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WesBank Complaints & Reviews

Wesbank — wesbank

i bought a car in 2015, I applied for Debt review then lost my job so i had to stop that. i am working now and i contacted Wesbank to make payment arrangement. i understand the account has been restructured, in 2018 i lost my Job and then my wife filed for divorce. outstanding balance...

Banks  · Oct 24, 2019

Wesbank — corrupt car deal

I purchased a car in 2017. Before I collected the car, a male Wesbank agent insisted I sign the contract on Saturday when I was at Maponya mall shopping with my family. He promised to send me a copy on Monday morning. I signed a contract stating the car is R120k and my installment wa...

Business & Finances  · Oct 22, 2019

Wesbank — conned by west bank

We paid a vehicle for 4years for R187.000.Wesbank gave us an insurance without any signing of any documentation. Our car was stolen for only 2months and Insurance paid only R55.000 and we never got any cent from the insurance.Now Wesbank does not want to reopen our account. We felt ripped...

Banks  · Oct 09, 2019

Wesbank — refund for duplicate registration papers

From: Proxy Hub (Wesbank) [mailto:[protected]] Sent: 13 June 2019 01:59 PM To: [protected] Subject: FW: DUPLICATE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE - ISABEAU JOUBERT A/C NO [protected] - [External Email] (CID:rnh6jjkqx9vqxbzjhk) Good day, Thank you for your email. Please...

Banks  · Oct 03, 2019

Wesbank — poor online service from wesbank

We were asked to complete an online application to refinance our balloon payment - needless to say that no one at the call center is willing to assist - only refer us to the online system which is pathetic to say the least - we have tried 25 times just to get an OTP code and then once we...

Banks  · Oct 03, 2019

Wesbank — complaint

Good Day We have been paying every month but have been handed over and are being harassed by your collection agencies . I sent all proof of payments as requested and in return asked for the statements which is not being sent but we received a statement of a Mr Moloi Ref [protected], who owe...

Collections Agencies  · Oct 02, 2019

Wesbank — poor service

In August my debit order was returned, 1st time ever, however Wesbank made no effort to call me (your client) to find out what happened. However I get called from Blake & ass. I am not their client and would have appreciated if Wesbank made an effort in calling me to resolve the issue first. I...

Other  · Oct 02, 2019

Wesbank — car

I mr mokuwe m. Id no. [protected] hereby wish to register my complaint regarding the said vehicle. Since I bought the vehicle in 2014 I have been committed to honor my payment as per contract. I regrettably find it very unfair for me to be subjected to legal processes without my notification. You are therefore instructed to remove judgement against me.

Auctions  · Sep 23, 2019

Wesbank — missing / unknown whereabouts of my car ownership documents, dispatched by your couriers -

I have sent now more than 6 emails, and have made 3 phonecalls, I am still sitting with no resolve from wesbank on where my documents are, documents that you confirm you dispatched on 14th july, that you have no clue where they are and somehow in the last 3 days (as I spoke to you last on...

Auto Insurance & Loan  · Sep 19, 2019

Wesbank — poor customer service

Hi I am irritate with the customer service I received from the refinance department. I have been a client for the past 7 years and have had an excellent payment history with your bank. My vehicle loan agreement came to an end in April and I was not contacted by anyone from the bank nor did...

Banks  · Sep 17, 2019

Wesbank — collections agent

I have been visited in Port Elizabeth by a very rude, arrogant man with the name of Lunga . He said to me thats his name and he is from wesbank . I was surprised as I requested a settlement on my vehicle 2 days ago . He couldn't identify himself in full . His full names i had to get from...

Wesbank — motor finance

I have a complaint i would like to formally raise with yourselves for resolution. Years ago i applied for debt review, paid my installments then i was without a job for a few months, in this time i fought to keep my car that is financed by wesbank, then communications with beeld and...

Banks  · Aug 07, 2019

Wesbank — a vehicle which was financed by wesbank in 2008

2007 HDI PEUGEOT 207 was financed for R193K according to my statements I had already paid off the contractual amount and I was left with the residual of R35k. I could not refinance the residual amount as I was unemployed at the time however I was willing to negotiate repaying the amount...

Collections Agencies  · Jul 16, 2019

Wesbank — service delivery and information

On the 23rd of April 2019 I made a payment transfer while I was speaking to one of your representatives at approximately 12:00 where I was told to make the payment into the account and the money would have been deducted from the capital amount owed to you for my car loan, where it is ha...

