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P Jul 18, 2019

Reservation /Confirmation Code KOFWZQ Patseta Bennett Ticket #[protected] issued June 11. 2019 Frequent Flyer #WS285658030

2019/ 7/14, 11:06 AM
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On June 30/2019 I was checking in at LAX for my return flight to Toronto (YYZ). The West Jet representative I encountered was unprofessional, his tone and the way he spoke to me was extremely condescending, he was disrespectful, and treated me as if I was an insignificant object standing before him. After weighing my luggage, he advised that one piece was overweight, so I removed the 1.5lbs and gave it to my sister to take home. He then said to me "are you sure she is going to take it home because that bag over there, it is your carry-on luggage right".
I replied yes, it is "well that will have to be checked in because it seems to be overweight and its too bulky, plus you have that bag and the one around your shoulder so that is 3 pieces of luggage'". I replied and said, "this cross-body bag on my shoulder just has my wallet and my travel documents and when we are done here it will go in my handbag". "Oh well, "as I said before that piece of luggage will need to be checked on" referring to my carryon. At this point I was feeling anxious, disrespected so I asked him "why are you targeting me, why are you picking on me, I have anxiety flying and you are making me extremely anxious and you are elevating my blood pressure, please stop this embarrassment. Do you have a problem with me because I'm black and I'm seated in Seat 1A and you think I don't deserve to be seated there? Do you think I'm going to become belligerent and start acting out so that I can lose my opportunity to fly home tonight, well, sorry I'm not that kind of person so please stop harassing me"? I mentioned, "this is my six (6) flight with West Jet in less than a year to the US and the Caribbean and never have I felt so harassed and humiliated". At this point he grabbed a box from behind the counter and jumped over the counter and put it over my carryon luggage and the box fell over the luggage to the ground. He picked the box up with a huff and jumped back over the counter. At this point, I noticed that his teammates were trying not to look at the spectacle that was happening.
The representative then walked away from the counter went to speak with another agent and left me standing there without my passport, my seat assignment or my claim tickets for the two pieces of luggage that was checked in. After waiting for a few minutes, I walked over to another agent and asked her "please get my documents for me" which she did. The most disdainful part of this issue is I had to check in at Terminal 2, but the flight leaves out of Terminal 3 and no one bothered to inform me of this. I went upstairs to security and they told me to go to Terminal 3 which was a 3 minutes walk. Thankfully, my sister was still there, and she drove me over. I went to LA to attend my mother-in-law's funeral and to be honest this experience have me thinking that West Jet or any one of your affiliated counterparts may be one of the last airline I'll be traveling on and I will advise my families and friends to think hard before spending their hard earn cash to be humiliated and demoralized because of the colour of your skin. No amount of money or apologies can be enough compensation when you strip me of my integrity and dignity. However, after spending over $1, 000.00 to pay my final respect to my mother-in-law I strongly feel that I should be compensated for the indignities and humiliation I experienced at the hands of your West Jet employee.
Please start enrolling your agents in some diversity training they need it. And again, please teach them than if minorities don't use your Airlines, they won't have a job. So please show respect and professionalism to the people who choose to fly with West Jet!!
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