platinum" were under qualified and wrongly diagnosed the problem which caused even more delay. I have called today and talked to supervisor and asked him to start a prorated exchange for the washer since it seems not clear on when the parts will arrive but he mentioned that I will have to wait for 2 more weeks on top of the 8 weeks without a washer to process that. I asked him if he could keep the maintenance call open and see which will happen first taking in consideration that they are not able to set a fixed date and it has been that long, but he refused and insisted its one or the other. I am at my wits end and all what I am asking is for an immediate solution as to fix or replace as I believe I have been patent to wait for long enough.
Its a shame how a company like such fails to simply stick to a date to do what seems to be a regular service call.

Dec 09, 2011 5:25 am
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my name is meenu rathore datta i have a fully automatic whirlpool wasing macine with annual maintatnce package valid up to april 2012 i had complained in whirlpool customer care on 15/11/2011 complain no; DL1111013521 NO ACTION IS TAKEN AND CASE IS CLOSED WITHOUT OUR APPROVAL AGAIN WE HAD COMPLAINED ON 5/12/2011 COMPLAINT NO:DL1211003305 AGAIN THE COMPLAINT WAS NOT ATTENDED AND CLOED WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR SATISFACTION CODE, AGAIN COMPLAINT DONE ON 8TH DEC 2011 COMPLAINT NO:DL1211007422 AGAIN NO RESPONSE NOW WE ARE PLAINNING TO GO TO CONSUMER REDRESSAL FORM / CONSUMER COURT IF NO RESPONSE IS MET IN NEXT TWO DAYS------------MEENU RATHORE DATTA MOB NO : [protected]

Jun 20, 2011 9:00 pm

When I contacted the company today to ask what recourse I have. The customer rep said I should have followed the manual on care. I told him I did, follow all the above and beyond instructions and he basically said he can do nothing. I told him about all the complaints I read about on line and he just would not offer any help. I'm hoping something can be done about this here. At time of purchase no one mentioned any issues with these machines. The extended service plan same issue.

Oct 29, 2016 4:27 pm

Oct.29, 16
Something has got to be done about all the complaints on the Whirlpool. This is so wrong that we as the consumer can't get the help we need. Whirlpool products are rejects. Whirlpool 50gal tank with a misinformed warranty was purchased in 2008 warranty good for 12 years but having a problem with it. There is to many complaints on products and warranty with no help this is bad business.

Oct 10, 2009 11:03 pm

We purchased a Whirlpool Refrigerator serial no.INE080400053 Model No.11066 on 26-03-2008 for Rs.35750 vide invoice number 3897KMC from DASS ELECTRIC TRADING CO.(P) LTD. I think you will agree that this a costly and luxury item for a service class and onetime heavy investment. Unfortunately the refrigerator developed problem - no cooling down of the lower compartment. A complaint was lodged at 022-[protected] on 24.9.2009 registered at serial no.PN0909006533. This complaint was attended and a technician opened the appliance and only suggested me to keep the refrigerator closed for 12 hrs and if it do not work he would again come. As it did not work I again called the same technician who directed me to book a complaint again. Accordingly I again booked a complaint on 26.9.09 registered at serial no.PN0909007265. Thereafter I atleast called the service centre, technician, call centre at Bombay, Dass Electric co atleast 50 times when the Service Centre informed that the Censor fitted is not working and it needs replacement. Also informed that the said spare part is not available at Pune and they will place order and as soon as it is received it will be attended. The same person attended, examined
and informed that the PCB needs replacement the cost of which as informed was Rs.1800/-. We agreed to it. That was replaced and we paid the said Rs.1800/-. But the light connection inside has not been given and he has told he would do it on Monday which I hope. This is the state of affairs prevailing in the so called reputed company. Now I regret having purchased a whirlpool refrigerator. t a time I felt like throwing it on the road despite the heavy price paid. I had a Godrej 165 ltrs frg.which gave me trouble free service of 18 yrs and again I had a Godrej ultra which also gave me a trouble free service of 14 years. I have gone through so many complaints about whirlpool frig on this site and I doubt whether any of the public grievance have been attended or not. Now whoever go through this complaint I will request and suggest "never buy whirlpool product". I hope the future generation will go in for an Indian Product like Godrej etc. I hope I will get some response for this grievance.

