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Every time I eat at Wendy's it always results in the diarrhea.. Every time!
I love the food and service there but whatever it is just does not agree with my stomach.. Usually I order a burger, fries, and pop- I know the pop wouldn't be the reason or the fries.. So maybe an ingredient in the burgers? I had a chicken wrap once and I didn't get sick at all from that, so I'm assuming it is the burgers.

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    Wendy's Ashley Phosphate Rd North Charleston Scservice and food

    Went through the drive thru, young girl order taker was rude, i ordered a #3 triple for my son with only ketchup, lettuce tomato and pickles. He cant eat mustard!!! This girl repeated it back to me so yes you knew what i wanted. Get to the window to pay, cashier snatches $ and doesn't say a word, get to window 2 wait there a while, window opened food is handed out the window and window slammed, nothing not one word. I should have checked then. Stupid me! Get food home and of course theirs so much mustard on the burger that it is dripping off the paper and no ketchup so there went the 10.00 over priced burger into the trash! Wait where are the straws and napkins? Or do we have to request those as well? Fries were cold... Sadly this is exactly what we have come to expect from this location, and you want $15.00 per hr... Smh!

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      Wendy'sthe short female employee at the drive thru

      Wendys store # 117. Gulf breeze florida

      I visited this wendy's on june 8th. It was awful. We ordered a number 3 and requested to add a large chili... We were told they do not make a large chili (It's on the dang menu board). We ordered a large sweet tea, and a medium sweet tea. After receiving our food at the drive thru, we said to heck with it.. As I had already waited 20 minutes for our food. However, we pulled out, took a sip of our team and it was unsweetened and nasty spoiled tasting. We drove back to change our drinks to coke, and the really short girl there rolled her eyes several times, she then gave us 2 small cokes (Was to be large and medium) since we only have 2 drink holders, I asked her if she could take the nasty teas back and discard. She said she wasn't allowed to throw them away. I mean, seriously??!!??? I even heard her being rude to other employees and customers as I waited. Awful service! Then... We got back to our destination, only to find that they got all our food order wrong. I was visiting for vacation... But I feel sorry for the locals that have to eat at this wendy's. I cannot stand for anyone to roll their eyes at me, or lie to me. This is the most ignorant, disrespectful employee I have ever came across at any restaurant.

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        • Cc
          Cc😍 Jul 18, 2016
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          To karenEA..did you not read my complaint? Obviously not. It was as the drive thru and I had already paid for my food and got about 3 miles down the road. I traveled back to Wendy's to have my order fixed. I wasn't going to just waste the $20 I spent on wendys and :take my business somewhere else". Now, had they gave me my money back, I woukd have gladly just went elsewhere. Also, you obviously didn't read .. My family and I were on vacation...I don't thing driving 400 miles back home to "cook at home" was fiesable. Next time, read the whole book before you write the book report.

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        • Ka
          KarenEA Jul 14, 2016

          If treated badly the first time, leave and do business somewhere else, or cook at home...

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        Wendy's — employee not being treated right

        I just started working at Wendy's and at first everything was ok I was working for another store until the...

        Wendy's — drive thru

        I am a regular at the wendi's drive thru, since their beginning... However, when did wendy's old fashioned...

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        Wendy's — payment not received

        I, Tiereny Duff, would like to make a complaint about my employer, Wendys of Tupelo, Ms South Gloster St...

        Wendys — sexism employment

        I believe that the GM has taught the management staff to treat the men differently because I have herd...

        Wendy's — was assaulted by a shift manager

        I was pushed with full force an chest bumped as the kids say. I was at the company Wendy's in green tree...

        Wendy's — my general manager/favortisim

        12/24/2015 - My Job has been a total pain in my butt since a certain someone returned back to Wendy's from...

