The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Wells Fargowells fargo is not properly adhering to hamp guidelines

I am in real estate, and from professional and personal experience, I can tell you that Wells Fargo is NOT here to help those who want to refinance or modify their loans. I've read many of the complaints, and they are all too familiar. My husband and I have a small business, and we have been trying to modify our home loan since March of 2009. Instead of putting us into the HAMP program, for which we qualified, they gave us a 6-month forbearance (no skin off their backs, just a delay in the inevitable!). Finally, in September, they told us that we qualified for the HAMP program and gave us documentation to fill out. Mind you, my husband and I had close to an 800 credit score until we ran into trouble with our business. Our income was literally cut in half. Our present mortgage payment does not include Insurance and Escrow, so when their processing department went over our financial figures, they said that we were right where we needed to be (mortgage payment 31% of Net Income). However, our housing payment is 45% of our Net Income. I just found a Loophole in the HAMP qualification process: if your home insurance and property taxes are NOT escrowed in your mortgage payment, Wells Fargo will use Principal and Interest only to figure whether or not one qualifies. Furthermore, when I spoke to the SIGTARP representative, I found out that all we have on the government end is a 'toothless tiger', as they are not in a position to do anything to the Loan Servicer. In the meantime, we keep getting conflicting letters from different offices Wells Fargo has around the country. One letter states that we have not been in any contact with them, another states that they have received our info and are getting ready to help us, and yet another letter says that we owe them 4 months worth of mortgage payments and they need a cashier's check by November 10, 2009, or they will accelerate our mortgage. So, what did we do? I wrote letters to President Obama, SIGTARP, FOX 4 NEWS, and WELLS FARGO. My gut tells me that our situation will fall on deaf ears, but my husband and I have decided that we can not let this situation affect our health, which it already has for me. Worst case scenario, I'll be moving back home with mom at age 42. Fortunately, we have a good family who will not let us live in the street.


  • Valerie Oct 27, 2008

    I understand that everyone is upset about gas prices and the large earnings of the oil companies, but has anyone noticed the record profits these financial behemoths are making? Exxon Mobil for example had revenue of about $320 billion last year and earned around $36 billion in profits. That is a profit margin of about 9.6%. On the same note, Citigroup, which is the largest American bank, had revenue of about $85 billion but earned a whopping $24.5 billion in profits. Where is the outrage here? It seems like I have to pay more and more just to use out of network atm fees, not to mention them allowing my check card to make multiple purchases even though I don't have enough funds just so they can charge me an ever expanding nsf fee. I think it's now about $40 per incident. They also charge for on-line banking via quicken or money and the rates they pay for savings interest is an insult. They even have the nerve to charge me $10 a month for a business checking account and just for good measure they also charge $5 per month for a business savings account. The Bank employees treat customers like we are interrupting whatever REAL work they are supposed to be doing in the branch. Please... someone help me on this. Where is the shame for these financial institutions. Maybe we should have a windfall profit on them too!!

    Give some of your profits back in the form of higher savings rates and/or reduced fees on your accounts. They should also lower those out of network ATM fees. I can't tell how many times I have to drive around just looking for a wells fargo branch so I don't have to keep paying fees.

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  • Tr
    Truly Yours Jan 13, 2009

    Calling regarding a promotional service

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  • Do
    dobi Apr 15, 2009


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  • Ke
    kenneth reardon Jun 19, 2009

    We have been trying to refinace our home and are getting no cooperation from the local people

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  • Wi
    williamss Jun 23, 2009

    My husband and I have been trying to complete refinancing on our home which was financed by Wells Frago. We seem to have been put off for more extension on the dates. First it was 90 days then it may be 120 days, then I was told that it may be on hold. What's going on with this process.

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  • Li
    Libby N. Nov 21, 2009

    We received a letter September 2009 stating we qualified for the trial HAMP program and if we called by a certain date, setup the first three payments, we were in. Simple as that it says. Well, after doing everything I needed to do, according to their letter, I just found out for some reason(which they couldn't give me a straight answer on), we don't qualify. Then a manager proceeded to tell me it was a marketing campaign. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? So they send these out to most likely thousands of people and it means nothing?!?! Needless to say I am now getting more conflicting information from wells fargo after I told them I made a complaint to the Office of Controller Currency, where you got to make complaints against National banks, that I am still in review and they will now accelerate my informtion through the program director. I think they are making people jump through hoops and have no real intentions on getting people into this program.

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  • Pa
    PattyJo Dec 15, 2009

    I have had a very similar experience. I have been working with WF since December 18, 2008. Their incompentency knows no bounds. I too was dealing with four different states in the month of July 2009. I have written to the CEO, my Congressman, The White House, media outlets and will continue to do so. The irony is I actually received a loan modification on both loans signed and returned October 1, 2009. The spiral into the abyss since is horrendous...nothing was recorded properly and in essence I am back where I started a year ago.


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  • Le
    Lettherebehope Jan 06, 2010

    Yikes! I share the same stories. Have been trying to get our loan modified since Jan.'09. It's nuts! I'd probably respect them more, if they just flat out denied us early on, instead of stringing us along with false hopes and destroying our credit scores. It's a despicable practice.
    To top it off, I have finally decided to hire an attorney - in hopes they know the secret formula that us regular folks are kept in the dark. (Apparently there is a very narrow financial formula that you must meet.) However, California passed a law in Oct., to help borrows from scam artists, mandating that no agency, even lawyers, can collect up-front fees. Sounds great right? Except attorneys always charge an upfront retainer. I spoke to an attorney, who is no longer helping homeowners due to this law. When you find an attorney or agency that is working their way around this law - you naturally don't trust them. The banks were behind this, saying borrowers can do this themselves; knowing borrowers are feeling their way the darkness blind. We give them everything in an honest attempt to save our home, and they turn around and say we show too much of a deficit and they can't modify the loan; show a modest surplus and suddenly you can afford the home and don't need assistance.
    I'm sitting here pending a final review, after completing a three month trial, which led to another three month trial at the same payment we've been seeking relief from since we started the process one year ago. I refused the next forbearance, and put my foot down and said I will not send anymore money until I am presented with or guaranteed a permanent modification. For my own sanity, I had to take control and stop the madness. "Supposably", they are looking at it again - but have already told me the negotiator thinks we can afford our home - so I am pessimistic to say the least.
    Perhaps 5 years from now, we'll all get rich because they'll be a huge backlash and lawsuit over banks that foreclosed on peoples homes instead of offering real assistance. (Btw, I've kept an entire log of all my calls and efforts to resolve the situation with the bank - which I sent them yesterday; including calls that I got disconnected from and all the times I called back after getting disconnected, all the conflicting advise from their reps and misleading information I have been given along the way.) If they kick me out of my home, I have the records and am prepared to to send them to every news channel and government agency that I can.
    Best of luck to all of us in 2010!


