Weight Watchersrefusal to refund fee


I joined Weight Watchers and paid a fee. At no time was I warned that this gave them authorization to take money from my account monthly. But the woman who registered me seemed senile - so there you have it. They tried to take money from my account about two months after that. I had not been attending so I was not getting their funky cheap material. The attempt to take money failed. They sent me an email and said that it failed. Then I sent them an email that said that I don't want to partcipate anymore and don't try to take money from my account. Shortly after they tried again and took the money. I called them on the phone and let them know all of this - I know they got my emails - they were very blunt. They said that they would not return my money. I am livid. I will cancel my card they used - I thought I had done that and deal with them through my bank. I hate Weight Watchers and will tell EVERY ONE about their THIEVERY!!!


  • JuliePooh51265 Jan 20, 2011

    When I went to Weight Watchers, we had to pay at every meeting we attended, which was weekly. They had my banking information that was on my checks that I wrote but they never took anything from my account. They ARE in the business to make money.

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  • Da
    dawngoff Aug 02, 2011

    I had the same problem with their online program. I never authorized them to take money out of my account after the 3 month program I signed up for. They would not refund for the other months they took for that I did not sign up for. I will never go near their program again!!!

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  • Jo
    John Bernhard Oct 05, 2015

    My wife signed up for the 3 month program on a groupon and they took her credit card information. At the end of 3 months she quit going. Needless to say weight watchers kept charging our account for four months even though she never went to a meeting. The gal on the phone for weight watchers said they would refund only one month. So we must pay 44.95 X 3 for the additional months we did not receive any service at all. This would all be clear and good if there was a statement emailed to you when they charged your card. But I think they would rather scam people out of their money. Weight Watchers is a unethical organization and we will never ever use them again. Weight watchers keeps records of who comes to their meetings so they knew she had not been there for 4 + months but still refused refund...#SCAM #Bad Business #Don't Give a Sh** #Never Again #Tell Everyone I know how weight watchers screws people over.

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