Nov 25, 2012 7:34 pm
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Refrigerator model PROTON Model 12118 ELT Serial: INE101603209. Date of purchase 6th May 2010 with 5 year warranty. The refrigerator not working since 22nd November 2012 and registered complaint on the same day vide WPL SR NO. 897, CN NO. [protected]. Till now nobody attended. Being essential household appliance, customer expects service within 24 hours. We regret for having bought Whirlpool refrigerator.

Oct 10, 2009 2:11 am
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There was a problem with my whirlpool refrigerator of 400lt.Company empoy's had taken RS1500 from us as they were saying that there was a problem with commpressor and our refrigerator was under warranty and after changing the commpresor the refrigerator didn't worked the same day also, then they(company empoy) said that we weould again changing the commpressor after 1month they again changed the commpresoor, then also the refrigerator didn't worked then after 15days they had again come to change relay after that 1month they changed fan motor which was of Rs1100 and we didin't pay the charges of fan motor as we said to them that we will be paying it only when our refrigerator would be working and again we called ur company employ then after that they are not responding to us.The persons involved in this was Mr.Kaleem, Mr Zaheb, Mr.Sohiab, Mr.Amit, Mr. Azad and many more but now now one responding us our refrigerator has not been working since 3 months and we have purchased this from no. [protected], [protected].reply as soon as possible.

May 03, 2008 9:54 am

This is to inform you that we are a regular customer of whirlpool appliances, have to file a complaint against a member of your service department who is selling the spare parts of whirlpool appliances illegally that by telling in the company that he is replacing in the guarantee but he is actually selling them, and asking the customer not to ask about the prices from the dealer or the company. The name of the person among your staff is mr. Shravan who resides in dayal bagh, agra working in bharat agencies, agra service department.
Kindly take immediate steps against that fraud person otherwise i am going to the consumer court to file a case against the dealer or the company.
Yours faithfully

Jul 27, 2011 11:35 am
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Sir, I, Bhagwan Balani R/O BG-5/58-D, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-63 purchased one fridge of 310 ltrs from M/S
Sunview Electronics, 236 State Bank Nagar, Pachim Vihar for Rs. 21800/- on 21.02.2010. I cann't find words to express
my anguish for having selected whirlpool for Refrigerator. On 5th July'2011 I found to my horror that my fridge is
not working. I lodged my complaint with the service centre and after checking my fridge mechainic told me that its
code Board has become defective and required to be changed for Rs. 3200/- This is the third fridge I have purchased in my
life the earlier one gave me service for 17 and 22 years without any problem . I cann't understand why whirlpool misguide
customers about its being no. 1 quality product. Further, their man was insisting to take AMC for Rs. 3000/- per year. How
a middle working person like me can affoard this? Wish co. should come to my rescue to avoid its bad publicity. Thanks

Apr 09, 2010 12:39 am
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I had some problem in the Semi automatic Washing Machine purchased in Delhi, India.It is Warranty Period. I called up the company in Delhi. They sent me the service engineer on 3.4.2010. After inspection he informed the defects and assured that after due payment of the money, the machine will be lifted to the workshop and will be deleivered in 24 hrs or maximum the next day. Payment was made on 4.4.2010.My satisfactory code given is 470 for SR No: DL [protected]. The machine was however lifted on 5.4.2010 early morning with the assurance that it will be deleivered on 6th or on 7th April, 2010. It didn't happen. After protracted enquiry it was informed that it will be deleivered on Saturday. I lodged a compliant in the website of Whirlphool I got a call from Mr. Gaurav Goel stating that it will be deleivered on 8th April. It didn't happen. On 9th Morning Some other person informed that the machine will be delevered only on 10th April.
1.What is this?
2.What service system do u have?
3. The customer has to be informed with clear reasons & justification that why it is being delayed?
4. What is the accountability of Mr. Gaurav Goel?
5. Is there anybody who is above him who will be monitoring the rederresal sytem?
6. What kind of service provided by ur company?

