Whataburgermanager kat

C Sep 10, 2018

My daughter is an employee at Grissom. She was not feeling well and had tried to call in, but Kat the manager threatened her job if she did not come to work. We have 3 individuals sick in the house with the flu. about 2 hours later it started to pour rain outside, we live in an apt and have to park far, so I called to let them know that my daughter will not be coming into work tonight. So she threatened me and tells me she will be writing her up as a no call no show. I asked why and she said because she did not call 4 hours in advance. Every time I tried to talk to her after that she would yell at me saying "I don't Care", she must of said it at least 5 times. How unprofessional is this of a so called manager to act like a child. I did the courtesy of calling at least give me the respect to listen. She was extremely RUDE. How is it that you can even have an individual of this character to work for your company. This does not make you look good. This is not the first time I have seen or heard her be rude to people. She has a yelling problem. She speaks to the employees as if they are dogs. She yells at them horribly. She also speaks to customers in this manner. As a corporate office, you should watch this employee and choose a little more wisely as to who you have as a manager. Thank You for your time. God Bless!!

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