WestJet Airlinesno hotel compensation for horrible flight delay

S Jul 23, 2019

Westjet reservation code: krorbi

I am writing to address my concern and request for compensation from westjet airline. I booked my flights through westjet on june 1, 2019, to fly from calgary, ab canada, to richmond, va usa; westjet put me and my husband on delta airline for the flights between atlanta, va, to richmond, va. the problem we had happened on july 17, 2019. our flight from richmond to atlanta, which westjet had put us on a delta plane, was not able to land at atlanta airport because of a storm there. our 1 hour 45 minutes flight turned into a 4 hour 45 minutes flight, and because of this, we missed our plane back to calgary on july 17, 2019. after lining up for two and a half hours at the concourse in atlanta airport to talk to a delta airline agent, she helped us re-booked the next flight back to calgary on july 18, 2019; however, when I asked her about any compensation for hotel to stay overnight in atlanta, she said that all the hotel compensation/allowance had run out. my husband and I ended up having to find our own hotel in a city that we did not know, and we found a hotel, which was the dirtiest and most dingy we had ever stayed, for us$69.81. this experience with the flights and having no compensation for hotels from westjet was horrible. I believe that westjet should compensate for our hotel cost, or westjet should help us get the compensation from delta for our hotel cost, as I booked all these flights through westjet.
I look forward to westjet's reply. thanks.

Sau fan brocke

no hotel compensation for horrible flight delay
no hotel compensation for horrible flight delay
no hotel compensation for horrible flight delay

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