Aug 07, 2008 7:14 pm

I have now been waiting almost a month for a supposedly minor microwave oven repair. I have paid for service I have yet to receive and parts that I finally received but can’t do anything with.

14 July: My Whirlpool microwave broke. I called the number listed by Whirlpool and was connected to A&E Factory Service. I was told that the first available appointment was 24 July.

24 July (Tech ID#0890822): Tech showed up, said he didn’t really work on microwave ovens. However, he contacted the A&E home support and was walked through a form of diagnostic review to detail the problem, which was one of three switches. Since there was supposedly no way to tell which switch was the problem, he was going to replace all three . He said he didn’t have those parts in his truck and they would have to be ordered. He then told me “the damage” was $291.00. I was stunned at the amount and said I needed to contact my husband to make sure we could do it. He said a $65.00 required trip fee I had to pay for his presence would be deducted from the final total. He then expected me to pay the remainder for the repairs... before any service had been accomplished or parts had been ordered! I was unable to reach my husband before the Tech left, so the Tech told me I owed a $65.00 trip charge and to schedule the appointment through the 1-800 number. Then he left. I basically paid him $65.00 to show up at my house, take my microwave cover off and leave.

24 July: I contacted “customer service” to schedule an appointment to fix the problem, but was told they could do nothing until the next day.

25 July: I contacted Customer Service again. I told them I had not been able to set up an appointment while the Tech was at my house and had not been able to schedule anything at all the previous day. The female I spoke with pulled up my account, said she saw the parts and was ordering them. She told me the next available appointment was 31 July. I accepted yet another date.

31 Jul (Tech ID #0803122): At 1153, a service tech showed up. I thought this was to finally fix the microwave. However, he had no parts and after I explained that he was in fact the second tech to appear at my house, he contacted his office to find out the status of the parts. After this call, he told me the parts had never been ordered. I told him the customer service person I spoke with on 25 July said she had ordered them while we were on the phone! He said he would order them immediately, but told me I had to pay a $65.00 trip charge before it would let him. I told him I had already paid one trip charge and would not pay it a second time. I had been told by the customer service rep I spoke with on 25 July, the initial $65.00 applied to any service calls made for the same problem within 30 days. He said he was unaware of that policy. After a number of calls to his office, he finally bypassed that in the computer. He then ordered the parts and told me I had to pay for them then to actual schedule the repair. I now paid an additional $106.94 for service and parts not yet received.

7 Aug: At 0935, I received a call from Ms. Morales, who told me my appointment had been canceled because I had not notified the company I had received the parts at my home. She said they were delivered on Monday--if her system told her the parts were delivered, why was I canceled for not notifying them they had arrived? I told her this was completely unsatisfactory. She suggested I contact the Rescheduling/Routing Department to see if they could schedule me in... for an appointment I supposedly already had! I contacted the 1-800 number and asked to speak with the manager. I spoke with Veronica, claiming to be management for the Call Center. I told her the problem and that I expected service today, as I had been promised. She said she couldn’t do anything about the schedule; however, she would contact the Routing Office. She did this, then told me “Sorry, the routing office says it can’t fit you in today. The soonest we can schedule a tech at your house is 11 August.” I told her that was unacceptable and that I expected service today as I had been waiting over four weeks for the repair already. She again said sorry, the best they could do was to call me if something opened up on today’s route. At that point, I explained that if a tech was not at my house and my microwave not fixed today I would be contacting the main office. She provided me with the name of the CEO, Dale Reader, and an address to which I could send the letter.