        Wendysracially profiling before hiring

        I came to wendys for my interview today on time and their was a girl who came ten minutes late, however she got her interview done before me by a manger who kept looking at me in a bad way. That manger took a lot of notes and told the girl to start as soon as possible. Then a different manager came to interview me and took down no notes what so ever. She went inside to ask the other manager about me getting hired and when she came out she said sorry all the positions are filled and then I left. The add is still up on the wendys resturant to hire more workers. The manager did not like me because I had a turban and I was of a different race and ethnicity. I have sent out a email to head office and they are yet to give me a reply

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          Wendy'smanager disrespect my brother

          Hi, My name is Mycline Estime. My brother starting to work there for about three weeks. Last wednesday which was Novemeber 5th, the ladies bathroom got duty and the manager ask a coworker to go clean he/ she refused and asked me as a man to go clean the lady's bathroom i refused. He got me fired and the other coworker still at work. What can i do in this situation?

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            Wendy'spoor customer service!

            I recently went to a Wendy's near my home and was very unimpressed with the service from the drive thru order taker/ cashmere... First we pulled up to the speaker and received a very impolite monotone "Can I take your order"... No " Welcome to Wendy's may I take your order?" With a cheery voice but the voice of a woman sounding very annoyed at our presence like "Omg go home ppl " kind of voice...Secondly we pulled up to the window where the woman named "Angela" by the way didn't utter one word to us !!! WTF!!! I have worked in Fast Food and as I remember your supposed to greet a customer.. she didn't make eye contact or utter one single hello or thank you... this didn't make my day at all... I mean if you are in a customer service job your supposed to be polite and greet a customer with a smile... this woman should not be working there if she can't talk to a customer... we were polite and said hello and thank you and she couldn't say it back?!?! Get a new job if you are that miserable!

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              Wendy'smanager is very unprofessional

              I work at Wendy's & my manager Joe is very rude & un fair to me.. He has embarrassed in front of my crew & customer's more then once. He is also rude to customera ... A lot of crew complain about him but I guess maybe their scared to lose their job. He throws dirty mop water on the floor in the kitchen when we are suppose to be keeping our floors clean.. He makes me so uncomfortable that I get so nervous when I know I have to work with I get so physically sick.

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                Wendy'swendy's inspector

                A Wendy's inspector came last week for our inspection. He sat in the parking lot for maybe 10 minutes before he came through the drive thru. We all knew it was him when he ordered. I was at the first window to collect the payment. He handed me his card, never once looking at me. When I handed his card back, he immediately drove away as I was saying "thank you, have a good day". Again never looking at me. He then came in, started yelling at us in front of employees and customers when he could have easily told us without embarrassing us. He later said that I didn't tell him to have a nice day when I collected his payment. REALLY!!! If he wasn't so busy being rude, he would have heard me.

                I understand he isn't there to make friends, but he could at least be civil to us little people who actually work their butts off. I really thought more of Wendy's as a company, was I wrong? Joan Hein

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                  Wendysbugs, acrylic nails, metal pieces

                  Owner: rob o. Needs to be investigated. This guy owns several Wendy's in this area and is a very unempathetic person. Doesn't offer apologies or takes ownership for the issue at his establishments...last year we found a piece of metal in our meat this year after deciding to give them another chance we found a BUG! Curious to know if we were the only ones we researched the Internet to and found our experience to be like others...who have found acrylic nails, paper, bugs, etc.. do your research and think X2 about eating at a Wendy's owned by this guy!!

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                    Wendy's — service

                    They managers are rude and disrespectful. They messed up my order twice and when I tried to tell them the one...

                    Wendysraw hamburger

                    Have gone through the drive thru on many occasions and staff never friendly. This time ordered a Double cheese burger and when I got home the meat was RAW in several places throughout the hamburger. Called back to the restaurant requesting to speak with a manager. Was told the person answering the phone was the manager and he offered no help or apology. This is just unacceptable and downright dangerous!!!

