Whirlpool Corporation / local bid joinville and manaus - brazil

Hi my name is Eduardo writing from Brazil regarding a BID process from Joinville and Manaus, that our company is trying to participate since January and today we got informed from
Vitoria Lagazzi that we could not participate as we had not enough time to enter the process as shown on the email bellow in portuguese ( you can translate at google page) we can't admit this is happening in such a company. I have been in touch almost every month or week and she never answered us, and now she says that it was not possible. We sent all the documents asked at the time. Something is wrong with that. Sorry but we still want to participate.

Infelizmente o BID de Joinville já esta acontecendo. Peço desculpas pela demora nas respostas, estava buscando alternativas para ajuda-los. Tentei inserir vocês no processo, mas por estarmos alguns estágios antes não foi possível.

Preciso entender internamente como faço para cadastrar vocês para estarem aptos para os próximos projetos. Entrarei em contato em breve para trazer mais informações.

Dúvidas fico à disposição!

Thank you very much for your time and consideration regarding this matter
Looking forward hearing from you

Eduardo Pareto
+55 11 [protected]
email- [protected]

Sep 09, 2019

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