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+27 861 922 677 (Business Finance)
+27 861 233 233 (Fleet Card Queries)
+27 861 474 355 (Shell Fuel Card)
+27 861 102 090 (Managed Maintenance)
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WesBank Complaints & Reviews

Wesbankunethical behaviour

Three weeks back the arears dept of wesbank came to our house to collect my late sisters vehicle, the vehicle which we the family have been asking for its settlement amount b ut to no avail, as we were not given the figures.Fortunately for us we managed to know th settlement amount and we paid it in full. When we went back to the storage to take back the vehicle we were chased away, they said that we were not to go there without beung informed by them .Up until now there is no response from them, we are still waiting .WE the next of keen of the deceased sat down and decided to keepthe car as the deceased has children therefor the vehicle has to be the legacy for her children.
WE therefore request you to RETURN THE VEHICLE

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    Wesbank — urgent!! toyota fortuner: damaged goods - wesbank to investigate and not providing any closure

    Below is a detailed account/report submitted to patience, Jacob and Tina - to date no-one from Wesbank ha...

    Wesbank Toyota Financial Services — edward shelaluke-unethical conduct, incompetent service and fraudulent representative

    I have contacted Edward Shelaluke on [protected] for the past 2 months to resolve a query of having an...


    Wesbankcar taken in my absence

    Wesbank collection agents came and take my car in my absence and was told they carelessly pulled my car, I am now receiving a message that they valued the car R120000 of which they demanded R800 000 from me.

    All my personal stuff including my working equipments are inside the car as I have been moving around from different provinces with work.

    It is clear that they already have a buyer for my car hence such low values.

    Please advise as I was also told the collectors harassed my sister and were very rude, when she called the police they made it a point that they runaway immediately

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      Wesbank, Direct Axis — harassment from wesbank and direct axis

      Good morning. Please help me to stop wesbank and direct axis from harassing me with unsolicited emails and...


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      Wesbankvehicle finance

      I have had the worse service with Wesbank. I bought a car ford focus in 2014 October and it was financed by Wesbank. At the time I was happy until I missed 3 payments when I dot into financial difficulties this year. they fetched my car a 2 weeks ago on the 27th March 2018. I was told to phone the wesbank lawyers if I want to negotiate any payment terms. I have been doing back and forth for the past two weeks but no response from the lawyers to whcih they responded twice to my (4 emails that I sent) and said they are still waiting for their client which is wesbank for further instructions.

      I then contacted wesbank directly and was told they are waiting for their lawyers. but they think the car will be sold even if I'm willing to pay all the arrears and bring my account to date, they are not interested.

      so Wesbank will get the car, sell, the car and I have to pay whatever is left plus legal costs and on top of that I wont have a car but webank will have all their money. they wont even give second chances nothing.

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        Wesbankchevrolet utility 1.4 sport p/u s/c

        My account no. is [protected]
        I bought this vehicle from Wynberg Used cars in March 2017.
        I am in the process of trading this Vehicle in for a new Vehicle and it has been brought to our attention by Thorp Chevrolet that according to the Vin No. this Vehicle is a Chevrolet Utility Base and not a Chevrolet Utility Sport as you have registered it with Wesbank. Because of this the trade in is much less than it should be and there is a delay now with the new Dealer. If I would to be in an accident my Insurance would not be able to pay out the claim as the information and registration of the Model does not correspond. Please fix this immediately and come back to me in this regard as I need to confirm with the Dealer.

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          Wesbank — I am complaining about illegal summons and legal costs that needs to be removed from my accounts

          Last year 2017 was a financialy bad year for me. In August I went in to Wesbank head office in Randburg to...

          Wesbankunethical behaviour

          I logged a request to change my payment date from the 1st to the 25th of Feb on the 27th of January 2018 as per your online instructions, 5 days before the time. I Then received two message from you to confirm status "Worked" on Monday the 29th of January. Still you took money on the 2nd of February from my account and when I phoned in the lady on the other side said that she cannot explain what went wrong but that she cannot unfortunately help me. Now it shows I missed a payment but this is not my mistake as they were delayed with actions. Now a dept collector sends me an invoice.
          When I phoned Wesbank they confirmed all was in order for the 25th .
          Shockingly poor serve.

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            My credit profile shows an amount of R490 outstanding on my loan. According to my knowledge the loan is paid up. My credit rating has been adversely affect by this apparent outstanding amount. Please update the account at the credit bureau. Currently i am unable to apply for credit because of this R490 that shows on my credit profile.

            I am hoping for a positive response

            Thank you

            J Meyer
            id [protected]
            CELL [protected]

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              Wesbank — arrangements

              I send an email to Wesbank on the 20th of November requesting the proof that my account with Wesbank is in...