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                      Wendy's In Urbandale, Iaprejudice and bias

                      I just tried to transfer to another wendy's but a different corp. Because it was a hire pay at their store. So i went thru the whole process again of filling out another application and doing the interview and i was guaranteed the position that means i'm hired, right??? So he called my old store to get the "okay" which it was given to him. So we both agreed that i should put my 2 weeks in so it didn't look bad on me just to quit which i did give them a notice. . . I put my 2 weeks notice in so now the assistant manager jordan is all of a sudden being rude to me again when we both squashed the last situation from her being disrespectful to me and i had to tell her abt herself but anyways so i come into work on tuesday to finish out my last week and i seen another employee upset so i start talking to her to calm her down & now the assistant manager jordan seen me doing this so she walks in between us as i'm talking to the young lady then come back over there once again so i told her "you can go passed us and please say excuse me next time". . . So she tells me "that i can leave her store. . . " i'm like "for what i didn't disrespect you nor did i curse at you and i'm not leaving cause i didn't do anything wrong" so yes she called the police on me. . . & yes i did get mad when she did that but as i'm leaving the store she gets in my face talking mess and yes i did snap out because for one i haven't done anything in the first place and now you are in my face??? Yes yes yes she was really asking for a butt whooping but i'm like "jesus take the wheel now lord, because she ain't even reeeaaady" so i did snap out a little because i really felt disrespected but anyways i went outside the cops came and actually he was really really respectful & i gave him 2 thumbs up for that, yes i did. . . But any who, so i left the store and called the other wendy's i was supposedly hired at and told them i can come in to their store now and he was like okay that's good. . . So i been calling & calling & calling them like: we was husband & wife i'm checking on his whereabouts, yes i stayed constantly calling like the thirst was real and i need this job. . . So i finally got ahold to him tuesday and he told me to come in thursday at 5 (Which is today 03 / 26 / 2015) i came in and he wasn't there for starters so the assistant manager called him and he said he forgot about me. So i agreed to go home and come on friday so as i'm leaving here goes the "dm" of that wendys so we were introduced and he said didn't you get terminated at the other wendy's??? I'm like what??? No i been put in my 2 weeks noticed and he already got the okay from my old manager over there then he said i'll have to see about that tomorrow. . . I'm like what do that have to do with me??? To my knowledge i was already given the position 2 1 / 2 weeks ago. . . So how can y'all say this when he been called & got the okay, let me put my 2 weeks in over there and went thru all of this prejudice crap over there???. . & to find out i was terminated for no proper cause over at my old store, what e u serious??? What's crazy is how can they terminate me at the urbandale, ia location knowing i been let them know abt me leaving to go to a different location and to feel like she actually plotted for this to happen, & for the assistant manager jordan i got into it with showed another employee (At the time and who just turned 18 in december) showed her a picture of her ve_jay_jay (Virgina) being pierced and they didn't fire her for that when the whole store including the district manager knows about it and she gets off with a warning, & for another assistant manager to ask the manager that hired me, why did she hire a black lady, what??? And she still has her job too. . . Seriously, what type of prejudice crap are they trying pull over here??? *in my thoughts. . . Smh. . . The disrespect is real out here!!!

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                        Wendy'spay=manager's attraction

                        I've been working at Wendy's for years! Almost for 5-7 years and my pay is still $7.40.

                        But this new guy comes in a month ago and his pay is automatically set at $7.75 an hour!


                        It's clear that our Manager is gay and he sometimes flirts with all the pretty boys that work with us. That's why I think he gave the new guy an outrageous starting wage because he thinks his "sexy".

                        We also have a girl who started just 3 months ago and her wage is still at $7.25 and also a girl who started about 2 weeks ago who is also at $7.25! How is any of this fair??

                        I'm going to email Wendy's themselves about this because this is bull!

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                          • Ch
                            Chigi Jan 30, 2015

                            The new guy got a raise again -.-. $8.00 an hour and his just a fry boy!

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Wendysharassment by manager

                          My RM texted me one day on my day off cursing at me and calling me a liar. I told him not to contact me if it wasnt about work. The next day i went and told my GM and showed her the text messages and i told her that i didnt feel comfortable working with him because he does my schedule and i was afraid of him cutting my hours as payback. She said she would talk to the district manager and keep an eye on my hours. This happened 3 weeks ago and that week i had 38 hrs the following week i had 25 and this week i recieved 22. I have not heard bock from my district manager nor my general manager about the subject..and the RM is making things very difficult at work for me.

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