Whirlpool Corporationrefrigerator model # wrf535swhz01

Our beautiful french-door Whirlpool refrigerator died after just over 3 yrs. of use We had purchased a Geek Squad 5 yr. warranty as we bought it at Best Buy. The Geek Squad took their good old time sending someone to repair it. But a new compressor didn't repair it, it needed replacing. The warranty only covers the cost you paid so if your model is discontinued (as ours was) you'll be paying big bucks for something comparable as prices seem to have skyrocketed within 3 yrs. With their help we selected a replacement that was just slightly more money than we paid but definitely a lesser model. Unfortunately the whole process took 2 1/2 weeks, way too long to live without a fridge! But the real problem was that the Whirlpool user manual described so many features that weren't on our model (model # WRF535SWHZ01) & we were not prepared for the confusion this caused us. No touch pad (which was mentioned several times), no temperature read-out, no door alarm, no max ice, not even a water filter number. In fact it described none of the features we had or even where to look for them in the fridge. I called Whirlpool Customer Service who said it was a generic manual. So I ask why would a consumer pay over $1300. for a fridge that had an inappropriate manual? They didn't really care or have answers other than to tell me our fridge had none of the items mentioned in the manual. Then I was transferred to "someone who could help" which turned out to be the wrong person. I am disappointed with Whirlpool for sure. Buyer beware!

Oct 01, 2019

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