Loans  · Jun 28, 2019

Wesbank — motor dealer and finance house involved

Clifford hage - the owner of honsha financial services purchased a 2012 ford focud 2.0 trend powershift from action motors in lenasia which is on finance with wesbank - confirmation of cover for the vehicle was 20/11/2018. Since then, there has been alot of problems with the vehicle which...

Car Dealers  · Mar 04, 2019

Wesbank — car finance declined

Good day, I would like to ask for assistance in resolving a matter that I believe is on the onus of the Debt Collector Diane Karam from Debtcor Pty Ltd - 1 Floor Oak Place, 264 Oak Avenue, Ferndale, 2194, Randburg [protected]), diane. [protected] A settlement amount of...

Credit Report Websites  · Feb 11, 2019

Wesbank — private finance and car registration

Please advice, guide or assist me!! We bought a car last year Oct through private finance at Wesbank. 4 months later, the car is still not registered at Wesbank. We are still not the owners of the car and Wesbank is still not the title holders of the car... We have paid 3 payments to Wesbank...

Equipment Leasing & Financing  · Jan 30, 2019

Wesbank — car finance

I'm not sure whether my case is an exception or is the way Westbank does business. I was financed with Westbank in October of 2016 when I bought a car. Unfortunately I lost my job following the purchase of a new car. With the hope that I was going to secure a job soon and get back to my...

Business & Finances  · Dec 09, 2018

Wesbank — service

I received car finance from Westbank and when I bought my car I was told that my last payment is the 7 August 2018 then it was extended due to arreas to 07 November 2018. I don't get statements anymore every time I must send email to Melita Cloete to receive one and what I am getting from...

Collections Agencies  · Dec 08, 2018

Wesbank — service plan refund

In January, I cancelled service plan with 360 Plus of which they confirmed. I then contacted Liquid Finance as directed by the above mentioned company to ask them to stop deducting the money from my car instalment, they confirmed that they paid the amount of R6732.62 on 22 March 2018 to...

Banks  · Dec 03, 2018

Wesbank — requesting a copy of a natus document

On 27 September 2018 i have requested by phone and email for a copy of the NATUS document because the original doc got lost. I send the proof of payment on 27/09/18. On 05/10/18 Wesbank send me an email to request the physical address for delivery of this document, and i replied by email on the...

Banks  · Oct 31, 2018

Wesbank — vehicle finance

Hi, my vehicle written off and i was given a period of time to pay the vehicle. The person who is handling my account is Conie, the problem is i can't find her because she is not answering her phone. My name is Nkosana T Mabhena. ID [protected] and it is under Newlook Projects Maintenance...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Oct 18, 2018

[Resolved] Wesbank — finance application

I'm 2016 I bought a car financed through VWFS by WesBank, in June 2018 this year my car got written off. The insurance company paid what was due to them; unfortunately I had insured it on market value (bad idea). The difference was however covered (not entirely also) by IUA (think it'...

Equipment Leasing & Financing  · Oct 10, 2018

Wesbank — collection services, I required the outstanding balance.

I made a call earlier today on behalf of my mother in law. I am an attorney by profession. She informs me that she received a call for repossession of her vehicle. The reason for my call was to find out the outstanding amount and as to how much should be paid to avoid the repossession. The...

Collections Agencies  · Sep 11, 2018

Wesbank — been declined for finance..

28/08/2018 cjb deklerk [protected] try to get finance for a vechile a long time client off fact I have stil have l a caravan that is finance by wesbank..I am going to pay it next days.. I am finish with the way I was treated today finance decline...I try to phone and...

Loans  · Aug 28, 2018

Wesbank — needing information from wesbank and being transferred to 100 different departments

I am an attorney, who is representing the Executor of a deceased estated known as E/L Mkhize. The account number with Wesbank is [protected]. The deceased died in 2013 and there was still an amount outstanding on the Land Rover financed with Wesbank. Then Mr Mbele took the Land Rover...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Aug 23, 2018

Wesbank — unlawful repossession of a vehicle

Wesbank repossessed my Late Father's Volkwagen Crafter unlawfully and Forcefully. The people came to our house and threatened my mother (Paulina Ledile Sekele of ID: [protected]) with Towing of the vehicle or she could Sign documents that states that Wesbank will keep the Vehicle in Safe...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Aug 14, 2018

Wesbank — finance

I had a car that was financed at wesbank. the car was written off in a accident and my insurance paid out for the car but there was a shortfall. i phoned in and was given 2 options of paying this shortfall no1 is to continue paying as i did monthly or no 2 was to pay 50% of my original...