Dec 04, 2010 1:23 pm

the matter was registerd with whirlpool customer care 0n [protected] about the portion is not cooling .a mechanic cameme & changed patedianial moudlecharging rs1295 . again after some days the same problem arised complain was lodged on28-8-2010 this time service fan motor changed one another parts also charging rs 1750
further the fridfge did not worked properly complain registerd on 25-10-10 this time the machine was brought by
the co's registerd service centre "M/S REFERIGERATION *STAR and itsent back on2-11-10 after so called it is o.k.
and charged rs 795.but the prblem has not been solved.again complain lodged complain noPT1110009884 0n
30-11-2010 .mr syed hasan, a mechanic, visted 0n [protected] and told he will come on 2-12-2010with apart and after changing it will work.He did not come .on cotacting him on telephon replied the service centre.the matter was discussed on telephone with ravi jee on 2nd dec again on3rd&4th dec with ashokjee now today ie on 4th dec asking for sending the fidge to service centre .
now i have to say that what they did in the last time when the machine was sent to work is not aeasy to carry the fridge of 400lts irequest to look into the matter and wrked out the solution.

Jul 07, 2008 7:36 am

I bought a new front load washer from whirlpool and it worked well for about two and half months before it started having a mind of its own. The washer started coming on and off as if a ghost was in the house and we are not able to wash clothes because the washer would not stay powered up. Whirlpool has sent three different repair companies out to the house to repair this problem and neither of them could fix the washer. Apparentley the washer is defected and after many calls to whirlpool and now more than three months without a washer, they are still saying they can not replace it until it is completley unrepairable. I just recentley found out that whirlpool appliances has a repair only warranty and they will not replace it until all attemps to repair it is exhausted, even if it takes months to get parts in to try and repair it.. Its been over three months and counting and we are still having to go to a local laundry mat to wash clothes. You got me this time whirlpool, but I promise you want get me again.

Still disgusted and soiled

May 15, 2013 3:36 pm
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I ordered a (Frigidaire) refrigerator; (Maytag) washer; dryer May 6 and (Whirlpool) stove May far only received washer and dryer. Today's date May 15, NO REFRIGERATOR OR RANGE... I keep getting automated phone calls that my refrigerator and range will be delivered the next day and they don't show up. Then delivery happens to show up at my front door one day with no previous phone call to let me know. Guess what I wasn't home! Sears tried delivering my range, but no refrigerator. Spoke with customer service and according to them the refrigerator never left the store and that it was damaged. I called the store and I was told by a manager that the refrigerator did leave the store undamaged. I JUST WANT MY RANGE AND FRIGE, I paid for it! I have small children who I have to feed and have been eating out a lot and I'm spending more money than I should, extra money that I don't have! Now Sears Outlet is having me go back to the store and pick another refrigerator and have it delivered on Saturday May 18! Really? Am I REALLY going to get my appliances?!

Aug 31, 2016 3:49 am

My fully automatic washing machine conked out on 10th Oct 2011. Since then, I have made innumerable calls to all their Customer Care nos, locally & at NCR, available from their main online site. But till date it has got unheard & not repaired.

Aug 29, 2016 7:53 am

We purchased a top bottom refrigerator from Lowe's in July 2010. We have now replaced the ice bin for the 3rd time due to the mechanism inside the ice bin rusting. I called the warranty company (purchased product at Lowe's) and all they did was give us a new bin, but the problem was not solved. I fear that we will be replacing this bin once/year. The warranty company associated with Lowe's is a joke as well. I live in the northern part of town and they dispatched a technician whose office is in the central part of town, not very smart - you think? Will not purchase another extended warranty from Lowe's.

