Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companyextremely long wait time

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The employees at the Wendy's in Westerly, RI are literal [censor]. Everytime I go through the drive through, EVERY TIME, no matter I'd there is 1 car in the parking lot or 5, I am told "We'll be right with you." And I am forced to wait at least 5 minutes, sometimes more, for them to take my order. I've worked fast food for 4 years. There is absolutely no need to put customers on hold for that long, and there is absolutely no need to put customers on hold that often. I can understand if they are slamming busy, but that Wendy's never is for obvious reasons. Worst fast food place I've ever been to in my life and I'm boycotting that particular Wendy's. Absolutely ridiculous. It needs to be fixed. They need to realize that working fast food is not that big of a chore.


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      Oct 19, 2017

    My Wendys was slow to & my fry's cold n they not nice to ppl n I got screwed at end plus they let ketchup all over floor some ppl need there a**ed Fired

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