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  • Ha
    HAMP CZAR Jan 08, 2010

    WHY CANT WF get it right? Since the beginning of the "HAMP" program my wife and I have tried to get qualified.
    WF set up the 3 month take your money trial period.
    We submitted all of our paperwork on time as per there request. Filled out Hardship letter, Pay stubs, unemployment docs, Tax return ect.
    SOMEHOW being part of there "865 " trial project, we got lost in the shuffle. (SO THEY SAY)
    WE have applied for this now for the 5th time in Dec of 09. Our orginal package was sent via fax to them on or about August of 09.
    Finally after sending paperwork to WF again on Dec 20th of 09 WE get a response back that WE DON"T Qualify?? WHY DID THEY SET UP THE TRIAL PAYMENTS?
    WHY DIDN"T THEY SEND THE "HAMP" Package to us as they stated on Dec20th 2009?
    ALSO, if you notice on any and all of the paperwork from WF there is nothing that says to contact them every 30 days with updates on your financials, hardship letter...ect.

    I don't think WF is trying to really help anyone at all. Rather they're taking the money and running away with little to no help for anyone.

    WF or WTF? Seems like there Loss Midigation Dept doesn't talk to anyone.


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  • Sc
    scmomof2 Jan 20, 2010

    I couldn't agree more. We are in the same place. Trying for most of 2009. Sent in all documents they requested June 2009. Finally on Oct 1st we started our 3 month trial modification period. Paid all 3 payments as they said. Then on January 4th we received a letter stating that they are going to accelerate our loan unless we pay the late payments in full. What happened to the "after this 3 month trial we will modify your loan".
    We followed their rules to the letter. Now they are going to accelerate anyways.
    I don't even know what this means, do we apply again? When are we getting kicked out? Now what?

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  • Ca
    caman Jan 21, 2010

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! The stories in the comments are very familiar. We've been on a modification special forbearance trial period for 4 months now. And I just found out that we have to pay back the difference between our regular mortgage amount and our reduced payment trial... with interest!

    I call their loss mitigation department every 2 weeks, and I hear one of 2 things:

    1) No update

    2) Different information and advice.

    It's a real hit-or-miss with the reps you call. Most are temporary workers who were hired in the past 6 months. I've logged their user id's each time.
    Unfortunately, some of them are incompetent and get frustrated... However a few of the reps have been extremely helpful, and I want to actually recognize them in a formal letter to the corporate office when this mess is sorted.

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  • Lu
    lucree00 Jan 28, 2010

    It's nice to hear I am not the only one WF is jerking around! I also did the 3 month modification to get into the HAMP program. I just got my packet of crap today and they have me in a new modification program that lowers my payment $30 a month!!! I hear "But Ma'am, we lowered your interest rate 1%". I explain that is great but $30 doesn't help me at all!!! The new plan they have set up is still 41% of my income! So after another 2 hours talking to WF idiots, I am supposedly having a supervisor and/or actual negotiator call me back in 3-7 days. sure, I am so sure that will happen! They have screwed me so many times in the past 2 years it's disgusting!
    They also told me I could send back the packet unsigned with ANOTHER hardship letter ( have done that 5 times!) explaining why I wanted a different modification. There fore starting the whole process over again. What a crock! I am going to start spending my time calling congressmen, senators and whoever I can instead of repeating myself over & over to the employees WF hires. ARGH! And I was so damn excited when I was told I had "saved my house"! We shall see.

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  • Tb
    tbullphoto Feb 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After loosing an annual income of $24, 000 a year in November of 2008, we turned to American Service Center/Wells Fargo, the mortgage holder, and asked for Federal loan modification programs. Our file was started in the middle of August, 2009 and we faxed (numerous times) and related by phone the requested information and documents.

    We were told by an ASC rep on Oct. 12 that step one of loan modification was to not pay the Oct. mortgage qualifying us for a “forbearance” program. This lowered our monthly payments by $100 for the months of Nov.-Jan. Then, we were told, if all payments were made, our file would be reviewed for a permanent loan modification agreement for perhaps even a lower rate.

    Beginning the middle of Dec. 2009 we started receiving notification from our credit card companies that our interest rates had risen and credit available had been greatly lowered. One card dropped over night from $24, 500 available to $900. Our BOA Line of Credit was closed. Upon inquiry I discovered it was because of our missed Oct. mortgage payment...the very payment we were told by ASC not to make to qualify for programs. I spoke with the BOA branch president here in Grants Pass and he said if ASC would send a letter stating they told us to not make the Oct. payment the bank may be able to reinstate the Line of Credit.

    On Jan. 4, 8, 12 and 19, I requested the letter of explanation. I was told twice a letter would be sent...and told twice that there was nothing on record showing the “do not pay October” statement. We still have no letter and do not expect to get one. I am sure our credit rating has sunk considerably.

    In the Jan. 8 and 12th phone conversations I requested to be entered into the HAMP program. I was told on Jan. 18 that we “may be pre-qualified” for HAMP. Then in a call the next day I was told, “as of the 18th you were removed” from consideration because we were unable to afford a post-mod. payment.

    On the same day, Jan. 19, we received a letter saying ASC had been trying to contact us by phone and not able to reach us. I have records of my conversations with ASC twelve times between Aug. 12, 2009 and Jan 18, 2010. We also received the “forbearance” contract on Jan. 11...nine days AFTER the forbearance program was over (Jan. 2).

    On Jan. 22 we received an acceleration requirement letter stating, “Unless the payments on your loan can be brought current by February 16, 2010, it will become necessary to require immediate payment in full (also called acceleration) of your Mortgagee Note...”.

    On Jan. 25, we received two ASC letters One saying we did not qualify for loan modification and the other saying, “You may be eligible for the Home Affordable Modification program...”. The “Helping you stay in your home” letter said in part, “At first, you will make new, affordable monthly payments on your mortgage loan during a trial period. If you make those payments successfully and fulfill all trial periods conditions, we will permanently modify your mortgage loan.”

    We successfully completed the forbearance trial period on Jan. 2 and today, an “independent field inspector” drove up and photographed our home hired by ASC. “The first step in foreclosure, ” he said.

    Mary Ann have been productive and hard working citizens, I as Photo-Editor of the Grants Pass Daily Courier for 25 years and she as a freelance writer, model, receptionist and home schooling our son Zac (graduating from Columbia Univ. in May, 2009 after being a two year student). We have been prompt with all payments, never missing one until Oct.

    My question is, if Mary Ann and I cannot qualify for HAMP, HARP or a program in the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, who were the bills designed for and who is benefitting from the passed legislation? Why is there so much confussion in the application process?

    Our home is valued at $250, 000 and we have a remaining balance of $138, 000 on the mortgage. I fear ASC/Wells Fargo sees an opportunity on a foreclosure and “Deed in lieu of foreclosure” ownership transfer to make a quick profit instead of helping a family stay in their home of 20 years.

    All of the above statements are true with documents and notes available for viewing if requested.