Aug 16, 2016 3:23 am
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I purchased a Refrigerator (Whirl Phool 310 DLS Professional Titanium) but there is NO PEACE OF MIND because within 15 days I noticed that there was NO cooling, I complaint to the customer service the person came and gave me false advice that “we have kept more cooling that’s why the freezer got choked and ice has formed” he told switch off the refrigerator and later restart it” off course we did not agree on that but still we tried, again the same problem was occurring. I complaint again on 25.6.2010, the service personal came and later on identified that the problem was “self-defrost system” he rectified that. Again I noticed that there was no cooling at all and complaint, this time I asked to replace the Refrigerator, because within one month no customer will be happy repairing the fridge n- number of times. Moreover we cannot use the Refrigerator, since many time the milk was getting spoilt and my children are dependent on milk now we have to store milk in the freezer and in emergency we cannot use the milk as it is freezed.
I am really frustrated that again the service personal want to repair the Refrigerator, we are scared to use the Refrigerator for the purpose it was purchased.
I had an LG Refrigerator which was working fine but only for the capacity requirement I purchased from Whirl phool, now I feel that I have been duped by the Dealer.
I sincerely request the customers to go through the web site to get enough information on the product and decide to buy it. Because INDIA is the country where CHEATING is encouraged.

Oct 30, 2007 12:00 am

Subject:- Deficient service after sale of product & consumer harassment

I purchased the “Fusion Maxigerator 6 sence” of your company from “Next “ retail shop ludhiana on 9th April,07 vide bill no BTC/07-08/74.
But the company did not bother to depute any person to my residence for installation and demonstration of the refrigerator.
On 21st September.07, the cooling in the refrigerator stopped all of a sudden & I lodged a complaint with Next retail shop which, in turn, forwarded the complaint to Whirlpool service center who charged Rs.2000 for replacing the freezer despite covered under warranty period & fridge was delivered to me on 30th September,07 i.e. after 9 days. The detail is as under-
• The representative of the service centre visited my residence on 24th September,07 & after inspection could not locate the fault & informed that the instrument has to be shifted to workshop for locating the fault.
• On 25th September,07 , he informed on phone that there is a cut mark by knife in the rear portion of the base of the freezer & the freezer has to be replaced. The service centre refused to replace the freezer & insisted me to pay Rs.2000 . As the refrigerator was in their possession. I had no other alternative but to pay the money.
• On 28th September,07, the service station owner informed me on phone that the refrigerator has been repaired.
• I went to service station at 7:00p.m. & requested the owner to send the refrigerator to my residence. The owner asked me to pay Rs.2000 to which I agreed with the request that the fridge should be sent immediately. But he informed me that it will be sent next day.
• I paid him Rs.1000 with the promise that the balance of Rs.1000 will be paid as soon as the refrigerator reaches my residence to which he agreed.
• But on 29th September,07 , he didn’t send it & when I phoned him in the evening, he insisted that the refrigerator will only be sent after I pay him the balance amount at his office. As I have no other alternative , I went to his office on 30th September,07 paid him the balance amount & then he sent the fridge to my residence.
In the above context, I may bring into notice the following points-
1. It was the duty of your company to depute some qualified person for installation of refrigerator at my residence.
2. We are 3 members in my house & all are literate & know how to use the electronic goods.
3. Further we don’t require any ice in the month of September when there is no much heat.
4. If, for a moment, it is supposed that it was a cut made by knife, how it can be made at the rear end of the base of freezer especially when it is covered with a utensil containing ice. As such the plea of service station that the cut been made by knife in freezer is not maintainable.
5. Moreover, the representative did not locate the fault at my residence & informed me about it only when the refrigerator reached their workshop.

As such, I had to pay Rs.2000 for no fault of mine though refrigerator was in warranty period & it was duty of service station to replace the defected part but he rather made me responsible for it. Further the service station didn’t send refrigerator to my place even after payment of Rs.1000 with the promise that the balance will be paid after refrigerator reaches my house.
In the light of above, the company has failed to meet its obligation towards consumers during warranty period & providing after sale services. As such I lodge my claim for refund of Rs.2000 , within one month after which I will be free to knock at the door of consumer forum & claim my refund with the claim of mentally harassing the customer.

