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order inaccuracy and customer service

I had been a loyal long time customer of the wendy's close to where my mother lives until they began consistently giving me the wrong order or shorting me on sauces and dressings that come with my order. Then recently while at my mom's she asked if I would get her one of their new salads, so I did. I ordered inside the store and noted that the cashier/order taker, kept asking me "is that all" after every item I ordered. Now, when I was younger I worked fast food and back in the day we were told to wait until the customer was throuh giving their order and then ask "Will there be anything else?" I thought that Wendy's wanted to keep customers provide a good product and customer service...but, I guess I've been wrong. But, they did get my order right and my mom was delighted with her salad so, no complaints there. On my next visit to Wendy's I ordered a salad again through the drive through. Returned home with the order and there was no dressing for the salad! I drove the short distance back to the store to get the missing dressing, meanwhile my order is getting cold. I went inside and asked to speak to the manager. I told the manager on duty that I had stopped patronizing their store in the past because of their problems with order inaccuracy and shortages. I also told her that the only time that they seem to be able to get my order correct is if I order inside where I can watch them prepare my order. She asked when I had placed my order and I told her less than 10 minutes ago. She responded "Oh I was in the restroom then" My response was "So, are you saying that your staff can't provide your customers with ALL of their order unless you are there to supervise them?" No response from her and she turned and walked away! I don't understand what Wendy's is doing at their corporate offices, (which are just on the other side of town) when it comes to training their managers but, I know it's wrong! I also know that I will not be visiting that store and possibly all of their stores again. Which, is a loss for them because generally when I make a stop there my order comes to no less than $40-$50 most of the time, because were feeding 5-7 people at a time.

  • Jr
    Jrz011 Oct 24, 2010

    Just went through the drive thru and they didn't give me one of my nuggets, so after driving all the way home and finding this out I drove back and found out that they also gave me the wrong receipt when I tried to show them I had purchased nuggets! Bad experience at Wendys today!! Especially when the manager is trying to prove you wrong when your not!!

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food poisoning

My girlfriend and I recently enjoyed a holiday in the Dominican Republic. When we were returning home my girlfriend Diane had a single cheeseburger with fries at the Wendy's Restaurant at Punta Cana airport. My girlfriend Diane, only ate half the burger because she thought it didn't taste right. 4 hours into the flight my girlfriend developed food poisoning symptoms (stomach cramps, vomiting & diaorrhea). Upon landing at Manchester airport in the UK, Diane ended up in the local hospital, where it was confirmed that she did indeed have food poisoning. The Wendy's at Punta Cana airport was the only place that Diane ate and I didn't during the entire holiday. I did not suffer any effects of food poisoning. Diane ate the suspect burger on the 8th July and is still feeling the effects (today being the 26th). I tried complaining to Wendy's on their website, but unless the restaurant is in the US, Canada or El Salvador you cannot make a complaint.

  • Le
    leigh7ray Apr 22, 2009

    My husband and I go food at the drive through at this Wendys and had ordered my 5yr old son a cheese burger! luckily my son asked why the burger he was eating was PINK to notice that the burger was completely RAW! This is utterly disgusting. I wiah there was something I could do!

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  • JerryTurner Aug 10, 2009

    Some people (including my wife) consider raw meat a delicacy.

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  • Sh
    sharon corrigans Nov 13, 2010

    we have gone to wendy's for the last time. the buns are horrible. too thick!! the burger was only luke warm. this is the first time i have ordered a burger in about 7 years. still the same..bad...

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  • Ma
    mariuszg May 15, 2012

    I am researching that too now. 5/14/2012 at wendys, airport, puntacana, I had ultimate chicken that day, with a few nuggets. 16 h later I wake up and run to restroom. Watery waste, already twice. Fever, and muscle pain. Anyone else?

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sour milk

I am 8 months pregnant and I stopped at wendys for a chocolate frosty shake, It was hot outside and I wa...


I ordered a #1 with mayo and ketcup only, with a coke to drink..at the
drive-thru..when I got home I had a #1 with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and 9 pickles..but not one drop of mayo or ketcup...the fries
were stone cold...as I was about to pull off, I realized I had no drink..
this store constantly has poor service, they never seem to have chocolate frosty..

my dad had to wait in line for 15 minutes

Wendy's when my dad went to your fast food restauant to get 3 hamburgers, 1 diet coke, 2 dr.pepper's and 3 frie's.When he came home the hamburgers were cold the drinks were watered down and the frie's were also cold.So he got mad and he was in a bad mood.So I will Never eat Wendy's again.So Wendy's what do you have to say for yourself.So next time try harder and don't make my dad have to wait in line for 15 mins. again.