    Timothy and Mary Ann Bullard

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  • Mk
    mkwellshelp Feb 03, 2010

    I have the same exact story as so many above with WF. What a bunch of crooks. I have been trying to get my loan modified since July 2009. I was told that I wasn't experiencing a hardship until I stopped making payments. Unfortunately or fortunately, due to family job loss, I wasn't able to make the payments. You can't get anyone to talk to you until you are 60-90 late and moved into Loss Mitigation. Then you submit packages for a couple months, talk to them every week to hear 'your loan is under review', until your loan get's moved into 'active' Foreclosure. Then, they finally assign a negotiater. Of which, the negotiater offers you a forebearance for the SAME DAMN PAYMENT that you previously indicated in hardship that you CANT pay. They inform me that the loan is actually affordable, because all they look at his your gross income and the house payment. They don't look at daycare, credit card bills, etc. that you racked up while family was temporarily unemployed. They indicate that that is all the investors will agree to. What?! You couldn't tell me this months ago? And, now my credit is ruined? So, just when you are about to give up... WF tells you to reject the forebearance so that they can review your loan again for modification?! So I submit another package here in December and just found out in the last couple days that they are offering me the SAME friggin forebearance package again! Meanwhile, my sale date is now scheduled for March 11.
    Do I take this forebearance package this time in the h9pes that they will modify my loan? Doesn't sound like they have any intention at all. The stupidity of all of this is that I would like a reduction in payment of about $300 and/or a conversion to a fixed mortgage because the interest rate will change here in April. WF will move forward with a foreclosure costing the x$$'s? The home isn't worth the mortgage amount and there is a 2nd mortgage at stake with Wells that they will lose also. Has anyone had any luck with Wells Fargo after doing this forebearance plan? Sounds like I should start saving my money for rental housing.

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  • Wi
    WillFight4Home Feb 13, 2010

    My gosh...everyone has the same story!!! What in the world is Wells Fargo going to do with all these foreclosed homes??? And to think everyone, including me, just wants a small adjustment to stay in our homes. But, it's out of control and a bank scam!
    Please, contact Chris Cuomo with the show 20/20 today. He's a lawyer and does investigative stories. Maybe he'll be the one to crack this case on Wells Fargo's outrageous dishonesty and deceit.

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  • Qu
    Quit_wasting_our_time Feb 14, 2010

    I only heard of success stories (thru co-workers) and felt that I was one of the few that was being toyed with -- but then again no one wants to complain at the water cooler about their situation. I am sorry to say that I have been in WF LM since 10/2008!! Yes, as in about 1.5 years. I have been approved and denied two times. I was denied for making too much money, and then I was denied for not making enough money...BS!!! What WF LM is a collection of people wanting just "working" and punching in their timecards -- little to think that it will just take a fraction of the time to determine a desicion. I can go on and on with VERY SIMILAR stories, but I will likely be happier with ridding of the false hopes and look for a rental of some type. What will happen is an increased number of foreclosures. This will further drop the market and they will take even more of a loss with future foreclosures because of future prices. Through the absence of accountability (what got us/them/everyone here in the first place), get ready for this summer when everyone's foreclosure status "on-hold" unleashes.

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  • Sh
    Shannon W., Vancouver WA Feb 17, 2010

    I am in the exact same boat. My husband and I called in May of 2009 when my health had reached severity to the point I was only working less than 1/2 of my schedule so we decided to call WF and tell them we were not going to be able to make our June payment. We spoke to them for weeks they told us they couldn't help us until we were 3 payments behind? So they encouraged us to be delinquent, I didn't buy that and I thought it was ridiculous that a bank would encourage this rather than help. Finally after all my persistent calls we received a letter at the end of July, specifically the 29th...which we had not paid our mortgage payment for June or July and now coming up August so they got us cornered now. Credit now in shambles and we get a letter stating we may qualify for a loan modification. Great I call them up right away, "they're working on it". Finally in September we get a packet telling us we've been approved for a trial period and we given strict instructions on paperwork and payments for the next 3 months we would make a slightly modified payment. We did we met all the criteria sent in all the paper work per their request. Prior to the end of December - our last payment was due 12/1 in the trial period, I called them as we still had not heard anything and I was going in for surgery so I wanted to know what was now being done. Nothing, absolutely nothing. In middle January I called back again this time they asked for more paperwork. I asked if they would send me a letter stating the request, in the meantime I gathered all the new financials and sent them in called to confirm they had been received, which they were and was told to call back in 7 business days. I waited 10 called and was disrespected told "we're working on it & that if I don't hear back to resend new financials in every 30 days" Also that I might want to continue on my trial payment". I said no way put it in writing and I will comply I have still not received the letter requesting the new financials and you have not processed my payments for the trial period and I'm getting foreclosure notices on my door. This sucks my health is better now my surgery worked and we want to move ahead and not lose our home we have asked for a simple refi even at this point still being stone walled. I fear we will lose our home and it makes me sick, I despise that one could treat another human being with such disregard. Who are these people without a conscience on the other end? Do they not hear our pleas for help? Seriously not one representative I have spoken to should an ounce of compassion or willingness to help. How can they get away with this, if they are to be part of Obama's HAMP program why are there no guidelines they need to adhere to or a council to govern them that we as consumers can report this to? No one seems to be listening...isn’t that how we ended up in this mortgage mess in the first place?

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  • Ca
    catseyez Feb 24, 2010

    Bought my home in July 2006 making 20.00 an hour, job outsoured 4 months later. now making half that.

    July 2009 i called wells fargo requesting hamp. was told i dont qualify. when i asked why i dont qualify was told you just dont. continued calling rest of july only to be met with same answer.

    end of july found the hope people had to have a conference call with my girl from hope and wells fargo to have someone tell me "oh we were wanting to refinance her but she has the loan insurance and we cant, we will send you hamp package to fill out."

    aug 18 they sent my package. i filled it out and faxed in required info within the week. (my loan payment went from 740. down to 570. 0% intrest increasing every 5 yrs till i reached my current 6.7% intrest.) WF said i didnt need to make sept and to start making mod payment oct, nov, and dec.

    i have never been past 30 days late on my home payment ( i went with out gas and electricity for months at a time but i made my home payment) I was on auto withdrawl which WF said they would stop for me...they didnt (small blessing) but i went ahead and sent in oct payment and then nov payment at end of oct.

    now during this time i was calling every week to everyother week (not wanting to be a pain, had i only know then what i know now) only to be told..."yes we have all 3 mod payment, and no we DONT NEED ANY MORE INFO FROM YOU". i spoke to them at end of oct to verify they had gotten my last payment, then 2 weeks later...same story from WF. the on nov 24 talked to them again...same thing "YES WE HAVE ALL 3 OF YOUR PAYMENTS, NO WE DONT NEED ANYMORE INFO, YOUR CASE IS IN REVIEW"

    nov 28 recieved letter stating i was denied because i hadnt sent in requested info?????!!!??????

    when i called them and asked what info i didnt send in or even when letter was sent i was told " I DONT KNOW" they had no idea what info they needed or even when the letter was sent.

    hope and i made another conference call still to be told they dont know what info or when letter was sent but i was actually denied on NOV 9...yes NOV 9 almost a full month and not a single person had said anything but "we have all your payment no additional info is needed from you"

    now on Nov 3 (6 days prior to me being deined) freddie mac changed the guidelines stating that any denial letter had to be sent twice, and had to be itemized with what info was needed.. i never recieved any letter from WF.

    so resubmited all info again but this time was told after a month that i made 100.00 too much at end of month (i had 100.00 dollars left over so i was in no danger)... called executive branch of wf spoke to "Ron" was told yes i make 100.00 too much but he was goin to speak to refinance dept about me... so i call number he gives me and get random person who has never heard of me...cant refinanace because you have to have 624 credit score... and if i did have 624 they could save me 56.00 a month ... woooooo hoooooo. said no thank you

    called ron back to tell him and at same time got denial letter from last round saying they were unable to modify my loan to an amount that i could afford... wait what????? so i asked ron what that meant...per ron in executive office who 3 days prior said i made too much, this was his response " that means you dont make enough money"... huh????????