              Wesbankaccount in arrears

              I received a private call from one of your consultants today. She was extremely unprofessional and arrogant. She told me that the call is being recorded, but the thing that made me most angry was the fact that she spoke while I was speaking and that she threatend me (financially). I am extremely unhappy with the service I have been receiving. I will never recommend Wesbank to anyone. Apparently I am in arrears with my vehicle, which I have been paying each and every month since 2014. DUE TO LOW CASH FLOW. I went under debt review in 2015, which Wesbank quickly accepted. Now all of a sudden I am being told, that Wesbank has the right to insure their vehicles (so insure your vehicles at Wesbanks own costs) and that my debt review account is going to be terminated if I do not pay the accounts arreas. How could insurance be included (when they already agreed to the payment methods through summits) by Wesbank into my account without my knowledge (send me the documentation papers which I signed were as I acknowledged that Wesbank could include insurance at anytime, like Wesbank is trying to do now) and I have been asking for the documentation which I signed were as they made me aware of this? Firstly I will not be forced to take out insurance which I could not afford. I still made sure payments are made on the vehicle every month since 2014. According to my knowledge if insurance is not paid for 3 consecutive months it falls away and it stays my decision to have insurance of not. 2019 is supposed to be the final year of payments to Wesbank on the vehicle they financed. I cannot afford insurance at this time. I AM UNDER DEBT REVIEW FOR A REASON, CASH FLOW IS LOW.

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                Wesbankpoor service

                I have applied for vehicle finance (private sale) through my business (Sew Kool CC) The reference number is PPT66904L. I received an e-mail on 30/11/2017, informing me that my finance has been approved. I signed the quotation and sent through to Wesbank along with ALL relevant documents on THE SAME DAY. On 06/12/17 I e-mailed the lady to find out what is happening. On 07/12/17 she deleted my e-mail WITHOUT reading it. I then sent her another e-mail and told her just how unhappy I was with Wesbank's service and that she needs to tell me why the seller has not been contacted yet AFTER SIX working days. On the same day she contacted the seller and he sent all documents to her on 08/12/17. I have now been sending her e-mails for the past two days with NO reply and so has the seller. I phoned and after I spent about an hour on the phone and being transferred from department to department, I get told that the lad is on sick leave!! I can unfortunately NOT accept this, someone needs to tell me HOW LONG I am still going to wait to get this matter resolved. Myself and my business are long-standing excellent clients of Wesbank, but this deal has dissappointed me immensely. It would be appreciated if I could get feedback as soon as possible. If not, I am going to take this matter to the highest authorities.

                Margaret-Ann Alberts
                I.D. No: [protected] 8

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                  Wesbank — unethical behaviour

                  I received a call from one of your consultants yesterday at about 17.35. He was extremely rude with me. I am...


                  Wesbank — vehicle finance

                  I know there was a ruling against Wesbank by the Competition Commission earlier this year about Vehicle...


                  Wesbankunprofessional customer service

                  See e-mail sent to Dorcas Makoena dd 18 Oct 2017 below :

                  Dear Dorcas,

                  Thank you for your e-mail.

                  Our telecom of Friday the 13th October refers. I asked for the below periods and have not decided which one to go for and I was considering an deposit to bring the amount down.

                  I have in the meantime received sms’s from your Company re iContract for account number [protected], Pin 547……., Expires 2017-10-18 login to www.wesnank.co.za ????
                  Firstly I have no account as I have not signed /agreed to this as yet. I also told you that I will be travelling to P.E and I could not access the details .

                  And another sms. Was sent as follows ; Wesbank Leisure Finance will send you a new OTP PIN during business hours once the amendments you have requested have been made ???

                  I have not requested amendments as I have not seen the proposed contract and I told you your interest rates were too HIGH. Also see my e-mail when I told you so when I referred to another Financier. I still have not received the OTP PIN so I cannot access the details. I also asked you to send further details per e-mail to me.

                  Please take note : I am a potential client/person and not just an robot that must accept what you send me. What happened to customer service ? You also informed the Supplier prior to talking to me about the “approval” … this is not acceptable.

                  Both the Supplier and myself have been kept at bay on this and I am very unhappy about the state of matters with my request.

                  In the light of the above details I have decided to call it a day with Wesbank and will not make use of your organisation any longer as this has also been going on for too long after “approval” by yourselves.

                  Also take note that I will be lodging a complaint to your Head Office.

                  Thank you.


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                    Wesbankcar finance

                    the 06 october 2017 i received a call from someone who told me that he is a debt collector from wesbank. He told me he was instructed by the bank to collect the 15000 from me or collect the car is there is no money. I requested him to call back. The i phoned back i told him that i cannot find the money but i can only pay the whole amount on the 25 october 2017, he told that he will speak to the bank and call me again on monday about the bank decision, today 10 october 2017 someone else phoned me with this number +[protected], and she demanded me to pay 15000 or drive the car back to the bank and requested her to make an arrangement with her that i will pay the full amount on the 25 october 2017 and she told me that it will late by then, she wants the car as soon as possible, i told her that i cannot drive the car it was involved in a accident im still fixing it and the car is with pannel beaters. The lady was very rude, she even failed to listen on what ever i was saying. The question is if the bank takes the car and i will pay again on the 25 to get my car back who will be responsible for transporting it back and forth?

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                      Wesbankthey never added life insurance on the car that was bought

                      Account number: [protected] - Life Insurance
                      My husband bought a Diahatsu Terios 2010 and we got a loan for the car from Wesbank.
                      He passed away on 10 October 2014 and I had to find out that there were no live insurance on the car.
                      They came and collected the car and my Estate has been going on for 3 years now.
                      Can someone just help me answer this one question. How could we get a loan from Wesbank without live insurance.

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                        Wesbank — debit order didn't go through

                        Wesbank didn't debit the owed amount on the 22 August 2017. I called them on the 26 August 2017 and I wa...


                        Wesbank — written off amount

                        Good day I have a uno mia financed through Wesbank. In 2011 I lost my job and made a lump sum payment onto...


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