  • Du
    Durand Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Also might be a good idea for your father to check his food before leaving to make sure that not only they have the right food in the bag, but to be sure it's hot.

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  • Dr
    drmoses Jan 17, 2011

    They could just under cook it. That would solve your problem. This complaint is terrible because its not like the Wedny's people were in the back playing checkers while you waited. They have to cook the meat for a certain amount of time to prevent you from eating under cooked food and getting sick.

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very dirty with hundreds of flies touching you while you try to eat

i love to go eat at wendy's from time to time especially when they used to have the all you can eat chili on wednesdays way back when...i was thrilled to learn it had returned after a few years but had moved the day to sunday just this past month...i usually eat 2 bowls of the yummy chili even though i could eat more...i went for 2 sundays in a row and was eager to visit the next sunday which couldnt come fast enough for me...well i missed it due to other things that came up so i didnt make it...now i cant wait till the next sunday to go in and enjoy...sunday came and i went in ordered my meal and while waiting for my order noticed flies kept touching me at the counter...they gave me my order and i went to sit down and started to eat when a fly almost flew in my mouth! how gross then more flies started trying to land on my food and touching me on my legs (i had on shorts due to the heat) my face and arms...i grabbed some napkins and started to wave them around shooing the flies after finally getting my first bowl ate i went and asked for a second bowl and also asked for a lid to take it with me due to the fly infestation i didnt want to keep shooing the flies away while i ate...they said you can't take it with you it has to be here and i said well i am not going to sit there and let the flies eat me and my food and asked why are they so bad in here they said they sprayed and sprayed but it was evident it wasnt working the floors were nasty and sticky adding to the problem i wonder what its like behind the counter if its that dirty in the dining area the management was very rude and acted like it was no big deal and acted like i shouldnt be complaining about it since they couldnt help it since the doors are open and shut too much...i had been shopping all day at other places and they didnt have flies and no restaurant i had eaten at the day before had flies that i could see...i left with my second bowl of chili really depressed at how the management had acted... i called the same restaurant a few days before today which is sunday to see if they had remedied the problem so i could come in and enjoy some more chili on chili day but was answered by another manager that they couldnt control them...i asked well what are you gonna do about it hand out fly swatters or something and hung up knowing they were gonna give me a smart aleck answer...so needless to say if they cant fix the problem then they lost me as a customer and i had put the word out to all i know which is quite a few since i have lived here a long long time...i will now inform all my family and friends how awful wendy's has become and fear what i eat from there and will probably not go back unless i learn it has been cleaned and sanitized enough...i havent been to the bathrooms there either and i dont even want to think what kind of condition they are in...most of the employees look like they could be cleaned and sanitized also!

  • Th
    Threatened By flies Sep 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello to the nation of eaters of the fly infested Wendy';s corporation, in particular the location of 27th and Capitol Drive Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Attention: Now here this! While visiting a wendy's restaurant here in Milwaukee, located on 27th and Capitol Drive, these following events occurred: play the stores video if you think I'm lying! Myself and another customer while standing at the counter noticed that there wasn't anyone there to help us or take our order. As we turned left we could see that they were outside smoking???? with the door open. Soon someone came in to take our orders, as I placed the order, I paid for it and due ...02 cent only not to get it back because the cashier replied that she had requested pennies from management but never got them, as the person who was making the sandwiches was acting out of character of someone working (appearing to be high off something they were smoking) kept giggling and acting stupid,
    I noticed that he placed the meat for the burgers on the counter and walked away to get some chicken for another sandwich, while he was away Flies!!! were sitting on the damn burger, and when he came back he keptl on making that sandwich. I politely told him that I did not want that sandwich because Flies were on it and could he make me another. He responded, '''If you saw flies on the sandwich why you just now saying something" and I responded that I wanted to see the care in preparation of delivering Quality products to the consumers that frequent that Wendy's franchise. Which in my opinion ain't sh**! Someone asked him to prepare another sandwich and as he was doing so, he kept antagonizing with remarks offensive to the me and eventually took the conversation to violence as he said "I/m a grown ### man, and we can see how good you can fight" well if fighting is part of your customer service you are going to lose because your franchise does not make a burger big enough to whoop my ###, So the special sauce you are delivering needs to be retested cause it sucks.
    And the threats of your employees wlll be dealt with by my attorney.

    Yours Truly Indeed,

    Mr. B. (And that's not an initial for ###!!!)