Feb 07, 2012 10:18 pm
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I had bought a whirlpool water purifier in 2010 at Alleppey from Good Morning agencies. Since then, there had been no free service checking, someone would land up if I had a complaint, who didnot know much about his job at his own convenient time. In addition, there seems to be a racket going on at the customer care centre, by sending rude servicing people to the customer's home on the pretext that one had registered a complaint without even the customer knowing. And on enquiry, one will get rude intimidating answers which spoils one's day. The only mistake I made was I bought the equipment from Whirlpool. I suggest not to purchase anything from them in the future. .

Jul 10, 2007 12:00 am

My machine is about 10 years old. I've taken AMC. I got it repaired in April 07, that time it took almost a month and so many parts were changed, now again few things r going wrong and again it's going to the service center.

The thing is that i'm really fed up with all this. I want to EXCHANGE my machine with a new one?

May 10, 2008 5:46 am

i have purchased whirl pool refrigeretor from shakti appliance, ahmedabad, in 2004-05 and having constant problem in every summer, in this summer unit doesnot work properly and not having cooling. i had filled complaint with dealer but i have not found any positive support.
my last comp. no. is 2560 dated 05/05/2008, but till date complaint has not been solved in this hot summer.

we have another Kelvinetor refrigeretorunit since last 20 yrs. but we have not single problem!,

if i have to wait for such long time for removing complaint, why i should but this product from this type of company in future?

dealer and customer care cycling cusotmer between them and they do not solve complain even after 15 days than i suggest to close down the company's customer care center and dealer, in stead of having their cost on shoulder of Co.!

i hope you under stand my problem in hot summer, pls resolve this complain.


Bhavesh choksi

Apr 11, 2011 9:24 pm
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So I logged a complaint about my Whirlpool Duet washer last week and was surprised to receive an email the next day from someone who works for Whirlpool. I guess I should have realized Whirlpool has people tracking this website. After talking to the man I was a little optimistic about Whirlpool really caring about their customers. The man was very pleasant and his demeanor gave me more faith in Whirlpool’s customer service. When I spoke to him he asked me if I had the slips from when the washing machine was worked on since it was out of warranty and I did. He asked me to fax them to him, well, the first time I faxed them they weren’t dark enough for him to read. So, still having faith that Whirlpool actually had good intentions I ran to Staples to make darker copies and faxed them to him. He just called a short time ago and told me they could offer me a 25% discount on the part/s. Big deal 25%... The machine is such a piece of crap the technicians are unable to run the diagnostics so it’s trial and error. Fortunately the repair people are reputable and reasonable; they told me they would only charge me for the part that fixes the problem. The most expensive park is $145, so, the big discount from Whirlpool would be $36.25 at most. To date I’ve spend $313.00 on this piece of crap, I’d be spending another $150.00 after the discount to fix it. I don’t think so.

My machine has either a door lock issue (already replaced once and unlikely the problem) the MCU or the CCU. I’ve been reading the complaints on this website about Whirlpool washing machines and customer service. Seems like these machines have a lot of door lock, MCU and CCU issues. And again, NO customer service. What a waste of my time and I actually had a false sense of their actually taking an interest and caring about their customers.

I have never had a worse outcome over an issue with anything I’ve ever purchased. I’ve told a couple friends about this website and how I was contacted by Whirlpool. I’ll now send an email to everyone in my address book and let them know about my experience with Whirlpool and about this website.

Aug 20, 2011 4:49 pm

no one is coming to resolve complains even after many reminders:
only program 1st works none other,
heater not working,
surf sticks on clothes,
clothes colours fade down,
spots are created on clothes,
sometime abnormally vibrates,
clothes remain dirty after washing many times

Sep 06, 2007 12:00 am

I had purchased a very expensive Whirlpool Europe deluxe Sl. No. 0000790 front loading washing machine in 2001 and I'm pretty disappointed with it. Since 2001, I have had regular visits from Whirlpool authorized technicians to fix lot of its mechanical and electrical issues, which in turn incurred me more than Rs.5,000 and even some of the expenditures are not covered under warranty period (You may check your records).