    so i called freddie mac since they are according to their website the overseeres of this fiasco to complain, .. only to be told my this lightbulb... that "i need to take up any concerns i have with the bank"...great auditing there ...

    i am no longer talking with WF...but i am waiting to hear if my complaints and my attourney general has anything to say about the decietful, lying, predatory practices of Hells Fargo. best of luck to all

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  • Je
    JenChou Mar 05, 2010

    Blogging my HAMP experience with Wells Fargo, will try to answer as many questions as I can for others in this sinking boat :P

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  • Wi
    Willows Mar 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The loss mitigation dept at wells fargo is a joke. No one knows what they're doing, I've been trying to finaliize my loan modification since Jan '10. wf made a mistake in my paperwork which they need to correct, but in the meantime I am getting constant calls from the loss mitigation dept requesting that I send in the signed paperwork. Hello, the paperwork is wrong and now no one is responding to correct it, in the meantime I am making the modified payments, my mortgage is being reported as delinquent to the credit bureau and wf is only making the problems worse instead of helping the homeowner! What a nightmare!

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  • Sh
    Shannon W., Vancouver WA Mar 25, 2010

    As of yesterday we finally received a call from our local VA office. We'd been playing phone tag for about a month now and we were really getting concerned. May is fast approaching and we're still not getting anywhere with WF. Any way, so VA said they are backing our loan and have made calls to WF to move our mod. along and we should have a some paperwork from WF soon. I'm not completely hopefull, but he did say if we did not hear from WF in May to call him back and VA will do the mod for us!! Fingers crossed!

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  • Na
    NatashaCall Mar 27, 2010

    So, there is a reason why I am on blood pressure medication as of a few months ago. I don't know that I want to be part of this group, but at this point, I have no choice. We have been "working with" Wells Fargo for the past year (since March 2009), when my husband lost his job. The stories went back and forth and all over the place with every call. I couldn't deal with it anymore because of the stress of the varying stories. So, my husband started to "work with" them. There was never a consistent department or story. We have notes from the whole process, along with the employee identification numbers from each conversation. We went through the trial process and my husband now has a job, and has been working for a little over a month...horray!!!...but wait...we were told after one week of his working that our HAMP file was sent to underwriting and that we were accepted. Mind you, we paid for the first 9 months of being unemployed, attempting to be responsible, while jumping through each 2 week hoop from Wells Fargo. So, we have been waiting for the paperwork to be sent to us via UPS that the last person said is on its way, that we have been successful in our work to get on the HAMP Program...we have been accepted... So, today, since we didn't get the UPS package, my husband did his dilligent follow-up with Wells Fargo. Well, they said that the other employee "made a mistake" and that we were not accepted...okay??? They declined letting my husband talk with the supervisor and let him know that they will look for other programs that we may be eligible for. So, now we have over $12k due and they may be looking at why did we go through the process? We had an almost perfect credit score and, I am sure that is no longer the case. What do we do now? By-the-way, my husband is now on bloodpressure medication as well. We tried to be responsible. What do we do now? What are we going to have to do with our house? How long will foreclosure take? Should we just leave it? We are so confused and angry and sick and tired and worried. The hope that we once had is now down the drain. My husband makes a lot less, I am recovering from Late-stage Lyme and attempting to get clients with my own business of PR (because I cannot work the regular working day of 9-5, but am great at what I do... ... may be tacky to leave a link, but I don't care at this point) Anyone have suggestions? Stressed! Angry!! Worried!! SIck!!!

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  • Tb
    tbullphoto Mar 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey folks, guess what? I spoke with an investigator from HAMP Escalation department this week. He get this..."Wells Fargo is not a participant in the HAMP program..." NOT A PARTICIPANT IN THE HAMP PROGRAM?!?!??!?!?!! Why didn't they tell me this MONTHS ago when I first requested to join the program instead of jerking me around since August of '09????

    Another avenue to file an official complaint is to contact (in writing):

    Comptroller of the Currency
    Administrator of National Banks
    1301 McKinney St.
    Suite 3450
    Houston, Tx. [protected]

    Good luck and don't give up the good fight!


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  • Gh
    GHC12954 Mar 30, 2010

    I have been going through the HAMP process since May 2009. You are all telling me my own story. Where they got me is they told me my loan was in a forebarance program PENDING review by a negotiator. They said that the negotiators were so backed logged it took time and to just keep making my forebarance payments. Guess what I found out? They were NEVER reviewing me for Hamp and a negotiator was never assigned tomyu case because I could not be in 2 programs at the same time: meaning a "Special Forebarance or Moritorium Program AND a Hamp review. So those of you who are out there waitng for negotiations while you are on a Forebarance Plan you better ask. Also at the end of my Forebarance plan a Wells Fargo woman in Maryland (one of the 5 states you randomly get, by the way I keep calling back until I get Arkansas, they are the nicest and most honest to work witth) she informed me that I had a Baloon with all the payments due since my Forebarance Plan was over. I said "no I don't think you understand, I am waitng to be reveiwed for a HAMP. She got NASTY and she told me I better make my payments and hung up. Three days later I get a registered letter in the mail that says that they are foreclosing on me because I get ME requested to out of the program. It took some major communicationg but I was placed back in Lost Mitigation and am now waiting for a final Mod. Yeah, like I believe that. Anyone see on CSpan the Special Congressional Hearing Panel on the HAMP program? It was four hours long. Guess what- they are saying- that the program is not working. They had the Assit. Secretary of the Treasurey who heads this program on and he tesified that the money was given to the banks but the banks have only as a combined group approved only 750, 00 loans out of millions of requests. Congress feels like the program should be terminated due to ineffectiveness. What happens to us? Do you all realize that they JSUT hired a director toin the Treasury Dept to oversee and IMPLEMENT this program in October 2009? You can hear it on CPan. I have a regular job as a teacher on a fixed income due to a salary freeze for 3 years. The cost of living has crept up to interfere with my house payment amount. I am widowed all family deceased and noone to turn to. I don't even have help to move or the physical capability. I live in a state that they canevict me in one week once foreclosure is reinitiated, which immediatel comes after disapproval of the Mod. I have no credit card debt and just basic living expenses. I am, as of last week put on a TRIAL MODIFICATION PERIOD and they have post dated checks to draft out of my account for the next 4 months at their request. I wonder if they just want four more payments before theyforeclose.
    Let me tell you folks, we are out here by ourselves with no owhere to turn. We have been sucked into a beuarocratic process that is not working. Can you say depression both mentally and economically? I live 2 hours from Washington D.C. I can tell you how this teacher will spend her summer vacation. Can you say Mr. President, who I voted for, could we sit down and have a cup of coffee for a lengthy discussion. I think I will swing by the Treasury Dept while I am at it. If I do get modified, I still would like to help people out there who are stuck an dloosing to the system.
    One last BIG QUESTION has ANYONE been approved for a final mod, signed sealed and delivered from Wells Fargo?

