Whataburgerwacky pack grilled cheese

I buy at least two wacky pack grill cheese every single day and have for many years. I have two children with autism and that is their staple diet. I'm not one to complain, but multiple times my children (range from 7 to 12) have received white, soggy, wet bread that clearly has not been cooked. The bread has not even been toasted. Absolutely disgusting. Look up my name and all my transactions - I have spent thousand of dollars with your company. My children deserve decent food.
The service at most of the sonics i've been to is horrible to say the least. And for goodness sake, change your grease. Everything, including your beverages taste like grease. Whataburger makes an outstanding grill cheese and less expensive. I would be glad to frequent them more than I do. (they are 20 miles from my home or I would)
The sonic in oologah, oklahoma allows shirtless, shoeless and sleeveless hairy armpit men and women to walk right into the area where food is prepared. Putrid!
I don't care if someone works there or not. You represent the company on and off the clock. Not to mention, i'm sure there is a health code violation somewhere in that scenario. Absolutely trashy!
Do something about it. I'd rather drive an hour one way somewhere else than to give this establishment anymore of my business.

Oct 10, 2019

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