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On 8/11/09 at 7:54pm I called customer service to inform them that I would be paying my mortgage late, and could it be noted in my record that I notified someone. I spoke with Lisa. I explained to Lisa that I knew that I had till the 16th to pay my mortgage, she sarcastically corrected me that my mortgage was due on the first, and that the 16th was a grace period. I said I understand and went on to explain to her that I have been with their company for a very long time, and the 12 years of paying for my mortgage I was never late. I went on to ask her if this would reflect as a blemish on my record. She did explain to me that as long as it was not beyond 30 days over due it would not be reported to the credit department. Lisa was very rushed, rude and not very interested in what I was asking her, appearing not to really care. I responded that I understand, but will this be a blemish on my record for being late, I said to her "so i'm ok?" Again, sarcastically Lisa responded "Well if you think that being late on a payment is ok then thats up to you. At this point I was very annoyed at her tone and sarcasm, and I responded "never mind...goodbye. This was very un called for. I the customer was asking a question regarding my good standards with the company. I have been a customer for a long time, but this is the type of thing that make good customers take their business elseware. I hang up from Lisa and called back immediately and spoke with a gentleman named Ricardo, who happened to be very kind and helpfull. I explained my experience to Ricardo and he appologized for the bad experience I had encountered. I asked if he would check to see if Lisa had put the information in that I had requested and he verified that it was there and was very helpfull in answering the question that I had presented to Lisa. Obveously customer service was not very important to Lisa. Although Ricardo handled the situation, I am still very disappointed with the treatment I received from Lisa. Please address this complaint. Thank you, Elouise Bulin


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      Oct 08, 2009

    I had the same issue (don't know if it was the same girl), because I am going out of the country the week we pay for the mortgage. I asked if they could make a note of it in the system and give us a grace period to pay for it the following week when we come back. She said no and that the late fee still applies, but that she would note it anyways so that they wouldn't sick the bill collectors on us.

    Well gee, thanks for working things out!

    I also had a really bad customer support experience with them on a separate occasion. Maybe they moved Lisa to the refi department!!!

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      Oct 10, 2009


    If you have ANY issues with a refinance, please contact [protected]. This is a direct number to their "Executive Resolutions" department which nobody wants you to have...well, now you do.

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      Dec 03, 2009

    My story is the same, but the difference is that I have been given a new modified loan through the loan modification dept after a year and a half of rudeness, harrassment, and lies, not to mention constant repeating the same story over and over to customer service reps from every state in the union...

    The Modification Dept namely the person that supposedly worked personally on my modification STEPHANIE ID # OZ8 said that I didn't send in some important paperwork. She then (without notifying me) canceled the contract that was already signed with the new agreement, the amount of payments behind put at the end of the loan, new % rate, and lower payment that was due Dec. 1, 09. The reason was for not sending in a faxed copy of my divorce papers and a $331.62 payment for costs. Stephanie said that the $331.62 was waved because I told her that I just couldn't afford it at the time. This was in November.. I did send in the divorce papers within minutes of speaking to her. I have proof of the fax and tried to tell customer service that I had sent in the fax of divorce papers and that the $331.62 was waved by phone with Stephanie. I have since sent in a money order for that amount and have sent in the proof of the date that I sent in the divorce papers. It's a good thing that I kept excellent records through all of this !!!

    I was notified after the fact of all of the above that now my home was in foreclosure for not submitting the copy of my divorce...and paying the $331.62 to complete the entire process. I was sent a letter from a attorneys office and talked with the person handling my case. She said that they would be putting the home up for sale in 8 days!!!

    I called H.O.P.E. and had a agent by the name of Ruby go on a three way call to help me get through to someone that could clear all of this up. Remember...Wells Fargo has all of the documents (they found the copy of my divorce papers that I sent and told me to send in the $331.62 to get things back on track...

    Loooong story short it is now Dec 3rd and I don't know if I have it straightened out or not//////I was on the phone today for over 5 hours and I still don't have a yes or no answer from anyone there!!!

    I have the money for my first payment that was due on Dec.1 with the contract, but I can't get a answer if I still have it or not...

    FOX NEWS and a CLASS ACT LAWSUIT IS IN ORDER for all of us that are being put through this needless harassment and unnecessary emotional trauma. GIVE US THE NUMBERS TO THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HANDLING OUR CASES !!! THEN GIVE US THEIR SUPERVISORS NUMBERS...We are all out here losing our homes one after another...Going through the same treatment from your company...andyou are just using the customer service workers as a wall to protect your sorry ###...

    If anyone wants to contact me my email address is [protected] I will gladly help to pursue any action necessary to help others out there in my situation. A few thousand of us could make quite a stink using the media...! Fox News would love this story, I'm sure...

    Best Regards, Janice L Brown

    Best Regards, Janice L Brown

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      Mar 16, 2010

    I can't believe I forgot to add this, but I called them up one time and they told me I was eligible for a modification. So I said sure, let's see what we can do (although i have been current on my payments). Some woman came on the phone and tried working the numbers out and told me my debt to income ratio was too high. I told her, well wouldn't that be a good reason for you to modify my loan? She said no. Then I told her that the debt to income ratio was wrong because my husband and I actually split the bills. She said it didn't matter because the bills were in my name only, so that didn't work. I was aggravated by the whole process and asked her why even bother with this if they don't give anyone a chance? In a very rude tone of voice she said, "IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY ANSWER TO YOU, GO TALK TO OBAMA."

    I swear it. It left me speechless. So I hung up on her.

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