Now this machine has become a burden for me as we are facing a problem in the electrical control board and presume that shortly the machine will no longer usable. I was told by the service personnel that Whirlpool has stopped this model and need to write to overseas office for its part which will cost around Rs.6,000. We do not have any hesitation in spending the said amount for the smooth functioning of the machine subject to providing a guarantee by Whirlpool on the same.

Since it is a discontinued model and the parts are no longer available in the market, will it be possible Whirlpool y to take this machine back and provide a brand new in lieu. We are ready to pay a reasonable difference if Whirlpool does so.


Jun 01, 2016 5:54 pm

After owning our washer for only 8 years and having to pay $150 for a local tech to tell us that both of the electric boards were burnt out and the parts to replace are obsolete! I am extremely disappointed that the lifetime of a whirpool washer is less than 10 years! Model # WFW9200SQA12 Ser # HLW2217845. Not the quality of company or product that I thought it was.

A Lipsitz

May 24, 2016 12:55 pm
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We have just had our microwave 3 years and it has a big crack on the plastic of the door front. The large piece will soon be falling off. The manual says it is not safe to operate like this. We didn't buy an extended warranty. I see it is made in China. Very poor quality, shame on Whirlpool!

Dec 05, 2010 2:07 am customer service sucks! I bought a whirlpool electric range online on thanksgiving day and was promised a free microhood per the thanksgiving day ad. When delivered, there was not a microhood on the truck. I have called numerous times and talked for 10+hrs on the phone trying to get my free microhood. No one will help me! I've been called a liar. I will never shop at sears or ever again.

May 26, 2008 9:40 am

Refrigerator is giving out an alarm every 2 mins. The service peson came and switched off the refrigerator light and asked us to put it on after 3 hrs and cllected service charges of rs.300.However to our horror the alarm keeps buzzing loudly every 2 mins as before .When contacted again we are told that the mother board has to be replaced and the part is unavailable and will arrive from Bombay in 4 days time. Now more than 2 weeks have passed but there is no sign of anyone from the company which gives elusive replies. Wish to take this up with the Consumers forum.

Aug 03, 2010 2:22 pm

I bought a whirlpool gold refridgerator after reading the consumer report on it overall A grade. The first week I got it my freezer is forming ice and and the filter is jam. I call whirlpool customer service up and they sent out a technician. All was good and dandy until 2 days later it started again with the freezer ice. Okay another technician came out. This time the technician lubricated and also indicated to me that my door is not adjusted right so he adjusted. Later on at night ice forming again and my door start to squeak now. OMG I have another problem added to my previous one. Now freezer and door problem. I call them again and this time I told them I want an exchange and they told me that they only warrenty repair not exchange. I got furious and call my Howard's appliance store in San Gabriel and they said they will send out there own technician. He came said oh he found the problem and will order parts to fix it on the next schedule. He also check my squeaking door and adjusted again seem fine now. Later that day again my door still squeaks but this time is louder. Now I'm at the part where I'm sitting waiting for the store manager to call me to see what they can do for me. I decided that I want to let everyone know that WHIRLPOOL is a ripoff and buyer beware! I should have check the complaint department before I buy there product. Lesson Learn and regret! Please do not buy from this brand/company! Maybe I should go to the news report and see if they can report this matter so the public will know what kind of company they running!

Feb 15, 2012 3:51 pm
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I have purchased a refrigerator on08/05/2008 from Basirhat, SAPTARSHI under 24 pgs.(N), W.B. of the above noted model and capacity. But on 07/02/2012 I noticed that said refrigerator not functioning. Soon on the same day I lodged complain to the Company vide docket no.-KLO212002814 and the company assured me that service engineer will meet you within 24 hours. As per company's commitment service engineer met and examined the refrigerator and opined that compressor of the machine to be changed and it will cost Rs.1900/- as I was at office work my wife deals the same and thinking the urgency of the machine she advised the service engineer to change the same as early as possible. Returning home, I found from the manual of the said refrigerator that warranty period of the said refrigerator not yet finished. And I call over to customer service centre of the said company by mobile. The customer service executive told me that only Rs.226/- to be paid by you for the case and you will get your refrigerator O.K. after changing the compressor. But the service engineer Mr. Ashim Sarkar ([protected]) collected from me an amount of Rs.1375/- by the direction of Service centre-in-charge Mr. Debu Ghosh ([protected]) after changing compressor of the machine. Pl. look after the case with utmost importance for the sake of company's faith, goodwill as well as protection of consumer right and take necessary action in this regard.