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  • Le
    Lettherebehope Mar 31, 2010

    [email protected] - There have been people approved, I am not one. Long story, went through the process for 15 months...the only thing offered was to put delinquencies on the end of the loan, interest free. (Same interest, same payment...which is an Interest Only payment; oh and perfect credit destroyed and dragged through the mudd.)

    Okay - things I've learned that might help your situation. Contact the Office of the President and email all the executives, CEO, CIO, etc... You need to get file transferred to this office, so you have one rep. that you deal with at all times. (Get away from loss mitigation.) Your outcome may not be any different (hopefully it is) but the process will be a lot easier.

    Try to find out who your investor is. (If you received a foreclosure statement, it may be on that paperwork.) Most likely it will have the investor with a series, such as WFMB 2006-10. Google that series and start looking to see if that investor is doing mods. (It's a needle in the hay-stack, but once you have the investor and series, you'll be surprised what information you can obtain.) For instances, my investor is a mortgage backed securities, which is grouped with 1000 other mortgages and sold in a million tiny pieces to various investors. When they initially grouped the mortgages together in '06, they had a contract, called a PSA (pooling and servicing agreement), which clearly states that a loan in default can be modified by Wells Fargo, but the interest rate nor the principal can be permanently modified. (This contract is binding between WF and the investors, long before HAMP or the housing crisis... therefore, WF can only temporarily modify our loan.) The government is not being forthright and telling people that approx. 80% of all loans are bundled and sold this way, and 99% of the 80%, will have PSA that prohibit permanent mods; which puts HAMP off the table for most homeowners.

    Lastly, there's a great website, with a ton of great info: . I highly recommend checking out the self help forum under Wells Fargo. Thousands of borrowers write in their daily experiences. There are plenty of success stories, real people, real mods, and how they got them. Hope that helps. Best of luck.

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  • Le
    Lettherebehope Mar 31, 2010

    sorry - cannot be permanently modified... (left the NOT out.)

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  • Gh
    GHC12954 Mar 31, 2010

    What about mortgages that are backed by Freddie Mac? Anyone been approved?

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  • Ga
    Garr Apr 02, 2010

    I need everyone who has had this same nightmare to come together as one class against Wells Fargo. As I am reading all these complaints about the HAMP Program it is as if i was writing my story. I am having the same problems and what we need is to band together and fine the truth legally together as one Class. If any one is willing to do this with me, please call or text me at the following [protected] or email me at [email protected] and I will respond A.S.P. They should not be allowed to do this to the consumer and get away with this its just criminal. So please help me do something about this atrocity

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  • Re
    reaxe42 Apr 12, 2010

    We have been begging for help with them for almost 2 years now!
    It's been a horrible ride. A lot of the Negative issues are re-moved
    from this statement to encourage help or any other options that have been over looked. Sandra - 972.234.0019

    Monday, April 11, 2010

    Loss Mitigation Review – 866.359.7363
    Please, please grant us a Loan Modification for loan #[protected]


    We fell behind some time after my daughter passed away from cancer issues and son-in-law lost his job from grief and depression. He found himself displaced in the work force and at some point on meds and then disability. He and I both continue to look for work but at present to no avail. Allen currently receives
    $1053.00 Disability and I receive $983.00 SS benefits. See Income attachments. We desperately need a Loan Modification of around $700.00. See financial statement. We both want to stay in the house, create a business, pay the house off and fix it up, bringing it up to code. Due to the current condition it’s in, an investor would take it far below what’s currently owed on it. Because of the love my daughter had for this property; there is a lot of sentimentality for us. We are just having a very rough time from loss of life and incomes. Please work with us.. We will make you proud of us.

    Some History

    This house was bought for around $135, 000 when it was a sellers market with the intention of fixing it up and making it into a home similar to the one she loved in York, PA. This house was built in 1980 and pretty much used as a rental house the entire time. I moved down here to be with my daughter after my job of 7 years at the Pose Office ended. We all had or found employment at the purchase of the house. I was making over $27, 000 a year at Real World Training; my daughter started a new job at Verizon Web Pages making $34, 000 a year, my son-in-law Allen was working at J.C. Penney Corporate Office in the IT-NOC center making $45, 000 a year. All that together gave us a household income of $104, 000 gross, which was plenty enough to buy and care for this fixer upper home.

    Although a lot of projects were started, many of them came to a halt when my daughter discovered she had a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Me and my son-in-law stayed on the internet and on the phone trying to find treatments, clinical trials, with hopes of finding some way to cure or help my daughter manage her illness in order to buy more time till they could find something that would work for her type of cancer. Michelle opted for a lumpectomy to no avail, a mastectomy including lymph nodes to no avail, chemotherapy and radiation, more surgery, all of which did not work. The cancer became metastatic to the lower back and then started spreading throughout her entire skeleton. She had tumors on her shoulder, tumors on the side of her head and tumors growing around her jawbone. She was labeled terminal. Because of the pain she was rushed and admitted to Baylor, Susan G. Komen terminal wing where she was given morphine to make her comfortable.

    There were some church friends Michelle came to know, along with myself and son-in-law that kept vigilance beside her. My daughter remained in good spirits and my son-in-law promised to continue working on the house so she would have a home to come back to as soon as she got well. He also continued to research options and he did find a chemo treatment using Methyltrexate. This type of chemo has been used for years for treatment/management of severe cases of arthritis, although we tried to get the oncologist to consider it as a management treatment to slow down the cancer, the oncologist would not do it because it wasn’t considered a cure all. So Allen found a treatment protocol on a web site called it offered a lot of hope that we seemed to be running out of. After some fellowship with the church we spoke with her doctors involved, Michelle decided to go and the treatment was started in Atlanta, GA. Within 4 days most of the tumors were shrunk down, barely visible, I was the only one with Michelle. She didn’t want my son-in-law going along because he was too emotional concerning her welfare. Around the sixth or seventh day Michelle was overdosed, a couple of days after that my son-in-law arrived to find her very sick, 911 was called and Michelle was rushed to the ER where she was diagnosed with Septic Shock, no platelets, next to no blood count. Michelle’s face and parts of her body were orange. Her hands were white as snow, her mouth and gum area were covered in blood and she was very swollen. Test confirmed she had poor blood counts, no platelets with an over all state of septic shock. Michelle really needed more care then and there but this hospital was not setup for trauma patients such as Michelle. In fact they seem more concerned about the liability then giving Michelle what little bit of help she desperately needed with what little time she had left.

    She passed away from septic shock and congestive heart failure. This was a very horrible experience for me as well as my son-in-law. He found it very hard to keep his current job or any jobs after that. He ended up losing his current job and found himself as a displaced worker with so many others. Between trying to find full time work and trying to work temporary jobs, as well as dealing with all the emotional grief, guilt over the sudden loss of my daughter. It just seemed like an uphill battle. He ended up on a lot of medicines where working for someone just became impossible because of the depression he still felt and or side effects from the medications. Allen has continued to look for work, continued to seek out help for ways to fix, restore or update the house in the love and memory of Michelle.