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missing food

While driving south on 400 hwy we go to Wendys drive through restaurant for some fast food. We order 4 hamburgers with what we want on it. Employee asked us 3 times what our order was. We repeated it 3 times. We arrive at the window, pay our $19.o0 for our food order and drive away. when we go to get our food we have 3 hamburgers only. They were double cheese burgers loaded. Not only did we repeat ourselves 3 times but our order was short changed. This happened two weekends in a row. We should not have to check our order each time we receive it. Both weekends my husband was good enough to forfit his lunch. Not fair. We paid for 4 and only recieved 3. As we are on a major hwy we are unable to turn around quickly to come back and we should not have to. I would like to be reimbursed for the missing food x 2. We are pensioners and do not have alot of money and look forward to our Saturday treat out on our way home. Please follow through with this complaint.


  • We
    WENDY-MUNCHER Jun 14, 2010

    dave's dead---I think WENDY is also-----could be the family don't oversee the chain of restaurants for quality and service like the okd days----remember-----ole' DAVE ONCE CAME BACK AFTER A HEART ATTACK BECAUSE HE WANTED TO RETAIN CONTROL OVER SUCH THINGS------IT IS SO SAD THE WAY AMERICA IS GOING TO THE DOGS!!!

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  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Jun 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sure it was clearly a mistake Kevin, no one (except maybe you) would risk losing their jobs over food less than $5.

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poor customer service/food quality

Poor, poor customer service, the orders are ALWAYS wrong, food cold, the list goes on. You call the corporate office, they just say "Oh, Sorry for that" and nothing changes, nothing. They may give you a coupon, WOW that will help! I know you have seen the commercials, ever body has, now when you go in or go through the drive-thru, it is NOTHING like the commercials. Its all lies and deception to get your money! the sad thing is that they are ALL the same and making BIG money off of YOU!!

tricking into upsizing order

The woman, Judy, at the drive-thru window consistently offers me two options of drink size when I order a...

the food was absolutely terrible and the fries were warm but closer to cold

I give wendy's a bad review as I had been watching these wonderful marketing views on t.v. and finally about a month later went to go visit a new store in Daytona Beach close to I 95 and LPGA. First the guy who took my order was not totally there. When the food arrived I received this little package which was enough to feed my grandson, maybe. The food was absolutely terrible and the fries were warm but closer to cold. I tried it and more than likely will never go there as the last time I was there the salad had a rubber band in it which grossed out my better half.

  • Em
    Emission Apr 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We went to Wendys Sugarloof Parkway Lawrenceville, GA on Sat October 17 about 530-6 and only one other family in whole place. The girl kept screwing up our order. The first time the whole order and had to take eerything back and she kept getting everything wrong/ Then when we left ordered to go order and darn if she didnt screw that whole order up. Doesnt exactly make you want to trust Wendys now does it.

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I used to be a Wendy's employee. My head boss, Thien Ngyuen, treated my very unfairly. He was racist against his employeesand gave all his hours to the people he liked. He hired his wife when he was nt allowed to and he bent the rules for the people he liked. My friend who was also working with me at the time was in back talking to nother employee on her shift and one of Thien's friends who was working took out her cell phone and called Thien to tell him that she was not doin her job even though you are not allowed to have your phone on you while on the clock. He accused me for texting while on the job even though i left my cell phone in the car that day. He promised me alot of things that never cam true. I got cut hours and he said it was because we were not making enough money. I went and looked atthe time for when people are scheduled to work and five or six people had more hours than usual, some by over five more hours. Since I have not been working there i have heard from numerous employees that he was looking for a reason to get rid of me for over two months. It is unfair that a restaurant like Wendy's has to have such horrible management like that and I can assure you that I will no longer buy one more item from that establishment as long as it stays that way. He has been the worst manager that I have ever worked under.

  • Bi
    BillyThe Apr 12, 2010

    Maybe if you got some education, perhaps learned some punctuation and spelling, you wouldn't have to work at Wendy's!

    -1 Votes
  • Mi
    mikecoco396 Apr 12, 2010

    get used to being fired kid, sounds like he was pretty nice and waited a couple weeks before getting rid of your lazy ###.