May 16, 2007 12:00 am

In a little over one year's time, we have had two Whirlpool sport duet front loaders, model wfw 8300S. The first was replaced by Lowe's in the first week. The second has had: 1) broken knobs 2) ball bearing replaced 3) two control panels replaced, 4) and now a pressure switch. We have been without a machine for over 13 days. Based on the other complaints I have read, this is nothing. This will be the 5th repair for this machine. I have no expectation that the machine will not break down beyond the warranty period. This concern is supported by many of the other complaints I have read concerning recently produced appliances. The American public is being hyped by the 'blue star' energy efficiency stuff. Yes, front loaders save on water, but a normal wash cycle is 54 minutes. Most top loaders did the job in 25 minutes or less. These machines are quite susceptible to break down issues ranging from broken door latches to mold beneath the rubber lips. The list is endless. I have been told the Whirlpool is the best of this batch called 'front loaders'. If that is the case, I'm going into the used top loader business - the ones that don't use computer boards and chips to get the job done.

Jun 26, 2007 12:00 am

Turned microwave on one time without putting something in it. Ran for 30 seconds -everything fine, used it four mores times, fifth time smelled burning and opened it up and there was a quarter sized whole in the back of the microwave. Could have caught fire had i not stopped the microwave-whirlpool did nothing. Not under warranty-bought in 2005 - i feel the public needs to know this is a potential fire hazard and i should have been compensated for it. Nothing from the sears store or whirlpool.

I purchased a Whirlpool washer from Sears scratch & dent store in Deptford, NJ on 9/13/2011. Today it stopped running in the middle of the wash cycle. It will not start back up. I called ther service dept. and they told me they could not give me an appointment before 10/25/2011. Today is 10/16/2011. This is unacceptable. I have 8 people in this house and we need laundry done. I didn't spend my hard earned money to get a piece of junk. I hsve been shopping at Sears since i was able to shop on my own. Now I feel like I have been scammed and I probably won't shop at sears any more.

Timothy V. Nichols

Aug 01, 2009 11:44 pm

mOB: [protected]

Apr 10, 2009 1:27 pm

Oh my! I wished I reviewed all these complaints before dealing with A&E service repair. NO CHANGE with their poor quality of repair. I am still waiting after a week. Called Whirlpool on Saturday because after 1 month owning this refrigerator the fan goes out. We lost all are food. Whirlpool representative sent us up with A&E on Tuesday between 8-5. Ha! That is all they can do. Ok. Monday 12:00 the service tech shows up. Very friendly guy. Looks in the refrigerator and agrees it is the fan. Ok he goes to his truck and returns 10 minutes later. We don't have the part but I just ordered it and it will be here tomorrow and I will come back out on Thursday to replace. Fine! I need my refrig. Wednesday is here and I get a phone call about 1:00 from A&E we must reschedule your appt because your part is on back order and we do not know when we will get it. What the Hell! I went off on the representative. He had the nerve to tell me that is just the way it is. Pissed me off! Called whirlpool and they said they could order the part and have if shipped the next day but I had to contact A&E again to schedule an appt. for them to install it because no other service tech that they use will touch it since A&E has already been here. Oh my! My blood was boiling. Still is! Ok that was Wednesday when I called, by 2:30 Thursday UPS delivered the part from Whirlpool. I called A&E to schedule the appointment. Guess what. They can't get out here until Monday between 8-5. Oh my. I will never deal with this company again. Oh, by the way they do not order their parts through Whirlpool it is through some other company. If you want Whirlpool parts you the customer has to call. I found that out through Whirlpool while I was raising hell. They STINK!


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