    Some banking information:

    At some point with the loss of income, we fell behind on payments. With continuous communications with Wells Fargo, they put us on forbearance with or with out payments. I am so grateful for the help they offered Allen and I. In the past, the only income in the house was mine, $983.00, some time later there was Food-Stamps of $315.00 until he could seek and try for disability He was awarded that after a few months.
    And is now receiving 1053.00. After that we lost the food stamps however this income is permanent, no lay-offs or loss of income.

    In closing, my son-in-law and I love this house and want to fix it up in memory of my daughter. It’s really hard for us to see living anywhere else. I realize it needs work that exceeds our current income, but my son-in-law has good days and bad days and although that makes it hard for him to work a steady job, he is able to complete a task at a slow pace.

    If there is anything you can do to help us find a refinance, Loan Modification, etc., we would be very
    grateful. Thank you Wells Fargo for all your help so far. Loan # [protected]

    Sandra Vincent and Allen Wynn – 972.234.0019 – April 07 2010



    Visiting Michelle with Allen

    Loan # [protected]

    RE: Mortgage [protected] – Allen Wynn
    1603 Woodoak Dr., Richardson, TX 75082
    Friday, March 19, 2010

    Household Income is as follows:

    Allen S. Wynn – Social Security Disability - $1, 057.00

    Sandra L. Vincent – Social Security - 983.00

    Total Income $2, 040.00

    Proof of Incomes Attached

    Monthly Household Expenses and others is as follows:

    Water, Sewer, Garbage, City of Richardson --------------------- $57.00
    Electric (Average, varies due to season) -------------------------- 200.00
    Gas (Average, varies due to season) ------------------------------- 200.00
    Cable TV, Phone and Internet, Bundle Pkg.------------------------ 131.00
    Lawn Maintenance ---------------------------------------------------------- 75.00
    Storage -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 152.00

    Total 815.00

    Insurance – Allen S. Wynn and Sandra Vincent
    Both Cars ---------------------------------------------------- 133.00
    Gas Both Cars ---------------------------------------------- 80.00

    Food Expenses Average ------------------------------------------------- 275.00

    Pet Expenses------------------------------------------------------------------ 75.00

    Total 563.00

    Total All Expenses ----- $1, 378.00

    Income of: $2, 040.00

    Expenses of : 1, 378.00

    Balance Left $ 662.00

    WOW! Is any of this true or are there any grounds for us to keep our HOME???
    To modify fraud/short sale fraud is a fraud. First may I ask why would you want to modify your loan when there may be fraud in your mortgage that you were not aware of. You can take that fraud and make those that broke the law pay rather than you paying them to defraud you. When the banks break the law they owe YOU money, it says so in the law. There are reasons why they can not modify too many loans so most home owners will never get that modification that they jumped through hoops for. The next thing that is the most common thing done to home owners is tell them they need to be behind on payments, that is they ploy to get to do just that. Once that is accomplished they can go in to foreclosure. Once you are foreclosed on and you are out of the house, they can collect the default insurance. Now your damages maybe TREBLE. You have suffered a loss. That the second time they are paid, the first is when they securitized the loan and put it in a pool as an investment. Sometimes that loan is sold to a pool before you sign the paper. They write it off on a 1099 and don't have to pay taxes on it because it is a loss. Next they send you a bill for the amount they claim you still owe.
    The way to show they broke the law is in auditing the paperwork. An audit performed by certified professionals can go over mortgage documents and find the violations of the law. Since a crime may have been committed you need to treat the paperwork as such. From the audit then a letter asking for more information or a rescission letter. From there paperwork ready to show the court the fraud. They do not want their violations of the law before a jury of 12 homeowners who may wonder if they were defrauded as well. See all the "MISTAKES" they make like losing document etc may be more than that, it may be intentional which is fraud. has many pages of information you the home owner need to learn about your situation and what the law says when it come to mortgages. If the people are going to take back this country we need to do it one home at a time with the law. When you have gone through the site and see just what you can do then contact [email protected] to start taking back this country one home at a time.

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  • Na
    NatashaCall Apr 12, 2010

    First, I would highly suggest that you never include your loan number, your phone number(s), or any other personal information on an online forum, no matter how desperate you feel about your situation. This makes you a possible victim all over again. We all can emphathize with you and hope the very best.

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  • Rw
    rw521 Apr 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh my goodness!! I thought I was the only one who had this terrible experience with Wells Fargo. I filed a complaint with my Commissioner of Banks office, and they forwarded the complaint to Wells Fargo. I ended up speaking with two people in the Executive Offices of Wells Fargo, and they tried to be halfway curteous until I began leaving messages asking why the loan modification they offered me is about 41% of my income and only $30 less than my original payment. How the heck will that help me? After leaving three messages explaining this, I began to get the message-- they have no answer. Im so frustrated with Wells Fargo. I had no idea that for the 6 months I was in forbearance and not making a payment due to lack of employment that they would capitalize all the interest and payments due onto my loan balance. So I was given an option-- go back into the 3 month payment HAMP program or do this ridiculous loan modification that is nearly as high as the payment I originally had. Isnt there any way that Wells Fargo can be held responsible for this? They arent even following the guidelines of HAMP and getting away with it!

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  • We
    Wells Fargo HATER May 21, 2010

    To start, I always heard about how horrible Wells Fargo is as a financial organization, but have never really experienced it until they merged with my bank, Wachovia. I have been in Wachovia for over 7 years a very happy customer & what made me even happier was the rewards program, Wachovia Possibilities. When I heard about the merger back in February, I was very disappointed, but decided I will stay & see how they treat me. Low & behold, when I tried enrolling my other two account debit check cards to my already existing rewards account back in April, they said they can't do it b/c they are still going throught the merger. They (Wells 'Crapo') advised me to call back at the end of May. I did, when I attempted to retrieve my fourty plus thousand points that I have accumulated throughout my time period with Wachovia, I find out that Wells '[censored]OO' chopped my +40, 000 points to a measly 9, 000 points. And not only that, now they want to smack a $12 annual fee for each card I have enrolled in the hence 'REWARDS!!!' program, that means $60 per year since I have 5 check cards!!! Are they kidding???? Well, needless to say, I closed all accounts I had there & opened with a real bank that knows how to appreciate their customers: BANK OF AMERICA...please, spread the word, Wells Fargo is the DEVIL!!

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  • Th
    T.H. Jun 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are going through the exact same situation, we are in a battle with Wells Fargo right now to try and keep our home which is supposedly going to auction June 28th, 2010. I'm just going to attach what we are sending to the local media & the WF exec's... we are looking at also filing a class action against them. Please feel free to contact us if you have further info or would like to join...

    Please help us. My name is Talia Henderson. I am a journalism senior at UNR, and I am a 1st time homebuyer with a family. I have a story for you involving fraud and corruption through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Company and I have proof. You may be aware of the current lawsuits throughout the nation involving the government run HAMP program? This is going on in Reno and Sparks as well and all over the country.