Banks  · Aug 08, 2018

Wesbank — unfair payment of car finance

I received car finance from Westbank and when I bought my car I was told that my last payment is the 31st August 2018. I recently received an email which was sent through to Westbank saying that I would be in debt for R50 000 which needs to be paid to the bank or my car would've to be...

Banks  · Jul 28, 2018

Wesbank — restructuring deal/ or extension of payment period

Good day It is with my humblest approach to be witting this letter to you. I have been trying to contact wesbank about this matter on several occasions and I have not received any satisfactory reply as far as my plea is concerned. I am going to present a brief scenario of what had transpired...

Car Dealers  · Jul 03, 2018

Wesbank — cbr1000rr

Wesbankgood day. I Bought this motorbike by KCR in Kempton Park on the 25th of Mei. I live in Cape Town so I flew up to collect the motorbike and i drove all the way down. i wanted to sell this bike cause i can make a profit from it, but now seeing the problems on it i will not be able to sell...

Motorcycles & Scooters  · Jun 01, 2018

Wesbank — application gone wrong / rude arrogant customer and pathetic service

​dear all Please sort your pathetic mess out which is as follows : Direct axis part of the first rand group - had me listed on the bad risk profile and forgot to update my risk profile when I settled my account in 2011. Please forward a letter dated today the 28 may 2018 of the mistake...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · May 28, 2018

Wesbank — incompetency handling financing

I find it extremely disheartening that the only way to get some form of response from this company is to blast it on social media or online! once again was hounded from your team to get what you needed for someone to buy my car through finance, once you got all needed documents we have NOT...

Auto Insurance & Loan  · May 13, 2018

Wesbank — bicycle financing

Wesbank suddenly rejected my application for Bicycle financing after they approved it. Their reason : they picked up that I applied for a personal loan with Absa. Obviously I did consider all my financing options and I did shop around, but I did not take the Absa loan. But even after...

Loans  · May 09, 2018

Wesbank — unethical behaviour

Three weeks back the arears dept of wesbank came to our house to collect my late sisters vehicle, the vehicle which we the family have been asking for its settlement amount b ut to no avail, as we were not given the figures.Fortunately for us we managed to know th settlement amount and we...

Collections Agencies  · May 05, 2018

Wesbank — urgent!! toyota fortuner: damaged goods - wesbank to investigate and not providing any closure

Below is a detailed account/report submitted to patience, Jacob and Tina - to date no-one from Wesbank has given me closure, yet my premiums are being debited each and every month. I have provided all the dealership's details and because this specific dealer is also a client of...

Business & Finances  · Apr 26, 2018

Wesbank Toyota Financial Services — edward shelaluke-unethical conduct, incompetent service and fraudulent representative

I have contacted Edward Shelaluke on [protected] for the past 2 months to resolve a query of having an insurance accrued to my account refunded as its not part of the contract. After struggling to resolve this over 2 months, the tasking is still incomplete and when I informed Edward Shelaluke...

Auto Insurance & Loan  · Apr 25, 2018

Wesbank — car taken in my absence

Wesbank collection agents came and take my car in my absence and was told they carelessly pulled my car, I am now receiving a message that they valued the car R120000 of which they demanded R800 000 from me. All my personal stuff including my working equipments are inside the car as I have...

Auto Insurance & Loan  · Apr 23, 2018

Wesbank, Direct Axis — harassment from wesbank and direct axis

Good morning. Please help me to stop wesbank and direct axis from harassing me with unsolicited emails and sms's. I have tried numerous times to opt out and to stop them from sending me emails. This is a copy of the email I sent to them last week - and today I get another email form...

Business & Finances  · Apr 16, 2018

Wesbank — vehicle finance

I have had the worse service with Wesbank. I bought a car ford focus in 2014 October and it was financed by Wesbank. At the time I was happy until I missed 3 payments when I dot into financial difficulties this year. they fetched my car a 2 weeks ago on the 27th March 2018. I was told to...

Banks  · Apr 14, 2018