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  • Za
    zaqfry Jan 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work at Wendys in Puerto Rico and let me tell you it is the same thing there, I have 4 yrs in the company and there are employees with less then six months and have more hrs then me. They care and watchout for their own natives. Puertoricians can also be rasisit against there own race, for example they might not like you if you were born and raised in the states and come to live and work on the Island. Not all are like that but their are quite a few. Since P.R. is not a state but a territory and considered USA some natives want their inedepence form the USA and they dont like Puertoricans who are born and raised in the states come to live and work in PR. Native Puertoricians on the Island are complete idiots, they dont care and have no respect for traffic laws or any respect for the saftey of other but them selves. Many Puertoricins who were born and rasied on the Island who have moved to the states realize this and they never return to live on the island because they realize the way thier own people react to this situation. I am came here to live to take care of my parents, my father died last year and now its just my mother and I but to tell the truth I am sick of this place and I am ready to go back home to the states and leave this Island that is doomed. Its sad that I feel this way about my people and my roots but itis the truth about the people of the Island, such a beautiful place but the people really ruine the Island.

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rude manager

On March 20, 2010 I went to the Wendy's Drive-Thru on Scripps Poway Parkway San Diego, CA. Placed my order at the drive-thru and drove forward to pay. The manager told me how much my order was. i was trying to get my card out to pay and again repeated the cost of my order. I was trying to put my card back in my wallet as she was trying to rush my order to me. Told her not to rush me and she stated she has other customers. I guess after you pay for an order you are no longer considered a customer. She was very RUDE and I will NEVER go back to Wendy's again. What kind of people do you hire?

  • Te
    teresa Jun 11, 2009

    I visited establishment on Thursday June 11th
    at 2:07 P.M. after picking up my son from school. We went through the drive
    thru because my son was hungry I had to repeat my order 3 times so the drive
    thru attendant could make a complete order. At that time I asked that he
    sandwiches Baconator and Double Bacon Ultimate be free of onions as
    my son is severely allergic and by eating an onion or having the juice of an
    onion he could go into antifalactic shock and possibly die. When my some reached
    in the bag to get the sandwiches out neither was labeled and he opened them to
    find onions on the sandwiches. I called the store and they said to come back
    and they would make it right. Upon returning to the restaurant I had asked to
    speak with the manger to let her know of the situation. First she tried to put the
    blame on the drive thru and then she started to blame me. As I explained she
    sort of stomped off and told the sandwich assemblers to make them how they did
    and that she did not appreciate ###’s like myself to cause her problems
    and that it was now $ 20.00 down the toilet again for me not making the correct
    order known. She then precede to tell other crew members back in the back very
    loudly that I was every name that you could imagine everything but a white
    women. When she returned to the counter after slamming my food to the counter
    top I asked her for her name and corporate number so I could call and make a
    complaint since everyone in the lobby was able to hear the filth coming from
    her mouth. She refused to tell me so I got her name from her name tag and she
    ripped a receipt from the ticker machine slammed it to the counter and said to
    call if I had a problem. As I was walking out the door she made a few more rude
    and not so professional comments to another customer and the cashier at the
    counter about my ordering skills. And said there was no way anyone could
    die from eating an onion and I was basically full of ###. I would appreciate
    if you could inform that young lady that this is not the way to treat your
    customers if you expect to have any business.

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  • Ya
    yayaya Oct 20, 2009

    i work at wendys... not longview specifically..but the baconator doesnt come with onions. lmao.

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  • Ri
    Rita james Apr 22, 2011

    I went to the wendys in whiteville Nc and saw how th manager was treating the employee, she constantly followed the woman around nagging her about what to do..everytime the worker did exactly what the manager told her to do..she continued to nag the employee, she always seemed to find something wrong with what the employee was doing..even though she had asked her to do it...I am a customer who loves to see everyone treated fairly...dave would turn over in his grave to see how your manager treated this lady...I was shocked when she just kept bothering the woman even when the woman was trying to serve other customers...things like that bother me and it makes me not even want to eat at wendys again

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  • Ke
    keyanna brown Apr 28, 2011

    I was in your establishment friday 4/22/11 and your manager Lisa doyle was very disrespectful.. between the hours of 11:15am, the store wasn't that busy while placing my order she was very RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to the employees, I watched her as she walked behind the counter to the cashier asking her to do more then one thing at one time..she was basicly talking at her and not to her..she continued to bother the cashier even as the cashier tried to serve us as customers.. I would have hated to be the one working at the store having to listen to her nag, she act as if she was a queen... on her throne wanting everyone to jump at her command..MR. Bryant if you loose any business it wont be because of lack of service, it will be becuse of your manager..if she treats the employees that way i can just imagine how she's treating paying cutomers

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rude crew member

In all my years I have never seen such rude behavior in all my life. I came to Wendy's after shoppping. The young man took my order and was very rude wen he took it. When i got to the window i wanted to finish ordering but he told me to "Hold up". His name was DeTroylous. I wanted to add on a baked potato but he said they were out. So then a young lady came up to the window to inform me they did have potatoes. I asked what her name was she said Marquita. So DeTroylous cursed in front of me because she told him they had baked potatoes.Tolando is who i wanted to talk to. I asked to speak to the manager but he said they was in the restroom. All i know was the young man was very rude and i would like the situation handled, immediately!!