    Our loan is through Wells Fargo. We hired E- Mortgage and paid them $2000 last Spring 2009 to modify our home loan. We do not fall into the category of irresponsibility as some home buyers. We are self employed business owners who received a 30 year fixed loan at a 6.5% interest rate on our first home. We went into buying a home educated about home loans and ready with a $30, 000 down payment in late 2007. We were stiffed $40, 000 on a job right before the economy tanked in late 2008, early 2009. Between the non-payment and the economic downfall in late 2008/ early 2009 we hit rock bottom and didn't receive work for almost 8 months. We did not make our mortgage payment for 7 months (January 2009 - July 2009). We worked diligently and responsibly with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and E-Mortgage Recovery, LLC (Dave Swacheske - [protected] or [protected]) to find a solution. We even called Wells Fargo before we discontinued making our payments to let them know our situation. We were offered a home modification through the HAMP program (Home affordable modification program) in the summer of 2009, "supposedly" with the help of E-Mortgage. There are recorded phone conversations with Wells Fargo Loss & Mitigation Representative (Ronda Pascasio [protected] ext.1504). We have paperwork from Wells Fargo describing our HAMP loan that we were approved for. Under the pretense that we successfully make our first 3 months of payments under the trial period we were told we would be approved for the loan.

    Following the first three months, and having made the modification payments successfully, as told to, we continued to make our modified payments every month for 10 months on time, as directed by Wells Fargo. Throughout the next nine months (July. '09 - February '10) we were continuously told to submit and re-submit paperwork, that was conveniently and continuously lost or misplaced by Wells Fargo. In January '10, there is a recorded phone conversation with the above listed Wells Fargo agent that we were in continuous contact with, of my husband asking "Are our modified payments going towards the principle on our loan with no fines" and the representative answering "yes" as well as other questions "when will we receive finalization" - "just continue making your modified payments and submitting your paperwork and you will be fine." In February 2010 we were told by this same Wells Fargo representative that we did not qualify for the modification and to continue making our modified payments until they could find another option for us, that we did not need to submit our profit/loss statements or any other information until they could get us another load mod.

    We started receiving phone calls from Wells Fargo everyday in late May 2010. We automatically became worried and my husband (Zac Henderson) immediately called our representative to find out what was going on. She stated "everything was fine to continue making our modified payments and that they would continue trying to find a program that suited us." She then took our home phone number off of our account so that "the phone calls would stop" that it was a "miscommunication between their departments and to not worry about it". A couple of days later we received a notice in the mail stating that we had been kicked off our modification for not "receiving the right paperwork" and that our original loan payments were to start July 2010. Soon after we called again and were told another story, that we were in foreclosure and our home would be auctioned by June 28th, 2010 if we did not pay $3600 to "attempt" to re-modify our loan again - no promises.

    About a week later we received foreclosure notices and auction dates on our front door. On the foreclosure notice it stated the sale of our home to be $40, 000 above our original home loan price. We were very confused as to why our loan had jumped $40, 000 - they told us that we were never on a modification plan and that after the first three month trial period we were to have continued making our original payments of over $2000 a month, due to this we incurred $40, 000 in fee's through Wells Fargo. They had lied to us for 9 months and used our situation to get more money out of our loan, this was the first we had heard of any of this. We are also confused as to how we were "just" kicked of the modification program in May 2010, but that we were told at the same time we were never on a modification program to begin with?

    We then began researching continuously night and day, although both of us work full time this has been difficult to handle having been given little to no notice from Wells Fargo. We have found hundreds to thousands of other home owners dealing with the exact same situations - constantly re-occuring. According to a Fox News story written on this ( this is a breach of contract and a violation of government enforced rules.

    We have been working diligently to contact several lawyers all weekend throughout the Northern Nevada area as well as a few in several other states where lawsuits are being filed. The public needs to know about this! As I'm sure you are aware the housing situation in Northern Nevada is certainly no better than anywhere else & I am sure that there are many many others in the area who are dealing with this fraudulent activity. I am a journalism student for a reason, I believe in the peoples power to fight against these types of situations and I believe in the media's watch dog job. Please help us, we don't have very much time and we are not willing to let this continue without a fight. We very likely could lose our home but if we can help others in the future to not lose theirs, we will.

    Please feel free to contact my husband (Zac) or I regarding any of this, we can work to supply any documentation or proof needed to bring this to the public.
    Zac [protected], Talia [protected], Home [protected]. [email protected], [email protected]

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  • Th
    T.H. Jun 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Join our Facebook Page... People Against HAMP!

    These lenders (Wells Fargo in particular) are taking advantage of the HAMP program by deceiving customers. They literally lie throughout the entire process so that they can make money off of your foreclosure. The mass media needs to get on this! This is fraud and it is happening to thousands of people nationwide! They put you on a "three month trial" they tell you to if you continue making the modified payments and submitting your paperwork you will be approved for the mod and done. Throughout several months to even years they string you along telling you to just keep making your payments and we will get you on the mod. They did this to us for 10 months, constantly losing our paperwork. They tell you their will be no fee's while you are on the program. What they fail to tell you or simply lie to you about as in our case is that after the 3 month trial period they put you back onto your original payment - while you are making modified payments that they tell you to make they are tacking fee's and penalty after penalty. You find out (in our case $40, 000 later) when you get the sudden foreclosure notice on your door that your loan has been penalized the whole time you were supposed to be on a modification. They then tell you you have been kicked off your modification and you have a few weeks to vacate your home, when it goes to auction. They auction your home at a fraction of the price owed and then are reimbursed for the remaining amount by the government. They then come after you for the back fee's and penalties after everything you have gone through. They are taking advantage and making money off foreclosure's, the more money they get out of the loan, the more money they make from the government. The gov. is encouraging and supporting this. This is pure, outright fraud by the people that are supposed to be protecting us! These lenders are pure criminal. This needs to stop!

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  • Ma
    Mauimindless Jul 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I appreciate anyone who has been dragged through the mud having enough compassion and energy to share their story with the goal of helping others.

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  • Ni
    NINJARICK Jul 24, 2010

