Whataburgerservice and new manager

J Nov 09, 2018

i have been going to whataburger for over 30 years, lately it has been pretty much going every morning. today i was turned away from the whataburger on eastchase parkway and i-30 in fort worth tx because they were cleaning. WJHAT? i have been in whataburger many times while they were cleaning. generally i arrive at whataburger between 4:30 and 5:30 am and this has never happened. i have been in there many times when they were mopping making tea, etc. i believe this is the product of the new manager that you moved from the location on brentwood stair rd and i-30 . this store is about 2 blocks from my home. the manager you moved from there to eastchase parkway was very slow and at different times it tooks 6-10inutes for her to take the orders. when i got to the window she seemed completely out of it. so i started going to eastchase parkway.now she is there and she is very unfriendly. she will never say you are welcome when you thank her. she sometimes does not put the orders on the screen and i have been asked up to 3 times what i ordered. she trys to do too much at one time and if i order tea and they are behind the counter she gives you the cup and walks off. she very seldom fills the cup and i have to ask another employee. she does not believe that the customer comes first. she gets very upset if you have to correct her, which i have done. i have been in there so much ordering the same thing that if she gets the order wrong or forgets something i corrrect her because i know the price of what my orders should be. it can be read on her face that she doesn't like it. you have a problem at this whataburger and i hope you can correct it. i don't know if i will go back or not. but to be turned away from a restaurant after going practically everday is soomething that has never happened to me at whataburger. i believe she is ruining your business as i was pulling out of the parking lot someone who went through the drive thru was apparently told the same thing.. good luck with this one. [protected] 5:02am

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