  • Wa
    Warren Clark Aug 18, 2011

    High St, Columbus, OH... A little north of East North Broadway... Aug. 17, 2011 around 10:10 PM... A very crass, rude manager to confront. I wanted to take another 10 min. to finish my meal and got "kicked" out and got very verbally and almost physically abused. I'm 65 yrs. of age. Maybe you should hire a person with a bit more respect and class? Please advise.
    Thank You,
    Warren Clark

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  • Wa
    Warren Clark Aug 18, 2011

    Do something about it?

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  • Wa
    Warren Clark Aug 18, 2011

    Do somthing about it

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  • Co
    coldreality Sep 23, 2011

    to the lady in the drive thru, why did u not order your potato at the speaker? thats what u do at the speaker is order. he was propely very busy taking other orders. its rude for u to interupt him. so get over it. to the 65 year old man, what he say that was so abusive. can u please leave because we are closed? im willing to bet they were already closed for at least 10 min. how long were u there, 30 min already? i really wish people can find better things to complain about.

    0 Votes

raw chicken

I bought a spicy chicken go wrap at the Wendy's at Patrick HenryMall and bit into it and the chicken was totally RAW! I was in the bathroom most of the night- how disgusting. The potential for people getting sick from this is tremendous- if mine wasn't cooked I know there had to be other ones from that batch that were not cooked thoroughly.

Carla Davenport


Went thru drive Thru today at 1:05pm (Reg 4, 2010-03-16, 1:05pm, [protected] 4 4052, 17816 108th Ave SE Renton...


This restaurant is at I-70 in the Pilot travel center in Columbus, OH. I've seen some dirt buildup on...


Every single sandwich I've had there has given me the part of the lettuce you are supposed to throw out. It is supposed to be green and is always white and brown, its disgusting. I'd like to know who decides that its okay to do this, because this is ridiculous.

  • An
    angelwingz Mar 21, 2012

    wendys does.

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  • Po
    Polarbear54 Jul 29, 2014

    I know exactly what they mean I work there but where I work we trash the crap an buy cases from our local kroger's this is the name of the company where it comes from maybe with everyone's help they will fix this problem!

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  • Po
    Polarbear54 Jul 29, 2014

    Oh yeah the name where the lettuce comes from is called Sunsation Farms in Monterey CA

    Mailing/Physical Address:
    Sunsation Farms
    574 Cortes St.
    Suite A
    Monterey, Ca 93940

    Phone Numbers:
    Toll Free: 1-877-592-8900
    Sales: (831) 372-1123
    Sales Fax: (831) 372-1184

    Salinas (831) 422-7265
    Huron (559) 945-2254
    El Centro (760) 352-8200

    Accounting: (831) 372-1107
    Accounting Fax: (831) 372-1108

    Office Staff:
    Peter Romero Vice President of Business Development
    Jarrod Domingos Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    Raul Plascencia Sales Manager
    Albert Gomez Sales and Director of Mexico operations
    Dave Adrian General Manager
    More Contacts:
    Lisa Adrian Accounting/Grower Accounting
    Tim Klug Field Operations/Food Safety
    Bill Atkinson Cooler Operations
    George Amaral Salinas California Grower/Partner
    Carlos Amaral El Centro California Grower/Partner

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One of the employees at this location has very poor hygiene, and does not wash his hands after wiping hi...

horrible service

It took almost a solid HOUR to get an order that cost less than $5! It took half an hour for them to bring the food out the first time (we were only the second people in line..), and when they brought it out, it was wrong. So it took yet another 30 minutes for them to correct the mistake they had made. Plus, they were very rude and unaplogetic for making us sit in the car (in the cold because it was drive-through) for SO LONG. Really...all I wanted was a stupid chicken wrap. If I knew the workers' names, I would complain about them to the manager, but I don't believe we got a receipt or anything with their names on it. And I've only ever made a formal complaint one other time in my life. It takes quite a bit for me to take the time to submit these things. But this service was absolutely horrible!!!

accuracy of order

I hate bad drive-thru service. I am sure everyone has the same complaint from time to time. Why is soo hard...

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