    It seems like Wells is one of the most criminal banking companies around. My story starts in 2008 when I was earning way more than I do now and decided to get a refi on my citibank mortgage to lower my monthly payments and get some cash out. No sooner did I do that then I found myself out of work for 6 months my home loan transferred to Wells Fargo Home Idiots and there is where the problems begin. It's been two years now with these backwater [censor]ed, hillbilly, inbred cousin marrying idiots. I had heard about the HAMP program was out of work used up all my resouces, savings depleted, credit cards maxed. I even cashed out a 403b retirement fund to conintue paying my mortgage. After awhile I couldn't forestall the inevetable and I just started being backed up with my mortgage payments . Turned to wells for help got the runaround it took a year just to get on the Trial Remod which by the way is considered a forebearance agreement. Now I'm stating that for a reason . Wells committed an act of federal offense against me while on said forebearance agreement and I will explain why. A creditor can not come against, harrass, threaten, or seek to take collection action including foreclosure while a debtor has signed and complies with a forebearance agreement. I was sending in my docs making payments on time and on the second month I was sent a bill that stated I was sooo much money behind and that the foreclosure process is started. I called them to find that they didnt start any foreclosure proceedings nor have they now . This practice of lying and threatening a debtor while complying on a forebearance agreement is a criminal act against the fair debt collection practices act or FDCPA. I have that bill in writing. I've been jerked around past the 3 - 4 month trial period then denied for erroneous reasons that Wells just manufactures in order to deny you. They pumped up my debt figures monthly to say I owe $3500 month in expenses and earn $2600 thats a $900 or so debt and that's over their guidelines. Hmmm lets see I've been sending them docs for 6 months and no where in the figures I sent them in writing did it show that much of a shortage. The facts are I take home $2503 per month and owe $2758 or so a month thats a huge differenace isnt it . They don't know how to add or subtract. I know it's hot out west but still how stupid are these idiots. I called them explained my expenses over the phone since obviously they don't know how to read and are very illiterate and they said oh yes we see the discrepency just apply again with the "New Figures" are they f'ng kidding me new figures . How dumb are these people . I sent it anyway . Called the other day to follow up . Know what they tell me . We are reviewing you for short sale WTF!!!. I demanded to be switched to the short sale dept put that rep in his place made him read my recent package while I waited on hold. He said okay I will take you off short sale and email your info to the escalation dept and they will have a decision by aug 3rd . What a crock of crap. Their probably going to say he never emailed anything and they dont know what im talking about. Then somebody will lose my most recent paystubs and figures and they will go by their wrong ones so they can say sorry you don't qualify you have too much debt. Let me ask you this if I didn't have too much debt would I need a remod . NOOOO I would pay my fkkkken mortgage the whole amount wouldnt I . So far I've read about Wells being sued succesfully for a bungled foreclosure where a guys house was left with doors open and garage open by the wells foreclosure agent and all his stuff was stollen . That guy didnt get a remod either but the court awarded him $150, 000.00 due to wells stupidity . Their are countless people winning cases against wells. We have to stand up against these aholes and not lay down and play dead anymore . If there is an attorney out there reading this, or better yet a media person I am available to tell my story in court, radio, tv, internet. I want to bring these monster down . They need to lose their banking license and be exposed publically in a very loud manner before anyone elses family suffers because of them . Why should we lose our homes when we are asking for help. I didn't refuse to pay . I continue to make my monthly remod payment even though im off the trial remod . Because that's all I can afford and I've told Wells that. They say its up to Freddie Mac. I've spoken to F.M. and they say its up to Wells Fargo . . I don't know but sounds like corruption to me.

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  • Rm
    RM2001 Jul 30, 2010

    I have been a homeowner with WF for the past 4 years and was paying my Mortgage every two weeks via direct withdraw from WF. In 2009 I had the Gas Company threaten me telling me they needed $180.00 Deposit and my normal $116.00 monthly payment. I contacted WF and requested they do not take my auto deduction of $300.00 the following week. I was also expecting money from a school return and told them I would be able to make it up the following week. Needless to say the school return never came through and this is when my nightmare with WF began. I was told that I did qualify for the HAMP Program and I started getting different paperwork but not the correct paper work for the HAMP Program. WF likes to keep the customers confused. Finally, in the State of PA it is required to get a HUD Approved Housing Counselor which is free. I then contacted the HUD Approved Housing Counselor; when I received the correct paper work via Federal Express for HAMP, and not in the regular mail is when I made application for the HAMP Program. All paper work was received the day before Thanksgiving of 2009. I was advised and WF provided a Federal Express envelope for my 3 month trial period beginning January 1, 2010. After 6 months of paying my trial period mortgage payment, one day I received an Email requesting important information and an Agreement for me to sign and fax back to them in less than 12 hours (W2 form, 1099 form, and signed agreement). The agreement was the original agreement that I had signed on my original paperwork that was sent to them the day before Thanksgiving 2009. Since I only had less than 12 hours to get said paper work to them, I called my Counselor and ran required paper work to them and it was all faxed within 2 hours after receiving the Email. For the record the Email came unsecured with an Adobe Attachment. The attachment was the Agreement that contained all my personal information (loan number, SS number, address and full name). After a one month wait from the date of the Email I was rejected for the HAMP Program. I was told by a WF Representative they never received the fax. My god do you know how many times I have been told that. I am one that enjoys reading the fine print and on the WF Email sheet it states that no pertinent information (SS number, Loan number etc) should be attached or mentioned in the email. Since then a $300.00 missed payment has escalated to $3, 600.00 and one week latter $3, 800.00. Then I found out from a WF Representative it takes up to 24 to 48 hours for all faxes to be processed. So actually and I stated this to the rep., that WF was setting me up for failure. I too have been given the run around by different rude uncaring reps at WF. I have had pictures of my address taken, my picture taken. When I told WF they had set me up for failure, this just flew over the reps head and he had no response for me. I then told them they had no rights and it was against the law to take a picture of me without my permission. I am not giving up my home via a short sale over now $3, 800 when my home is worth $120, 000 and my mortgage originally was $69, 000 since I had made a large down payment. When you hear the rep tell you the for accuracy purposes the call is being recorded, this is also an intimidation tactic to throw the caller off guard. I do the following, advise them since they are recording me, I am transcribing them for accuracy purposes. I also do a read back of my transcription and the end of each call to WF. I date it, time I spoke to rep., and the correct spelling and department I am speaking too. They have a new term which I love; “Are you willing to make a Contribution to the rears that are owned.” I have been given such a run around regarding the word Contribution, and I was told that was for my benefit. I told them I contribute to the Church Roof Fund and it would benefit me that when it rained out I would not get wet when I was praying for WF and their Reps (why didn’t they like that, I thought it was cute). I would also like to know that since I am being recorded for accuracy purposes that why I could not record them. If you tell them, you are also recording the call they will stop talking and hang up. This is the reason I now transcribe my phone calls with WF which they don’t really like especially when I do a read back, proving that I am not lying like they are. I have been bounced from department and my lender is Freddie Mack. Of all people to reject for the HAMP Program would be me, since I owned for little. Well Freddie you are not getting my house, you have picked on the wrong person. See I am the kind of person that is not intimidated by the [censor]s that work for WF. It spurs me on now to do to them what they are trying to do to me. I play a role reversal and they don’t like that at all. I have trapped them on many occasions from my transcriptions and since I am on a “recorded line, ” and can quote the name, date, and time and conversation I can trip other reps up on their words. Don’t be scared of them, this is what they want. I am enjoying bugging them, grilling the [censor]s they call Customer Reps because none of them knows what they are talking about anyhow. I just want to know how they can sleep at night. I am in the same boat as everyone here, but I am taking all my transcriptions to a free of charge lawyer (get it from your HUD Approved Counselor), and find out like I did that there are major cases against WF in the Court System and your case can become one of them, and the Judges want a full explanation from WF on their illegal practices. Make them the victim not you.

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  • Ma
    Mauimindless Jul 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My comment disappeared...too long to repeat. Basically, WF is a horrible servicer and I feel sorry for the underpaid uninformed people in "customer service, " call centers scattered throughout the US

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  • Ma
    Mauimindless Jul 30, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Federal law states they must reveal the name of the investor. Ask your US Congressperson to assist you in helping this institution abide by law.

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  • No
    Not yet homeless in Seattle Aug 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    The only thing I don't agree with is the statement about the banks incompetence. They are very deliberate and competant or we would all not be here with our complaints. They are doing what they want; discouraging HAMP applicants and dragging their feet until the poorer amoung us just give up the only thing they are interrested in is getting the deed by any means possible. As long as it is in their best interrest the banks will continue with imorral and illegal practices for as long as they can get away with it.
    Is anyone else getting so paranoid that they suspect these complaint boards might be backed by the very banks we are complaining about?

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